Shalom.  Our study this morning will be from Exodus 4.22-31

EXODUS 4.22-23  Last week our study was focused on these two verses, and we learned the great importance of The LORD GOD establishing Israel, the Jewish peopie, as His firstborn son.  The serious importance is not only that GOD has a special relationship with Israel, but also Yeshua teaches in John 4.22, “Salvation is from the Jews”.  Salvation is from the Jews means, GOD’s only begotten firstborn Son, Yeshua is given to Israel, the Jewish people for Israel, and all the world for Salvation, for the forgiveness of our sins.  And GOD gave His wonderful Law, The Law of Moses to Israel, the Jewish people, for Israel, and all mankind to live by.  Thus making a GODLY and Holy people unto The LORD, a special people unto Himself above all people that are upon the face of the earth.  Therefore, Salvation is from the Jews.

This great Salvation of The LORD is given to everyone by grace, to those who believe in the Jewish Messiah Yeshua.  That is the New Covenant, or the New Testament that atones for our sins.  GOD, at the moment of faith, puts His Law of Moses in our inward parts, that is, in our hearts and our thoughts, and writes His Law in our hearts.  And GOD becomes our GOD, and we become His People.  This Covenant is for Jewish people, and non-Jewish people alike. See Jeremiah 31.31-34

So then, what must we do?  GOD requires you to fear The LORD your GOD, to walk in all His ways, and to love Him, and serve The LORD your GOD with all your heart, and with all your soul, and to keep The Law of Moses, which The LORD your GOD commands you for your good.  And The LORD will forgive your iniquity, and remember your sins no more.  That is The New Covenant, or The New Testament Who is Yeshua that GOD gave to the Jewish people.  You will find that written in Jeremiah 31.31-34 some 700 years before the birth of Messiah.

EXODUS 4.24  Yes, The LORD met Moses on the way to Egypt in the inn, and sought to kill him.  Why?

EXODUS 4.25  Why did The LORD seek to kill Moses?  Because Moses did not circumcise one of his sons.  It is a commandment of GOD found in Genesis 17.

EXODUS 4.26  So because of this matter, Zipporah called Moses a bloody husband.  I don’t know exactly what Zipporah meant by calling Moses a bloody husband, but Zipporah is never mentioined again in The Bible after EXODUS 18.1-6.

But later in the book of Numbers, Moses has a new wife.  He married an Ethiopian woman.  Zipporah was a Midianite.  Their ancestor was Abraham.  She, Zipporah, was not Ethiopian.  So what happened to Zipporah?  The Bible does not tell us.  Did she die?  I don’t know, but I doubt very much that Moses had two wives.  That is never mentioned in The Scriptures.  NUMBERS 12.1, EPHESIANS 5.33

(Ephesians 5.33)  REVERENCE her husband – Means to respect him.  Reverence is described in Webster’s dictionary as having a deep respect for someone, here your husband.  Respect means to esteem and honor your husband.

EXODUS 4.27  So Aaron met Moses in the wilderness at the Mount of GOD, which is Horeb, Mt. Sinai.

EXODUS 4.28  SIGNS – OHTOTE – miracles, signs and wonders.

EXODUS 4.29  So Moses did as GOD commanded him after refusing The LORD a number of times at the burning bush.  EXODUS 3.16-18

EXODUS 4.30-31  And Moses and Aaron did exactly what GOD told Moses.  Aaron spoke for Moses because he was so insecure about his ability to speak properly.  Aaron speaking for Moses did not last long.  And Moses did the miracles in the sight of the people.
EXODUS 4.1-10  The people believed Moses after they saw the miracles.

There is something very special in EXODUS 3.18 which GOD told Moses, The elders of Israel will listen to you, and do what you say.  GOD’s Word has the force of Law.  GOD’s Word is His Law.  He does what He says.  Not some of the times, but all the time.
ISAIAH 46.10-11

COUNSEL – AY STAH –  Purpose, GOD’s intention.  His plan.  GOD will bring it to pass, and do it.

ISAIAH 55.11  GOD’s Word accomplishes what He desires, it will succeed in what He sent it to do.

So it is important to believe every Word of GOD spoken in The Bible, and do everything He says.

2 CHRONICLES 20.20  BELIEVE – AH MAHN – BELIEVE in The LORD.  TRUST  Him, RELY on GOD, be CONFIDENT in Him, EXPECT what He says, TRUST in The LORD, always.

So shall you be established.  ESTABLISHED is also AH MAHN – Established means stedfast, i.e., your faith in GOD will be unwavering when you believe and trust Him.  Established means being strong and firm in The LORD.

PROSPER – TSAH LAKH – Means you will succeed and prosper.  Things will go well when you believe in The LORD, trust Him, and do what He says.  So it is important to believe every word of GOD, and do what He says.

EXODUS 4.31  GOD looked upon their affliction.

AFFLICTION – AHN YAM – Afflictions, miseries, troubles

The LORD will look upon your afflictions also. That is His Word, and His promise.  And He will always deliver you.  PSALM 34.19

GOD is always looking over you, and protecting you, because He loves you.  The true GODLY Believers in Messiah are a remnant, a people who believe in Messiah, and obey Torah, The Law of Moses.  We are few, as in many are called, but few are chosen.  And GOD loves you more than you know.  He loves you as much as He loves His Son Yeshua.  And there is a special verse for GOD’s special people.  JOHN 17.6 & 23  Verse 23 is that special Verse.

VERSE 6  They, the people whom GOD gave to Yeshua, kept GOD’s Word.  They obeyed His Word, His Commandments, and His Torah, The Law of Moses.

VERSE 23  I in them, and you in Me.  Meaning, we in Messiah who keep GOD’s Word, have The Holy Spirit in us.  Yeshua and The Father are One and the same.  They are The Holy Spirit.  And we have The Holy Spirit because we keep GOD’s Word.  We obey Him.  Acts 5.32

JOHN 17.23  That they may be made perfect in One.

PERFECT – TEL-I-O-O Means perfect.  Perfect with GOD means thorough and complete.  And perfect means conforming absolutely to GOD’s wishes.  Meaning, you believe in Messiah Yeshua, and you obey GOD’s Laws and Commandments, The Law of Moses.  You are perfect in the eyes of GOD conforming, or accepting to absolutely do His Will.

Thus we are made perfect in One.  We are made perfect by GOD.  We are perfect in our faith in Messiah, and we obey GOD.  All His people are One in GOD.

And GOD loves you as much as He loves His Son.  And His Son is GOD.  Not another GOD, but the One GOD of Creation.  Yeshua The Messiah is Elohim, El Shaddai, The Father.  And GOD loves you as much as He loves Himself.  I know that is impossible to grasp, but these words are the words of GOD.  Believe them.  GOD loves you as much as He loves His Son Yeshua, and GOD will always look upon your afflictions, and troubles, and He will always deliver you to safety and peace, always.

GOD sent Joseph, Jacob’s son into Egypt by having his brothers hate him.  GOD had made a promise to Abraham years earlier that he would make of Abraham, or from Abraham, a great nation.  That great nation is Israel.  And so many demonic plans were conceived by the enemies of the children of Israel to kill them and cause Israel to be extinct.  It still goes on today.&nbs
p; From Pharaoh wanting to kill all the newborn Hebrew male children, to the severe slave labor placed upon the children of Israel by the Egyptians, to the nations that desperately sought to kill Israel as they came out of Egypt in the Exodus.  But GOD destroyed all the enemies of Israel.  He looked upon their afflictions, and delivered them.  And GOD will always deliver Israel.  And GOD will always deliver you from all your afflictions because He loves you as much as He loves His Son.  And like Israel, Yeshua is GOD’s firstborn Son.

Here is a verse of Scripture that is shocking, but true.  It’s The Word of GOD.

AMOS 3.6  Should there be evil in a city, and The LORD has not done it?  Or, when disaster comes to a city, has not The LORD caused it?  GOD brings evil everwhere upon this earth.  Evil comes from the Hebrew word rah meaning evil, bad, calamity, distress, hateful, misery, sorrow, trouble, wickedness, etc., etc., etc.  And the reason GOD brings evil into this world is because mankind has transgressed the Laws, changed the ordinance, and broken the everlasting Covenant of GOD, Isaiah 24.5.  More simply said, most every human being on earth disobeys GOD and think they are doing good.  But GOD will always protect you because He loves you.  You love Messiah, and obey GOD.  You obey His Laws.  And The LORD will always look upon your afflictions, and care for you as He cares for His firstborn Son.

Daniel the Prophet was a man who loved GOD.  And he proved it by obeying Him.  And GOD saved him and delivered him when GOD brought evil upon Israel.  Yes, because of Israel’s great disobedience to GOD.  But GOD promises every human being on earth, that if he or she hears His Voice from The Scriptures, and does what He says, GOD will deliver you in your affliction.  That is His Promise.  As Yeshua says, he who has ears to hear, let him hear.

GOD delivered Daniel, and many others when He sent the Babylonian army into Jerusalem in 586 B.C.E./B.C. to destroy Judah, Southern Israel, and the Temple of GOD, and the palaces, and houses, and the wall, and murdered upwards to 1,000,000 Jews.  But GOD looked upon Daniel and others, and delivered them.  Daniel was taken into Babylon as a captive with others, for GOD’s purpose.  GOD looks upon you, and will deliver you in all your troubles, if you obey Him and do what He says.  That is the promise of GOD.  That is His Word.  And that is His Law.

DANIEL 1.1-2  The LORD gave Jerusalem into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, and he besieged it.

BESIEGED IT – He laid seige to Jerusalem, surrounded it with his armies, and destroyed it.  All because of Israel’s disobedience to their GOD, to His Law and His Commandments.

2 CHRONICLES 36.16-21  The Babylonian seige of Jerusalem.

But GOD saved Daniel and others from all that carnage because Daniel, and others obeyed GOD.  They did what GOD said, in Israel and in the exile in Babylon where GOD sent His People for 70 years.  And Daniel was raised to prominence in the courts of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, by The Hand of GOD.  GOD gave Daniel the gift of interpreting dreams.  Nebuchadnezzar had a dream about a collosal statue symbolizing the rise of four pagan kingdoms; Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece and the 4th kingdom is yet unknown, a mystery.  In Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, the 4th pagan kingdom, all were in the form of a beast, was dreadful and terrible, and exceeding strong.  And it had great iron teeth, and it destroyed, and was diferent from all the beasts that were before it.  And it had 10 horns to do the work of satan.  And it will devour the whole earth, and tread it down, and break it in pieces.  But GOD will consume it, and destory it to the end.  But GOD’s Kingdom will be given over to the Holy People of the Most High GOD Whose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and all dominions will serve and obey GOD, GOD The Messiah, Yeshua Ha Mashiakh.  Daniel interpreted the King’s dream.

And Daniel was involved in other miracles of GOD.  The miracle of the blazing furnace, GOD turning Nebuchadnezzar into a wild animal, the king’s punishment of insanity because of his sin, his disobedience against GOD.  Yet GOD restored the king, and Nebuchadnezzar blessed The Most High, and praised and honored Him that lives forever.

Daniel’s interpretation of the handwriting on the wall, the fall of Babylon into the hands of another pagan empire, Persia, today’s Iran.  The miracle of the lion’s den when Daniel was tossed into it and came out untouched because GOD closed their mouths.  But those who accused him were tossed into the den of lions and were torn to pieces. The Lord protected and delivered Daniel. He will doo the same for you.

And GOD sent His angel Gabriel to Daniel, to tell him the time of the Messiah’s first coming, His death, and following His death, the destruction of the second Temple, the 7 year peace treaty that will be broken in the middle of the 7 years, the sacrifice at the Temple will cease, and the great tribulation that will follow bringing this world to an end as we know it.  And Messiah’s return to make reconciliation for iniquity, and bring in everlasting righteousness, making an end of sins. The Lord has extraordinary and wonderful missions for those who fear God, and keep His commandments, as Daniel did.

I’m not saying to you that you will interpret dreams.  Maybe you will.  Maybe you do.  Or come out of a lion’s den unscathed, or from a fiery furnace untouched.  But yes, you have been in those fiery situations before, but GOD has delivered you, and He will deliver you.

JOHN 14.12  Greater works than what Yeshua did?  Who knows what those greater works are.  But leading people to The Truth, when satan has taught them the lie, and leading them to Salvation, eternal Life.  What work can be greater than that?

JOHN 14.13-18  All because you love Messiah, and obey GOD Who is Messiah (verse 15)  Remember, Messiah is GOD, Elohim, Adonoy, The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, I AM.  He is The Lawgiver Who gave The Law to Moses to give to Israel to give to all mankind.

So, in conclusion, Yeshua is GOD’s firstborn Son.  And Israel is also GOD’s firstborn son.  And when you join in with Israel, and do what GOD says, what He commands Israel to do, you also, with Israel, become GOD’s firstborn son.  The LORD will always watch over you, and protect you and deliver you from all your afflictions, because He loves you, even as much as His Son.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein