Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be from Exodus 5.1-23; 6.1.

READ EXODUS 5.1-23; 6.1

There are times in our lives that the innocent suffer, but receive great rewards later on.  GOD may bring good fortune to the wicked as the Pharaohs enjoyed,  but their punishments accumulate for the future.  GOD said to Moses in Exodus 6.1, “Now you will see what I will do to Pharaoh, for with a strong hand, he will let them go, and with a strong hand, he will drive them out of his land”.  The children of Israel left for the Promised Land, The Land of Israel not long after GOD spoke those words.  And The LORD destroyed Egypt, and all Pharaoh’s armies when they pursued after the children of Israel into the divided Red Sea, only to have the ocean crash down on the Egyptians killing them all, and perhaps Pharaoh himself with them.

Pharaoh’s invicibility was temporary because he was about to experience the power of GOD’s anger.  And Israel’s pain was temporary.  GOD delivered them.  Yes, the pain of all GOD’s special and unique children is temporary.  GOD will always deliver you.  GOD redeemed Israel by His might and power.  The LORD GOD obtained the release of His people from 400 years of Egyptian slavery and bondage.  The LORD GOD will do the same for you, His special Children.  He will always have a way to release you from all pain, which is temporary.  And reward you now, and in the future.  Paul writes that The LORD will never give you more pain than you can handle though sometimes we don’t think we can handle it.  But GOD always finds a release for us, from our pain, our fears, and our troubles.  
1 Corinthians 10.13.

Such great acts of The LORD our GOD, His mercy and compassion, releasing us from all our pain and troubles should comfort us during the times we struggle through life.  And that’s what I would like to address this morning, examples of people in The Bible who experienced temporary pain and anguish and troubles in their lives.  But in GOD’s compassion and supernatural power, He delivered them – to great rewards later on.  GOD will do the same for you.  Perhaps there is a purpose for your pain, for GOD’S purpose, and for your good.  GOD made Israel a great nation in Egypt.  And because of the pain they suffered there, they longed for an escape to their own land, the land of Israel.  GOD redeemed them.  He released them and restored them in His time, and gave them the Land of Israel for an everlasting possession.

Let’s start with Israel as an example, the Jewish people.  The children of Israel, as a nation of people lived in Egypt for 430 years.  The last 400 years in slavery.  But GOD redeemed them.  And He restored them.  He saved them, and He delivered them from the rigors and cruelty of Egypt, and brought them to a land GOD says, is the most glorious and beautiful of all lands, the Land of Israel.  Ezekiel 20.6.

When GOD named Jacob Israel after The LORD wrestled with him til daybreak, The LORD GOD told Jacob what the name Israel means.  He said, “For as a Prince, you have power with GOD and with men, and have prevailed”.  Prevailed means, you are able, you endured, you have might and power, you have overcome, and you will suffer.  Genesis 32.28.  The same applies to all people who have joined in with Israel by loving Messiah Yeshua and live their lives lawfully, according to Torah, GOD’s Law of Moses, His instructions He gave to Israel for all the world to do.  You, along with Israel, the Jewish People, have been separated from other people unto The LORD your GOD because you are Holy as GOD is Holy.  Leviticus 20.24, 26.  You belong to GOD.  Thus, you also, now listen to this, you also as a Prince have power with GOD, and with men, and have prevailed.  You are able, you will endure, you have might and power, you will overcome, and you will suffer.  See the prophets of GOD, and The Disciples and Apostles of Messiah.

So The LORD brought the children of Israel to the Promised Land, The Land of Israel, a land flowing with milk and honey, the most beautiful of all lands.  But some 600 years later, because of their disobedience to The LORD their GOD, The LORD exiled the northern kingdom of Israel which borders extended to Damascus, and sent them into captivity to Assyrian lands.  That was in 722 B.C.E./B.C. when the northern kingdom of Israel was destroyed by the Assyrians because of Israel’s disobedience to GOD.

136 years later, in 586 B.C.E./B.C., and for the same reason, disobedience to The LORD their GOD, The LORD GOD sent the Babylonian armies to destroy Jerusalem, the Temple, the royal palace, and they set the city on fire, killling upwards to a million Jews, and took most of the Jewish population captive to Babylon, today’s Iraq.  70 years later, as He promised the Prophet Jeremiah, The LORD brought His People back to their own Land, The Land of Israel.  Most remained in the Diaspora which is the scattering of the Jewish people outside of Israel.

In 70 C.E./A.D., GOD exiled Israel once again from their land, this time to the 4 corners of the earth, for almost 2,000 years, leaving the land desolate, and virtually empty of Jewish people.  The LORD used the Romans to destroy Jerusalem and the 2nd Temple that Yeshua walked in and taught in.  The Romans destroyed most of Israel after a four year battle, and they killed some one million Jews.  Judgment is always because of disobedience to The GOD of Creation.  But as The LORD promised in Isaiah 11.11-12, He began bringing His Jewish people back to their land after the 2nd World War in 1945, and after Hitler killed 6 million Jews in The Holocaust.

But before the Holocaust, were the Pogroms in Europe.  A pogrom is an organized massacre, especially of Jews.  Thousands of Jews were killed and expelled from their homes in various European countries from 1,000 to 1900 C.E./A.D. because of trumped-up charges against Jews or Judaism; later determined to be false.  Other times they were the consequence of an economic situation which authorities believed would be improved if the Jews were removed from the country.  Just about every major Jewish community has been expelled by its host country in Europe and the Middle East, only to be let back in again, and later expelled once more.

We have been killed and expelled from Germany, France, England, Austria, Poland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Czechoslavakia, Russia, the Papal states which were the domain of the Popes in central Italy from 755 to 1870.  We have been killed and exiled from Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other Middle Eastern countries.  For GOD has put enmity between satan and Israel, between satan and the Jewish people, and between satan’s demons and Israel’s Son Messiah Yeshua, The Mighty GOD, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.  For you are a holy people, The LORD said to Israel, the Jewish people, unto The LORD your GOD.  The LORD your GOD has chosen you to be a special people unto Himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth, to be My witnesses, and My servant whom I have chosen, that you may know and believe Me, and understand that I AM HE.  Before Me there was no GOD formed, neither shall there be after Me.  Genesis 3.15, Deuteronomy 7.6, Isaiah 43.10.

But much innocent Jewish blood has been shed from The Holocaust, and the Pogroms, and from the Crusades and Inquisition.  The Crusades were diligent with violence and death over centuries of military campaigns to redeem Palestine from the infidel muslims, a period of mass slaughter, forced conversions to Christianity, and suicides for th
e Jews of western and central Europe.

The crusades were designed at the Council of Clermont.  Pope urban II called for war to rescue the Holy Land, Israel from Muslim infidels.  As the crusaders roamed through Europe enroute to the Holy Land, they murdered entire Jewish communities, giving the Jews the choice of converting to Christianity or death.  During the first crusade from 1096 to 1099, the Jews of Germany were slaughtered, killing more than 5,000 Jews.  During the 2nd crusade from 1147 to 1149, all members of the Jewish community in Bios, France were burned at the stake.  The 3rd crusade, from 1189 to 1192 was even more violent in England where Jews were massacred throughout the country.  The same atrocities and heinous crimes continued in the 4th crusade in 1204.  More Jews were massacred and expelled from their homes.  Then there was the childrens’ crusade in 1212.  And more crusades in 1217, and 1228, and 1248 and 1270.  Mercifully they ended in 1291.  195 years of crusader death.

Then came the Inquisition.  That began when Pope Gregory IX set out to combat heresy in Spain and Portugal in 1231.  The results?  Death, torture, expulsion, and forced conversion to Christianity to thousands of Jews in 1492.  The inquisition ended in 1834.  Today the Jews are in their own land, only to be threatened with annihilation by the Iranians.  And the hatred of the Palestinians who live in the Land of Israel GOD gave to the Jewish people for an everlasting possession.  But GOD has much to say about His people and His exceeding great anger toward her enemies.
        ISAIAH 45.17,25, ISAIAH 49.22-23, 26, ISAIAH 54.8
        DEUTERONOMY 30.1-10, JEREMIAH 29.11-14, JEREMIAH 31.35-37, ZEPHANIAH 3.8-20
        ZECHARIAH 12.10, JOHN 14.6, ISAIAH 66.20-24, JEREMIAH 23.5-8, LUKE 1.30-33, etc., 
        etc.,  etc.

Israel’s pain has been long, very long, and severe, but still temporary.  We look forward to the time of Messiah’s return when He will bless His People in the Messianic era, known as the 1,000 year Millennium. And The LORD our GOD will bring many Jewish people, not all, but millions upon millions of Jewish People from Abraham to Messiah’s return into His Kingdom, The Millennium in Jerusalem, and eternity in Heaven.  Israel’s pain is long, but temporary, for it is written, for since the beginning of the world, men have not heard; nor perceived by the ear, neither has eye seen, O GOD, beside You, what He has prepared for those that wait for Him.  Isaiah 64.4. 

Gentiles, especially Christianity that does not have the best reputation in Jewish history, GOD will save a remnant.  Certainly Gentiles suffer pain like everyone else, but for the remnant, your pain is temporary.  GOD will bless you, and He has blessed you now, and will bless you in the future, because you love His Jewish Messiah Yeshua and you lead your life according to GOD’s Torah, His Law and His  Instructions. You obey The LORD your GOD.  And you love and bless Jewish People. You will receive every great blessing from now and throughout eternity because GOD has chosen you to be special to Him, fully part of GOD’s chosen people.  And He has separated you from other people to be Holy, that you should be His.
        ISAIAH 26.2, GENESIS 12.3, MATTHEW 25.34-40

Paul suffered huge pain, but he is one of the greats in Scripture.  2 CORINTHIANS 1.8-10,  2CORINTHIANS 12.1-10

Then there is Job who was tested mightily.  Why are we tested by The LORD GOD?  For GOD to know what is in your heart, whether you will keep His Commandments or not.  DEUTERONOMY 8.1-3

Job’s children were killed, His servants and sheep were also killed.  His entire live stock stolen, but Job did not sin against The LORD His GOD.  He did not disobey The LORD by breaking any of His Laws or Commandments.  And yet Job was also struck with sores and boils from head to foot, but he never disobeyed GOD.  And his friends came to comfort him, but rather antagonized him when he was in pain and grief.  But The LORD delivered Job.  As severe as his pain was, GOD comforted him, and restored him, I believe in time to joy and happiness.  JOB 42.10-17

After Peter rejected Messiah three times, and I believe fell into a depression because of that, Messiah restored Peter after Yeshua’s resurrection, when Peter told The LORD He loved him, and Messiah said, “Feed My people, My sheep”.  Peter, we, all agree, is a mighty man of GOD whom we will meet when we are with Messiah in Paradise.

The Prophets of GOD suffered pain.  Daniel and his three friends Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego suffered pain.  Joseph, Jacob, David, Moses, Samuel and others and of course Yeshua The Messiah Whom The Bible says, of all Whom the world was not worthy.  Hebrews 11.38.  But GOD delivered each and every one to much greater rewards.  And don’t forget Jonah.  GOD will deliver you from any temporary pain and suffering you experience.

So yes, the pains we suffer in life are temporary.  The blessings that follow. Joy and rewards from The LORD our GOD, Messiah Yeshua are permanent and forever.  Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which GOD has prepared for them that love Him.

Thus any pain you experience is temporary.  It may well be the last darkness before the light of redemption, perhaps preparing our way for Messiah’s return, and the joy that awaits us…. 

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein