Shalom, this morning we are taking a detour from Genesis and our message will be on faith.  And our study verse is Habakkuk 2.4.

I thought that in these days during The Great Recession which looks more like a great depression, with the loss of jobs, high unemployment, waves of foreclosures, incomes shrinking, earthquakes, fires, floods, wars, rumors of wars, terrorism, sickness, anger, fear and fake peace treaties, I thought a study from The LORD GOD on faith would be appropriate and timely for this morning’s message.  And the Prophet Habakkuk gives us the best counsel.  The just shall live by his faith.


HIS SOUL – his spirit within him is puffed up and proud and not upright.

UPRIGHT – Not right, not good, not pleasing to GOD.

“but the just shall live by his faith”

The people who are the just are those who serve GOD and obey Him, and the people who are the just are those whom GOD blesses.

JUST – Righteous, lawful, obedient to The Laws of GOD, The Law of Moses

The just shall live by his faith.

FAITH – firmness, i.e. fixed on The LORD, sturdy, not shaking or trembling.  Unwaivering trust and confidence in GOD.

Faith is firm confidence and trust in The LORD GOD Who protects us, keeps us safe and defends us, and always delivers us from trouble, always.

So, out of curiosity, who are some of the just in The Bible, keeping in mind that the just are those who live their lives according to GOD’s Laws, The Law of Moses?

Yeshua, of course, is just.  Acts 22.12-15

Simeon was just.  Luke 2.25-28

JUST in Greek – dik-ah-yos – just, righteous, meaning law-abiding, obedient to The Laws of GOD which are The Law of Moses.

Joseph of Arimathaea was just.  Luke 23.50-53

Joseph, Miriam’s Husband, was a just man.  Matthew 1.18-19

Cornelius, a non-Jewish person, a Roman centurion, was a just man.  Acts 10.22

Lot was just.  2 Peter 2.7

Noah was just Genesis 6.9

The LORD GOD Almighty is just.  Revelation 15.3

The just will be resurrected to eternal life in Heaven.  Acts 24.14-15, Luke 14.14

Elders and Pastors must be just, obedient to the Law of Moses.  Titus 1.7-8

The spirits of the just are made perfect in Heaven.  Hebrews 12.23

Being just is obeying The Law of Moses which includes believing in Yeshua The Messiah.  John 1.45

These are just some of the just in The Bible.

So, the family of GOD is just and righteous.  They live their lives in obedience to GOD’s Laws and Commandments.  And the just are those who are blessed with eternal life with The Just One, The One Who is just and true, The LORD GOD Almighty, The King of The Saints.

And GOD’s counsel to the just is to live their lives by faith, having strong confidence in GOD and Messiah, trusting in Him for everything, relying on Him in times of trouble for deliverance.  Listen to GOD’s promises to the just, and believe when He says, fear not, don’t worry.  Because when your mind is steadfast on The LORD your GOD, you will have perfect peace.

So, here are some of GOD’s promises to the just.

Proverbs 12.21  There shall no evil happen to the just.

Deuteronomy 16.20  Here is how the just are to live their lives.  According to GOD’s Laws, His Law of Moses and all His Commandments.

Proverbs 3.33  GOD blesses the home of the just.

Proverbs 4.18  The way of the just is as a shining light.

Proverbs 10.6-7  Blessings are upon the head of the just, and the memory of the just is blessed.

Proverbs 10.20  The tongue of the just is as choice silver.

Proverbs 10.31  The mouth of the just brings forth wisdom.

Proverbs 11.9  Through the knowledge of GOD, the just will be delivered.

Proverbs 12.13  And the just will come out of trouble.

Get the picture?  These are GOD’s promises to the just, the righteous, those who obey the Commandments of GOD, His Law of Moses.

-GOD delivers and saves the just.
-GOD blesses the house of the just.
-The way of the just is as a shining light.
-Blessings are upon the head of the just.
-The memory of the just is blessed.
-The tongue of the just is as chosen silver.
-The mouth of the just brings forth wisdom.
-Through the knowledge of GOD, the just are delivered.
-No evil will happen to the just.
-And remember this.  The just will always be delivered from their troubles.

GOD does the impossible.  Luke 8.40-56
                                            2 Chronicles 20.3-30

The The LORD GOD says to us, “In quietness and confidence, in trust and faith shall be your strength, your victory.”

Isaiah 30.15

Confidence – Veet Khah – Trust and faith.
Strength – Geh voo rah – Victory
We can have greater peace in our lives when we have faith in the Lord God and trust in Him; Because He will always deliver us from troubles, always.

So, the just shall live by faith.  Always remember that.  You can have peace and quiet in your life because of your faith, or you can choose to worry for lack of faith.  But GOD will always deliver the just from his or her troubles, and GOD will never allow evil to come into the house of the just, because you follow that which is right according to The Laws and Commandments of GOD.  Those are the blessings of the just.

Leviticus 23.33-44 SUKKOT/TABERNACLES 2010

Shalom, our message and teaching today will be about Sukkot, The Feast of Tabernacles.  We will also talk about the first and second Temples, and also the end-times fulfillment in Sukkot.  And our Scripture verses will be Leviticus 23.33-44.

LEVITICUS 23.33-44  Speak to the children of Israel.  Again these words spoken by The LORD GOD of Israel to Moses saying, speak to the children of Israel, saying the fifteenth day of this seventh month shall be the Feast of Tabernacles for seven days unto The LORD.

These words by The LORD make it very clear that He wants all the world to observe this Festival and all GOD’s Festivals commanded in Leviticus 23; especially all the Believers in Messiah.  And Paul explains in Ephesians 2 why all Believers in Messiah Yeshua, Jewish and non-Jewish must keep The Festivals of GOD and all the Commandments of GOD.

Ephesians 2.11-20

EPHESIANS 2.11  GENTILES in the flesh – Gentiles or non-Jewish by birth.

2.12  WITHOUT MESSIAH – Separate, apart from Messiah.

ALIENS FROM the commonwealth of Israel – you were not connected or related to Israel or with GOD’s Chosen people, The Jewish People.

STRANGERS from The Covenants of Promise.  You were outsiders, strangers, foreigners with no part of GOD’s Covenants of Promise.  No Messiah, no Salvation, no atonement for your sins.  Essentially, no promises, no good promises from GOD.


AND WITHOUT GOD in the world.
WITHOUT GOD -ATHEOS – godless, without GOD.

2.13  BUT NOW in Messiah Yeshua – Because of your belief in Messiah Yeshua

YOU WHO sometimes – in time past

WERE FAR OFF – a great distance from GOD.
are made near by the blood of Messiah; His atoning death for everyone.

ARE MADE near – ENG -GOOS – NEAR, READY, i.e., near GOD and ready to follow Yeshua.  Follow Messiah’s way in His love and faith to GOD, following the way He lives in submission to GOD, His Word, His Commandments, His love for The Law of Moses and His Festivals.

2.14  FOR HE IS our peace – you have peace with GOD because of your belief in Messiah and obedience to GOD.

WHO MADE both one – you are ONE with GOD’s Chosen People, and fully part of GOD’s Chosen People The Jewish People and receive every covenant of promise GOD made with The Children of Israel.

AND HAS BROKEN down the middle wall of partition between us.

2.15  Having abolished in His flesh the enmity, the opposition and hostility, even the Law of Commandments contained in ordinances (laws) for to make in Himself of two, one new man (human being) so making peace.
The enmity or opposition written in the Law of Commandments, the Law of Moses is this:  Jews, don’t marry Gentiles.  And we’ll explain this law in a minute.  However, this law does not apply to Gentiles who believe in Messiah Yeshua and keep GOD’s Law of Moses.  Because we both believe in Messiah Yeshua and obey Him.

DEUTERONOMY 7.1-6 (3-4)  Here is the enmity written in The Law of Commandments.

JOHN 17.6 Yeshua’s teachings are obedience to GOD and His Law of Moses.

Since the true Gentile Believer in Messiah obeys GOD’s Law of Moses, that middle wall of partition has been abolished between us.

2.16  He will reconcile, reunite both and make peace with GOD.

BY THE CROSS – By His atoning death
ONE BODY – Jew and Gentile being one in Messiah.
HAVING SLAIN THE ENMITY BY IT – That law, you cannot marry Jewish people is abolished because of your faith.

2.17 Messiah came and preached peace on how to lead your lives pleasing to GOD.

ISAIAH 56.6-7

– Peace with GOD comes from obeying Him

2.18 Access to The Father- admission
– one spirit – The Holy Spirit

Acts 5.32

2.19  Now because your belief in Messiah and obedience to The Law of Commandments, The Law of Moses, you are no more strangers and foreigners.

But fellowcitizens with the Saints – and of the household of GOD – you are fully part of GOD’s Chosen People, The Jewish People, and fully part of the household of GOD, you are fully part of GOD’s Family.

2.20  Here’s why all people, especially The Believers in Messiah should keep GOD’s Festivals of Leviticus 23 including Sukkot, The Feast of Tabernacles, and all GOD’s Commandments. 
-The Apostles, Prophets and Messiah all obeyed GOD
– Chief Cornerstone – chief foundation, The Master, The Teacher

Back to
LEVITICUS 23.33-35  Today is The Feast of Tabernacles, the 15th Day of the 7th month Tishrei


Holy gathering of the people for a Service dedicated to The LORD GOD.  A rehearsal, preparing for a future event, which we will speak on later.


LEVITICUS 23.36  70 animal sacrifices were offered during the seven days of Sukkot, not including the eighth day in which ten sacrifices were offered.


The animal sacrifice was required by The LORD GOD for atonement or forgiveness of sins, and since there is no Temple, animal sacrifices are not allowed.  LEVITICUS 17 explains that.  The only accepted sacrifice for atonement, the only sacrifice The LORD GOD accepts for our atonemnt since the Temple was destroyed in 70 C.E., A.D. is Messiah Yeshua.  He is the only sacrifice GOD will receive for Jewish and non-Jewish people.

Let’s talk a little bit on the Temples.  The first Temple was built by King Solomon and dedicated around 964 B.C.E., B.C., and destroyed by the Babylonians, today’s Iraqis, in 586 B.C.E., some 378 years after it was built.

The second Temple was restored and rebuilt some 70 years after the destruction of the first Temple by those Jewish People who returned from Babylonian exile.  Years later, King Herod completely rebuilt the Temple making it one of the most beautiful buildings in the Roman Empire.  This is the Temple Yeshua walked in, taught in and worshipped in.  And this Temple was destroyed by the Romans led by Titus in 70 C.E., A.D.

The first and second Temples were built in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount.  The Temple Mount is an elevated and walled rectangular area, and it is the most Holy place in Judaism.  But it’s occupied by the Muslim dome of the rock that was built where the first and second Temples were around 700 C.E., A.D.  The dome of the rock is popularly called the mosque of Omar.

The Temples were originally conceived as GOD’s dwelling place on earth called the Mishkan.

1 KINGS 8.1-2, 12-13

Of course, GOD dwells in Heaven but He also walked in The Tabernacle in the wilderness.  But the Temples serves as a place for His Name.  It serves as a place for The LORD GOD of Israel.

2 SAMUEL 7.4-16,
GOD’s promise to build a Temple, and David’s Throne will be established forever.  Yeshua The King will sit on it.

1 KINGS 8.14-17
The Temple was built for GOD’s Name.  The LORD GOD of Israel.

The Ark of The Covenant where GOD met with Moses in The Holy of Holies and spoke with Him, was also in the first Temple.

EXODUS 25.10,11, 21-22, DEUTERONOMY 31.26

The Holy of Holies in The Temple and the Tabernacle in the days of Moses, was only entered once a year by The High Priest on Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement.

The Bible contains no explicit account of the daily order of Service in The Temple, but the regular public worship was almost exclusively directed to the offering of sacrifices for atonement for the sins of the people.  Yeshua is the atonement for all peoples, and after 70 C.E., A.D. when the second Temple was destroyed, Yeshua became THE ONLY atonement.

Numbers 28.1-4, 9-10, Isaiah 49.6

The Ark of the Covenant ultimately disappeared after the destruction of the first Temple and was not in the second Temple, the Temple where Yeshua taught and worshipped in.  Perhaps, perhaps because One greater than the Ark of The Covenant appeared bodily in the second Temple.  He, Messiah embodies or manifests what The Ark of the Covenant represents.  GOD, His Law of Moses and mercy.  Just a thought why there was no need for The Ark of The Covenant in the second Temple.

LUKE 11.29-32

They will judge the people because they were obedient to GOD – Yeshua is greater than all.

LEVITICUS 23.36-44  These are the instructions for Sukkot, The Feast of Tabernacles.

– During the time of the fall harvest
– The Sukkah, booth is a reminder of the 40 years in the wilderness
– Sacrifices are the necessity for atonement for sins only accomplished by the shed blood of a sacrifice; today the  shed blood of Messiah.
– It is a Sabbath.  No work is to be done on it.
– It’s a time of rejoicing before The LORD.

The end times fulfillment in Sukkot has many wonderful events that will take place in the 1,000 year Millennium in Jerusalem.

ISAIAH 9.6-7, ISAIAH 35.10, ISAIAH 65.18-19, HOSEA 2.19-23, REVELATION 19.5-9, ZEPHANIAH 3.17

There is nothing greater in life than to serve The LORD GOD Almighty Whose Name is Yeshua and His title is Mashiakh.

There is no greater Hope than to be with Him where He dwells, for all eternity, in peace, joy, happiness and health.

And there is no other way to achieve this great reward except to believe in Yeshua and obey all the Commandments of GOD.  And that is what GOD requires from everybody, for there is no difference.

Joy and happiness to you on this Day of Sukkot and always.

YOM KIPPUR 2010, Leviticus 23.1-2, 26-32

Shalom, and good morning.  Our message and teaching will be from Leviticus 23.-1-2 and verses 26-32, and it will be about Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement, and what it means to be a witness for The LORD GOD, a Servant whom GOD has chosen, and the end times fulfillment in The Day of Atonement in Messiah Yeshua

Read Leviticus 23.1-2, 26-32.

Leviticus 23.1-2  Speak to the Children of Israel: and say unto them…
These instructions from The LORD GOD of Creation, and all GOD’s instructions in The Bible apply to all people, nations and languages because The LORD would have all the earth obey Him which includes the observance of His Festivals of Leviticus 23.  Not just Israel, not just the Jewish People, but all peoples.

DEUTERONOMY 32.1-2  GOD wants the world to obey His doctrine and teaching, even to observe The Day of Atonement and all His Festivals of Leviticus 23.

Give ear – Listen and understand.
Heavens – In Hebrew; Ha Shah mah yeem – God’s voice is to the angels also.
Hear – Shmah – Listen and obey Me.
Earth – Ehrets – Nations, world.
Doctrine – His teaching.
God’s Teachings and Law are for everybody.

So, what does it take to be a witness for the living GOD, The Holy One of Israel?  You must believe and know He is the only GOD and there is no other.  You must believe He is The Messiah, and you must believe His Word, His Law and His Commandments, and testify of them and do them.

ISAIAH 43.10-11

Witness – Ayde – One who declares the truth about God from the Bible. That is, there is only One God, His Teaching and Doctrine, He is Messiah Yeshua, His Holy Spirit, His Word, His Law of Moses is in force today and is to be obeyed by everybody, His Will, Commandments Counsel, etc.
VERSE 11 Saviour – Mo shee ah – Meaning; GOD keeps us safe, defends us, delivers and frees us from all our troubles and fears and sins, rescues us and brings salvation and victory to us.
Our Saviour, Our Mo shee ah is Yeshua the Messiah and He is GOD.

LUKE 2.25-32 with the focus on verse 32.

Besides Salvation, Yeshua came to make known to the Gentiles and Jewish people also, The Torah, The Law of Moses. How to lead a Godly life according to Torah, GOD’S Teachings (Deuteronomy 32.1-2; Listen you Heavens and Earth. Hear and obey the Words of My Mouth, My Doctrine).
Yeshua is GOD Who spoke those Words.
VERSE 32 – A light to lighten the Gentiles. That is to teach the Gentiles about GOD, His Word, His Law of Moses, His Commandments. See  PROVERBS 6.23.
And the Glory of your people Israel – Yeshua is the Glory of Israel. He is their Strength, Power, Splendor, Majesty, Praise and Worship. He is GOD.

So, besides Salvation, Yeshua also came to be a witness to both the Gentiles and Jewish people.

JOHN 18.37
The truth is GOD. Every Word He speaks is Truth. And the Truth is Messiah Yeshua because He is  GOD.

JOHN 1.6-9

VERSE 7 – The Light is GOD, Yeshua, Life, His Word and the Law of Moses.
Believe – In Him, Trust and Rely on GOD and Obey Him.
VERSE 9 – TheTrue Light is GOD and Messiah, Mo shee aynoo, Our Saviour, and Life, the Word of God, the Law of Moses.
Lights every man – He gives life to everyone because He is GOD.

The witness of GOD, the true witness of GOD is to all the world.

ACTS 1.8  You shall be witnesses to tell the truth about Me.  That I am Messiah, The GOD of Israel, The Creator.  Tell them The Word of GOD, The Holy Spirit, The Law.  Tell them The Truth.

But now, there are those who have changed The Word of GOD, transgressed His Laws, and broken the everlasting Covenant, which is His Word and Law.  So, today when The Truth is witnessed, it is often mocked and ridiculed and tossed to the ground.  That is the biggest challenge for being a witness for The GOD of Creation, testifying The Truth, His Law of Moses; that Salvation includes obeying it. (Romans 2.13, Romans 3.31, Luke 8.21, etc., etc., etc.)


Corrupt – Dishonest, Change the language of the Word of GOD with their own false teachings.
Sincerity – Honesty, Truthfulness.
That is a true witness of GOD.

ACTS 5.31-32
Repentance – Yeshua is the only One who forgive our sins (HE is GOD) and turns us back to GOD by believing in Messiah and obeying Torah, The Law of Moses.
VERSE 32 – A most important verse. GOD gives the Holy Spirit only to those who Obey Him

Persuade – That is, do I now rely in, believe and obey men or GOD?

MATTHEW 26.17-19 – Yeshua kept the Passover and all GOD’S  Feasts. He is a witness that everybody should observe GOD’S  Festivas, all of them.

Now the teaching on Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement.


Verse 2  Feasts of The LORD: Mo ayde Yeh ho vah.

FEAST – Appointed time or set time.  Today is Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement, 10th day of the 7th Hebrew month Tishrei, Sabbath 7th day of every week, Saturday: Feast is also a gathering of the people for a Service to worship GOD, The LORD GOD of Israel.

In Judaism, Yom Kippur is the most solemn and serious of all GOD’s Festivals.  However, GOD does not make a distinction of one over the other.  He wants us to observe them all.

HOLY CONVOCATION – Meekrah Kodesh – A time set apart and dedicated to The LORD GOD, a gathering of the people for a Service dedicated to The LORD to worship Him.  And it’s a rehearsal, preparing for a future event.  We’ll talk about that later.

Leviticus 23.26-27  Day of Atonement(s) – Yom Ha Kee pureem – FORGIVENESS OF ALL SINS

AFFLICT YOUR SOULS – From this word afflict, Judaism declares it to mean a fast.  I believe afflict your souls means to humble ourselves before GOD, submit and obey Him.  Not fast. The Lord our GOD prefers obedience to Him and not fasting. Afflict does not mean fast.

AFFLICT in Hebrew is Ah nah — Meaning; Humble ourself, i.e. submit to GOD, humbly obey Him – .

FAST – Tsoom

Genesis 16.9  Submit; Ah nah – obey

Daniel 10.10-12 Chasten; Ah nah – obey GOD


Offer an offering means; offer a sacrifice for atonement, for forgiveness of sins.

LEVITICUS 17.11 No Temple today

JEREMIAH 31.31-34  Messiah is our Sacrifice and Atonement today.

VERSE 33 – To be a witness for the Lord GOD of Israel, it is critical to know and declare that atonement comes from receiving the New Covenant Who is Messiah Yeshua, And with GOD’S atonement, The LORD has written His Law of Moses in your heart to obey Him. That is the Biblical definition of belief in Messiah Yeshua. Believing  He is GOD and Messiah and submission to His Torah, the Law of Moses. 

JEREMIAH 11.3-4  Faith in GOD and Messiah always includes obedience to His Law, whether faith occurred in Old Testament times in GOD or New Testament times in GOD and Messiah. Obedience to Torah is always required, forever.

LEVITICUS 23.28-32  Here are GOD’s instructions for Yom Kippur:

The key to Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement is to observe the day and festival of GOD as a Sabbath; do not work on Yom Kippur.  Be part of a Holy gathering dedicated to The LORD, be submissive and obedient to The LORD your GOD, and be sure to have an atoning sacrifice for GOD to forgive you of all your sins.  And that atoning sacrifice MUST BE GOD’s Messiah, YESHUA HA MASHIAKH.


ZECHARIAH 12.10  The Salvation and Atonement of many Jewish people when The LORD brings them into The Land of Israel at the start of The Millennium, and 10 days later on Yom Kippur, GOD will save them all.

So, again, the key to Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement, is to celebrate this Festival of GOD as a Sabbath.  Don’t do any work on this day, be part of a Service that is devoted to the worship of The LORD, and be sure you have an atoning sacrifice for GOD to forgive you ALL your sins, and that atoning sacrifice MUST BE Yeshua The Messiah.

And the end times fulfillment in Yom Kippur is the salvation and atonement for many Jewish people on the first Yom Kippur in The Millennium.

And let me say this about being a witness for The LORD GOD AND Messiah.  If your witness does not agree with the teaching of GOD in T’Nakh, The Old Testament, you are not witnessing The Truth.  Your belief and your witness must always agree with the teaching of GOD in The Old Testament.  That is a true witness for GOD and His Messiah.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein

Leviticus 23.1-3, 23-25 ROSH HASHANAH

Shalom, Our message today will be from Leviticus 23.1-3 and verses 23-25.  And although Judaism has chosen this day to be Rosh Ha Shannah, the Jewish New Year, it is called in Scripture, a Memorial Of Blowing Of Shofars.  And that’s what our message will be about; Rosh Ha Shannah, and the Memorial Of blowing Of Shofars.

Leviticus 23.1-2  The LORD is Yeshua Who is The Word of GOD. 

Speak to the children of Israel. 

This Festival and all GOD’s commanded Festivals in Leviticus Chapter 23, is for everybody. Jewish and non Jewish People, especially all Believers in Messiah Yeshua who do the Will of GOD by obeying His Torah, The Law of Moses.  You are grafted into Israel and the Jewish People and do those things GOD commanded Israel, except circumcision to men, Galatians 2.3.  Thus, when The LORD GOD speaks to the children of Israel, He is speaking to you if you are not Jewish.

Romans 11.17
Grafted in – You join in with Israel and the Jewish People doing the Law of Moses and the Commandments God commands Israel and the Jewish People to do.
Among – The Jewish People.
With them – Together with the Jewish People.
Partake of the root and fatness – You become co-participants with the Jewish People and share in all the Covenants, Promises, Blessings, Salvation, Resurrection, Messiah and Eternity in Heaven and so much more. All initially promised only to the Jewish People,  Romans 9.4-5

Deuteronomy 7.6-9
Here is the blessing why it is so important to be joined in with Israel and the Jewish people.
Verse 9 – Keeping or observing the Festivals of Leviticus 23 is part of GOD’S Commandments.

Back to Leviticus 23.2  FEASTS  – Feast – Mo ayde, MY FEASTS – Mo ah dee Means:

Appointed time or fixed time, i.e. Rosh Ha Shanah is the first day of 7th month, Tishrei, Sabbath is the 7th day of the week on Saturday; It means assembly, service, gathering of the people, a service to worship The LORD our GOD.

HOLY CONVOCATION – Meek rah Kodesh – A time set apart and dedicated to The LORD, a gathering of the people, a service, a rehearsal, i.e., preparing for a future event.  We will talk about that future event a little later.

Leviticus 23.3 Sabbath is a Sabbath of the LORD for everyone on the seventh day of the week, Saturday. It is a Holy Convocation, meaning, A time set apart for the LORD, a gathering of the people for a Service, and it is a rehearsal.

Leviticus 23.23-24 Today is the seventh Hebrew month of Tishrei.
Tishrei is the seventh month on the Jewish calander.

Sabbath – Shah bah tone – Great Sabbath, A special Sabbath.
No work is to be done on this day. It is a gathering of the people.

Memorial – Zeekh rone – Remembrance, Celebration.
Shofars should be sounded on this Day.

Holy Convocation – This day is set apart for the LORD.

Leviticus 23.25  NO WORK on this day, it’s a Sabbath.

An Offering or Sacrifice – Everyone, Jewish or non Jewish, needs an atoning sacrifice and our atoning sacrifice is YESHUA.

There is no animal sacrifice today because there is no Temple standing in Jerusalem

Leviticus 17.8-9, Read Leviticus 17.1-9

I would like to teach on 2 parts of Rosh Ha Shannah and, Zeekh rone Teh rooah, The Memorial of Blowing of Shofars.

1)  Why Judaism calls today and 3 other days new year?

2)  The end times fulfillment in Rosh Ha Shanah.

Judaism observes 4 different days of the year as the new year for different and specific purposes.

TODAY, ROSH HA SHANNAH – The first day of Tishrei.  Today is the first day of Tishrei which is the 7th month on GOD’s calendar.  This new year, today, is chosen by Judaism for the Jewish people and marks the year 5771, meaning, the Rabbis believe the Creation was 5,771 years ago.

The Rabbis say, on Rosh Ha Shannah, all who have entered into the world, pass before GOD in judgment on this day like a flock of sheep.  And this day was chosen as the Jewish new year because it is the only one of the four New Years to be specified in The Bible as a Festival.

Revelation 20.7-15  The judgment as taught in The Bible.

THE FIRST NEW YEAR is the first day of the Hebrew month Nisan, The Passover month and the Biblical New Year.  The first day of Nisan was Tuesday, March the 16th.  This New Year is for dating the reigns of Jewish kings and the order of flow of months for religious purposes.

Exodus 12.1-3, 11

2ND NEW YEAR – In Temple times; the first was Solomon’s Temple; The second Temple was built at the return from  the 70 year Babylonian exile, and restored by Herod The Great.  This is The Temple Yeshua attended and taught in.  This new year is the first day of the Hebrew month Elul or the sixth month on the Jewish calendar which would be in August.  This is the new year for cattle tithes, when tithes had not been given for cattle born during the previous year.

FOURTH NEW YEAR.  The third is Rosh Ha Shannah.  The fourth new year is for trees.  It falls on the 15th day of Shevat, the 11th month on the Jewish calendar which was January 1st.

Those are the four Jewish new years.

A little information on Rosh Ha Shannah.  Rosh Ha Shannah marks the beginning of ten days of penitence, or repentance for sinning and wrong doing, and the ten days end in Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement.

Leviticus 17.11

The liturgy or worship service stresses the yearning of the Jewish people for the establishment of GOD’s sovereignty over the entire world, and our longing for The Millennium.

The Rabbis are 100% correct about The Millennium because at some future Rosh Ha Shannah, The Great Shofar will sound, The LORD GOD will return, Who is Messiah Yeshua, and He will set up His Millennium in Jerusalem for 1,000 years.  And that is a very major part of the fulfillment of a future Rosh Ha Shannah, The Return of The LORD.  That is not taught in traditional Judaism, but The Millennium is.

And that’s what the next part of this message is about, the end times fulfillment in a future Rosh Ha Shannah, or The Memorial of the Blowing of Shofars.

Each Festival of The LORD in Leviticus 23 has a very special and important meaning that supernaturally focuses on Yeshua The Messiah.  For example:

SHABBAT or Sabbath, the seventh day of rest and no work.  The great fulfillment in Messiah is 1,000 years of peace in The Millennium.  There will be no more sin or tears, no more death or sorrow, no pain or crying, only peace and joy forever with no interruption or any trouble.  And we will be with The LORD GOD of Creation forever, Who is Messiah Yeshua in The Millennial Jerusalem which will be like the garden of Eden.

PASSOVER is fulfilled in the death, burial and resurrection of Yeshua.

SHAVUOT (WEEKS) or PENTECOST – In Judaism, the belief is the event took place at the giving of Torah at Mt. Sinai.  In Messianic Judaism, we see the fulfillment in Messiah as the giving of The Holy Spirit to some 3,000 Jewish people in Jerusalem on Shavuot or Pentecost, ten days after Messiah ascended into Heaven.

The next Festival that will have its fulfillment in Messiah is today’s Festival, Rosh Ha Shannah or The Memorial for Blowing of Shofars.

But before we get into its end times fulfillment, I was asked to mention why the shofar is or was blown.

EXODUS 19 – The great sound of the shofar was heard when The LORD GOD came down on Mt. Sinai to give the children of Israel the 10 Commandments.

LEVITICUS 25.9  The shofar was sounded at the beginning of The Jubilee on Yom Kippur. The 50th year is made Holy and liberty from debts and other things is proclaimed throughout Israel.

NUMBERS 10 – The shofar was blown to gather the people together, and also to start the children of Israel on their journey to the Promised Land.

– And the shofar was also blown over all burnt offerings.

– And during war.

Joshua 6 – Seven Priests blew their shofars when the children of Israel marched around the City of Jericho.

– The shofar was blown when kings were anointed in Israel.  And the shofar will be blown when Messiah is anointed King at the start of The Millennium.

Psalm 81.3  The shofar was blown in the day of the new moon, the first day of the month.

Psalm 150.3  The shofar is blown to praise The LORD.

Isaiah 27.13  The shofar will be blown when The LORD GOD brings huge numbers of Jewish people back to The Land of Israel at the beginning of The Millennium.

Joel 2 – The shofar will be blown in the Day of The LORD, in the day of GOD’s wrath when He starts the great tribulation.

Zechariah 9.14  The LORD GOD will blow the shofar at His Return.

Matthew 24.31  The shofar will be blown when Messiah sends His angels to gather together His elect from all peoples, nations and languages, and bring them into The Millennium.

1 Corinthians 15.52 – And The Last Trump, the shofar will sound and the dead in Messiah and those who are alive shall be raised incorruptible, and we will all be changed.  That is The Resurrection of the children of GOD.

That’s why the shofar is blown or will be blown.

So now, let’s hear the fulfillment of the future Rosh Ha Shannah in Messiah we all long for.

Messiah will return on that future Rosh Ha Shannah when all the Synagogues in the world are blowing their shofars.
Matthew 24.29-31

The Resurrection will take place and The Resurrection includes those who are alive at His coming.  This old body will die and we will be changed into a spiritual body like that of GOD.  1 Thessalonians 4.13-18

The LORD will destroy the world on that future Rosh Ha Shannah.
Isaiah 24.5-6

GOD will end the great tribulation on that future Rosh Ha Shannah.
Zechariah 14.9-11

GOD will bring many Jewish people back to The Land of Israel and bring them to Jerusalem to The Millennium.
Deuteronomy 30.1-5

GOD will then establish His Messianic Kingdom, The Millennium in Jerusalem for 1,000 years.
Zechariah 2.10-11

All these wonderful events and no doubt a whole lot more will take place at some future Rosh Ha Shannah at The LORD’s return.

So, I thought I would wrap this message up with the words of John in
1 John 2.28-29; If you know that He is Righteous, you know that everyone that does Righteousness is born of Him.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein

Genesis 21.1-5 A PROMISE IS A PROMISE.

Shalom, Good Morning.  Our teaching and Message will be from Genesis 21.1-5.  And we have a title for this morning’s message.  “A Promise is a Promise.”

Genesis 21.1  Visited –  The Hebrew for visited is Pah kahd, meaning; Visit, remember, oversee, i.e., supervise, manage, care for.

GOD remembered His promise He made to Abraham and Sarah that they would have a son.
The visit by The LORD, I believe, means The LORD supervised and cared for the Mother and     
Son spiritually.  GOD was there in Spirit rather than face to face.
Spoken – Dah vahr – To speak, promise.  Every Word GOD speaks is His Promise.
GOD always keeps His Word.  A Promise is a Promise that is always fulfilled.  Just as GOD
promised to free the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage; He performed what He said He would do.

Genesis 15.13-14, Exodus 3.16-20

And GOD remembered His Promise to Abraham and Sarah, saying, “Sarah your Wife will have a Son”.

Genesis 18.10-14  Is anything too hard for The LORD?

The Promise that Abraham and Sarah would have a Son took 25 years to fulfill.  That was GOD’s perfect timing.  And the importance for them to have a Son was to fulfill another Promise of GOD.  To make of Abraham a great nation.  That nation being Israel.  And the Jewish people who make up that nation are from the promised Son Isaac.

Genesis 12.1-4 ( Abraham was 75 years old), Genesis 21.5 (100 years old)

Let’s look at a few examples of GOD’s Promises, and some prophecies that were fulfilled at a later date, and will be fulfilled in the not-too-distant future.

Micah 5.2  722 B.C.E. The coming of Messiah.  He will be born in Bethlehem and He is GOD.

Ephratah is Bethlehem,  Genesis 48.7.
Ruler – Mo shale – Reign, King
Goings forth – Oo mo stah tahyv – His origin
From of old – Mee kah dehm – No beginning, no end. Only applies to GOD. 
From everlasting – Oh lahm – Forever, everlasting.

Isaiah 7.14  700 B.C.E. – Messiah would be born of a Jewish virgin woman.

Isaiah 11.11-12  2,700 years ago.  GOD’s Promise of the return of the Jewish people from the death camps in World War 2 to Israel.

Revelation 12.13   90 A.D.   Satan is the greatest enemy of the Jewish people and Israel.  Hence, the current peace talks in exchange for terror and rockets to destroy Israel.

Matthew 7.21-23  Here is a Promise of GOD.  Messiah is not kidding.  All people must obey His Law of Moses.   
Listen to Him.
The will of my Father which is in Heaven is His Law, the Law of Moses. The word Will comes from the Greek word Thelema meaning Decree or Law.
Depart from me you worker of iniquity. The word Iniquity comes from the Greek word Anomia, meaning, transgression of the Law (of Moses.)

More Promises of GOD:

Proverbs 12.21,  Proverbs 12.13,  Proverbs 11.8,  The words Just and Righteous mean Law abiding to the Law of Moses.

Matthew 24.29-31  The Promise of Messiah’s Return.  It will happen.  Be sure of it.

1 Corinthians 15.49-58  GOD’s Promise of The Resurrection and those Believers who are alive at His Coming.  It will happen.

Zechariah 8.3-8  Messiah’s return to Jerusalem to start the Millennium.  His Promise to live with us in the City of Truth.

Zechariah 14.12-13  He will destroy those who fought against Jerusalem in the great tribulation..

Zechariah 12.10  And GOD promises to save many, many Jewish people at the beginning of the
Messianic Era, the 1,000 year Millennium.

Jeremiah 29.11  Our future is Heaven with our GOD and Messiah.  That is GOD’s Promise.  Believe it.  A 
Promise is a Promise when it comes from GOD.
End – Ah khah reet – The future

Nothing can prevent The LORD from carrying out His Promises.  Even as the troubles of life fell upon Abraham and Sarah, troubles find us; GOD always performs what He speaks.

Almost immediately after GOD made those extraordinary promises to Abraham, trouble found him and Sarah, quickly.

They went to Egypt and Pharaoh abducted Sarah.  But GOD plagued Pharoah’s house, and he returned 
Sarah to Abraham.

The strife and conflict that happened between Abraham and Lot’s herdsman.  Strife means violence, and bitter 
conflict, even hatred.  Lot chose Sodom.  Abraham remained in Canaan.

Abraham and his 318 servants fought a war with the armies of Sodom and Gomorrah who kidnapped Lot and his family.  And Abraham and his servants killed the kidnappers and brought Lot and his family back to their home.

Sarah’s suggestion that Abraham take Hagar to have a child by her.  Not a good idea.

Abraham’s concern for Sodom and Gommorah’s destruction because Lot and his family lived there.

The abduction of Sarah by Abimelech.  GOD saved her through a supernatural dream.

And they no doubt had a lot more troubles but GOD still fulfilled His Promise that they would have a Son and Isaac was born as GOD promised. A promise is a promise always kept by our LORD GOD.

2 Timothy 3.10-12

Why the problems and troubles in the life of the believer?  They are called tests. And the reason for theses tests? Will you keep the Commandments of God, The Law of Moses, or not?  An these tests work patience for us in our lives.

Deuteronomy 8.2-3, James 1.2-3

I want to close on a subject you’ve heard taught a thousand times.  Faith.  Because, truly, that’s how we are to live our life, by faith.

Faith as you all know is FIRM BELIEF in GOD and Messiah, and CONFIDENCE that GOD will do what He says He will do.  And faith IS NOT DOUBTING GOD.  Faith and trust in GOD are the same.  And faith also includes OBEDIENCE to GOD.

So, how do we increase our faith?  The answer.  Obey GOD.  Obey His Law of Moses and GOD promises you your faith will grow.

Luke 17.5-10, Romans 10.17

Hearing – Shmah – Hear, listen and obey God, His Law of Moses

So faith comes from obedience to God.

Faith gives us supernatural strength to overcome the impossible.  To get through the problems of life.

Hebrews 11.11

Strength – Dunamis – Supernatural strength to sometimes do the impossible, as Sarah was 90 and Abraham was 100 years old when Sarah gave birth to Isaac.

GOD defends those who have faith in Him.

Proverbs 29.25

Health and healing come from faith.  Remember, faith includes obedience to GOD.

Matthew 9.20-22

And eternal life comes from belief and faith in Messiah

John 3.15

BELIEVE – Pistyoo-o – to believe in Messiah and have faith in Him.  Pistyoo-o comes from Pitho meaning, to trust and obey.

Eternal life comes by believing in Messiah and obeying the Commandments of GOD, and Yeshua is GOD.

So to summarize;

Remember, a Promise is a Promise.  When the LORD YOUR GOD makes a promise, He will do it.  It may take some time, but He will perform exactly what He said He will do..

All He wants from you besides your belief in Messiah Yeshua, is obedience to Him, obedience to His Word
and His Law of Moses.  Trust and obey.  There’s no other way, and Your GOD will do the impossible for you.
Believe it.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


Shalom and good morning.  Our message and teaching will be from Genesis 20.1-7. And we have a title for our message.  “One of the most important teachings in the Bible.”

Genesis 20.1

1. Journeyed –  The Hebrew word is Nah sah; To pull up tent pins and start a journey.

2.  Journeyed from there:  Abraham, his wife Sarah and their servants traveled from the plains of Mamre in Canaan, which today would be in the West Bank in Israel, in the territory of Judah, about 2 miles north of Hebron and south of Bethlehem, and not very far south of Jerusalem.

3.  The south country in Canaan would be the Negev in southern Israel today.  Kedesh, Shur and Gerar in the land of Canaan would be in southern Israel today, and Gerar still exists as a city today some 4,000 years later in southern Israel, a few miles southeast of Gaza.

4.  The timing here is not long after GOD and 2 angels appeared to Abraham in the plains of Mamre, and  told
him that his wife Sarah would have a son.  He would be the Son of Promise, Isaac, and his birth would take place about the same time next year.

And then the 2 Angels went to Sodom to rescue Lot and his family from the coming annihilation of Sodom and Gomorrah.  The Bible calls Lot righteous, and righteous is a very important word in The Bible; it means one who is obedient to The Laws of GOD.  Today, The Laws of GOD are called The Law of Moses.  So, after Lot and his family, that is, those who were willing to leave Sodom, were safely out of the city, GOD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.  Genesis 19.24 says, “Then The LORD rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from The LORD out of Heaven.

5.  The journey Abraham and his household took from the plains of Mamre to Gerar in southern Canaan, according to my map, was only about 35 miles.  Most people move from one place to another to make a better life for themselves and this I believe is why Abraham traveled to Gerar, to make a better life for himself and his family, but he quickly ran into trouble.

Genesis 20.2  
She is his sister, and then became his wife. 
Much to do is made of Abraham saying Sarah is my sister, but if fact, she is his sister. Verse 12.

Abraham ran into the same trouble years back in Egypt when Pharaoh took Sarah, and GOD rescued them both.

But let’s focus on this event.  On the way down to the south country, I’m guessing Abraham found out that this Abimelech, king of Gerar, was a creep, and was told or maybe he knew that if he said his beautiful wife of 90 years old was indeed his wife, Abimelech would have him killed and still take Sarah.  And if he told Abimelech, she is my sister, which in truth she was, he would save Abraham alive and still abduct Sarah.  Seems like Abraham was in a catch 22, a dilemma.  So he said she is my sister and Abimelech the bum took her.

Genesis 20.2-3 
Genesis 20.3 is one of the most important teachings in the Bible that concerns your life and mine.  Why?  Because WE ARE ASSURED, better said, WE CAN BE CERTAIN of the FAITHFULNESS of GOD, meaning WE CAN ALWAYS RELY ON The LORD OUR GOD.  The LORD GOD can ALWAYS BE TRUSTED, AND BELIEVED. WE CAN ALWAYS DEPEND ON HIM.  He will ALWAYS SUPPORT US AND DEFEND US.  He is ALWAYS TRUE TO HIS WORD, HE NEVER CHANGES.  And WE CAN ALWAYS BE CONFIDENT IN HIM, because GOD IS OUR SALVATION and He WILL ALWAYS DELIVER US FROM TROUBLE as He did for Abraham and Sarah.

Look, GOD made some promises to Abraham.  Some very important promises.  We call these promises The Abrahamic Covenant.  And The Abrahamic Covenant very much includes his wife Sarah. And The Abrahamic Covenant cannot be fulfilled without his wife Sarah. Thus the LORD OUR GOD, protected Abraham and Sarah from Abimelech as HE will always protect you.

Genesis 12.1-3

Genesis 12.2  The birth of the great nation Israel started with Abraham and Sarah.
The descendants of Abraham and Sarah are the Jewish people who make up the great nation Israel.

Sarah is key to The Abrahamic Covenant, and GOD had to rescue her to fulfill His Covenant.  And GOD will rescue you from all your troubles.  That is His Word, and that is His Promise.

That’s why this teaching is so important.  When GOD makes a promise, even a promise to you and me, and to all the children of GOD, He stands by it.

Genesis 12.2 
I WILL BLESS you.  GOD includes Sarah.

Make YOUR NAME great – GOD includes Sarah.

You SHALL BE A BLESSING – GOD includes Sarah.

Genesis 12.3 
The BLESSING AND CURSE – Those who bless or curse Abraham and Sarah, and The Jewish People.

IN YOU – In Abraham and Sarah, all the families of the earth will be blessed. Of course through belief in the Jewish Messiah Yeshua.

Matthew 1.1-2, 16

GOD is faithful to His Word.  He supernaturally rescued Sarah by a dream, and GOD will supernaturally rescue you when you need Him.  He always finds a way.  This is why this teaching is so important.  GOD will always be there for you.

Genesis 17.1, 7-8
There can be no Israel without Sarah.  Because Sarah is part of GOD’S Promise.

And The GOD of Abraham is also The GOD of Sarah.

Psalm 138.2

Magnified – Gah dal – Exalt, greatly value;
GOD exalts and greatly values HIS WORD  above HIS NAME, HE always stands by HIS WORD, HE does it and never changes HIS Word.  And, of course, GOD greatly values HIS NAME.

So, if GOD allowed Abimelech to pull off his despicable crime, GOD’s Word would be empty, but it is not.  GOD’S WORD is true and sure and dependable.  We can always be confident in His Word, always.

Listen, I want to add this.  Be sure you know GOD’s Word when you AGREE with men or women explaining The Word of GOD –  Because very often they will misquote The Word of GOD.  Often times they will misrepresent it, misstate it, distort it, twist it, slant it, falsify it and put a spin on it.  And for those who follow false teaching, Yeshua will say, “I never knew you, depart from Me you that work lawlessness”, Matthew 7.23.  Lawlessness is the opposite of righteousness.  Being righteous, Paul writes in Romans 2.13 is being a doer of The Law of Moses.  How often do you hear those words?

Genesis 20.3  Our GOD always rescues His People.

    Psalm 37.17, 19

Genesis 20.4-5  Now the comedy and pride of Abimelech begins to show.  He calls himself:

RIGHTEOUS – Living his life according to GOD’s Law – he lives by his law – none.

INTEGRITY – perfect, upright

INNOCENT – pure and clean, doing no wrong, without sin.

He just stole a woman and that person happened to be the wife of Abraham.

Genesis 20.6  Your heart – you see yourself righteous.

Genesis 20.7  No criminal wants to hear those words, especially from GOD.

GOD has a way of getting things done, and He’s on our side.

Genesis 20.8-10  Here’s an unrighteous criminal, blaming Abraham, a Prophet of GOD, for his own wrongs.

Genesis 20.11; Deuteronomy 6.1-2.

Genesis 20.12  She is my sister.

Okay, let’s look at some encouraging Scriptures concerning the faithful GOD and Messiah we serve Who keeps His Covenant and Word and Promises forever.  Hopefully, these words will give you more comfort and peace in your life.

Exodus 23.22,   Deuteronomy 28.1-2, 15;   Isaiah 26.3,

Jeremiah 31.3,   Mark 11.24-25,

John 14.15-16
What GOD says, He means.  If you love Me, keep My Commandments, which are the Law of Moses, and I will give you the Holy Spirit, Who will live with you forever.. Remember, The Messiah Yeshua is GOD ALMIGHTY, the Creator of Heaven and Earth and all that is in it.

1 Corinthians 10.13,   Philippians 4.19,   2 Thessalonians 3.3,

Hebrews 6.10,   Psalm 27.14 Wait = Expect.

The key to this teaching from GOD’s Word is this.  When you serve GOD, and believe on His Messiah Yeshua, and seek to obey His Commandments, The Law of Moses, you can always rely on His every word and promise.  He is faithful.  He can always be trusted and believed.  You can always depend on Him.  He will always support you and defend you.  He is always true to His Word and you can always be confident in The LORD your GOD because He is your strength and salvation, and He will always deliver you from every one of your problems.  He will never leave you or forsake you, because He loves you with an everlasting love.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein