Shalom.  Good Morning.  Our teaching and Message is from Genesis 28.1-15


GENESIS 28.1-2
Now, Jacob, well it was necessary for Jacob to leave his home and his mother and father, because if he stayed, his brother Esau would have killed him. Esau hated Jacob because his father Isaac had blessed Jacob and not him.  Isaac being old and nearly blind, Jacob’s mother Rebecca disguised Jacob to appear like Esau so Jacob would receive the blessing.  So, Isaac blessed Jacob thinking he was Esau.  However, GOD’s eternal plan included Jacob and not Esau.  That was GOD’s sovereign will, and no one can change it.  And no one did change it.

So Jacob listened to his mother and left for his Uncle Laban’s house in Syria some 600 miles up the road.  Laban was Jacob’s mother’s brother and he had 2 daughters, Leah and Rachel.  His parents had commanded him that he was not to take a wife from the daughters of the Canaanites because of the abominable ways the Canaanites lived their lives.  But before leaving, Isaac blessed his son Jacob.

GENESIS 28.3-4
So, Isaac blessed Jacob with the blessing of Abraham, known as The Abrahamic Covenant, which was inherited by Isaac and Jacob and the Jewish people.  The blessing is this.  GOD will make of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob a great nation.  That great nation is Israel.  And GOD will bless Jacob and make his name great, and Jacob will be a blessing.  And GOD will bless those who bless Jacob and his Jewish descendants, and curse those who curse Jacob and His Jewish descendants. AND IN JACOB, ALL THE FAMILIES OF THE EARTH WILL BE BLESSED.  And the number of his descendants, who are the Jewish people, will be as many as the stars in the Heavens over the ages.  And this covenant GOD established with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is an everlasting covenant that will never end.  GOD will be the GOD of Jacob and the GOD of the Jewish people forever.  And GOD gave the land of Canaan, which today is The Land of Israel, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to the children of Israel for an everlasting possession.  And GOD will be their GOD, forever.  The Abrahamic Covenant is found in Genesis 12.1-3, Genesis 15.5 and Genesis 17.7-8.

GENESIS 28.5    
PADAN-ARAM   Is or was in Syria about 600 miles north of Canaan where Jacob lived. 

GENESIS 28.6-9
We see that Esau was a rebellious guy.  If his parents said one thing, he did the other.  GOD says, “Honor your Father and Mother that your days may be long upon The Land which The LORD your GOD gives you”. Yet GOD blessed Esau because he was Isaac’s son.  GOD gave Esau the land of Seir or Mt. Seir which became Edom, and its people, the Edomites, descended from Esau.  Edom however or Mt. Seir do not exist today.  They have vanished off the face of the earth. Israel, however lives and will live forever.  Isaiah 66.22

                            GENESIS 32.3

Perhaps realizing what her name meant, she changed it later in life to BAHSMATH – meaning fragrance.

                            GENESIS 36.1-3

Jacob and his family lived in Beer-Sheba.  That’s where his Grandfather Abraham lived.  Beer-Sheba means well of the oath and it’s about 50 miles southwest of Jerusalem in southern Israel in the Negev.  Some 4,000 years later, it’s still a city in southern Israel.

Edom was the southern half of today’s Jordan, southeast of the Dead Sea.  The name Edom is not found on the map today.

Haran would be in today’s Syria near the Euphrates River some 600 miles north of Beer-Sheba.

GENESIS 28.11-12
Sometimes we might have a dream from The LORD GOD.  I had that experience once.  We had a homosexual in our Congregation when we first started some years back,  and in a dream I had, a voice kept repeating over and over again, 2 Corinthians 6.3, 2 Corinthians 6.3, 2 Corinthians 6.3.

                            2 CORINTHIANS 6.3

NO OFFENCE – no occasion for sin or stumbling, or no reason for sin or stumbling.
MINISTRY – service
BLAMED – discredited, flawed, disgraceful, blemished

So I called that person first thing in the morning, told her of the dream, and said, she should return to being a woman.  That’s what GOD intended for you.  She refused and left the Congregation.

GENESIS 28.13-15
Here is GOD speaking to Jacob from Heaven above that great ladder, assuring him that he will inherit the blessing He gave to Abraham and his father Isaac, The Abrahamic Covenant.  This was GOD’s sovereign choice.  It is Law for an Everlasting Covenant.  It’s GOD’s election.

There was never any trickery or deceit in Jacob, or his mother Rebecca.  The promise GOD made to Rebecca about Jacob and Esau, even before they were born was a Law and a Covenant that was to be made with Jacob; not Esau.  And GOD never changes, even though so many people try to change Him and His Word and His Laws.  Speaking about impossible.

First the promise GOD made to Rebecca.

                            GENESIS 25.22-23

-TWO NATIONS – Israel and Edom
-TWO PEOPLES – The one people shall be stronger than the other.  The one people, Jacob  and Israel will be stronger spiritually in The LORD and will live forever.  That is Israel and the Jewish People  (Isaiah 66.22).  Esau and Edom will be empty spiritually, in darkness, and will vanish from the face of the earth.
-The elder Esau will serve the younger Jacob.

                            GENESIS 22.17, ZECHARIAH 14.9

(Genesis 22.17)  During the 1,000 year Millennium, Jewish Believers in Messiah and non-Jewish Believers will rule in those cities and countries that were enemies to the Jewish People and Israel.

(Zechariah 14.9)  Messiah is from the seed of Jacob, and as it is written in Daniel 7.14, All people, nations and languages should serve Him.  His dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away, and His Kingdom that which shall not be destroyed.

And GOD never changes.  His Word, His Law and His Covenants are forever, for an everlasting Covenant.

                            MALACHI 3.6, PSALM 33.11, NUMBERS 23.19
                            HEBREWS 13.8, ROMANS 11.29, PSALM 105.6-10

GENESIS 28.14 
Jacob’s descendants, the Jewish People, will over the thousands of years of their existence, be in number and as numerous as the dust of the earth.  My calculation would be some 700 million Jewish people would have lived over 4,000 years since Abraham.

And GOD said to Jacob, “And in you, and in your seed, shall all the families of the earth be blessed.  That is, and in you Jacob, and in your seed, the Jewish People, shall all the families of the earth be bless

This blessing is one of the most important blessings of GOD found in The Bible. But most people throughout the world blindly and happily either disregard it, or refuse it.  Yet, we can find this blessing at least 6 times in Scripture.

                            GENESIS 12.3, GENESIS 18.16-18, GENESIS 22.15-18
                            GENESIS 26.1-5, GENESIS 28.14, GALATIANS 3.8

So, what does GOD’s blessing mean when He said to Jacob, “And in you, and in your seed, shall at the families of the earth be blessed?”

It has at least a 2 fold teaching.

#1  All the families of the earth will be blessed in The Messiah Yeshua Who comes from the seed or descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, The Jewish People.  Yeshua said in John 4.22, “Salvation is of the Jews”.  That is, all who receive Messiah and obey Him, who are conformed to His likeness, that is, they become like Him, obedient to GOD, they will be blessed.  They will be blessed with every spiritual blessing from GOD, even eternal life in Heaven, the Paradise of GOD.

#2  All the families of the earth are blessed by being shown the true knowledge of GOD from The Bible which was written by the seed of Jacob, the Jewish People who wrote the entire Bible from Genesis 1 through Revelation 22.  GOD’s Word was revealed to them by His spoken Word, which instructs all mankind how to lead their lives, what GOD requires of us.  And if they pay attention to His Word and obey what He says, they will be blessed.

So, what does The LORD your GOD require of you?  What is the duty of man? which GOD teaches in The Bible.  To fear The LORD your GOD; to walk in all His ways, and to love HIm, and to serve The LORD your GOD with all your heart and with all your soul; to keep His Commandments, and His Laws, and His Statutes which include faith in His Messiah Yeshua (Deuteronomy 18.15-19, Isaiah 7.14, Isaiah 9.6, etc.).  Yeshua said in Matthew 4.4 and Luke 4.4, “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word of GOD”.  Those words come from The Law of Moses which are written in Deuteronomy 8.3.

Thus, everyone who receives Messiah Yeshua and obeys what is written in The Scriptures, The Commandments of GOD, His Laws and His Statutes will be blessed above all peoples.  They will enter in through the gates into the city, New Jerusalem.  They will inherit eternal life in Heaven where there will be no more tears or death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither will there be any more pain, for the former things will have passed away.

In you, GOD said to Jacob, “and in your seed, shall all the families of the earth be blessed”.  But so many miss it.

Here are a couple, three blessings for GOD’s elect.

                            PROVERBS 3.33, EXODUS 23.25, JOB 1.6-12

Part of life, part of the lives of the children of GOD is sprinkled with testings, trials, difficulties, hard times, trouble, fears which Peter refers to as trials of your faith, fiery trials.  And they always seem to come upon us too often.  GOD teaches us in Deuteronomy 8.2 that He wants to humble us, and know what is in our hearts; I think He already knows, will we keep the Commandments or not.

There’s a Rabbinic understanding, perhaps even a teaching about Abraham.  And I’m not saying it’s correct, but it’s an interesting thought for our own lives.  And the Rabbinic belief is this.  In order for Abraham to win his new status, to be father of the Jewish People, and to receive God’s Blessing, The Abrahamic Covenant,  Abraham had to prove his greatness by passing 10 tests of faith.  I believe the true servants of GOD must pass our own tests of faith.  We have all experienced them, difficult, difficult times, fiery trials.

Abraham’s trials or tests consisted of giving up his past and follow GOD’s command to go to Canaan, a new land for him, which of course is Israel today.  His greatest test came when The LORD asked him to sacrifice his only son Isaac whom he loved, and offer him up as a burnt offering on one of the mountains GOD pointed out to him.  And Abraham agreed.  But just before he was about to kill his Son, GOD called out to Abraham from Heaven.  His words are recorded in GENESIS 22.10-18

GOD’s trials work like this, always.  His fiery trial, He ends it, and then He blesses us.  But we must obey GOD.  As Followers of Messiah Yeshua,  we must obey His Commandments and His Laws, The Law Of Moses.

Job was also tested mightily by GOD.  And GOD did end it, and then He blessed Job.  GOD tested Job with great agony, and Job passed GOD’s test because we read nowhere that Job broke any of GOD’s Commandments.  He obeyed them all.  And that’s what the tests of faith are all about.  GOD wants to know what’s in our hearts.  Will we obey Him or not?  And when we pass the test, GOD will bless us mightily.  We can read of GOD’s blessings to Job in JOB 42.10-17.

                            JOB 42.10-17
1 CORINTHIANS 10.13 and PSALM 23 which s for the living, not the dead.

(1 CORINTHIANS 10.13)  TEMPTATION – Test of faith
                                         FAITHFUL – We can always rely on The LORD GOD
                                         NOT SUFFER – will not allow you
                                         TEMPTED – tested
                                         ESCAPE – He will end it
                                         BEAR IT – you will be able to endure it

So, let’s finish our Message with Verse 15 of Genesis 28. A good verse to close on because The LORD will always guard and protect you, always.

                           GENESIS 28.15

KEEP – SHAHMAHR – guard and protect

So, in conclusion, it was always GOD’s intention to bless Jacob with His blessing, The Abrahamic Covenant.  Not Esau.  And Jacob was never a deceiver.  That’s man’s understanding; not GOD’s. 

And GOD keeps His Word and His promises.  He never changes, and He will always protect you wherever you go; and He will always deliv
er you from every fiery trial of faith, because we obey The LORD, and He blesses us.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein