Shalom and good morning.  Our teaching this morning will be from Genesis 28.10-15


VERSES 13-15

GOD gave the Abrahamic Covenant to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the Jewish People forever.  GOD also makes His Covenant available to NON- Jewish people as well.  So, what must non-Jewish folk do for GOD to bless them with this Covenant?

The Abrahamic Covenant is irrevocable.  It is irreversible, it cannot be changed or altered.  It is final and permanent, and it lasts forever.  And from the words spoken by GOD to Jacob in Verses 13-15, The Abrahamic Covenant in short is this.  GOD is The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and The Jewish people forever.  GOD has blessed them with His Jewish Messiah Yeshua, Who as Matthew 1.21 says, “For He shall save His people from their sins”.  GOD has also given His people the land of Israel for an everlasting possession.  For many, the land of Israel could mean our permanent home in the Millennium in Israel and New Jerusalem in Heaven.  The Abrahamic Covenant also promises that GOD will always be with His people, protect them wherever they go, and will never leave them, ever.

So, again, The Abrahamic Covenant is given to The Jewish People, but He also makes it available to others, to those who are not Jewish, for GOD to be THEIR GOD, to bless them with His Messiah Yeshua, and as The LORD says in Hosea 2.23, “And I will have mercy upon her that had not obtained mercy, and I will say to them which were not My people, you are My people; and they shall say, you are my GOD”.  However, is just saying I believe in Jesus enough for GOD to bless those who are not Jewish with His Covenant, The Abrahamic Covenant?  Or is more required and expected, even demanded to receive His Covenant?

Let’s quickly say this, as Paul teaches in Ephesians 2.8-9, “For by grace are you saved through faith, and that not of yourselves.  It is a gift of GOD, not of works lest any man should boast”.  That is, we don’t have to do anything to receive the gift of believing in Yeshua.  It’s a gift from GOD.  Again, is just saying I believe in Jesus enough for GOD to bless others with The Abrahamic Covenant, or is more expected?  Of course, more is expected from The LORD GOD.  More is required than just saying I believe in Jesus to receive His Abrahamic Covenant and all His Covenants.  Hebrews 4.11 teaches, “Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief”.  The correct walk with GOD and Messiah takes labor; work.  It takes more than just saying I believe in Jesus.

Thus, when the Chosen and Elect who are not Jewish do what GOD requires, you join in with GOD’s Chosen People, His Jewish People and become a fellow heir together in the Abrahamic Covenant, and all GOD’s Covenants and all His promises and blessings, having hope and having His Messiah.  You become fully part of GOD’s Chosen People because you did and you do what GOD requires of you.

GOD’s Plan for those who are not Jewish to join in with His Chosen People began some 3,500 years ago when a mixed multitude or non-Israelites joined The Children of Israel during the Exodus when GOD led them out of Egypt to the promised land, the land of Israel.  And the time was the first Passover.  GOD clearly spelled out His requirements for The Children of Israel and the strangers with them, those who were not of the Children of Israel.  Those requirements GOD gave them 3,500 years ago, or His Laws and Commandments are everlasting.  THEY NEVER CHANGE.  They are not only for the Children of Israel and the strangers with them but for ALL mankind, for GOD says in Deuteronomy 32.1, “Hear O earth”, that is, listen and obey.  “Hear O earth the words of My mouth”.  GOD’s words, laws and commandments are for everyone.  Messiah teaches in Matthew 4.4, “Man shall live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of GOD”.

                            EXODUS 12.43-49  at the Exodus

EXODUS 12.38  MIXED MULTITUDE – if you will, Jews and non-Jews.

EXODUS 12.43  ORDINANCE – KHOOKAH – Law and Commandments

No stranger shall eat the Passover (Lamb).
STRANGER – BEN NAYKHAR – son or daughter of a foreigner, not of the Children of Israel.

EXODUS 12.44  When a male servant, non-Israelite, is circumcised, he is allowed to participate in the Passover.  We’ll speak of circumcision in a minute or two.

EXODUS 12.45  Each person was to remain in their house in observing The Passover.

No bones of The Passover Lamb were to be broken.  Not one of Messiah’s bones was broken when He was killed.  He is our Passover Lamb for atonement of our sins..

EXODUS 12.47  The requirements to observe the Passover are for all Jewish people and the stranger that joins in.  To eat nothing leavened during the 7 days of Passover.  No bread or pastry, etc.

EXODUS 12.48  Men not of the Children of Israel had to be circumcised to keep The Passover.  All Israelite males were circumcised on the 8th day after their birth.

                            LUKE 2.21, GALATIANS 2.3  We’ll delve more into that shortly.

EXODUS 12.49  Here is the requirement for the NON-JEWISH Believer in The Jewish Messiah.  You must obey the Law given to The Children of Israel.  It is GOD’s Commandment.  “One Law shall be to him that is homeborn, The Israelite, The Jewish person, and to the stranger that dwells among you.”  This IS NOT CONVERTING to Judaism but doing what GOD requires.  And GOD’s Laws never change.

What are some of GOD’s Laws?  Observe Saturday Sabbath, the 7th day.  Sunday never was the sabbath and never will be the sabbath.  Observe GOD’s Festivals found in Leviticus 23, and keep His food Laws found in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14.  GOD’s Laws never change and they are for all mankind.

Now, let’s discuss circumcision.  My thinking why non-Jewish male Believers do not require circumcision comes from Messiah’s words in 

                            MATTHEW 16.18-19

VERSE 18  THIS ROCK – the rock or foundation is Yeshua.

–  MY CHURCH – EKKLAYSEEAH – called out from the world of sin.  That is, those who are called out by GOD to obey Him and become like Yeshua, obedient to His Laws and Commandments.

–  Not prevail – not defeat us.  We will never see hell.

VERSE 19  WHATSOEVER YOU SHALL BIND on earth, i.e., put under AN OBLIGATION, A REQUIREMENT, will be required in Heaven by GOD.

WHATSOEVER YOU SHALL LOOSE, or NOT require, on earth such as circumcision for non-Jewish male Believers, will not be required in Heaven by GOD.

Thus I believe Messiah’s Disciples asked Him to release or loosen non-Jewish male Believers from the requirement of circumcision, and He agreed, and said yes.

                            NUMBERS 9.14, NUMBERS 15.13-16, 1 JOHN 5.3


uncircumcised in heart is rejecting and willfully not obeying The Law of Moses and GOD’s Commandments.

LEVITICUS 16.29-31

The Day of Atonement.
AFFLICT your souls – be humble and submit to The LORD.

LEVITICUS 24.22  Again, 1 Law for both Jewish and non-Jewish Pe

However, The King of Israel can never be non-Jewish, a stranger, a gentile.  He must be Jewish.  The Messiah Who is King of Israel is Jewish.

                            DEUTERONOMY 17.14-15, 18-20

And Messiah is GOD            ISAIAH 43.15

Man has led mankind astray even today.  And as Yeshua says, “The blind lead the blind and both will fall into a ditch.  (Matthew 15.14)  But GOD says, obey Him, keep His Sabbath and His Covenant, His Word, Law and Commandments and you will see Him in His Holy Mountain in the Millennium and throughout eternity.

                            ISAIAH 56.1-8

The New Covenant which is The New Testament requires everyone to obey GOD’s Law of Moses.  It is written.

                                       JEREMIAH 31.31-35
When we receive Messiah, it is a gift of GOD, GOD puts His Law in our hearts to obey.  satan’s M.O. is to lead us astray to disobey GOD.  satan never changes.  he is a murderer to those he leads astray, and a liar who does not stand in the truth.  Because there is no truth in him.

Paul teaches a metaphor, sort of a word picture of the elect non-Jewish Believers joining the Jewish Believers and becoming fully part of GOD’s Chosen People, inheriting all GOD’s Covenants, promises, blessings, hope and Messiah that all lead to eternal life in Heaven.

                            ROMANS 11.16-17

VERSE 16  FIRSTFRUIT – the dough for the showbread in The Temple is Holy.

THE LUMP – The showbread in The Temple is Holy.

THE ROOT IS HOLY – The root of the olive tree, which is Israel.  The root is GOD and Messiah Who requires all to obey His Law.  As it is written, 1 law shall be for both you of The Congregation and also for the stranger that dwells with you.

VERSE 17  BROKEN OFF BRANCHES – unbelieving Jews

YOU BEING A WILD OLIVE TREE:  WILD – Webster’s – not subject to regulation, that is, from a group not obedient to GOD.  Now you are a Believer in Messiah obeying GOD’s Law and Commandments.

GRAFTED IN among them, The Jewish Believers.  You are now joined into the Believing Jewish Community along with the Apostles, Prophets and Yeshua Himself, becoming fully part of GOD’s Chosen People.

PARTAKE IN THE ROOT, which is GOD, and the fatness of the olive tree.  Now being fully part of GOD’s Chosen People because you believe in Messiah and obey GOD’s Law, you receive His Abrahamic Covenant, adn all His Covenants, promises, blessings, hope and Messiah, everything wonderful promised to His Jewish People that leads to Heaven.

ROMANS 11.22  But we must continue in obedience to GOD lest He removes us from His Chosen.

ROMANS 11.23  Jewish People who turn from unbelief in Messiah and disobedience to GOD, who now believe in Messiah and obey GOD, are grafted back in and become part of GOD’s family, His Chosen and Elect.

Let’s complete this morning’s teaching with one of Messiah’s parables, the parable of the 10 virgins, just to prove how important it is for those who claim Jesus to also obey GOD, His Law and His Commandments, because the 5 virgins who did not get invited to the marriange supper of Messiah, were those who did not obey His Law.  It’s that simple.

                            MATTHEW 25.1-13

25.1  THE KINGDOM OF Heaven.  GOD, and The Salvation of GOD.

VIRGINS – unmarried daughters

VERSE 2  WISE – intelligent
                 FOOLISH – dull and stupid

VERSE 3  No oil, no Holy Spirit.  Why?  Because they did not obey GOD.  ACTS 5.32

MATTHEW 25.4  The wise had oil, The Holy Spirit.  They believed in Messiah and obeyed GOD’s Law.

VERSE 10  READY – Prepared
-Those who were ready and prepared were Believers in Messiah and like Him, were obedient to GOD.  And Messiah is GOD Almighty Who is The Lawgiver Who gave The Law to all the world using His Jewish People as witnesses to reveal it through His Written Word in The Bible.

VERSE 11-12  That’s why it is so important to obey GOD.  They didn’t, and were locked out.

VERSE 13  Watch, The LORD warns, because we don’t know when Messiah will return.  Messiah (Matthew 24.13) said, he or she that endures to the end will be saved.  Obeying GOD is forever there are no vacations.  We must endure to the end.

In conclusion, GOD never changes.  He requires everybody to obey Him.  The challenge is that so many live and teach disobedience to GOD.  Yeshua said, the way is narrow which leads to life, and so few find it.  Messiah also teaches that those who will enter The Kingdom of Heaven do the will of His Father which is in Heaven.  They will obey His Law.  For those who don’t (Matthew 7.23), He will say, depart from Me you worker of lawlessness.  Much better to obey GOD and be blessed with His Abrahamic Covenant, and all His Covenants, and His promises and blessings, His Messiah, and hope that all lead to eternal life in Heaven, GOD’s Paradise.


Shalom.  Good Morning.  Our teaching and Message is from Genesis 28.1-15


GENESIS 28.1-2
Now, Jacob, well it was necessary for Jacob to leave his home and his mother and father, because if he stayed, his brother Esau would have killed him. Esau hated Jacob because his father Isaac had blessed Jacob and not him.  Isaac being old and nearly blind, Jacob’s mother Rebecca disguised Jacob to appear like Esau so Jacob would receive the blessing.  So, Isaac blessed Jacob thinking he was Esau.  However, GOD’s eternal plan included Jacob and not Esau.  That was GOD’s sovereign will, and no one can change it.  And no one did change it.

So Jacob listened to his mother and left for his Uncle Laban’s house in Syria some 600 miles up the road.  Laban was Jacob’s mother’s brother and he had 2 daughters, Leah and Rachel.  His parents had commanded him that he was not to take a wife from the daughters of the Canaanites because of the abominable ways the Canaanites lived their lives.  But before leaving, Isaac blessed his son Jacob.

GENESIS 28.3-4
So, Isaac blessed Jacob with the blessing of Abraham, known as The Abrahamic Covenant, which was inherited by Isaac and Jacob and the Jewish people.  The blessing is this.  GOD will make of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob a great nation.  That great nation is Israel.  And GOD will bless Jacob and make his name great, and Jacob will be a blessing.  And GOD will bless those who bless Jacob and his Jewish descendants, and curse those who curse Jacob and His Jewish descendants. AND IN JACOB, ALL THE FAMILIES OF THE EARTH WILL BE BLESSED.  And the number of his descendants, who are the Jewish people, will be as many as the stars in the Heavens over the ages.  And this covenant GOD established with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is an everlasting covenant that will never end.  GOD will be the GOD of Jacob and the GOD of the Jewish people forever.  And GOD gave the land of Canaan, which today is The Land of Israel, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to the children of Israel for an everlasting possession.  And GOD will be their GOD, forever.  The Abrahamic Covenant is found in Genesis 12.1-3, Genesis 15.5 and Genesis 17.7-8.

GENESIS 28.5    
PADAN-ARAM   Is or was in Syria about 600 miles north of Canaan where Jacob lived. 

GENESIS 28.6-9
We see that Esau was a rebellious guy.  If his parents said one thing, he did the other.  GOD says, “Honor your Father and Mother that your days may be long upon The Land which The LORD your GOD gives you”. Yet GOD blessed Esau because he was Isaac’s son.  GOD gave Esau the land of Seir or Mt. Seir which became Edom, and its people, the Edomites, descended from Esau.  Edom however or Mt. Seir do not exist today.  They have vanished off the face of the earth. Israel, however lives and will live forever.  Isaiah 66.22

                            GENESIS 32.3

Perhaps realizing what her name meant, she changed it later in life to BAHSMATH – meaning fragrance.

                            GENESIS 36.1-3

Jacob and his family lived in Beer-Sheba.  That’s where his Grandfather Abraham lived.  Beer-Sheba means well of the oath and it’s about 50 miles southwest of Jerusalem in southern Israel in the Negev.  Some 4,000 years later, it’s still a city in southern Israel.

Edom was the southern half of today’s Jordan, southeast of the Dead Sea.  The name Edom is not found on the map today.

Haran would be in today’s Syria near the Euphrates River some 600 miles north of Beer-Sheba.

GENESIS 28.11-12
Sometimes we might have a dream from The LORD GOD.  I had that experience once.  We had a homosexual in our Congregation when we first started some years back,  and in a dream I had, a voice kept repeating over and over again, 2 Corinthians 6.3, 2 Corinthians 6.3, 2 Corinthians 6.3.

                            2 CORINTHIANS 6.3

NO OFFENCE – no occasion for sin or stumbling, or no reason for sin or stumbling.
MINISTRY – service
BLAMED – discredited, flawed, disgraceful, blemished

So I called that person first thing in the morning, told her of the dream, and said, she should return to being a woman.  That’s what GOD intended for you.  She refused and left the Congregation.

GENESIS 28.13-15
Here is GOD speaking to Jacob from Heaven above that great ladder, assuring him that he will inherit the blessing He gave to Abraham and his father Isaac, The Abrahamic Covenant.  This was GOD’s sovereign choice.  It is Law for an Everlasting Covenant.  It’s GOD’s election.

There was never any trickery or deceit in Jacob, or his mother Rebecca.  The promise GOD made to Rebecca about Jacob and Esau, even before they were born was a Law and a Covenant that was to be made with Jacob; not Esau.  And GOD never changes, even though so many people try to change Him and His Word and His Laws.  Speaking about impossible.

First the promise GOD made to Rebecca.

                            GENESIS 25.22-23

-TWO NATIONS – Israel and Edom
-TWO PEOPLES – The one people shall be stronger than the other.  The one people, Jacob  and Israel will be stronger spiritually in The LORD and will live forever.  That is Israel and the Jewish People  (Isaiah 66.22).  Esau and Edom will be empty spiritually, in darkness, and will vanish from the face of the earth.
-The elder Esau will serve the younger Jacob.

                            GENESIS 22.17, ZECHARIAH 14.9

(Genesis 22.17)  During the 1,000 year Millennium, Jewish Believers in Messiah and non-Jewish Believers will rule in those cities and countries that were enemies to the Jewish People and Israel.

(Zechariah 14.9)  Messiah is from the seed of Jacob, and as it is written in Daniel 7.14, All people, nations and languages should serve Him.  His dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away, and His Kingdom that which shall not be destroyed.

And GOD never changes.  His Word, His Law and His Covenants are forever, for an everlasting Covenant.

                            MALACHI 3.6, PSALM 33.11, NUMBERS 23.19
                            HEBREWS 13.8, ROMANS 11.29, PSALM 105.6-10

GENESIS 28.14 
Jacob’s descendants, the Jewish People, will over the thousands of years of their existence, be in number and as numerous as the dust of the earth.  My calculation would be some 700 million Jewish people would have lived over 4,000 years since Abraham.

And GOD said to Jacob, “And in you, and in your seed, shall all the families of the earth be blessed.  That is, and in you Jacob, and in your seed, the Jewish People, shall all the families of the earth be bless

This blessing is one of the most important blessings of GOD found in The Bible. But most people throughout the world blindly and happily either disregard it, or refuse it.  Yet, we can find this blessing at least 6 times in Scripture.

                            GENESIS 12.3, GENESIS 18.16-18, GENESIS 22.15-18
                            GENESIS 26.1-5, GENESIS 28.14, GALATIANS 3.8

So, what does GOD’s blessing mean when He said to Jacob, “And in you, and in your seed, shall at the families of the earth be blessed?”

It has at least a 2 fold teaching.

#1  All the families of the earth will be blessed in The Messiah Yeshua Who comes from the seed or descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, The Jewish People.  Yeshua said in John 4.22, “Salvation is of the Jews”.  That is, all who receive Messiah and obey Him, who are conformed to His likeness, that is, they become like Him, obedient to GOD, they will be blessed.  They will be blessed with every spiritual blessing from GOD, even eternal life in Heaven, the Paradise of GOD.

#2  All the families of the earth are blessed by being shown the true knowledge of GOD from The Bible which was written by the seed of Jacob, the Jewish People who wrote the entire Bible from Genesis 1 through Revelation 22.  GOD’s Word was revealed to them by His spoken Word, which instructs all mankind how to lead their lives, what GOD requires of us.  And if they pay attention to His Word and obey what He says, they will be blessed.

So, what does The LORD your GOD require of you?  What is the duty of man? which GOD teaches in The Bible.  To fear The LORD your GOD; to walk in all His ways, and to love HIm, and to serve The LORD your GOD with all your heart and with all your soul; to keep His Commandments, and His Laws, and His Statutes which include faith in His Messiah Yeshua (Deuteronomy 18.15-19, Isaiah 7.14, Isaiah 9.6, etc.).  Yeshua said in Matthew 4.4 and Luke 4.4, “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word of GOD”.  Those words come from The Law of Moses which are written in Deuteronomy 8.3.

Thus, everyone who receives Messiah Yeshua and obeys what is written in The Scriptures, The Commandments of GOD, His Laws and His Statutes will be blessed above all peoples.  They will enter in through the gates into the city, New Jerusalem.  They will inherit eternal life in Heaven where there will be no more tears or death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither will there be any more pain, for the former things will have passed away.

In you, GOD said to Jacob, “and in your seed, shall all the families of the earth be blessed”.  But so many miss it.

Here are a couple, three blessings for GOD’s elect.

                            PROVERBS 3.33, EXODUS 23.25, JOB 1.6-12

Part of life, part of the lives of the children of GOD is sprinkled with testings, trials, difficulties, hard times, trouble, fears which Peter refers to as trials of your faith, fiery trials.  And they always seem to come upon us too often.  GOD teaches us in Deuteronomy 8.2 that He wants to humble us, and know what is in our hearts; I think He already knows, will we keep the Commandments or not.

There’s a Rabbinic understanding, perhaps even a teaching about Abraham.  And I’m not saying it’s correct, but it’s an interesting thought for our own lives.  And the Rabbinic belief is this.  In order for Abraham to win his new status, to be father of the Jewish People, and to receive God’s Blessing, The Abrahamic Covenant,  Abraham had to prove his greatness by passing 10 tests of faith.  I believe the true servants of GOD must pass our own tests of faith.  We have all experienced them, difficult, difficult times, fiery trials.

Abraham’s trials or tests consisted of giving up his past and follow GOD’s command to go to Canaan, a new land for him, which of course is Israel today.  His greatest test came when The LORD asked him to sacrifice his only son Isaac whom he loved, and offer him up as a burnt offering on one of the mountains GOD pointed out to him.  And Abraham agreed.  But just before he was about to kill his Son, GOD called out to Abraham from Heaven.  His words are recorded in GENESIS 22.10-18

GOD’s trials work like this, always.  His fiery trial, He ends it, and then He blesses us.  But we must obey GOD.  As Followers of Messiah Yeshua,  we must obey His Commandments and His Laws, The Law Of Moses.

Job was also tested mightily by GOD.  And GOD did end it, and then He blessed Job.  GOD tested Job with great agony, and Job passed GOD’s test because we read nowhere that Job broke any of GOD’s Commandments.  He obeyed them all.  And that’s what the tests of faith are all about.  GOD wants to know what’s in our hearts.  Will we obey Him or not?  And when we pass the test, GOD will bless us mightily.  We can read of GOD’s blessings to Job in JOB 42.10-17.

                            JOB 42.10-17
1 CORINTHIANS 10.13 and PSALM 23 which s for the living, not the dead.

(1 CORINTHIANS 10.13)  TEMPTATION – Test of faith
                                         FAITHFUL – We can always rely on The LORD GOD
                                         NOT SUFFER – will not allow you
                                         TEMPTED – tested
                                         ESCAPE – He will end it
                                         BEAR IT – you will be able to endure it

So, let’s finish our Message with Verse 15 of Genesis 28. A good verse to close on because The LORD will always guard and protect you, always.

                           GENESIS 28.15

KEEP – SHAHMAHR – guard and protect

So, in conclusion, it was always GOD’s intention to bless Jacob with His blessing, The Abrahamic Covenant.  Not Esau.  And Jacob was never a deceiver.  That’s man’s understanding; not GOD’s. 

And GOD keeps His Word and His promises.  He never changes, and He will always protect you wherever you go; and He will always deliv
er you from every fiery trial of faith, because we obey The LORD, and He blesses us.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


Shalom.  This morning our message will be from Genesis 28.1-2, and the title of it is, “This Message is rated R”.


The timing of Isaac blessing his son Jacob is just prior to Jacob leaving his parent’s house in Canaan to go to his Uncle’s family in Padan-aram in Syria.  Esau had set his heart on killing his brother Jacob because he felt he was tricked and cheated, that he himself should have received the blessing from his father Isaac, and not Jacob.  However, we learn from GOD’s teaching in His Word that it is NOT according to works but according to GOD’s own purpose Who does the choosing.  And GOD chose Jacob and not Esau.  Thus, the disguise of Jacob, I believe, was supernaturally instituted by GOD Himself.  And Isaac gave the blessing to Jacob as The LORD had always intended.

GENESIS 28.1-2  QUESTION:  Why was it so offensive and abominable for Jacob to marry a Canaanite woman?  Why was the thought of Jacob taking a wife from the Canaanites so disgusting for Isaac and Rebecca?

The Canaanite people were Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Jebusites, Hivites, Canaanites, Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadomites, Rephaim, and Girgashites.  And Isaac said to his son Jacob, you shall not take a wife from the daughters of Canaan.


Rebecca was overly sad, even distressed at the thought of her son Jacob marrying a Canaanite woman.  The people of Heth were Canaanites.

WEARY = KOOTS – Listen to what this word means: disgusted, anxious, loathed, abhorred, horrified, hated, distressed, thinking that Jacob might marry a Canaanite woman.

Abraham also rejected having his son Isaac marry a Canaanite woman.  He made his servant swear by The LORD GOD of Heaven that he would not take a wife for Isaac from the Canaanite women.

GENESIS 24.1-3.4

Why?  What was so offensive and disgusting about the Canaanite people???  The answer.  Their way of life, their laws, their faith.  Much like what is practiced today in this country and all the world.  Their faith and customs and laws in the eyes of GOD stunk to high Heaven.  They were an abomination to Him, disgusting just as the many things that are done today before our very eyes does GOD hate.

We first read about the decadence and immorality of the Canaanites from The LORD GOD in GENESIS 15.13-16.


INIQUITY = AHVONE – sin, perversity, depravity, turning away from GOD from what is right and good.

AMORITES are Canaanites (Genesis 15.18-21)

NOT YET FULL – not finished because GOD will put an end to their sins and depravity when He brings the children of Israel into Canaan to conquer it and possess it.

So, what were the sins of the Canaanites that Abraham, Isaac and Rebecca and The LORD GOD Himself found so repulsive and disgusting?  And this is why this message is rated “R”.


VERSE 3 DOINGS – Don’t act like them.

NEITHER SHALL you walk in their ordinances – you shall not live by their laws, their customs, their practices and faith.

VERSES 4-5  1.  We shall live according to GOD’s Laws.  This is not taught today, except in Judaism.

2.  If a man do, he shall live in them.  “This is how man shall live, by obeying My Statutes, and Judgments”.

MAN = AHDAHM – a human being, Jewish and not Jewish

VERSE 6 NEAR OF KIN – close relatives, extended family.  To uncover their nakedness or nudity – none shall have sexual relations with their close relatives or extended family.

VERSE 10  Because their sexual disgrace will be their own.

VERSE 18  You shall not take a woman in addition to her sister to make them rivals or adversaries.
VEX – trouble her, to be an adversary or enemy.

VERSE 19 – UNCLEANESS – her period

VERSE 22  you shall not practice homosexuality.

VERSE 26  Why are we taught by so many Bible teachers so forcefully that we SHOULD NOT keep and obey GOD’s Statutes and Judgments, which are The Law of Moses?  Because they don’t know the truth and reject it.

VERSE 27 MEN – PEOPLE of the land


So, now we know why Abraham, Isaac, Rebecca and GOD Almighty were disgusted with the Canaanites.
-They had sexual relations with their family and relatives.
-They worshipped their god Molech by sacrificing their children through fire.
-Their laws permitted homosexuality
-Had relations with animals.  And a whole lot more trash.

Now we know that the sexual relations Lot’s daughters had with their father was permissable under Canaanite law.  GOD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of their depravity.

ANOTHER QUESTION:  Why do the religions of today outside of Judaism abolish GOD’s Law of Moses and His Commandments?  Teaching their membership not to obey GOD’s Law of Moses?  Yeshua, Who is GOD Almighty, Who is Himself The Lawgiver, Who wrote The Law of Moses, says in John 14.15, “If you love Me, keep My Commandments”, and yet most believers in Jesus Christ obey nothing He says.  The Bible teachers of this world will be held accountable.  They will have to answer to GOD for their actions and their teachings.

Back to the Canaanites.  Because it doesn’t end there.  There’s more.  They continued to defy the instructions of GOD, just as this nation and all nations do today; defy GOD.


VERSE 6 FAMILIAR SPIRITS – necromancy or necromancer, is divination through communication with the dead.  Divination is the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge.

WIZARDS – magicians, sorcerers

VERSES 7-8  This is a definition of a true Believer in The Messiah Yeshua.  Anything else is hypocricy, a fake.

VERSE 10  If the adulterer does not change and turn to GOD, and obey Him, that person’s end will be eternal death.

VERSE 18  HER SICKNESS – her period

VERSE 22-23  Obeying GOD prevents us from sinning against Him.  John emphasizes that in 1 John 3.4.

VERSE 25  Eating what GOD says not to eat is an abomination to GOD, and compared to all the other abominations in this Chapter. Think on that. It is an abomination to GOD.  It is disobedience to GOD. God’s food laws are found in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 and must be obeyed. The Lord our God never changes, Isaiah 40.8, Malachi 3.6, Hebrews 13.8, etc.

VERSE 26  GOD’s Elect obey GOD’s Statutes, His Law of Moses and His Commandments, and they receive Messiah Yeshua for atonement for their sins.  That is the evidence of being GOD’s Chosen, and being saved.

VERSE 27  The question is sometimes sarcastically asked, “Why don’t we stone witches to death today?  It’s the Law of Moses?”  Because that’s murder and against the law of the land, at least here in the U.S.  Peter teaches in 1 Peter 2.13, Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for The LORD’s sake.  However, if that witch or adulterer or sinner does not change and does not return to GOD and does not obey His Laws, and does not receive Messiah Yeshua for atonement for all their sins, and then start leading a Lawful life according to GOD’s Laws, if that person does not turn, according to GOD’s Word, he or she faces eternal death.  Yet GOD gives everyone a chance to turn.

Here are more abominations of the Canaanites, even some of the many things done openly  in this country and worldwide.


VERSE 10 DIVINATION is witchcraft
ENCHANTER – practices magic spells
WITCH – sorcerer, practices magic

VERSE 11  CHARMER – medium, or consulter with demons.
ith familiar spirits – consulting with the dead.
WIZARD – practices magic arts.
NECROMANCER – consults with the dead.

VERSE 13 is advice to those who call themselves Believers in The Messiah.  “You shall be perfect with The LORD your GOD”.  You should obey Him, His Laws and His Commandments.
That is being perfect with the Lord along with our belief in Yeshua

VERSE 14 OBSERVERS OF TIMES – practice magic
DIVINERS – practice witchcraft


Why do so many teach that obeying The Law of Moses is works and legalism?  Even teaching loss of salvation if you obey the Law of Moses, when obedience to The LORD GOD should be our delight?

EXODUS 23.20-25

A key verse here is Verse 25.  I believe that this country and most all humanity have taken on more practices of the Canaanites and pagans than they have in obeying The GOD of Creation and His Laws.

GOD teaches that those who love GOD and obey Him, along with their faith in Messiah, become GOD’s Chosen People, a Holy People, a special people unto GOD above all the people that are upon the face of the earth.


VERSE 9  Is a teaching on the 2nd Commandment, teaching what it means to love GOD.  Loving GOD is obeying Him.


DEUTERONOMY 7.10  Hating GOD is disobeying GOD.  Ezekiel 18.4

BACK TO DEUTERONOMY 7.11-13  This is the foundation of GOD’s teaching, of all Biblical instruction; Obey Him.  And when you obey Him, He will bless you.  (See Ephesians 2.19-20)

A current phenomenon today is birds falling dead from the sky, and dead fish washing up on the shores.  Why is this?  I believe it’s a warning from GOD, call it a mini-plague because of disobedience to Him, throughout the world.


PLAGUE = MAHKEH – A plague is a slaughter,  like the dead birds and fish.  It’s also a pestilence, a contagious or infectuous epidemic disease that is devastating like bubonic plague.


WICKEDNESS (Jeremian 12.4) RAH, evil, things that displease GOD, wrong, i.e. turning away from GOD from what is right and good.

The words of Deuteronomy 12.28 summarize this morning’s teaching.  As Yeshua says more than a few times, “Who has ears to hear, let him hear”.


So, let the Bible teachers of this world teach that.  Let them teach the truth and not lies.  For it’s the truth that sets us free from sin and death.  That gives us the right to enter into eternal life in Heaven, not to mention the blessings we receive on earth.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


Shalom.  Happy New Year.  Our message will be from Genesis 27.41-45

Read GENESIS 27.41-45

GENESIS 27.41  And why the hatred that Esau had toward his brother Jacob?

Because Esau felt he was tricked and cheated by his brother Jacob when his father Isaac blessed Jacob and not him.  But it was Jacob whom GOD chose for HIS purpose, FOR GOD’S PLAN that will continue even throughout eternity.  And no one can change it or cancel it or abolish it.  GOD will do His pleasure.  GOD spoke it.  He will bring it to pass.  He purposed it and He will do it.  And as The Bible says, not according to works, but according to GOD’s own purpose.

Even before Rebecca gave birth to her twins Esau and Jacob, even when they were still in her womb, GOD told her, and these words are found in Genesis 25.23, “2 nations are in your womb, and 2 manner of people shall be separated from your body, and the 1 people shall be stonger than the other people, and the elder will serve the younger.”  And as history unfolds, GOD’s prophecy is and will be fulfilled as He promised.  The 2 nations in Rebecca’s womb were Edom and Israel.  The 2 manner of people separated from Rebecca’s body were the Edomites and the children of Israel, who of course are the Jewish People.  And the Jewish People were the stronger of the 2 peoples.  Edom and the Edomites are extinct today.  They have vanished.  The Jewish People live and will be forever.  And the elder did and will serve the younger.  Edom served Israel for years during the 1st Temple period and before.  And the Edomites and all peoples will serve The Messiah Yeshua in the future Messianic Kingdom and throughout eternity.  Messiah descends from the seed of Jacob and not the seed of Esau.  GOD purposed it that way.  GOD does all His pleasure and no one can change it.

Many years after the birth of Esau and Jacob, their Father Isaac, a GODly and righteous man, and perhaps a prophet of GOD, decided to bless Esau with a blessing that would in effect pass on all the promises to Esau that GOD made with Abraham and inherited by his son Isaac.  But GOD chose Jacob to receive those promises and not Esau.  Why Isaac decided to change GOD’s plan by blessing Esau with GOD’s blessings is for some reason not told in Scripture.  But, no doubt, this event was brought about by GOD Himself to show forth His power, and that His will, and purpose, and His election never change.  As The Bible says, it is impossible for GOD to lie.  That is, He cannot make an untrue statement.  Never.

So, it’s my belief that GOD moved Rebecca to disguise her son Jacob and have Isaac who was nearly blind, wrongly mistake Jacob for Esau and have Isaac bless Jacob with his blessings rather than Esau.  Which, of course, he did.  The disguise may have saved Esau’s life because GOD could not allow Esau to receive the promises.  They belong to Jacob.  And these are the blessings GOD preordained for Jacob to inherit.  The blessings and promises are known as The Abrahamic Covenant are found in GENESIS 12.1-3, GENESIS 15.5 AND GENESIS 17.7-8.

So therefore the hatred.  Esau felt it was his birthright and blessing.  Not so, because the purpose of GOD according to election must stand.  Even before Esau and Jacob were born, GOD chose Jacob to be the father of the Jewish People along with his Grandfather and Father Abraham and Isaac.  And from the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Jacob’s son Judah, GOD chose them to be the ancestors of The Messiah Yeshua as far as his physical descent is concerned.  Messiah is GOD Almighty, and as you know, He also came to earth as a man.  A Jewish man.  So, GOD’s purpose will stand and endure.  Even though others may oppose it, GOD will bring it to pass, and He will do it.  Thus the purpose for this Esau, Jacob episode; is to show us that GOD never changes…and Jacob is NOT a deceiver or a cheat.

back to
GENESIS 27.41-45

So, Jacob did as his Mother said and left for Haran where Rebecca’s brother and family lived.

VERSE 42  COMFORT  NAHKHAM – consoling or comforting himself, and he will TAKE REVENGE by killing you.

Haran today would be in Syria between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers some 600 miles north from where Jacob lived in Canaan, today’s Israel.

And Jacob DID NOT stay with Laban a few days as his Mother Rebecca had hoped, but he lived there for 20 years.  He married Leah and Rachel.  Had 11 sons and a daughter, and servants and he acquired much livestock.  And after 20 years living and working with his Uncle Laban, GOD told him to return home to Canaan.  And as he and his family and servants and livestock were heading back to Canaan, Jacob was told that his brother Esau was coming to meet him.

And Jacob sent messengers to tell his brother Esau, “Your servant Jacob says this.  I stayed with Laban until now, and I have acquired cattle, donkeys, sheep and servants, and I am sending this message to my lord in the hope of gaining your favor”.  And the messengers returned to Jacob and said, “We came to your brother Esau, and he is also coming to meet you with 400 men.  Things are not looking too good for Jacob.  Not good at all.

Jacob, as The Bible says, was greatly afraid.  So he separated everyone that was with him, along with the animals, into 2 groups, thinking, if Esau attacks 1 group, the other will escape.  And what more could Jacob do?  So, he prayed to The LORD GOD for deliverance.  He then took a present for Esau, 200 female goats, 20 male goats, 200 female sheep, 20 rams, 30 camels with their colts, 40 cows, 10 bulls, 20 female donkesy, and 10 male donkeys.  550 animals plus the camel colts.  And he sent them off with his servants to Esau.  And he told them, when my brother Esau meets you, and asks you, who are you, and where are you going, and whose animals are these?  You shall answer, “your servant Jacob’s.  They are a gift sent to my lord Esau, and Jacob is right behind us”.  So Jacob sent his gift before him and remained in his camp that night.  And that night, he took his 2 wives and sons, and daughter and his 2 women servants and crossed a river, and he sent them over a brook with all their possessions.

And Jacob was alone, and there, The Bible says, he wrestled with a man all night til daybreak.  The Man was GOD, Yeshua, and there GOD named Jacob, Israel.

And Jacob looked and he saw Esau coming with 400 men.  And Jacob went to Esau and bowed to him 7 times.  And what did Esau do?  He ran to meet Jacob, and embraced him, and hugged him, and kissed him, and they both wept; tears running down their cheeks.  Do you think The LORD had anything to do with that?  Maybe everything.

So, what does The LORD GOD say about hatred?

LEVITICUS 19.17-18  From The Torah, The Law of Moses.

VERSE 17  BROTHER – perhaps fellow members of GOD’s People, all who have faith in Messiah, here, alll Jewish people, “your brother”.  So, it is a Commandment.  Do not hate your brother.

REBUKE HIM – yes, reason with him or her, correct him.

NOT SUFFER SIN – not bring sin upon yourself because you hate him.

VERSE 18  You shall not AVENGE, or punish him.

GRUDGE – do not have anger against him.

Love your neighbor, (others), as yourself.

1.  Don’t hate – it’s a Commandment of GOD.
2.  Reason with or correct him or her.
3.  Don’t bring sin upon yourself by hating him, her.
4.  Do not punish the person or be angry with him, her.
5.  But you shall love your neighbor, others, as you love yourself.
6.  Hating your brother is sin.

Yeshua explains it all in a few words.


Always treat others as you would have them treat yo
u.  The Law is about love.  Loving GOD, and loving others, and loving yourself.

As Children of GOD, our example as to how we should lead our lives, is GOD.  Our example is GOD.

MATTHEW 5.43-48

VERSE 43  People say that, not GOD or The Law

However, these are things that GOD hates.


GOD hates lies, contention, evil, even imagining evil, and swearing falsely.

QUESTION:  Jacob was 1 of GOD’s elect.  Abraham, Isaac, Moses, David, the Prophets, Apostles and Yeshua are GOD’s elect, and many others are His elect.  How do we know if we are also GOD’s elect?

ANSWER – by knowing we are living our lives as they lived theirs.  Loving GOD and Messiah, and obeying Him.  His Law and His Commandments.


CONFORMED – be like Messiah
IMAGE – OF HIS SON His likeness, i.e., be like Him, fear GOD and obey Him.

FIRSTBORN – He, Messiah, is GOD, the firstborn.  Yet GOD has always been.  Without beginning or end.

– the elect are like Messiah.  We fear GOD and keep His Commandments.

1 PETER 1.2 – The elect are obedient to GOD, who are the few in this evil world.

1 PETER 1.14-16  The elect are holy.  Devoted to GOD; obeying Him.

1 PETER 1.22 – The elect obey the truth.  His Word, Law and Commandments, and love the brethren.

1 PETER 2.9 – The elect of GOD is A CHOSEN GENERATION, a chosen family, a chosen group of people, who love GOD and obey Him.
DEUTERONOMY 10.15-22; 11.1


EXODUS 19.5-6

A HOLY NATION – is a chosen people, and special, who obey Him.


A PECULIAR PEOPLE – different, strange, a treasure of GOD, because we love Him and obey His every word.


So, how do we know we are GOD’s elect?  By loving GOD and Messiah Yeshua.  Obeying GOD, His every Word, His Law of Moses and His Commandments.  Not hating others but loving the brethren.  After all, the elect, GOD’s chosen are a special people unto GOD, above all people that are upon the face of the earth. 

In conclusion, the message focused primarily on Jacob and Esau.  Was Jacob a deceiver?  Absolutely not.  GOD chose Jacob and not Esau to inherit the promises and blessings known as The Abrahamic Covenant.  This episode of Jacob and Esau was brought about by GOD Himself to reveal to us and all the world that His will and purpose and election never change.  GOD never changes.  When GOD says something, consider it done.  He cannot lie.  His Word is Truth.  He is a GOD of Truth.