Shalom.  This morning we will do a study on The Resurrection which is a magnificent study.  So with that said, let’s read the verses we used a couple of weeks ago, Matthew 22.23-33 to open our study.

READ MATTHEW 22.23-33. 

RESURRECTION – An-as-tas-is means raised to life again, the act of raising from the dead.

Let’s start with what happens to those who die or have died in the Tnakh, The Old Testament such as people like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and non-Jewish people like them who believed in The LORD GOD, and obeyed His commandments, His laws, and His statutes (Genesis 15.6 and Genesis 26.5).
And also the many millions of Jewish people GOD has saved and will save from the days of Abraham to the return of The LORD as GOD promises in the Law and the Prophets.  GOD will open their graves and cause them to come out of their graves, and He will put His Spirit in them and they will live, and GOD will bring them into The Land of Israel at the start of the 1,000 year Millennium, (Ezekiel 37).
And likewise He will do the same to many millions of Gentiles who blessed the Jewish people as GOD promised in the Law in Genesis 12.3 and Yeshua promises in Matthew 25.  GOD also will open their graves and raise them up from their graves, and He will put His Spirit in them and they will come to life, and He will place them also in The Land of Israel at Messiah’s return to start the 1,000 year Millennial Kingdom in Israel. 

However, what happens to these people when they die?  And of course The New Testament Saints, The Holy Ones who believe in Messiah Yeshua, and like Abraham have obeyed GOD, His commandments, His laws and His statutes.  What happens to them, to us when we die?  Because Yeshua says, “They shall never die”.

Then there is The Resurrection, those who have died and sleep, and awake at The Ressurrection AT MESSIAH’S RETURN, and come out of the graves and are changed.  What happens to them?  What happens to us?  Where do we go?  What bodily change will take place at The Resurrection?

So the question is this for all the memebers of the family of GOD.  What happens to us when we die if we die before Messiah returns?  And later, what happens to us at The Ressurrection when Yeshua returns?

Let’s answer the first question.  What happens at death to those of us Who Are Members Of GOD’s Family, those in Tnakh and in Old Testament times, and those in New Testament times, Jewish and non-Jewish people who have died or will die before Messiah’s return?  It is important to note that Messiah says, “We will never die”.  JOHN 8.51, JOHN 11.25-26.

Keep in mind that Yeshua is GOD.  He came to this earth as a man, but He is also GOD, Elohim, The One GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, The Creator of Heaven and earth.  (Isaiah 9.5(6)), John 12.45, John 14.9, Titus 2.13, etc.)

I’ll make things a little complicated at this point.  Yeshua says, and He is The Word of GOD because He is GOD, that we will never die.  Yet He said in Matthew 22.31-32, “But as touching THE RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD”, or concerning THE RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD, “GOD is The GOD of the living”. Yet The Members Of GOD’s Family Never Die. But there is also a resurrection of the dead, who in fact are the living, or should I say, many of them are the living.  Complicated?  Yes, it is, but I think once we understand, it becomes understandable, even clear.

                            MATTHEW 22.31-32

Yeshua says we will never die.  This is what happens according to Scripture.  Yes, of course, here on earth we die, but Yeshua said in John 11.25-26, though we were dead, yet shall you live.  “Whosoever lives and believes on Me shall never die.”  So since we never die, we go immediately to Heaven to be with GOD.  Not our body, but our spirit and soul, our living being and our personality go to GOD in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, we go to Heaven to be with The LORD our GOD, Yeshua The Messiah.  Messiah explains this in His story about a certain rich man who was clothed in purple and fine linen and spent his days in magnificent luxury, and a certain beggar named Lazarus.  Let’s see what happens.

                            LUKE 16.22-23

The beggar died and, or at the same time, that is the definition of the word and, was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom or to Abraham’s side.  Abraham is in Heaven.  This is not The Resurrection.

VERSES 22-23 – The rich man also died, and, or at the same time, was buried, and, or at the same time in hell he lifted up his eyes being in torment, etc.

Thus all the members of GOD’s family upon death are carried by the angels of GOD into Heaven.  And there we will have the same Heavenly body and likeness as GOD because we are made in His image, in His likeness, Genesis 1.26.  But we retain or we keep our soul and spirit.  And GOD will clothe us with a Heavenly body like His.  1 CORINTHIANS 15.49-50  Image is likeness,  And 1 JOHN 3.2.  Yes, there are many, many people in Heaven today, all having the Heavenly bodies and likeness of The LORD GOD Almighty, beautiful and powerful, but having kept their souls and spirits.  People such as Enoch and Elijah.  People who also walked with GOD as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Moses, David and the Prophets, the Apostles, the Saints of Messiah and so many more.  The millions of Jewish people GOD saved as He promised in the Prophets and Law, and the millions of Gentile people GOD has saved who blessed Jewish people as GOD promised in the Law and fulfilled in the words of Yeshua in Matthew 25.  They are in Heaven today. Their bodies and likeness, magnificent and beautiful like GOD Almighty, living in Paradise.

                            REVELATION 5.11-14, REVELATION 7.9-17, REVELATION 11.15-19

(REVELATION 11.18)  GOD’s reward I believe is eternal life in Heaven which He gives to His servants the Prophets and His Saints.  A Saint or Holy One can be classified as Jewish according to Daniel 7.21-22.  And a Saint can be classified as One in Messiah and all whom GOD saves.  And GOD gives His reward to them that fear His Name, small and great and prove it by obeying His Commandments and Laws.  That is why we teach so often obedience to GOD. Deuteronomy 28.58.

Moses and Elijah are alive with GOD today in Heaven.  In the days of Yeshua they appeared with Him at His Transfiguration.

                            MARK 9.2-5

Yeshua, rather than going immediately to Heaven after His death, went and preached to the human spirits in hell, who are and were alive.

                            1 PETER 3.18-19

I think this gives us an understanding about what happens to us when we die on earth.  We die in the flesh, that is our body dies, not our spirit and soul.  But quickened or made alive by The Spirit, that is  by GOD.  Yeshua went immediately to preach to the prisoners
in hell before He was resurrected on the 3rd day.  We go immediately to Heaven and receive a Heavenly body, but we retain our spirit and soul.

Let’s look at VERSE 20 IN 1 PETER 3.

WHICH SOMETIME – POT-EH – In time past, they were disobedient to GOD.  Again, that’s why we preach obedience to GOD and His Law.  Messiah NEVER destroyed the Law.  That’s incorrect to think He did.

Thus when we the family of GOD die on earth, we never die, but continue to live and go immediately to Heaven.  The body dies but our spirit and soul do not die.  GOD gives us a new body like His, a Heavenly body that does not have flesh and blood, that is magnificent, powerful, beautiful and glorious.

Also as Yeshua said, “As touching the Resurrection of the dead, GOD is The GOD of the living”.  When He speaks of the resurrection of the dead in this passage, He is speaking about the living, you and me.  And listen, this resurrection will take place in the future at Messiah’s return.

Let’s look at DANIEL 12.1-2

VERSE 1  To be written in GOD’s Book of Life, our sins must be forgiven.  That comes from faith in Yeshua.  See Exodus 32.32-33.

VERSE 2 SLEEP – YAH SHAYNE – means sleep

              AWAKE – KOOTS – to awake and arise abruptly and suddenly

Death is sleeping, and many of the dead will awake at The Resurrection with a different body.  Some to everlasting life. And some to shame and everlasting contempt, perhaps at the judgment.  The old body is dead and gone, for both.

Sleep is also another word for physical death, meaning that death is like sleep.  It is not a permanent condition.  The dead will awake at The Resurrection, at Messiah’s Return, Daniel 12.2 reads, “Some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt”.  And death does not destroy the identity, that is our individuality, our personality, our self when he or she awakes at The Resurrection and is changed.  Like Yeshua, our body will be changed as His Body changed when He was resurrected, but He was the same Yeshua.  We will be the same us, but with a resurrected body in the likeness of Yeshua when He was resurrected before He ascended into Heaven.

                            MARK 16.9-12, LUKE 24.13-53

(Mark 16.12)  ANOTHER – HET-ER-OS – different
                     FORM – MOR-FAY – nature
That is, Messiah’s resurrected body became a different composition.  So will ours.

(Luke 24.31) VANISHED – He became invisible

ZECHARIAH 12.10  They will look upon Yeshua, knowing Who He is, their Messiah and GOD, The One Whom we pierced.

So, at The Ressurection in the future, when Messiah returns, our bodies will again change from a Heavenly body, to a resurrected body.  GOD will supernaturally reunite our spirit and soul with our new and perfect resurrected body.  And we will come out of the graves and be taken up to meet Yeshua in the air, and with Messiah, we will begin The Millennial Kingdom in Israel, where He will be King over all the earth. And of course those who are alive at His Return will also be taken up to meet the Lord in the air with new Spiritual bodies like those resurrected and with Messiah and all the Family Of God, will begin the Millennial era in Israel/ 

                            EZEKIEL 37.1-14, 1 CORINTHIANS 15.42-44, 49-56
                            1 THESSALONIANS 4.13-18 and after the 1,000 years, REVELATION 21.1-7

Let’s close on this verse in Psalm 116, verse 15

                            PSALM 116.15

The reason our death is so precious to The LORD our GOD, I think, is because we will spend eternity alive with Him, and like Him, glorious and beautiful and powerful forever and ever.  And we will see Him Face to face, in Heaven and The Millennial Kingdom and the new earth in Heaven, The Holy City New Jerusalem.  He is our GOD, and we are His people.  That is how much GOD loves you.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein