Shalom.  Our teaching this morning is from GENESIS 30.1-8.


GENESIS 30.1-2  VERSE 1  ENVIED  KAHNAH – jealous

VERSE 2  “Am I in GOD’s stead?”  i.e., Is it I instead of GOD who has withheld from you the fruit of your womb, that is, from bearing children?

GENESIS 30.3-5  Perhaps having children by the wife’s servant because the wife was barren was permissable in those NATIONS in the Middle East, and lawful.  Sarah also said to her husband Abraham (Genesis 16.2), “The LORD has kept me from bearing children.  Go into my maid Hagar.  Perhaps I will have children by her.”  And Ishmael was born to Abraham and Sarah.

From the beginning it was always GOD’s will for a man to have 1 wife and not more.  This is GOD’s Law and Commandment.  It is part of Torah, The Law GOD gave to Moses.  Yes, I know there were a number of great men in the Bible like David and Solomon and others who had more than 1 wife, but it was wrong.  It was contrary to GOD’s Word.

                            GENESIS 2.24

ONE FLESH        ONE; One, united into 1, joined together in 1.
One person

I think of The Scripture that says, “Learn not from the heathen for their customs and laws are vain”.  They are empty, unsatisfactory and wrong.  Rachel was brought up, of course, by her mother and father, who were heathen.

                            JEREMIAH 10.1-3

VERSE 1  HEAR  SHMAH    Hear and obey

THE WORD – dahvahr     word, decree (law) commandment

Do not learn the way of the heathen.

Learn  lahmahd – Do not be taught by them, do not learn their ways.

WAY  DEHREKH    Their way of life, their customs, behavior, manners.

THE HEATHEN  Goyim.  According to Strong’s Concordance, heathen are Gentiles, heathen, nations, that is foreign nations, all nations other than Israel.

GOD gave Israel His Word, Laws, Commandments and Covenants not only for Israel to live by but for all humanity to do, and to follow.  But the nations outside of Israel are taught not to obey GOD’s Word, His Laws and His Commandments, but their own doctrine taught by men rather than the Commandments taught by GOD.  Learn not the way of the heathen, GOD teaches.

DISMAYED – frightened

VERSE 3  Customs of the people (the heathen).
CUSTOMS   KHOOKOTE – Laws, commandments, decrees, ordinances, statutes, even appointed times, i.e. Much of the world is taught that Sunday is the Sabbath rather then the seventh day Saturday Sabbath as The Lord has appointed for all.

VAIN     HEHVEHL -empty, vain, unsatisfactory, meaning, they are bad, not good, and not pleasing to GOD.  For example, the Law of Moses is dead, abolished, no longer in force. in other words, GOD’s Word is dead.  Learn not the way of the heathen, GOD commands us.

Here is what GOD teaches all humanity.

                            JEREMIAH 31.10

Hear The Word of The LORD O you nations.

Sheemoo dahvahr YEHHOVAH goyeem

HEAR – SHMA  – hear and obey

WORD – DAHVAHR – GOD’S Word, His answer, His Commandment, counsel, decree or Law, judgment, language, message, promise, speech, spoken word, thought, tidings, i.e. His good news, His work.  Every Word He speaks.

ISLES    EEYEEM – islands, countries

DECLARE    NAHGAHD – Stand boldly, announce, expose, explain, praise, declare plainly,

GOD calls on all the world, all the nations, all the isles and countries afar off to obey Him, to obey His Word found written in His Book, The Bible.

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GENESIS 30.4-6    

Dan was the 5th son of Jacob and the ancestor of the tribe of Dan.  Jacob’s first 4 sons by his wife Leah were Reuben, Simeon, Levi and Judah.  And the inheritance of the tribe of Dan that was allocated to them when GOD brought the children of Israel out of Egypt into the Promised Land which became Eretz Y’Israel, The Land of Dan was a small parcel of land bordering The Mediterranean Sea to the East, the parcel of land allocated to the tribe of Manasseh to the North, Ephraim and Benjamin to the West and Judah to the South and North of the region where the Phillistines lived.

The cities in the land of Dan.  JOSHUA 19.40-48

A few memorable events recorded in Scripture happened in The Land, the tribe of Dan inherited.  Jonah went to Joppa, a city on the Mediterranean coast, where he had his famous voyage.  Joppa was in Dan.

                            JONAH 1.1-4

JOPPA – A city in Dan
TARSHISH – probably a city or region in the Southwestern coast of Spain, West of Gibraltar.  He didn’t get very far.

Peter, by a supernatural act of GOD, raised the woman Tabitha from the dead in Joppa, the former region of Dan.  Joppa was a coastal city in Israel.

                            ACTS 9.36-43

GOD sent an angel to Cornelius telling him to send men to Joppa to bring back a man named Peter.  He is staying with Simon, a tanner, whose house is by the seaside.  And he will tell what you must do.

                            ACTS 10.1-16

1.  This vision has NOTHING to do with food.

2.  It’s a parable in a vision teaching that GOD saves Gentiles along with Jewish people, those who fear GOD, work righteousness, that is obey GOD’s Law of Moses, and believe in Yeshua The Messiah.  They are accepted with GOD.  Verses 15, 28, 34-36.

Samson was from Dan.

                            JUDGES 13.2-25, JUDGES 16.23-31


I believe the ending of this story has to do with those who hate Jewish people and their Land of Israel.

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GENESIS 30.7-8     NAPHTALI    My wrestling.  READ VERSE 8

Naphtali was Jacob’s 6th son, and the ancestor of the tribe of Naphtali.  Their inheritance of land in Israel, was in the North, which today would be from the Sea of Galilee on the Jordan River to Southern Lebanon not too far from Beirut.

                            JOSHUA 19.32-39  The land of Naphtali

Hazor was a Canaanite city in Northern Canaan before it fell to the chi
ldren of Israel and became a city within the inheritance of the Tribe of Naphtali.  Hazor was ruled by a king, Jabin, king of Hazor.  And Israel had to defeat this king to conquer all Canaan, the country GOD gave to the children of Israel for an everlasting possession.

As well known, The LORD took the children of Israel out of Egypt by the hand of Moses, after being there for 430 years.  The last 400 years as slaves.  GOD led His people to the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, and there at Mt. Sinai, The LORD GOD gave the people the 10 Commandments, and they built their Tabernacle, the portable tent which was their Temple, which The LORD gave detailed instructions to Moses in a Heavenly vision.  The Tabernacle travelled with them on their entire 40 year journey in the wilderness, to the Promised Land.  And it was used until Solomon built the 1st Temple.

After less than a year in Sinai, the people moved on, and came to The Red Sea.  Pharoah changed his mind and wanted the children of Israel back in Egypt as slaves.  But GOD had other plans for His People.  And Pharoah sent his army out after GOD’s People, but GOD opened the Sea for the israelites to pass through on dry ground.  And with the Egyptian army charging after Israel, The LORD dropped the ocean on them; killing every Egyptian warrior.

The LORD, choosing Moses to lead His People of 3 million including a mixed multitude who were not of Israel before the Exodus, led them in the wilderness crossing into today’s Saudi Arabia and Jordan. They conquered the Northern part of Jordan giving it to the tribes of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh.  Then they conquered Southern Canaan giving that land to Simeon, Judah, Benjamin, Dan and Ephraim.  And now it was time to conquer Northern Canaan according to the Word GOD gave to Moses, of which the tribes of Issachar, Zebulon, Asher and Naphtali would occupy after Israel put all Canaan to the sword, according to GOD’s Word.  And we read about the conquest of Northern Canaan and Jabin, King of Hazor which was in the future inheritance of Naphtali. This reading is not for the faint in heart. And king Hazor was an obstacle to overcome.  But with GOD, there are no obstacles.  He gave all the land of Canaan whose borders go to The Euphrates River, to Israel for an everlasting possession, 3,500 years ago, and GOD never changes.

                            JOSHUA 11.1-23

VERSE 6  Hough their horses.  Hamstring them by cutting a large tendon in their rear leg; thus disabling the horse.

VERSE 16  This Goshen was in the Southern part of Judah, not to be confused with the Goshen in Egypt.

In summary:

GOD’S Word is permanent.  It never changes.  GOD created and established His People Israel, The Jewish People from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the 12 Tribes of Israel.  He established the Tribes in Israel as GOD promised.  And gave them His Law and Commandments to pass on to all the world, which the nations as a whole reject.

Thus, 2,600 years ago, GOD commanded His Prophet Jeremiah to teach His People this important instruction, for all GOD’s people, Jewish and non-Jewish.  “Learn not the way of the heathen.”  Do not be taught by them because their customs and law and statutes are vain and empty.  Their statutes are not of GOD but of men.  They abolish GOD’s Laws and Commandments and replace them with their own laws.

This is the way of GOD’s People, whether you are Jewish or not Jewish.  Believe in The Messiah Yeshua and obey The Word of GOD.  His Law, His Commandments, His Statutes and His Covenants.  Obey them and do them.  That is the heart of the servant of GOD.  That is the person Yeshua has accepted.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein