Shalom and Good Morning.  Our teaching this morning is about an unscrupulous employer, and The LORD our GOD Who is always with us.


GENESIS 30.25-26   Jacob has worked for his uncle Laban 20 years, and now he wants to go home and return to his family in Canaan, today’s Israel, with his wives and 12 children.

The reason Jacob was in Syria working for his uncle Laban was because Jacob’s twin brother Esau wanted to kill him.  Esau wanted to kill Jacob because he felt he was tricked by his brother Jacob because Jacob received a blessing from their father Isaac that Esau thought belonged to him.  However the blessing that Jacob is said to have stolen from Esau was not stolen at all because the blessing was always intended for Jacob, and not Esau.  Esau believed because he was the elder of the 2 twins, he should receive his father’s blessing.  Well, that was not GOD’s plan.

So, let’s review this adventure for a moment.

                            GENESIS 25.19-23

VERSE 22  – STRUGGLED – contended with each other (in their mother’s womb)

When The LORD speaks, it is His Word, and His Word is His PROMISE.  And His Word is also law.  When any word proceeds from the mouth of The LORD; it will be done, and it will accomplish that which He pleases.

So here is GOD’s Promise that is Law, and will be accomplished and done.

2 NATIONS are in your womb, Rebekah.
–  the 2 nations that came from Esau and Jacob are Edom and Israel.
–  Jacob was named Israel by GOD.  GENESIS 32.28
    Esau became Edom, the country of Edom.  GENESIS 36.1&9

GENESIS 25.23  2 MANNER OF PEOPLE shall be separated from your womb.
–  The Jewish people are from Jacob
–  The Edomites were from Esau.  The country of Edom was in today’s Jordan, south of the Dead Sea, and southeast of Israel.

THE 1 PEOPLE SHALL BE STONGER than the other people.

ESTABLISHED – Webster’s – to institute as a law permanently.

Thus Israel and Judaism are stronger than Edom and the Edomites because it is GOD’s Law that Israel and the Jewish People are to be permanent and established and stronger forever.  But Edom and the Edomites are extinct.  They have vanished from off the face of the earth.

                            JOEL 3.19-20 (Hebrew Bible, Joel 4.19-20)

                            AMOS 1.11, OBADIAH 1-2, 10-21

OBADIAH 21 – The victorious, The Jewish People, will march up Mt. Zion to judge the Mount of Esau.  And the Kingdom shall be The LORD’s.

GENESIS 25.23  AND THE ELDER shall serve the younger.

                            2 SAMUEL 8.14, EZEKIEL 25.12-17

GOD’S plan for Jacob, even for Esau, and for everybody, is GOD’s sovereign choice.  GOD never changes.

                            ROMANS 9.10-13

GOD’S promise was always intended for Jacob and not Esau.  And as Paul writes in Romans 11.29 “The gifts and calling of GOD are irrevocable”.  They never change, they are final, and they are Law.

And now let’s look at Isaac blessing Jacob in which Esau got so crazy.

                            GENESIS 27.21-28

Simply, the blessing is indeed for Jacob and not Esau.  Isaac is saying, be blessed from GOD, from Heaven and from earth.  Let people serve you, and nations bow down to you.  Be lord and master over your brethren, and cursed is everyone that curses you, (as Esau was cursed) and blessed is everyone that blesses you.

Well today, I don’t think anybody serves Israel let alone bow down to her.  But that will happen when The LORD returns and establishes His Messianic Kingdom in Israel.  Nations will then serve Israel, and bow down to her people.

                            ISAIAH 49.22-23

STANDARD – NAYCE – Something like a flag or banner that is lifted high and seen from afar proclaiming Yeshua The Messiah and His Kingdom of GOD.

And those who bless Israel and the Jewish People, GOD will bless.  And those who curse Israel and the Jewish People, as Esau and the Edomites cursed Jacob and the children of Israel, GOD will curse.  That is part of the Abrahamic Covenant passed on to Isaac and Jacob and the Jewish People.

                            GENESIS 12.1-3

GENESIS 27.29  I believe the fulfillment of much of Isaac’s blessing will take place in The Millennium.  For example, “Be lord over your brethren, and let your mother’s sons bow down to you”.  My thought here is that Isaac is speaking of Messiah at His return.  Yeshua will certainly be LORD and Master over the Jewish People, and all peoples, because He is GOD and Messiah.  And Messiah Yeshua is a descendant of Jacob in the flesh as a human being.

                            ISAIAH 45.22-23  Swear loyalty to GOD and Messiah.

                            PHILIPPIANS 2.10-11

So, that’s what the fight was all about.  Actually, it was a 1 sided fight.  Esau wanted to kill Jacob, but Jacob preferred peace.  His mother certainly doesn’t want her son killed, so she said to Jacob, go to your uncle Laban, her brother in Syria, and stay there for a few days, and when Esau’s anger quiets down, I’ll send for you and bring you back.

                            GENESIS 27.41-45

So, now after 20 years working for Laban, Jacob wants to go home and return to Canaan with his family, his wives and 12 children.  But Laban doesn’t want him to leave because Laban has had great success with Jacob working for him.

GENESIS 30.25-30  VERSE 30 When shall I provide for my family?

VERSES 31-32  My wages will be all the speckled and spotted cattle, sheep and goats from the flock.

VERSE 33  Every animal from the flock that isn’t speckled and spotted found with my animals, know that I have stolen them from you.  That is, I will not take anything we did not agree to.

VERSE 34 Laban said, okay, just as you said.

VERSE 35  But Laban stole Jacob’s animals.  He gave them to his sons.  Another trick, another lie by Laban.

But Jacob, to retain what was rightfully his under the terms of their agreement, resorted to his own plan, and the ou
tcome, I believe, was of GOD.  VERSES 36-43.

Some might say that what Jacob did was from folklore, a tale, that what animals see while mating determines the appearance of their young.  But this we know that GOD blessed Jacob mightily and he became very prosperous with large flocks, and servants, and camels, and donkeys.  All because GOD was with him.

So now, Jacob is preparing to return home after 20 years working for his uncle Laban.  He left Canaan with nothing, probably the clothes on his back, and the camel or horse he rode on.  Just to get away from a brother who wanted to kill him.  Now he’s returning home with his family, his 2 wives and 12 children, a number of servants and a huge flock of animals.  And you might think to yourself, that’s a pretty good deal for 20 years of work, even with a bad employer.  And you would be right.  But I believe the greatest blessing Jacob received from The LORD GOD, in fact the greatest blessing anyone can receive, is GOD’s promise that He said to Jacob, “I WILL BE WITH YOU”.

                            GENESIS 31.1-3

VERSE 1  Not true.  Laban cheated Jacob from day 1.  He changed Jacob’s wages 10 times, always cutting his salary.  He was promised Rachel for his wife, but Laban gave him her sister Leah.  And he was told to work another 7 years for Rachel, which he did.  And on top of that, Laban stole Jacob’s possessions, his animals.  Laban was a goniff, a crook and a thief.  Jacob was an honest man of GOD.


GOD pronounced His Name, I AM, upon Jacob, a promise to watch over him, and protect him wherever he goes, and to be with him forever.


    and I AM              with you
vee-eh-heh-yeh      ee makh

GOD’S NAME IS I AM (He has many Names)

                            EXODUS 3.13-14


   I AM                                 THAT                             I AM
eh-heh-yeh                        ahsher                       eh-heh-yeh

I AM (has sent Me to you)

    I AM

Yeshua says the same words to us, and Yeshua is GOD.  It’s GOD’s promise to you.

                            MATTHEW 28.19-20

I AM with you always
ALWAYS, forever, for eternity, world without end.

   I AM                              WITH YOU                           ALWAYS
eh-heh-yeh                   ee-mah-khem                            ahd

JOHN 8.58                           I AM                                  

Yeshua is I AM, GOD.

Here’s what it means for GOD to be with you.  Fear not, for I AM with you.  Be not afraid, for I AM your GOD.  I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with the right hand of My Righteousness.  And again, The LORD your GOD is with you, I will not fail you nor forsake you, and again, The LORD of Hosts, is with us, The GOD of Jacob is our protection.  A virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His Name Immanuel, GOD with us.  His name is also Yeshua.  If GOD is for us, who can be against us.  Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.  And His Name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty GOD, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Thus, there is no greater gift or blessing that anyone can have than GOD’s Promise of “I will be with you”. or “I AM with you”.

And how do we obtain that great promise?  By believing in Yeshua The Messiah, and living our life according to Torah, the Law GOD gave Moses for all the world.