Shalom and good morning.  Our teaching this morning is from GENESIS 28.10-22.


For our teaching this morning, I have tried to show beyond a doubt that The LORD our GOD guides and directs our lives, protects us and sustains us from the moment we are born even unto death.  And since the servant of GOD who lives and believes in Messiah Yeshua never dies, He guides our lives even throughout eternity.

I’ve attempted to show that The LORD GOD in effect takes us up in His arms and carries us, and supports us, and watches out for us, and blesses us, and makes us a blessing, even giving us the blessing of Abraham, all the time directing our lives in the way we should go.  That He guides our lives even though at times we walk through the valley of shadow of death, we don’t have to fear evil because The LORD our GOD is with us.  And He teaches us and comforts us, and encourages us though we may not hear His Voice.  The LORD says in Jeremiah 1.5, “Before He formed us in our mother’s belly He knew us, and before we came forth out of her womb, He sanctified us and ordained us.”  And GOD never changes.  He directs our life and sustains us.  He leads us by the way we should go because He loves us, and has a purpose for all His chosen ones.  Thus He leads us in the way of righteousness and instructs us in His truth by His Word.

Jacob is an excellent example of GOD directing and guiding our lives.  The LORD ordained him before he was born to be the father of the 12 tribes of Israel, and a forefather or ancestor of the Jewish people, and to be in the genealogy of Messiah Yeshua in His human nature; for GOD said to Abraham, and we can read these words in Genesis 21.12, “For in Isaac shall your seed be called.”  Meaning, GOD’s chosen people, The Jewish People would descend from Isaac, and from Isaac would come Jacob who would be the father of the 12 tribes of Israel, the entire Jewish nation.

And because of the hatred Esau had toward his brother Jacob, was this part of GOD’s plan also for Jacob, and the Jewish People, and all the world?  GOD led Jacob out of his homeland in Canaan to his Uncle’s house in Syria where he married and had 12 sons and a daughter.  The 12 tribes of Israel descend from Jacob, and the name Israel was given to Jacob by GOD, and given to all Jacob’s descendants, the children of Israel, and the country of the Jewish People which GOD named Israel.

Not only does GOD direct our lives, He has also preordained us for His purpose, and that for our good.  So, let’s look at some wonderful Scriptures to confirm this teaching that GOD directs our steps and guides our lives, and sustains us, and blesses us.  That’s why Paul writes in Romans 8.28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love GOD; to them who are the called according to His purpose.”

ISAIAH 48.16-18
VERSE 16  In this passage, GOD teaches the plurality of GOD, that GOD is The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, meaning that Yeshua is The Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  And The One speaking is Yeshua, The One sent by The LORD GOD and His Spirit.  JOHN 4.34

VERSE 17  The One speaking is Yeshua, The LORD your Redeemer.  The LORD our Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel, Yeshua Who is GOD and Messiah, Who buys us back from sin through Messiah’s atoning death, and delivers us from sin by forgiving our sins and remembering them no more.  He saves us, even marries us, and delivers us from all our troubles.  That is The LORD our Redeemer, and He is Yeshua The Messiah.

TEACHES US TO PROFIT – in our work, and we benefit from GOD and His teaching and instruction.

WHICH LEADS us by the way we should go.

How does one explain that?  We’ll let GOD do the explaining:


ISAIAH 48.18  GOD’s most important teaching is to obey Him, His Commandments, His Law of Moses.

COMMANDMENTS – MEETSVOTE – GOD’s Commandments, collectively The Law of Moses.

Listen to this.  GOD has also appointed those not to obey Him, and many of them are Bible teachers.

1 PETER 2.8

A STONE OF STUMBLING – Messiah is a cause for many to fall into sin because they reject Him, and countless disobey Him, His Commandments, HIs Law.  Yeshua is GOD.

A ROCK OF OFFENCE – for the same reason, Messiah is a cause of many to fall into sin because they reject Him and disobey The Word of GOD.

They were
APPOINTED TO DISOBEDIENCE.  Appointed also means ordained.  Many are appointed by GOD to disobey Him, His Laws and Commandments, as satan is appointed to be the teacher of lies.

GOD’s elect, however, are taught and led in the way we should go, and the way we should go is to obey His mitzvote, His Commandments and Law of Moses, along with our belief in Messiah.

ISAIAH 46.3-4
VERSE 3  Borne by Me from the belly and carried from the womb – from birth, GOD carries us, supports and sustains us, provides our every need, takes care of us, looks after us, and comforts us and encourages us.

VERSE 4  And even to your old age, and gray hairs, I AM HE, I never change, I will carry you and deliver you.

DELIVER YOU – GOD will fiind a way for us to escape every problem, quickly and surely.

MADE US – AHSAH – GOD made us, appointed us, provides for us.

PSALM 32.8, PSALM 73.24, PROVERBS 4.10-11
COUNSEL (Psalm 75.24) – AYSTAH – advise, purpose, GOD is our Wonderful Counsellor
GLORY – Heaven

A good example is Moses whose life GOD led and directed.  The LORD GOD ordained him to lead the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage to the Promised Land.  And to teach them how to live according to GOD’s Laws and Commandments.

GENESIS 15.13-14
A great nation, Israel would grow in Egypt but in bondage over 400 years, and GOD would lead them out by the hand of Moses.

EXODUS 2.11-15
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love GOD, to them who are the called according to His purpose.

Here is GOD’s purpose for Moses –  EXODUS 3.1-22
Did Moses know that when he fled Egypt and lived in the desert all those years, GOD had a great responsibility for him?  I don’t think so.

Joseph, Jacob’s son was also led of GOD for GOD’s purpose to bring the children of Israel into Egypt.  And GOD guided him and was with him all the way.

GENESIS 15.13-14
Egypt does not belong to the Jewish People.  It is not theirs.  But GOD directed Joseph to bring the children of Israel into Egypt where GOD would grow them into a mighty nation.  And also for GOD to make Himself an everlasting Name, and a Glorious Name, that His Name is to declared throughout all the earth, and His great power revealed.

GENESIS 37.18-28, ISAIAH 63.11-14, ROMANS 9.17

ISAIAH 58.11, LUKE 1.78-79  GOD guides us into peace with GOD.

JOHN 16.13  GOD leads us into all truth by His Holy Spirit, The Spirit of Truth.

Pharoah in time made Joseph Governor of Egypt under Pharao, and after some dramatic meetings with his brothers in Egypt because of a great famine in the region, Joseph received permission from Pharoah to bring the children of Israel to Egypt, which then totalled 70 people, where GOD made them a great nation.  And many years later, GOD appointed Moses to lead them out.

                                GENESIS 46.1-7

EXODUS 13.20-22, EXODUS 15.11-13, 17, PSALM 78.52-55

We can always be sure that GOD will direct our steps and care for us, because we are His People, and because He loves us.

DEUTERONOMY 32.8-14, PSALM 139.7-10, ISAIAH 40.8-11

One awesome reason GOD has chosen y
ou and me, is to be His witness to know the truth and to reveal the truth to others.

ISAIAH 43.1-4, 10-12, 21 AND 25

And finally, it is The LORD GOD Himself Who leads His chosen people to the land of Israel to enter into The Millennium whether by resurrection, or those who are alive at His coming, will be caught up together with them to meet The LORD in the air, where Messiah will take us to the Promised Land, The Messianic Kingdom in Israel and eternity with Him forever.

JEREMIAH 23.5-8, EZEKIEL 39.23-29, REVELATION 7.13-17

(REVELATION 7.17)  Living fountains of water; spiritual happiness and eternal life in Heaven.

In conclusion, The LORD GOD guides our lives, He directs our steps and leads us in the way we should go.  All the time protecting you, sustaining you, watching over you, and caring for you.  As David wrote in Psalm 23, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for You are with me.  Your rod and Your staff they comfort me.”

From birth, even to our old age, GOD will carry you, and deliver you, and do great things through you, to be His witness and to be HIs servant, because GOD has chosen you, and sanctified you, and ordained you to be His.