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Shalom.  Our teaching this morning from Torah, GOD’S Laws that are written in The Law of Moses will be from Leviticus 7.22-27.  And The Title of our message is, “For the Day Of The LORD Is Near Upon All The Heathen.”

So with that said, let’s read Leviticus 7.22-27.

To summarize those verses;

VERSES 22 & 23  The LORD spoke to Moses saying, speak to the Children of Israel saying, you shall eat no manner of fat of an ox, or a sheep, or of a goat.  That is to say, you shall not eat the fat of an ox, or a bull, or a cow, or steer, or a sheep, or goat.

VERSE 24  And the fat of any dead animal that dies of itself, and the fat of the animal that was killed by animals may be used for any other use, but it shall not be eaten.

VERSE 25  Whosoever ate the fat of animals that was offered by fire for sacrifice unto The LORD, even that person was cut off from his people.

VERSE 26  Also, you must not eat any blood of a bird or animal in any of your dwellings.  That is, wherever you live, in any of your homes, wherever you are, you must never eat the blood of a bird or animal.

VERSE 27  Whosoever eats any manner of blood, even that person will be cut off from his people.  Being cut off from one’s people is being removed by death inflicted by GOD.  LEVITICUS 3.17

I read the other day in the Book of the Prophet Obadiah these words.  “For the day of The LORD is near upon all the heathen.”  OBADIAH 15

And I thought on these words from The LORD GOD for quite some time.  GOD will destroy all the nations and their people for the crimes they have perpetrated against GOD’S Jewish people during the past thousands of years.  And for the crimes they are guilty of today, and the evil they will do to the Jewish People and Israel in the future.  And that in addition to the coming destruction of the world because of what the nations have committed against GOD.  They have transgressed His Laws.  That is they have sinned against GOD’S Laws that are written in The Law of Moses.  The heathen have changed His ordinance.  They have changed GOD’s Laws that are written in The Law of Moses.  And they have broken GOD’S Everlasting Covenant, His Word which He commanded for a thousand generations, and His Laws that are written in Torah, The Law of Moses.  For the day of The LORD is near upon all the heathen.

For at least those two reasons, GOD will destroy the heathen nations and their people because of the crimes they continually commit against GOD’S Jewish People, and their Homeland, The Land Of Israel.  And the continued disobedience of the heathen against GOD by rejecting His Laws that are written in the Law of Moses.  ISAIAH 26.21, ISAIAH 24.5-6, OBADIAH15-17.

What is The Day of The LORD?  The Day of The LORD is the destruction of the earth by The LORD GOD Almighty Who is Yeshua The Messiah, Who by His Spirit fills Heaven and earth.  ISAIAH 13.6-11, ZEPHANIAH 1.14-18, JOEL 2.1-3, JEREMIAH 23.24

(Joel 2.1-3)  While GOD destroys the world by fire, The LORD will change the Land of Israel in a moment to be like the Garden of Eden at His Return.  And the time of the age of peace, the 1,000 year Millennium will begin.

Yes, GOD will destroy the earth because of the sin of the people in it.  Sin, evil, wickedness and iniquity are all sin.  The people sin against GOD by continuously breaking The Laws that GOD gave to Moses Face to face for all the world to follow.  But on the contrary, the world rejects GOD’S Laws.  And The Day of The LORD will be upon them.

The Hebrew word for heathen as in, The Day of The LORD is near upon all the heathen, is GOYIM.  GOYIM has a variety of meanings such as Gentiles, or all nations other than Israel, any people not Jewish.  And heathen means pagan.

And The Day of The LORD is near upon all the heathen because of their countless crimes against GOD’S Chosen People, the Jewish People, and their Homeland the Land Of Israel that GOD gave to the Jewish People for an everlasting possession.  DEUTERONOMY 7.6, ISAIAH 43.10, GENESIS 17.7-8.

The crimes are upon the heads of the Christians of Europe, and the Muslims of the Middle East.  But their crimes will end when all the nations attack Israel with the intent of destroying Her from the face of the earth.  But instead, the nations will be destroyed by The LORD GOD Almighty, and Israel will become as the Garden of Eden.

Christian Europeans committed pogroms against the Jewish People for thousands of years slaughtering Jewish People only because they were Jewish.  And then driving them out of their towns and countries.  And then the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the Holocaust in Europe that killed millions of Jewish People because they were Jewish.  And Europe continues their assault on Judaism with their attempts to divide the Land of Israel with outside help from Muslim countries and other nations.  But GOD warns these nations over and over again with His Words in His Bible.  But The Word of GOD falls mostly on deaf ears.  ZECHARIAH 14.1-9, 12

The end most certainly will come, and The Day of The LORD will fall upon the heathen with great destruction from The Almighty GOD because of their crimes against Jewish People and their continued disobedience to GOD.  So I decided to search out the reasons the Church opposes and rejects The Law of Moses, GOD’S Laws that are written in The Law of Moses for all the world to follow.  And the Church, knowing all these things because they are written in The Bible, that GOD will destroy the earth and its people in it because they have transgressed GOD’S Laws, changed His Ordinance, and broken His Everlasting Covenant.  So I searched for the answers in the best place I knew.  A Christian Bible Dictionary.  And the one I chose was the Wycliffe Bible Dictionary.

But before giving you some of the reasons the Church rejects The Law of Moses, here are just a few Scriptures written in The Bible where The GOD of Creation charges all the nations to obey His Word and His Laws.  DEUTERONOMY 32.1-2, ECCLESIASTES 12.13, MATTHEW 5.48

The Church says, The Law of Moses is legalistic in tone.  The word legalistic, according to the Oxford English Dictionary means excessive adherence to the details of Law.  That is what The GOD of Creation intended, excessive adherence to His Word and His Laws that are written in The Bible.  And by so doing, you will live and not die, and The LORD will bless you.  DEUTERONOMY 28.1-2, 15, LUKE 4.4, MATTHEW 13.37-43

(Matthew 13.41)  Offend in Greek is SKANDALON meaning sin.  Sin is breaking GOD’S Laws that are written in The Law of Moses.  1 JOHN 3.4.

Iniquity in Greek is ANOMIA meaning transgressing The Law of Moses.  Those who transgress The Law of Moses will be cast into the furnace of fire.  At the Day Of The Lord.

(Matthew 13.43) Righteous in Greek is DIKAIOS meaning innocent, holy, just and right, all because of obeying The Law of Moses.  Those People will shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father.  “Who has ears to hear, let him hear,” Yeshua said.

While the Church calls The Law of Moses legalistic, they teach the Gospel of John to be all love and grace.  Yes, the Gospel of John is all love and grace, but to receive GOD’S love and grace, you must obey GOD.  You must obey His Law of Moses.

Grace is taught in the person of Noah.  GENESIS 6.8-9.

Just, perfect, and walking with GOD are the results of obeying GOD and His Laws.  Then you will find grace in the eyes of GOD as Noah did.

The LORD gives His grace to those who walk uprightly, obeying GOD’S Law of Moses.  PSALM 84.11 (Hebrew Bible, verse 12)

The GODLY receive the love of GOD by obeying His Commandments that are written in The Law of Moses.  And His Commandments are not grievous.  1JOHN 5.3

GOD’S love and grace are not unconditional.  GOD has conditions for His love and grace, obedience to His Laws that are written in the Law of Moses, along with your Atonement in Messiah Yeshua.

The Church teaches that when the Christian receives The New Covenant, The New Covenant is Jesus for the atonement of your sins, GOD writes His Law in their hearts.  And yes, that is correct.  But the Church teaches that the Christian is not required to obey GOD’S Law of Moses.  Thus the Christian is taught to continue in their sin against GOD by breaking His Law continually.

Yes, GOD writes His Law of Moses in your heart when you receive The Messiah Yeshua.  Your sins are forgiven, and you have Atonement through Messiah’s atoning death.  When GOD writes His Law in your heart, He expects you to stop sinning against Him by obeying His Law.  JEREMIAH 31.31-34, ACTS 15.19-21, EZEKIEL 11.17-20, EZEKIEL 36.25-28, EZEKIEL 37.23.28, 1 JOHN 1.9

The Church also teaches that man is not able to obey The Law Of Moses.  But yet The Bible teaches that The Commandments of GOD which are collectively The Law of Moses are not difficult.  1 John 5.3.  How hard is it, because you love The LORD Your GOD, to keep His Sabbath on Saturday, or not eat pork and other abominations the LORD commands you not to eat?  Or to observe GOD’S Festivals that are written in Leviticus 23?  Yeshua the Messiah said, This do, and you shall live.  LUKE 10.28

For Jewish people and non-Jewish People to enter the Kingdom of GOD,  the Millennium, and Eternal Life in Heaven, we must have Atonement for our sins through the sacrificial death of The Messiah Yeshua.  And we must walk in GOD’S Statutes and keep His Ordinances that are written in The Law of Moses, and do them.  And you will be GOD’S People, and GOD will be your GOD, and you will inherit the Kingdom of GOD, the Land of Israel during the days of the 1,000 year Millennium, and Eternal Life in Heaven forever.

I think this is not taught in the Church.  Yeshua The Messiah says, Salvation is of the Jews.  Salvation can only be accomplished by faith in the Jewish Messiah Yeshua, and living your life by every Word, Law, and Commandment GOD gave to the Jewish People in The Bible.  And you will have Salvation.  JOHN 4.22

Fortunately, there are some Churches that teach the blessings for blessing Israel and the Jewish People, and that also leads to Salvation.  GENESIS 12.3, MATTHEW 25.31-46

The Church teaches that GOD’S Law is only the Ten Commandments.  GOD’S Laws are much more extensive.  The Ten Commandments were spoken by GOD to the Children of Israel at Mt. Sinai.  After that great event, GOD gave Moses additional Laws Face to face.  All those Laws of GOD are The Law of Moses.  Yeshua The Messiah is GOD.

And the Church must realize that Yeshua The Messiah is GOD Almighty Who gave The Law of Moses for all the world, including the Church to do them.  Yeshua The Messiah is not another GOD, nor is He a separate and distinct person in the trinity.  Yeshua The Messiah IS THE ONE GOD.

Paul teaches that The Law of Moses reveals sin.  ROMANS 7.7

Paul also teaches that the doers of The Law are justified.  ROMANS 2.13

And Paul teaches that we should establish The Law in our lives.  ROMANS 3.31

Why does the Church oppose The Law of Moses which is sin against GOD?  Because The LORD told Moses, whosoever has sinned against Me, Him will I blot out of My Book, which is The Book of Life.  The Church, by opposing and rejecting The Law of Moses in its doctrine, causes the Christian to be blotted out of GOD’S Book of Life, which is Eternal Life.  By rejecting The Law of Moses, there is no repentance but continued sinning against GOD.  EXODUS 32.33, REVELATION 20.15

This, I believe, is long established Church doctrine even though GOD never changes, nor does His Word or Law ever change or end.  The Church says that GOD’s Laws, The Law of Moses were valid up until the cross.  The Scripture often used is MATTHEW 27.51

But Yeshua The Messiah will say to the Lawless, those who disobey The Law Of Moses, Depart from Me, you that work iniquity, you that violate The Law of Moses.  MATTHEW 7.23, MATTHEW 5.18, MATTHEW 24.35, 1 PETER 1.23-25, ISAIAH 40.8, MALACHI 3.6, PSALM 119.89, 152

The Church teaches that Jesus fulfilled and ended the ceremonial laws by observing its rites.  And He fulfilled and ended the civil or judicial laws by obeying the Roman laws.  And He fulfilled and ended the moral laws by perfectly obeying GOD’S Commandments and Laws by which obedience He became the sinners perfect righteousness for the broken Law, the Church says.  Thus some Churches say that Jesus is the abolisher of the ceremonial laws.  Right then and there when you hear those words, run for the doors and don’t look back.

So in conclusion, the Church must start teaching The Truth of The Bible for Salvation.  It’s not difficult, it’s in their Bible they hold in their hands every Sunday in Church.  And they must repent and turn from all their sins of breaking GOD’S Laws that are written in The Law of Moses that they have committed, and keep all GOD’S Statutes that are written in The Law of Moses, and do that which is Lawful and Right.  And they will surely live.  They will not die.  Those words are written in Ezekiel 18.21.

Shalom.  Ira Weinstein, Congregational Leader

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