Why did GOD send the Children of Israel to Egypt? Genesis 43.15-18

Shalom.  This morning’s teaching will continue on the story of Joseph.  But we will also discover, I believe, some of the reasons why The LORD GOD CHOSE EGYPT to make the Children of Israel a great nation, a land not theirs, and not Canaan where they were currently living, which is Israel today, the land given to them by The LORD for an everlasting possession.  Because that is why The LORD GOD sent Joseph to Egypt, to bring the Children of Israel into Egypt.  But first, let’s continue with Joseph.  Our reading is from Genesis 43.15-18.


43.15  This is the 2nd time Joseph’s brothers had come to Egypt to buy food during the severe famine.  And this famine was not only in Egypt but in all the surrounding countries including Canaan where Joseph’s family lived.  Canaan is today’s Israel and it borders Egypt on the south, and Egypt had food.  And Canaan felt the sting of hunger because of the famine, and their father Jacob had sent them down to Egypt to buy food.  His brothers now standing before Joseph, had no idea who he was, except that he was the ruler of Egypt dispensing food to everyone who came to buy.  They lost track of him after they tossed him into a pit, an empty pit on the desert years back rather than killing him becuase of their hatred and jealousy they had toward Joseph.  He was lifted out by stangers, Midianites, sold into Egypt and years later, here he is in front of his brothers, the governor of Egypt, ruler under Pharaoh.  And Joseph knew well who they were.  The first time they came to Egypt to buy food, he accused them of being spies.  And he did not reveal himself to them.

                            GENESIS 42.1-20 (GENESIS 37.5-9)

Joseph truly loved his brothers, and I know there are many theories about Joseph taking revenge on them, etc., but I think Joseph wanted to see his younger brother Benjamin, and he was also having a good time playing with them at their expense.  They deserved it.  So he locked Simeon up in prison and sent them back to Canaan to get their brother Benjamin who was the baby of the family.  And Jacob, well he was not particularly happy with that, but out of necessity because of the famine, and Joseph’s words, he sent him, he sent Benjamin.

43.16  SLAY – TAHVAH – slaughter an animal for food.

43.17  BADE – AHMAR – said

43.18  BONDMEN – AHVADIM – slaves

When his brothers first came to Egypt to buy food, they of course brought money for the purchase.  However, when Joseph sent them back to Canaan with bags of food, he also restored their money in their sacks.  And when they opened their bags and saw their money inside, The Bible says, their hearts failed them.  That is, they were frightened, and said, what is this that GOD has done to us?  Their 2 trips to Egypt have been rough, but Joseph I think was having a good time, probably smiling about all their struggles.

43.19-22  So now the brothers are back.  This time in Joseph’s house, telling his steward, the one in charge of his house, we did nothing wrong. 

43.23  Joseph chose a godly man to be his steward, and no doubt he was the one who restored their food money inside their bags.

43.24-25  VERSE 25  They prepared the present for Joseph when he would come to the house for lunch.

Jacob had told his sons to bring a present to the man in Egypt.  Balm, which is a small plant that brings soothing relief and healing.  Myrrh, which is also a plant used for medicinal purposes, and for perfume, and also some fruits, the best in the land, some honey and spices, nuts and almonds.  That was the present for Joseph, the man in Egypt.

It’s not very often that someone who accuses you of being a spy will invite you to their house for lunch, but Joseph did.  This was his family.  He loved them, and he wanted to be with them.  But still, they had no idea this ruler of Egypt was their younger brother Joseph.

43.26-30  VERSE 30  His emotions and compassion.  He was moved and overcome when he saw his younger brother Benjamin.

43.31-32  Joseph played the Egyptian game of stupidity, because, I guess, he didn’t want to give himself away.  That is, not eating with Hebrews, not eating with Jews because that was an abomination to Egyptians.  But why the separation, even 4,000 years ago?  Why even then, the anti-Semitism and Jew hatred?  The answer is satan.  Not only does satan deceive the nations by leading them astray from the Truth of GOD, he is also the father of anti-Semitism, Jew hatred.  As Yeshua said in John 8.44, satan was a murderer from the beginning.  How is that?  Because he deceived Adam and Eve the same way he deceives the masses today.  Leading them away from the Truth of GOD.  Giving them FALSE REASONS not to obey GOD, not to obey His Word and His Law of Moses.  Thus he is a murderer from the beginning.  You know, Adam and Eve were created to live forever in the Garden of Eden, the Garden of GOD, but because they listened to satan and not GOD, they died years later.  satan is the father of lies and the father of anti-Semitism, even 4,000 years ago.  satan is the messenger of anti-Semitism, even today.

                            REVELATION 12.9-13

REVELATION 12.9  satan has been kicked out of Heaven.
                            LUKE 10.18

REVELATION 12.10  The accuser of our brethren.  Our brethren are the Jewish people.

                            REVELATION 12.1-2

The woman is symbolic of Israel and the Jewish People, who gave birth to The Messiah Yeshua in His human nature.

The 12 stars are symbolic of the 12 tribes of Israel, Jacob’s 12 sons, and the 12 apostles who were all Jewish.

REVELATION 12.13  satan persecuted the woman, the Jewish people.

PERSECUTED – satan pursues after the Jewish people with oppression, ill-treatment, torment, torture, terror, etc.

Anti-Semitism is prophetic.  GOD prophesied it at the beginning of The Creation.  And it may surprise you when you read in The Bible, Who created anti-Semitism and brought it into the world.

                            ISAIAH 45.7, GENESIS 3.15

GENESIS 3.15  And I WILL put enmity between you and the woman.


GOD created anti-Semitism  satan carries it out.

(Genesis 3.15) beween you, satan and the Jewish People, and between satan’s demons and her, Israel’s descendants, the Jewish people.

    – it or He, Messiah will DESTROY you satan.
    – you satan will cause Messiah to suffer at the crucifixion.
 REVELATION 20.1-2, 7-10

So GOD creates evil.  He also created anti-Semitism, by putting enmity and hatred between satan and the Jewish people.  Why?  A couple of reasons.

1.  I think anti-Semitism is a vehicle of GOD to bring this world to an end, to bring all the nations of the world against Jerusalem to battle at some future time.  Maybe earlier than later. And the nations will attack Israel for no other reason then because of anti-Semitism. Messiah will then return to save His People from destruction, and set up His 1,000 year Millennial Kingdom in Israel which He will transform into Paradise.

                            ZECHARIAH 14.1-13  anti-Semitism will be the cause of the battle.

2.  anti-Semitism is used against Jewish people because most disobey The LORD their GOD.  satan is also used against the nations because most disobey The GOD of Creation.
                            DEUTERONOMY 28.1-2, 15

GOD does everything and creates everything.  He forms the light, and creates darkness.  He makes peace, and creates evil.  The LORD does all those things.
GENESIS 43.33-34; 44.1-5  VERSE 5  I don’t think Joseph divined.  That is magic.  Joseph was acting like an Egyptian.

44.6-13  Oy vey, they’re thinking.;  We’re dead men in the eys of our father Jacob.  Benjamin is not coming back.

44.14-34; 45.3  They trembled before Joseph.  They were afraid and anxious and amazed.

45.4-5  And also to bring the Children of Israel into Egypt.  When at the time, no one, not Joseph or his brothers or his father Jacob were aware of GOD’s plan for Joseph to bring the Children of Isarel into Egypt.

45.5-15  Joseph was right when he said in Verse 8, it was not you who sent me to Egypt, but GOD.  GOD’s mission for Joseph was to bring the children of Israel into Egypt, which he did.  Thus partially fulfilling GOD’s prophecy to Abraham that his descendants, the Children of Isarel will be strangers in a land not theirs.  That land was Egypt.

                            GENESIS 15.13

But why did GOD choose Egypt to make Israel a great nation, and not Canaan where they were currently living which today is Israel, The Land GOD gave to the Jewish people for an everlasting possession?

I believe that sending His People, the Children of Israel to Egypt, and having them live there some 430 years, IS A BLUEPRINT, A PATH for our life and relationship with GOD and Messiah Who are One and the same.  It reveals the path to Salvation, the path to eternal life, and the path to The Millennium and to Paradise in Heaven forever.  These are some of my thoughts why GOD chose Egypt and not Canaan to make Israel a great nation.

1.  Israel or Canaan on the south borders Egypt.  It is very near as GOD and Messiah are very near to us, to call on Him at all times and to hear Him.

                            ISAIAH 55.6-7, LUKE 8.19-21

GOD and Messiah are near to us.  When we hear The Word of GOD AND DO IT, we have a relationship with GOD and Messiah. And that is the only way too have a relationship with the Lord.

2.  There is no greater walk in life, no greater relationship than with GOD our Messiah.  But there is from time to time some suffering and tribulation as the Children of Israel experienced in Egypt.
                            ACTS 14.22

3.  Some 3 million Jews and many Gentiles came out of Egypt TOGETHER in the Exodus and GOD commanded all to obey The Law He gave to Israel.  That has not changed today, and will never change.

                            EXODUS 12.37-38, 48-49, NUMBERS 15.15-16, ROMANS 11.16-17

(Exodus 12.37-38)

600,000 men of military age, 20 and older.  Perhaps 2 1/2 to 3 million people.

mixed multitude – Jews and Gentiles

Let’s talk about circumcision to the non-Jewish male Believer.

MATTHEW 16.19  Whatsoever you BIND or REQUIRE on earth,will be required in Heaven by GOD.

Whatsoever you LOOSE or DO NOT REQUIRE on earth, such as circumcision to non-Jewish male Believers, will not be required in Heaven by GOD.  I believe Messiah’s disciples asked him to release non-Jewish male Believers from circumcision because it might turn some away from the faith.  And he agreed.

4.  GOD brought His People to Egypt to show the world many of His great wonders and miracles.

Taking a nation of people out of another country, opening the Red Sea for the people to cross on dry land, and so much more.  EXODUS 14.13-18

5.  These are some of the words GOD spoke to Israel and the mixed multitude in the wilderness.  Will you keep My Commandments or not?  Will you live by every Word GOD speaks, or not?  GOD tests us and He examines us as He did the Children of Israel and the mixed multitude.

                            DEUTERONOMY 8.1-3, MATTHEW 4.4, 1 PETER 1.6-7

Today GOD puts His Law in our hearts the moment we believe in Messiah.  Will we obey Him or not?

                            JEREMIAH 31.31-34, MATTHEW 7.21-23, MATTHEW 22.14

6.  We are GOD’s chosen people, special, peculiar, above all the people of the earth.  But believing in Messiah also requires obedience to GOD as He commanded the mixed multitude.

                            DEUTERONOMY 7.6-9

7.  And Joseph is symbolic of Messiah.  Joseph did not reveal himself to his brothers until the second time they came to Egypt.  Likewise, Messiah will reveal Himself to His Jewish brethren at His second coming, when He returns to Israel and sets up His Kingdom, the 1,000 year Millennium.

                            ZECHARAIH 12.10

And then by GOD’s path, His road map, you will enter the Promised Land, Eternal Life in Heaven.

                            REVELATION 21.10-27

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein