Our Study from Torah, The Law of Moses will continue from Numbers 36.1-13.


And with that said, let’s read Numbers 36.1-13.


Prior to entering and possessing the land of Canaan, that became the Land of Israel, The Leaders of the Family of The Children of Gilead, from the Tribe of Manasseh, the son of Joseph, came to Moses, and before all the Leaders of The Children of Israel.  And they said, The LORD Commanded my lord Moses to give the Land for an Inheritance by lot to The Children of Israel.

And my lord Moses was Commanded by The LORD to give the Inheritance of Tz’lahf’khad our brother to his daughters.

Earliier, Tz’lahf’khad, who was from the Tribe of Manasseh, died in the wilderness before entering the Land of Canaan.

And his five daughters came to Moses and Eleazar The Priest, and before all The Leadership of The Congregation of Israel at the Door of The Tabernacle of The Congregation.

And the daughters said, Our father died in the wilderness and he was not in the crowd with Korah that rebelled against The LORD.  But our father died for his own sins, and he had no sons.

That rebellion is described in Numbers 16.

And the daughters said, Why should the name of our father be done away with from among his family because he has no son?

This was a problem because of female inheritance of Land in Israel.

Inherited Land in Israel passed through the male line only. Thus the inherited Land of their father would not pass to his daughters but to a male member of their father’s family. Either to a brother or a male cousin or some male member of his family.  But not to his five daughters.

So Moses brought the problem to The LORD.

And The LORD said to Moses, The plea of the daughters of Tz’lahf’khad is just.  You shall give them an inheritance among their father’s relatives.  And you shall cause the Inheritance of their father to pass to them.

And you shall speak to the Children of Israel, and say to them, if a man dies without leaving a son, you shall transfer his Inheritance to his daughter, or daughters.  If he has no daughter, you shall give his Inheritance to his brothers.  If he has no brothers, you shall give his Inheritance to his father’s brothers.  If his father has no brothers, you shall give his Inheritance to his nearest male relative in the Tribe, and he shall inherit it.

And this shall be for The Children of Israel a Statute of Justice as The LORD Commanded Moses.  NUMBERS 27.6-11

But later on, another problem emerged.  The Leaders of the Children of Gilead, who were of the Tribe of Manasseh, the same Tribe as the daughters of Tz’lahf’khad, came to Moses and the Leaders of Israel.  And their concern was this.

They said to Moses, The LORD Commanded you to give the Inheritance of Land that belonged to Tz’lahf’khad, their brother, to his five daughters.  And that was fine.  Numbers 36.2

But the concern of the leadership of the Tribe of Manasseh was the following.  If the daughters of Tz’lahf’khad married any of the men of the other tribes, then their Inheritance of Land will be taken from our fathers of the Tribe of Manasseh and given to another Tribe.

That is, their inheritance would be in the ownership of another Tribe, and not the Tribe of Manasseh.

Here is the problem.  When the daughters of Tz’lahf’khad marry, their ownership would be temporary up to the time they die.  Because the Land would pass on either to their husband, or a male member of their husband’s family.  And it is possible that those male members could be from another Tribe other than the Tribe of Manasseh.  Seeing Israel was and maybe still is based on descent through the male line.

And the Leaders brought up the Jubilee.  They said, even when Israel observes the Jubilee, the daughter’s inheritance will be given to their husband’s Tribe into which they married.  And their Inheritance will be taken away from the ownership of the Tribe of Manasseh.

Because every fiftieth year in the Jubilee, all sold land and perhaps all Inherited Land reverts to its original owner. LEVITICUS 25.10-11, ETC., NUMBERS 36.2-4

So Moses brought the problem to The LORD.  And The LORD said, The Tribe of the Children of Joseph speak correctly.  This is the thing that The LORD Commands concerning the daughters of Tz’lahf’khad.  They may marry anyone they wish, providing they marry into the family of their father’s Tribe.  That is, within the Tribe of Manasseh.

So the Inheritance of The Children of Israel must not make its rounds from Tribe to Tribe.  Rather the Children of Israel must remain bound to their original Inheritance of the Tribe of their fathers.  Thus preserving the holdings of their Tribes.

And every daughter who Inherits Land in any Tribe of The Children of Israel must marry a man from their father’s Tribe.  That every Israelite keeps the original Inheritance of their Tribe.

So as The LORD Commanded Moses, so did the daughters of Tz’lahf’khad.  They married men from their own Tribes.  Thus retaining their Inheritance, and hopefully marrying Godly men.

For the daughters Mahlah, Tirzah, and Hoglah, and Milcah, and Noah, the five daughters of Tz’lahf’khad were married to their father’s brothers’ sons.

And they were married into the families of the sons of Manasseh, the son of Joseph.  And their Inheritance remained in the Tribe of the family of their father.

These are the Commandments and the Rulings that The LORD Commanded Moses for The Children of Israel in the plains of Moab, current day Jordan, near Jericho.  NUMBERS 36.5-13


Early in the Creation, GOD revealed to the man that he needed a wife.  GENESIS 2.18-24

Wife in Hebrew is EESHA, a Woman.

And yes, The LORD tells us in The Bible that there will be difficult times in our lives, and from time to time in our marriage.

And that is why it is so necessary to have The LORD GOD, THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL in our marriage.  

And we have The LORD in our marriage when we Serve Him, and Obey Him, Fear Him, and have Atonement for our sins through our faith in THE LORD, THE MESSIAH YESHUA.  

And because Adam and Eve foolishly listened to satan’s lie, and disobeyed The Commandment of The GOD OF CREATION, The LORD clearly tells us that there will be difficult times in life.  GENESIS 2.15-17, GENESIS 3.1-4, GENESIS 3.16-19

Most certainly we need The LORD in our life and in our marriage.

A GODLY marriage is the best of marriages.  A GODLY marriage has The LORD GOD as your Partner, your Counselor, your Teacher, Protector, and Helper.  And so much more.  MALACHI 2.14-16

MALACHI 2.14-16  The LORD has been Witness between you and your wife, or between you and your husband.  The LORD GOD made you one flesh.  He made you both as one person. That you should make GODLY children.  And you retain a remnant of The Spirit.

Your wife, or your husband is your Partner and your Companion.  You Covenanted before GOD.  You committed to certain promises before THE LORD YOUR GOD to keep forever.  In good times and in bad times.  And GOD hates divorce.

PROVERBS 5.15-23  This is the only passage in The Bible that explicitly celebrates the pleasures of marital sex.  Your wife, the father tells his son, is yours, and she is more beautiful than anyone else.

Drink waters out of your own cistern, out of your own fountain, the Proverb says.  That is, remain loyal to your wife, and to GOD.  And remain loyal to His Torah, The Law of Moses.  And The LORD YOUR GOD will bless you with joy and happiness, and success.

Always remain loyal to your wife.  And always remain loyal to your husband.  For the ways of a man and a woman are before the Eyes of The LORD.  And He weighs all their goings.

MARK 10.9  What therefore GOD has joined together, let not man cast asunder.  That is, let no man separate the two of you.  Not your husband, not your wife, not anyone.  For The LORD, THE MESSIAH YESHUA says, GOD has joined the two of you together to stay together.  And that is a blessing of GOD.  1 CORINTHIANS 7.10  

Marriage is a blessing.  PROVERBS 18.22

Whoso finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor of The LORD.

And good Counsel is given in The Bible to the exception. PROVERBS 19.13 and PROVERBS 21.9, 19

The nagging of a wife is like endless dripping water, The Bible says.  And dwelling in the corner of a roof is better than a contentious wife in a spacious house.  Also, it is better to live in the wilderness than with a contentious and angry woman.

Good counsel from The Bible.  But I’m sure no wife in this Congregation falls into that category.

I always thought that the marriage of Ruth, a Gentile woman from Moab, current day Jordan, and Boaz, a Jewish man from Bethlehem, was a great marriage.

After Ruth’s husband died, who was Naomi’s son, Ruth told her Jewish mother-in-law Naomi, For where you go, I will go. And where you lodge, I will lodge.  Your People shall be my People, and your GOD, my GOD.  Where you die, I will die. And there will I be buried.  The LORD do so to me and more also if anything but death parts you and me.  RUTH 1.16-17, 22

And as life with GOD continues, Boaz, a relative of Naomi, married Ruth.  And Boaz and Ruth became the great grandfather and great grandmother of King David.  And both Boaz and Ruth are in the lineage of King David, and in the lineage of The Jewish Messiah Yeshua.  RUTH 4.13-22, MATTHEW 1.1-6, 16

GOD blesses GODLY marriages, and Boaz and Ruth had a GODLY marriage.

And Ruth became Jewish along the way.  Another blessing.

ISAIAH 54.5  Ladies, whether you are married or single, remember this.  The LORD Your GOD is your Husband, The GOD OF THE WHOLE EARTH shall He be called.  And that never changes.

And men, tell your wife, I love you.  And tell her a lot.


Ira Weinstein

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