Shalom.  Our teaching this morning continues at the Book of Exodus.  Moses, after 40 years of living in the land of Midian as a shepherd for his father-in-law Jethro, the priest of Midian, and Moses was 80 years old at the time, led the flock to the backside of the desert.  And he came to the mountain of GOD called Horeb.  Horeb is also Mt. Sinai.

And The Angel of The LORD appeared to Moses in a flame of fire out of a bush, and the bush burned with fire, but the bush was not consumed.  The Angel of The LORD was GOD, Yeshua The Messiah.  And GOD called to Moses, but Moses hid his face for he was afraid to look upon GOD.  And there at the burning bush, GOD gave Moses his mission.  Go and gather the elders of Israel together, and say to them, The LORD GOD of your fathers, The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and of Jacob appeared to me saying, I have surely visited you and have seen that which is done to you in Egypt.  And I will bring you up out of the misery of Egypt to the place of the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites to a land flowing with milk and honey.

And again GOD said to Moses, and the elders of Israel will listen to you.  They will do what you say.  And you shall go, you and the elders of Israel to the king of Egypt, and you shall say to him, The LORD GOD of the Hebrews has met with us, and now let us go 3 days journey into the wilderness that we may sacrifice to The LORD our GOD.

And Moses answered The LORD GOD.  No, they will not believe me, nor listen to me, for they will say, The LORD has not appeared to you.

Let’s READ EXODUS 4.1-9

EXODUS 4.1  Moses did not believe GOD.  He didn’t believe GOD when The LORD told him the elders of Israel will listen to you, they will do what you say.

Look, I can’t make excuses for Moses’ rejecting The LORD’s call.  But he’s 80 years old at the time, probably a very young 80.  And though he was born Jewish or Hebrew, the same thing, he was brought up in pagan surroundings in the Egyptian royal family.  And I’m not so sure Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, the priest of Midian was a man who knew well the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  He was probably a very nice man, but like most people, he did not know GOD.  Sure, Moses may have taught him a thing or 2 from his Jewish and Levitical heritage, but suddenly Moses is Face to face with GOD in a blazing bush.  And GOD is telling him to do the impossible.  Moses is thinking, Go to the elders of Israel and convince them that GOD appeared to him to deliver them out of Egypt and bring them to the promised land.  Then go to the king of Egypt and convince him to let the people go.  They won’t believe a word I say.

Sure, we know today, now, that GOD’s counsel stands.  That He will do all His pleasure.  That GOD can declare the end from the beginning because GOD created the end and the beginning and everything from beginning to end.  Moses did not know that.  So his answer to The LORD, they won’t believe me, they won’t listen to me, they will say, The LORD has not appeared to you.

How often do we premeditate, or imagine in our mind the outcme of something before that something even happens?  No, LORD, they won’t listen to me.  Perhaps Moses never heard or read or maybe he forgot what GOD said to Abraham, that his wife Sarah would have a son.  Sarah would be 90, and Abraham 100.  Sarah laughed.  But GOD said, is anything too hard for The LORD?  Of course not, for The LORD GOD is mighty, He can do anything.  He is a great King.  He has made Heaven and earth by His great power, and there is nothing too hard for Him, and the gifts and calling of GOD are irrevocable, they are binding and can not be changed.  So for Moses to go to the elders of Israel and have them believe him, and then go to the king of Egypt and ask him to let GOD’s People go, and then lead the children of Israel out of Egypt to the promised land, with GOD, all things are possible.  Nothing is too hard for The LORD.  Moses didn’t know that at the time, but later he would experience The GOD of Creation and His great miraculous wonders.

EXODUS 4.2-5  I believe those miracles were more for the benefit of Moses, than for the elders of Israel.  GOD had told Moses that the elders of Israel would listen to him, and do what he said.  And GOD does not speak in vain, or as The Bible says, “Has GOD said and shall He not do it?  Or has He spoken and shall He not make it good?”  (Numbers 23.19)  Perhaps Moses didn’t know at the time, but when GOD says something, it becomes Law, His Law, The Divine Law.  It will be accomplished, it will be performed, and it will be done.  Those miracles were for Moses.

EXODUS 4.6-9  All this is taking place at a burning bush.  2 miracles of GOD that will convince Moses to accept GOD’s mission, that yes, it is GOD, The GOD of all Creation sending him to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt and bring them to the promised land.  So Moses is now fully convinced?  Right?  No.

EXODUS 4.10  I can’t do it LORD.  I’m not eloquent, I’m not a man of words, I’m slow of speech, I have difficulty speaking, I’m of a slow tongue, I’m a slow speaker.

But GOD wasn’t looking for eloquence, or a man of words, nor was He looking for a man who was a great speaker.  GOD chose Moses to carry out His mission, and obey Him.  That’s it.

EXODUS 4.11  The LORD has great patience, up to a point.  And it is GOD Who does all things, Who makes all things, Who gives man a mouth to speak, or not to speak.  He makes the seeing, even the blind.  It is The LORD GOD Who gives us words to speak by The Holy Spirit, (Mark 13.11)  And it is also The LORD GOD Who makes man spiritually deaf and spiritually blind that they cannot know GOD or understand Him.  But Moses had the Spirit of GOD, and in time, fully knew GOD, as much as man is able.  (Numbers 11.17, Isaiah 6)

EXODUS 4.12  TEACH – YAHRAH – GOD is saying, I will DIRECT you, INFORM you, INSTRUCT you and TEACH you what you shall say, to the elders of Israel, to the people, to the king of Egypt, to everyone.

GOD made all of us the way we are, and not be accident.  And it is GOD Who made Moses every bit the way he is.  GOD chooses whom He will for His purpose, and for His missions, and for our good.  And The LORD will always make His mission for His chosen a success.  Sure there will be bumps in the road at times, but GOD will make His mission a success as He did for Moses and the children of Israel.  It was for GOD’s purpose, and their good.  Getting out of Egypt was a good thing.

Even in your life, in all our lives, GOD has chosen a special path for each of us, and sometimes it seems impossible.  But The LORD your GOD is with you, and He will see you through to success.  All He wants from us is to obey Him, and love Him, and go forward doing everything in our life lawfully, according to The Word of GOD, according to His Laws, and Commandments, which is His Divine Law He gave to Moses for you and me and all the world to do.  GOD has made you exactly the way He wanted you to be made, for His purpose, and for your good.

Therefore GOD said to Moses, Go and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall say.  I will be your Teacher throughout this entire mission, and guide you, and direct you every step of the way.  Just as Yeshua said in Matthew 28.20, “I AM with you always”, forever without end.  And when you and I walk with GOD, The LORD is always with us.  He will guide us, and teach us throughout our entire life.  When we simply do as He says.  Obey Him, His Laws, His Commandments, His Instructions, which are The Law of Moses.

So after 2 great miracles, and GOD’s assurance to Moses, all coming from a flame of fire out of a burning bush in the desert, Moses was still fearful, still without conficence, and still without faith.  And Moses said to GOD, well let’s read EXODUS 4.13.

Send someone else.

Now GOD had prepared Moses for this mission, just as GOD has prepared each and every 1 of us for our mission in life, to obey Him, and to be His witness, to testify the truth of The LORD GOD, and His Word, and not the fiction of man (Isaiah 43.10).  Moses was born a Levite from a Hebrew mother and father.  But because the pharaoh out of fear, sought to kill every Hebrew male baby, Moses’ mother placed the child in an ark to save him,  And he was rescued at the river’s edge by pharaoh’s daughter.  And Moses was brought up in the royal palace for 40 years until he killed an Egyptian slavemaster for beating a Hebrew.  And when pharaoh heard of the matter, he sought to kill Moses.  But Moses fled Egypt to the land of Midian, people of his ancestor Abraham.  After Abraham’s wife Sarah died, Abraham married again, and 1 of his children was Midian.  (Genesis 25.2)  So Moses lived in the land of Midian for 40 years.  He married Zipporah, and had 2 sons, Gershom, and Eliezer, and he worked as a shepherd for his father-in-law Jethro, the priest of Midian.

Then Moses met The LORD at the burning bush.  The entire life of Moses was planned by GOD, even from eternity.  Moses was not privy to GOD’s plan for him, as we are not privy to GOD’s plan for us.

So GOD had prepared Moses for this great mission, giving him the spirit of wisdom.  GOD had filled him with the Spirit of GOD, in understanding, and in knowledge to do what GOD commanded him to do.  Just as GOD has prepared you and me for our life’s work, even from eternity.  (Psalm 139).  He has equipped us with every tool to fulfill and accomplish our walk through life with The LORD our GOD, Who is Yeshua The Messiah, The GOD of all Creation.  And what did The LORD GOD require of Moses during his mission and during his life?  The same thing The LORD our GOD requires of us, whether you are Jewish or not Jewish.  Obedience to your GOD.
    DEUTERONOMY 10.12-14.

Listen.  GOD does not require or even suggest to non-Jewish people that you must convert to Judaism.  He does not give even a hint.  But The LORD your GOD does require you to obey Him, whether you are Jewish or not.  That’s what GOD wanted from Moses, and that’s what GOD requires from us, obedience to Him, The LORD your GOD.  MARK 12.28-31

(Mark 12.29)  The Hebrew word for “hear” as in “Hear o Israel” is shema, meaning, hear what GOD says, obey Him, and do what He says.  That includes obeying The Law of Moses.  This is New Testament teaching.  You are required by Jesus, Who is GOD Almighty, Who Himself is The Lawgiver, to obey GOD, His Word, His Commandments, His Law and His Instructions.  There is only 1 GOD, and Jesus is that GOD.

(Verses 30 & 31)  For those who have trouble loving themselves, when you love your neighbor as yourself, as GOD commands, you might find it easier to love yourself.

Moses is certainly unaware, but GOD had fully prepared him for this mission, but again, Moses refused GOD, saying, LORD, send someone else.

EXODUS 4.14  GOD became angry with Moses.  Maybe a better word would be annoyed, or displeased.  But GOD had His plan.  “Is not Aaron the Levite your brother?  I know that he can speak well, and he is coming to meet you”.  (All the way from Egypt) “And when he sees you, he will be glad in his heart”.

So yes, I believe Moses felt inadequate to take on this great mission.  He didn’t feel he was competent enough to do what GOD had planned for him,  I’m not eloquent, he thought.  I’m not a man of words.  Perhaps all of us are inadquate in something, but when The LORD wants us to do something, as in the case of Moses, GOD will always find a way for His purpose, and for our good.  In the case of Moses, GOD sent him his brother Aaron to assist him.

EXODUS 4.14-15  So GOD would tell Moses what to do and what to say to the elders and the children of Israel , and to the king of Egypt.  Moses told Aaron the words GOD spoke to him, and Aaron would speak the words of GOD Almighty to the people and the king.

So how did GOD speak to Moses, and put His words in his mouth?  Well certainly at times when GOD spoke to Moses Face to face, and other times when The LORD spoke His word in a voice into his mind when GOD was not seen.

EXODUS 4.16  So GOD made Aaron a spokesman for Moses to speak to the people.  Meaning, Moses spoke to Aaron GOD’s words, and Aaron spoke the words of GOD to the people.  Thus in effect, Aaron was the mouth of Moses, and Moses was GOD to Aaron.

EXODUS 4.17-18  And GOD gave Moses another helper, his staff, or his wooden rod, and with it he would do miracles.

SIGNS – OHTOTE – miracles

GOD had also prepared the hearts of Moses’ family for his mission.  Even Jethro his father-in-law said to Moses, Go in peace.

So finally, Moses consented to GOD’s mission, to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt after 400 years of slavery, to the promised land, the land of Israel.  That was 3,382 years ago.  It took 40 years to get there and conquer the land of the Canaanites, the Hittites, and the Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites as GOD had promised.  And GOD renamed that land, Erets Y’Israel, the land of Israel, after the name GOD gave to Jacob.  Israel has been the home of the Jewish People for 3,342 years, and will always be the homeland of the Jewish People.

The underlying theme of this meeting between GOD and Moses at the burning bush is that The LORD simply wanted Moses to say, Yes LORD, I willl do it.  The LORD GOD wanted Moses to do what GOD asked him to do.  GOD didn’t ask Moses for a resume, or an audition to hear him speak.  After all, it is GOD Who made his resume, and it was GOD Who made his mouth to speak.  GOD made Moses a pretty good speaker along the way because he handled himself quite well over the 40 years in the wilderness.   Because GOD made him, just as GOD has made you and me, for GOD’s purpose, and for our good.  But what does GOD require of you and me?  To fear The LORD our GOD, to walk in all His ways, and to love Him, and to serve The LORD our GOD, with all our heart, and with all our soul, and to keep the Commandments of The LORD, and His Statutes which He commands us, for our good.  And GOD will bless you, and honor you for obeying Him.  He always does, and He always will. 

That is our mission in life, to obey The LORD our GOD, and to be His witness.  Because GOD chose you to testify the truth about Him and His Word, that you may know Him, and believe Him, that He is GOD.