Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will continue in Genesis 49 where Jacob sat down with his 12 sons and predicted their future and the future of their tribes.  And we will continue with Jacob’s predictions of Judah which are fully prophesies about the Messiah Yeshua, a descendant of the tribe of Judah in His human nature.  And our teaching will also include Jacob’s prophesies on Zebulun, Issachar, Dan, and Jacob’s Messianic statement, I have waited for your salvation O LORD.  Our reading is from Genesis 49.1-2, 11-18.

READ GENESIS 49.1-2, 11-18

Let’s do a review of Verses 8, 9-10 about Judah.

GENESIS 49.8  Jacob’s prediction about his son Judah is most definitely a prophetic picture of The Messiah Yeshua Who is a descendant from the tribe of Judah in His human nature, as a human being.  As we all know, Yeshua is GOD.  He is GOD The Father, He is GOD The Son, and He is GOD The Holy Spirit.  He is The 1 GOD Who is all 3.  Let’s look at some Scriptures to back up that statement.

The Father – John 12.44-45, John 14.6-9, Titus 2.13, 1 John 5.20

The Son, The Messiah – John 1.40-45, John 4.25-26

The Holy Spirit – Romans 8.9, Galatians 4.6, Philippians 1.19

Tnakh confirms Yeshua is The Mighty GOD – Isaiah 9.6

Back to
GENESIS 49.8  Judah’s brothers and families, The House of Israel, and all non-Jewish Believers in Messiah Yeshua, those who hear The Word of GOD and do it, will praise Messiah when He returns to set up His 1,000 year Millennial Kingdom in Israel.  And at His return, His Hand will be at the neck of His enemies.  He will destroy all the enemies of Israel, and His Father’s children will bow down before Him.  Every knee will bow, in Heaven, on earth, and under the earth to The LORD GOD Almighty, Yeshua Ha Mashiakh.  REVELATION 5.11-14

GENESIS 49.9  Poetically, Messiah is a young Lion, and He is an old Lion.  The Son of GOD, the promised Messiah is that young Lion.  And He is also that old Lion, The Mighty GOD, the Everlasting Father, The Ancient of Days.

GENESIS 49.10  This is Jacob’s prophecy of incredible accuracy of Messiah’s 1st and 2nd comings.  Both times Messiah Yeshua will arrive during similar circumstances.  The 1st time Shiloh came some 2,000 years ago, Israel was ruled by Rome.  Their sceptre, or self-rule had been removed by the Romans.  When Messiah returns at some time in the future, coming in the clouds of Heaven, and all the Saints with Him, upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, the nations will have captured Jerusalem and Israel will fall under the control of the nations.  Their sceptre or self-rule will depart, and then Shiloh will arrive.  He will destroy all the people who fought against Jerusalem.  And the beast will be taken, and with him the false prophet that performed miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image.  Then Messiah will set up His magnificent Kingdom in Israel, and all the peoples of the earth will gather to Him, and bow down and worship Him.  They will submit to The King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, and happily and gladly obey Him.  ZECHARIAH 14.16-19

(ZECHARIAH 14.17)  WORSHIP – SHAHKHAH – bow down and worship.

GENESIS 49.11  A FOAL – AHYEER –  a young donkey.

I believe The LORD GOD gave Jacob a vision or dream about Messiah when Jacob prophesied of Judah.  And perhaps The LORD gave Jacob a picture of Messiah’s atoning death, our atonement that forgives all our sins.

Jacob was a mighty prophet of GOD.  A prophet is a messenger of GOD who declares GOD’s will to the people, speaking to them all that GOD commands him, or her.  A good description of a prophet is found in JUDGES 6.7-10

And those words were passed on to the people.

GOD appeared to Jacob in a dream with some prophetic words.

                            GENESIS 28.10-16

VERSE 14  In you, and your descendants shall all the families of the earth be blessed.  The families of the earth are blessed with Messiah Who comes from the Jewish people.  And the families of the earth are blessed by receiving The Word of GOD from the Jewish people who wrote The Bible giving them GOD’s Laws, Commandments, Teachings and Instructions to follow and obey.

GENESIS 49.11  Messiah apparently tied His young donkey to a vine.  The Tnakh predicts The King of Israel, The Messiah would come to them riding on a young donkey.

                            ZECHARIAH 9.9

His coming to His people in Jerusalem in this manner was fulfilled in The New Testament.  JOHN 12.12-15

GENESIS 49.11  He washed His garments in wine, and His clothes in the blood of grapes.  I believe this is prophecy of Messiah’s return and His bloody victory over the enemies of GOD.

                            ISAIAH 63.1-6

VERSE 1  Edom is the land of Esau that is in today’s southern part of Jordan.  And Edom, the land of Esau, was an enemy of Israel, making them enemies of GOD.  EZEKIEL 25.12-14

ISAIAH 63.1  Bozrah is a city in Edom.

He is glorious in His apparel – this is Messiah Yeshua Who is glorious with honor, magnificently dressed, with blood-stained garments.

VERSES 2 & 3, The winevat or winepress are for pressing grapes, therefore His garments are bloody.  This victory will not be a battle; Messiah will do it alone, by Himself.  It will be a slaughter, because the Edomites, among other things, cursed GOD’s people, the Jewish people.

VERSE 4  The day of vengeance – the day of revenge.

                            ISAIAH 34.1-10

VERSE 5  Idumea is Edom

VERSE 8  Vengeance is punishment, revenge with violent force and rage.

ISAIAH 63.4 (CONTINUED)                            2 PETER 3.7, ZEPHANIAH 3.8-9

ISAIAH 63.5  ARM – ZEHROAH – might, power, and strength.

The Arm of The LORD is Messiah, the power of GOD, and the wisdom of GOD Who brings Salvation.

                            1 CORINTHIANS 1.24

ISAIAH 63.5  None to help – no one helped Him
                     None to uphold – no one supported Him, or defended Him.  Everyone opposed Him.
                            LUKE 18.7-8

VERSE 7  AVENGE His own elect – GOD will punish our enemies.

                BEAR LONG – He will surely carry out the punishment.

VERSE 8  Will He find faith in GOD and Messiah.  Faith is trust and obedience to GOD.  He will find NONE, b
ecause the family of GOD will have been resurrected.

ISAIAH 63.6  Have you ever thought, why GOD will destroy this earth and most of the people living on it?  Because of disobedience to Him.  ISAIAH 24.4-6, 19-23

VERSE 21  The host of the high ones transgress The Laws, change the Ordinance, and break the Everlasting Covenant, The Word of GOD.

Again, another question.  Have you ever thought what the mark of the beast represents?

                            REVELATION 19.20-21

THE MARK – KHAR-AG-MAH; the mark is a stamp, an invisable and spiritual badge of servitude that is a mark of slavery and bondage to satan given to those who disobey GOD, those who transgress GOD’s Laws, His Law of Moses, and change His Ordinance, and break His everlasting Covenant which is The Word of GOD.  And there are many.

The Bible says, there is nothing new under the sun.

                            ECCLESIASTES 1.9

And satan never changes, there is nothing new with him.

                            GENESIS 2.15-17

VERSE 17  You shall surely die if you eat from that tree and disobey Me, GOD said.

But satan said to Eve, you will not surely die.  You do not have to obey GOD.  That is satan’s message to the world.  You do not have to obey GOD.  You will not surely die.  There is nothing new under the sun with satan.

                            GENESIS 3.1-6

Because of such great disobedience to GOD which is sin and transgression, GOD will destroy the world.  But He will bless those who love Him and His Messiah Yeshua, and who prove it by obeying Him.  The LORD GOD blesses us with eternal life, and He will bring us into His Kingdom, The Messianic Kingdom on earth for 1,000 years, where GOD will dwell with us, and we will be His people, and GOD Himself will be with us, and be our GOD.  He will wipe away all tears from our eyes, and there will be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain for the former things of grief, and hardship and sin will pass away.

GENESIS 49.12  I believe what is being told here is that GOD in the end of days will destroy the enemies of Israel and all those who diligently disobey Him daily, and as an expression from The Bible, the enemies of GOD, and the enemies of Israel wil be drunk with their own blood, as with sweet wine.  They will drink their own blood.

                            ISAIAH 49.22-26

GENESIS 49.12  And His, Messiah’s teeth were white with milk.  Israel has had its battles and troubles in their own land since the children of Israel at the command of GOD Almighty, conquered Canaan some 3,300 years ago and renamed it Israel after Jacob.  But when Messiah returns and destroys all Israel’s enemies, the house of Israel, and all her non-Jewish brethren, who have joined in with her, those who hear The Word of GOD, and do it, will fully enjoy the land of Israel which GOD calls the land of milk and honey, for 1,000 years in Messiah’s Messianic Kingdom before He takes us to the new earth in Heaven, which is New Jerusalem, forever and ever.

                        DEUTERONOMY 6.1-3


                            SONG OF SOLOMON 5.10-16

Our beloved is our Messiah.

GENESIS 49.13  Zebulun

HAVEN – KHOF – a sheltered bay at the coast of a sea.

Most maps show the distribution of the land of Israel to the 12 tribes, have Zebulun being land-locked between Manasseh, Asher and Issachar and Naphtali.  But The Bible agrees with Jacob’s prophecy that the tribe of Zebulun will dwell at the coast of the sea.  JOSHUA 19.10-11.

GENESIS 49.14-15  ISSACHAR – A STRONG ASS – GEHREHM – a bone, very strong, a strong boned ass of a man.


Men from the tribe of Issachar fought the Canaanites with Deborah and Barak.  Issachar was a strong boned ass of a man.

                            JUDGES 5.15

And they were bright and intelligent.  1 CHRONICLES 12.32

And they gave their allegiance to David.  1 CHRONICLES 12.38-40

And it is possible in Jacob’s prophecy of the tribe of Issachar that they became a servant to tribute meaning, they would collect taxes from the Canaanites.

                            JUDGES 1.27-28, 30

Issachar’s parcel of land in Israel was small.  It was north of Manasseh, bordering Manasseh at the Sea of Galillee.

GENESIS 49.16  DAN – DAHN – judge

Samson was from the tribe of Dan and he judged or governed Israel for 20 years.

                            JUDGES 13.1-3, 24-25

GENESIS 49.17  Dan or Samson was like a serpent by the way who defeated his enemies.

                            JUDGES 16.28-31

GENESIS 49.18  I have waited for your Salvation, O LORD.

The word Salvation comes from the Hebrew word Yeshua.

                        O LORD        HAVE I WAITED        FOR YOUR SALVATION


I have  WAITED – to expect, look patiently, wait for

For Your Salvation, Your Yeshua.

Perhaps, and only perhaps, GOD gave Messiah the Name Yeshua which means Salvation because Jacob said to GOD, I have waited for Your Yeshua Your (Salvation).  And Salvation means, deliverance and victory, saved and prosperity, help and health.  This is the first time Yeshua or Salvation is written in The Bible when Jacob said, I have waited for Your Salvation O LORD.  And Yeshua is our Salvation.
                            MATTHEW 1.21, ISAIAH 12.2

Our only Salvation is Yeshua The Messiah.  He is GOD Almighty, The Creator of Heaven and earth and everything in them.  He is GOD The Father.  He is GOD The Son, The Messiah, and Yeshua is GOD The Holy Spirit.  He is The 1 GOD Who saves us for His sake, and loves us.  He is the 1 GOD Who gave His Life for us as a human
being, and was raised on the 3rd day.  He is our Salvation Who says to us, and to all the world, if you love Me keep My Commandments.  Who said, it is written, man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the Mouth of The LORD does man live.  So let us live by every Word that proceeds out of the Mouth of GOD, Whose Name is Yeshua, Salvation. And His Commandments are not difficult.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be from Genesis 49.1-2, 8-10.

READ GENESIS 49.1-2, 8-10

GENESIS 49.1-2  VERSE 1  TELL – NAH GAHD – Announce and predict

49.8  Jacob began his predictions with his first 3 sons Reuben, Simeon and Levi, and he described the tribes that would descend from them.  And Jacob’s words were mingled with praise and criticism for his sons.  And some of his words, perhaps because of the translation from Hebrew to English are sometimes hard to unscramble.

And in Verses 8-12, Jacob speaks of Judah, and some refer to Judah as the preeminence or excellence of Judah because King David and The Messiah Yeshua descend from this tribe.  My thinking about Jacob’s words that were written some 3,900 years ago, is that there is a good possibility The LORD GOD gave Jacob a vision or a dream of The Messiah Yeshua when he predicted the future of his son Judah, because the predictions are so accurate about Messiah.

Judah was Jacob’s 4th son by his wife Leah.  Judah in Hebrew is Yeh hoo dah, meaning celebrate or praise.  Yeh hoo dah comes from the Hebrew word Yahdah which means to hold out the hand to worship and revere, to hold in awe and fear, to extend the hands and praise and celebrate.  The word Jew in Hebrew, and most Jewish people don’t know this, is Yeh hoodi which comes from the Hebrew word Yeh hoo dah or Judah.  Thus Jew means a praiser of GOD, one who holds out their hands, praising and celebrating, and worshipping The LORD GOD Almighty in respect and fear.  We don’t see much of that in Judaism today but it will be plentiful in The Millennium and in Heaven with all GOD’s people and all His angels praising The LORD GOD holding out their hands to Him.  It is good to praise The LORD and sing praises to His Name, forever and ever.

GENESIS 49.8  I would say when Jacob uses the name Judah here, he really sees The Messiah in the future.

The word BRETHREN in Hebrew is ANKH; your brethren is AH KHAY KHAH – meaning brothers, relatives, a family.  I would say, the family of Messiah.

Not only Judah’s brothers and families, the whole house of Israel will praise Messiah with outstretched hands, but also all non-Jewish brethren who have faith in Messiah Yeshua, who hear the Word of GOD and do it, will praise Messiah, and are the family of Messiah Yeshua.  You are the Children of GOD.  With that said, The Scriptures teach us what we must do to be part of Messiah’s family, and what we must do to have a relationship with Yeshua.

MATTHEW 12.46-50
VERSE 50 – The WILL of My Father – WILL – thel-ay-mah
DECREE – A decree is a commandment, a law as in The Law of Moses, a statute, an ordinance.

So what must we do to be Messiah’s brethren, to be part of Messiah’s family?  And what must we do to have a relationship with the Messiah Yeshua?  We must do the WILL of The Father which is in Heaven.  We must live our lives according to GOD’s Divine Law, The Law of Moses, which is not difficult, 1 John 5.3.

MATTHEW 25  The Bible says in Genesis 12.3, And I will bless them that bless you and curse him that curses you.  GOD is speaking about Abraham and the Jewish people.  So again, to have a relationship with Messiah, to be part of the family of GOD, The LORD GOD calls on people everywhere to bless the Jewish people.

                            MATTHEW 25.31-46

VERSE 31 – His glory – His splendor, magnificence, majesty and honor.

VERSE 34  These are people from the Gentile nations that did not go up in the resurrection.

VERSE 40  MY BRETHREN – My brothers, My family – The Jewish people and those Non Jewish Believers who have faith in Messiah and who hear the Word of God, and do it.  Of course you know Messiah is Jewish.

VERSE 46  Those who bless the Jewish people as GOD said in Genesis 12.3, He calls righteous, and inherit eternal life. They are ultimately saved by Messiah when they meet Him in the millennium. “They will look upon Him Whom they have pierced, Messiah, and will mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son”, Zechariah 12.10

So GOD’s teaching to be part of His family requires blessing the Jewish people and the Non Jewish Believers who hear the word of God, and do it.

VERSE 14 – COMMUNION – partnership, fellowship

VERSE 15 – CONCORD – agreement

BELIAL – worthlessness, a name for satan.

INFIDEL – unbeliever, a heathen

VERSE 17  Come out from among them – sinners who do not live by GOD’s Law of Moses and break it continually, 1 John 3.4.

UNCLEAN THING – anything, persons or animals GOD describes as unclean.  Unclean means anything defiled, polluted or foul that is pronounced unclean by GOD.

So to be part of GOD’s family, to have a relationship with Messiah Yeshua, do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers.

Separate yourself from sinners, those who transgress GOD’s Divine Law, The Law of Moses daily.

Don’t touch the unclean thing.  Anything, people and animals pronounced unclean by GOD.  And GOD will receive you, and He will be a Father to you, and you will be His sons and daughters saith The LORD Almighty.

LUKE 8.1-15

VERSE 10 – Is an important verse.  Not everyone sees, and not everyone understands GOD and Messiah and His teachings and instructions.

VERSE 13  Temptations are trials or tests of good, and experiences of evil, and some fall away.

VERSE 15  The fruit of the Believer in Messiah is their good works and their obedience to the will of The Father which is in Heaven.  Our fruit is our obedience to GOD’s Divine Law, The Law of Moses, with patience.

Webster’s Dictionary describes patience as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune or pain without complaint, loss of temper, or anger.  An ability or willingness to supress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay.  Patience is quiet, steady perserverance, even tempered care, and diligence which is dedication and commitment.

Thus, according to Yeshua’s words in Verse 15, The Children of GOD hear The Word of GOD, and keep it, and bring forth fruit, with patience. Meaning we hear The Word of GOD, and do it with patience. That is how you have a relationship with Messiah.

Let’s continue on with VERSES 16-21 IN LUKE 8

VERSE 16  We are GOD’s servants and witnesses.  And we show our love for GOD and Messiah, and prove it by our obedience to Him.  1 John 5.3

VERSE 18  Whosoever has received from GOD, spiritual wisdom and knowledge and so much more, even eternal life, to him shall be given even more.  And whosoever does not have from GOD, even what he thinks or guesses he has from GOD will be taken away.

VERSE 21  Again, Messiah says in His own Words, My brethren and My family are those who hear The Word of GOD and do it.

It is asked from time to time, what are works?

                            JAMES 1.25

The perfect law of liberty is Torah, The Law of Moses.  It gives us liberty and freedom from sin and death when we do what it says.  And doing what The Law says is works.  James says, but a doer of the WORK (the Law), this man shall be blessed in his deed. Meaning, he will be blessed for doing The Law.  The New Testament teaches works, obeying The Law, and being blessed by GOD for doing it.

Thus Judah’s brethren and Messiah’s brethren are the family of GOD.  T
he Bible is explicit.  Those who have faith in Messiah and obey His Divine Law, The Law of Moses, you are the family of GOD and Messiah.  As GOD said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them, and I will be their GOD, and they shall be My people.

GENESIS 49.8  Ever think of “Who Messiah’s enemies are?”  Knowing GOD and Messiah are One.

                            PSALM 68.1-3

VERSE 2  WICKED – Ungodly, that do wrong, that disobey GOD.

VERSE 3  RIGHTEOUS – Do right by obedience to Torah.

GOD’s enemies are the ungodly, the unrighteous, those who do wrong and will not obey Him.

DEUTERONOMY 5.10  GOD loves those who love Him, and prove it by obeying Him, His Laws and Commandments, His teachings and instructions.

But there are those who teach disobedience to GOD daily, making them enemies of GOD.  They say, you don’t have to observe GOD’s Sabbath on Saturday, or His Festivals in Leviticus 23, or His food laws in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14, and they say, you don’t have to obey The Law of Moses.  satan said something similar to Eve.  You don’t have to obey GOD, and look where that got us.

                            MATTHEW 5.17-19

VERSE 17 – FULFILL – To make complete.  Messiah completed The Law at His first coming because Messiah is taught in The Law of Moses with prophetic words of His coming.  So when He came some 2,000 years ago, He fulfilled, that is, He completed The Law.  It is now perfect and lacks nothing.

VERSE 19 – The Kingdom of Heaven is the same as The Kingdom of GOD.  Every part of GOD’s Creation is His Kingdom.  He rules over all.  Even hell is part of GOD’s Kingdom.  He rules over that also.  And no one wants to be the least in His Kingdom.  The least in His Kingdom is hell.  But no one is the least in Heaven because we will be Kings and Priests in Heaven.  Messiah says, those who break GOD’s Commandments, and teach others to break GOD’s Commandments will be called the least in The Kingdom of Heaven.  But, He says, whosoever shall do and teach them will be called great in The Kingdom of Heaven.

GENESIS 49.8  Your father’s children will bow down before you.  The Bible does not record that Judaism, the children of Jacob, or the children of Israel bowed down to or will bow before Judah, or will in the future bow down to Judah.  But Scripture does predict that everyone will bow down before the special and unique descendant of Judah, Yeshua The Messiah.

                            PHILLIPIANS 2.9-11, ISAIAH 45.22-23

(Isaiah 45.23)  SWEAR – SHAH VAH – Worship and swear loyalty to GOD.

GENESIS 49.9  A lion’s whelp is a young lion.

A lion has great strength and courage.  That we all know.  And Yeshua as a young man in human nature had great strength and courage because He is GOD and He is The Ancient of Days.  NUMBERS 23.19, REVELATION 5.1-5

GENESIS 49.10  These words of Jacob speak incredibly of Messiah’s 1st and 2nd coming.

Let’s break down the words:

The sceptre is a symbol of government rule, Israel’s sovereign rule, Israel’s self-rule.

The sceptre or self-rule will not depart or be removed,

from JUDAH – I have to believe that Judah represents The Messiah, Who is King, Who is GOD Who rules The Kingdom of Israel.  As a human being, He descended from the tribe of Judah.

Nor a lawgiver from between his feet – A lawgiver is one who enacts or makes laws.  Israel in the past made its own laws, mostly from GOD, and today Israel makes laws for itself.  Fom between his feet means possession.  Israel ruled itself in the past, and rules itself today.  No one can interfere, though many do.

UNTIL Shiloh come – Thus when Israel’s sceptre or self-rule is removed, Shiloh will come.  Shiloh is a name and title for Messiah, and Messiah will come.  He will come the 1st time and return the 2nd time when Israel’s self-rule is taken from them.

Unto Him shall the gathering of the people be.
Gathering in Hebrew is YEE KAH KHAH, meaning submission.  They will gather to Him and obey Him.  People, as in, the people will gather to Him, people in Hebrew AH MEEM, means peoples, plural.

The 1st time Messiah came, Israel’s sceptre, her self-rule was removed by the Romans.  It departed.  The Romans took control of Israel and collected taxes from the Jewish people in Israel.  But at that very time in Bethlehem of Judah, Messiah was born.  But few came to Him, and few obeyed Him.

                                LUKE 2.1-7

The 2nd time Messiah will come, that is His Return, there will be similar circumstances.  Modern-day Israel will lose its power, its self-rule.  The end of the end days.  The invading armies from all the nations of the world will come against Jerusalem to battle, and they will capture Jerusalem, occupy it, and carry many Jews away.  Israel and the Jewish people will lose its power and their sovereign rule, their self-rule.  Their sceptre will depart, and the power of the Holy people will be broken.  But at that crucual point in time, Israel’s time of trouble such as never was since Israel was a nation, Shiloh will come, and to Him shall be the gathering of the peoples.  Messiah will return at Israel’s bleakest hour and destroy all those armies who come against Israel and He will save His people..  Then He will set up His Millennial Kingdom in Jerusalem for 1,000 years.  Then all the peoples of the world will come to Him, they will submit to Him, and obey Him.  They will happily obey their GOD and Messiah, Yeshua Ha Mashiakh, Yeshua The Messiah.

                            DANIEL 12.1-7, ff, ZECHARIAH 14.1-2, ff, ISAIAH 9.6-7
                                                        /VERSE 2 TAKEN=CAPTURED
End times teaching is always interesting.  But what’s more important is how we obtain a relationship with Messiah and GOD, to be with Him in the end times and forever.  Here is how it is accomplished.
Believe in Yeshua and obey The Divine Law of GOD, The Law of Moses.
It’s that simple.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


Shalom.  Last Saturday we spoke about the Urim and Thummim as part of our teaching.  And at our oneg after the Service, the subject of the Urim and Thummim struck up some questions and answers.  So I thought it would be a good idea to dig deeper into The Scriptures and learn a little more about those unknown objects.  So, let’s open our study with a reading from Exodus 28.15-21 and Verse 30.

READ EXODUS 28.15-21 AND 30

So first we’ll do a brief review on the Thummim and Urim.

THUMMIM.  TUMEEM – perfections, and complete truth.

URIM – OOREEM – lights

The first time The LORD GOD speaks of the Urim and Thummin is in the chapter we just read, Exodus 28, where he describes the holy garments that are to be made for Aaron the high priest.  And GOD said, you shall put the Thummin and Urim in the breastplate of judgment.

                            EXODUS 28.30

The Hebrew word for judgment as in the breastplate of judgment comes from the word MEESHPAHT – and it means a decision or verdict, favorable or unfavorable declared judicially.  That is according to the divine law which is The Torah, The Law of Moses.  All judgment by GOD is right, just and lawful according to His divine law, The Law of Moses.  Judgment as concerning GOD’s decisions through Urim and Thummim and His sentences IF NECESSARY, are always according to His divine law, The Law of Moses.

Thus all judgment or decisions by The LORD GOD whether through Urim and Thummim by His voice, or prophet or high priest are according to His divine law, The Law of Moses.

Also, nowhere in Scripture are we told what the Urim and Thummim look like, but we know they were obviously small because The LORD commanded they are to be PUT IN the breastplate of judgment.

“The Urim and Thummim were put in the breastplate of judgment so they were over Aaron’s heart or the high priest’s heart, and he shall bear or carry the judgment of the children of Israel which is the Urim and Thummim upon his heart BEFORE THE LORD AT ALL TIMES.

So whenever the high priest went before The LORD, he ALWAYS carried the Urim and Thummim inside his breastplate.

Let’s look at the description of the breastplate.

                            EXODUS 28.15-21

VERSE 15 – cunning work is needlework that is to be made with art and skill and labor and design.

We will explain the ephod a little later.

So the breastplate was made of gold, of blue, and of purple and scarlet and of fine twined linen.  That is twined linen or twisted linen.

VERSE 16 FOURSQUARE or 4 sided, a square.

DOUBLED – folded

A span is about 9 inches.  Thus the breastplate was 9 inches by 9 inches made of twined linen and beautiful in design.

VERSES 17-21 (Verse 21)  The engravings of a signet were engraved like a signet ring.  A signet ring had a distinctive design which was usually a stone set in a ring.  A signet ring, I believe, was a ring a person wore to use for their official seal or signature for documents and contracts, and other things.  It was used as their LEGAL signature.  Perhaps today the stamp or seal of a notary public comes close.  But a signet is an engraved design of a stone.  But in the breastplate, the 12 stones had the names of the 12 tribes of Israel.

So how did GOD reveal His judgment or decision to those seeking His counsel?  The answer.  GOD spoke to the high priest and the high priest spoke GOD’s Words to the person seeking GOD’s decision.  Let’s revisit NUMBERS 27.12-21.

VERSE 21  Eleazar the priest will seek the decision and counsel of the Urim before The LORD.  Thus GOD spoke to Eleazar and gave him His Word and Counsel concerning Joshua.  Israel shall go out at Joshua’s word and they shall come in at Joshua’s word.  Thus Joshua was the man GOD set over Israel when Moses died.  So how did GOD reveal His judgment or decision?  He spoke to the high priest and told him what was to be done. 

Let’s read VERSES 22 & 23.

I Samuel 28.6  Confirms that GOD SPOKE TO THE HIGH PRIEST when someone sought GOD’s decision or counsel through Urim and Thummin before GOD.

                            1 SAMUEL 28.6

Answered as in The LORD did not answer Saul. 
ANSWERED – AHNAH – to respond, to begin to speak, to give an answer.
Confirming that GOD spoke to the high priest when someone sought counsel by the Urim and Thummin, and the high priest passed GOD’s decision onto the one seeking GOD’s counsel.

Let’s get an idea of the ephod which was an outer garment of clothing worn by the high priest.

                                EXODUS 28.1-14

VERSE 1  The primary function of the priest was to minister and serve The LORD.

                            EXODUS 19.5-6, REVELATION 1.5-6, REVELATION 5.10
                            In Millennium and eternity, REVELATION 20.6

EXODUS 28.2-3  WISEHEARTED – wise of heart

CONSECRATE – KAHDAHSH – dedicate him to GOD to be holy.  That’s how we should lead our lives, dedicated to GOD and holy.

VERSE 4  MITRE – turban
              GIRDLE – belt – AHVNAYT

VERSES 5-6 – the ephod was an apron-like garment worn over the priest’s robe (Verses 31-43).  It, the ephod, was made of gold, of blue, of purple and scarlet and fine twined linen.

CUNNING WORK – needlework made with art, skill, labor and design.

VERSE 7 – again, the ephod was an apron-like garment the priest wore over his robe.

VERSE 8  CURIOUS GIRDLE – a decorated belt of twined linen of gold, blue, purple and scarlet.

VERSE 11 – OUCHES OF GOLD – settings or frames of gold.

VERSE 12 – The 2 stones, each with 6 names on each stone for the children of Israel.  And the 2 stones, GOD said, shall be on the shoulders, or the shoulder straps of the ephod.  And Aaron shall bear or carry their names before The LORD upon his shoulders.  Thus Aaron or the high priest symbolically represented the whole house of Israel when he ministered before The LORD.

VERSES 13-14  VERSE 14 – wreathen work is braided work.  The gold chains of braided work were attached to the shoulder pieces to secure the breastplate at the top.  The bottom of the breastplate which had the 12 stones, each for a tribe of Israel, and inside the breastplate were the Thummim and Urim, was attached to the decorated belt or band so it would be secure and not flop around.

I have a picture of an ephod and breastplate and all the outer clothing of the Kohain Ha Gadol, The High Priest inside a Jewish Bible.  And I’ll put it on the table after the service so you can all see what they look like.  Remind me if I forget.

The last time the Urim and Thummim are mentioned in The Bible are in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah when the Jewish people were returning to Israel from the 70 year exile i
n Babylon, today’s Iraq, approximately in 450 B.C.E./B.C.

                            EZRA 2.63, NEHEMIAH 7.65

TIRSHATHA – TEERSHAHTA – an old Persian term meaning revered and often taken to mean Governor, as Nehemiah was the Tirshatha or Governor in the land of Judah.

                            NEHEMIAH 8.9, NEHEMIAH 5.14

So, why is there no mention of the Urim and Thummim after the Jewish people returned to Israel from the Babylonian exile?

I have a theory and it is my theory only and not backed by Scripture.  Yeshua The Messiah has taken the place of the Urim and Thummim.  Yeshua, being GOD and Messiah, The Light of the world (John 8.12) and complete truth and perfection is the only One we need, and Who is fully able to give us GOD’s counsel and decisions and judgments, because He is GOD.  And because He is The Holy Spirit.

His Holy Spirit causes us to walk in GOD’s statutes and judgments, and do them.  He is The Spirit of Truth, and The Spirit of Messiah dwells in you (Romans 8.9) to those who believe in Messiah and obey GOD, His divine law, The Law of Moses.

And you do not need any man to teach you (1 John 2.27).  Thus, you are baptized with The Holy Spirit and now you are children of GOD and you can cry, Abba Father, because GOD The Messiah, The Holy Spirit dwells in you and you obey GOD.  And Messiah is The Spirit of Truth Who instructs you, and teaches you and comforts you.  He is The Spirit of Wisdom, and Understanding, The Spirit of Counsel and Might, The Spirit of Knowledge and of The Fear of The LORD, Who heals the broken hearted, Who guides us in all truth, and will show you things to come (John 16.13).  For as The Bible says in Romans 8.14, as many as are led by The Spirit of GOD, they are the sons of GOD.  The Spirit is Life, and if The Spirit of GOD that raised up Yeshua from the dead dwell in you, He that raised up Messiah from the dead will also quicken you, give life to your mortal bodies by His Spirit that dwells in you.  Messiah Yeshua is The Spirit of Truth.  And like the Urim and Thummim, we can always call on Him for counsel and anything else that is on our heart. 


Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be from Genesis 48.20-22 and Genesis 49.1-7.

Read Genesis 48.20-22 and Genesis 49.1-7.

GENESIS 48.20  So Jacob blessed Joseph and his 2 sons Ephraim and Manasseh, and his blessing I believe is this.  “The children of Israel will say to their children, may GOD bless you and make you as Ephraim and Manasseh“.  Ephraim and Manasseh in today’s language would be Jewish being born of their Jewish father Joseph.  The 2 boys were born in Egypt in Egyptian culture, and they were able to maintain their lives in accordance to the laws, commandments and instructions GOD gave to their grandfather Jacob, rather than the pagan culture that surrounded them in Egypt.  Jacob adopted Ephraim and Manasseh making them as his other 12 sons that make up the House of Israel, the Jewish People, and the tribes of Israel.  Thus all Israel, that is all the Jewish people descend from Jacob’s 12 sons and his 2 adopted sons, Ephraim and Manasseh.

A similar blessing was given to Ruth when Boaz told the people he would marry her.

                            RUTH 4.11-12

This continues the line of David and Messiah.  Boaz, Ruth’s husband was the great grandfather of David.  Ruth was the great grandmother of David, and both are the ancestors of Messiah.  (Matthew 1.5).

GENESIS 48.21  The children of Israel, beginning with Joseph and all the family of Jacob which came into Egypt numbered 70 people.  They lived in freedom with the Pharaoh of Joseph’s day for 30 years.  But following the good days of Joseph, the children of Israel lived in slavery and bondage, serving the Egyptians for another 400 years under many oppressive Pharaohs just as The LORD GOD told Abraham.  And at the end of the 400 years of bondage, the children of Israel were freed by the hand of their GOD when He brought them out in the Exodus to the Promised Land, the Land of Israel.

                            GENESIS 15.13-14, EXODUS 12.40-42, JOSHUA 24.32

Jacob died at the age of 147.

The LORD GOD did exactly as He promised Abraham, and Jacob knowing from Abraham that GOD would bring the people out of Egypt, Jacob was able to say to his son Joseph, GOD will bring you again into the land of your fathers…that being said, we can always be sure that GOD keeps all His promises, always.

ISAIAH 46.10  DECLARING – NAH GAHD – to announce by word of mouth, as GOD does, and predict and declare.  GOD always keeps His promise, and without fail does what He says He will do.

ISAIAH 66.7  The man child is Yeshua: written 700 B.C.E./B.C., the Promised Messiah.

ISAIAH 66.8  The promised return to Israel of the Jewish people from the nazi death camps in 1948.

ISAIAH 66.9  Shall I make a promise and not fulfill it?

ISAIAH 66.2  LOOK – NAH VAHT – to look and regard with pleasure and favor, and care, and respect.

POOR – AH NEE – depressed in mind or circumstances, and one who is humble, i.e., submissive to The LORD.

2 CORINTHIANS 1.20  All GOD’s promises can be trusted and sure.

YEA – yes, surely, and truth.

AMEN – firm, sure, you can put your trust in Him, believe Him, He is true, you can rely on His promises because GOD Himself has established them.

GENESIS 48.22  The word PORTION as in, I have given you 1 PORTION above your brothers, comes from the Hebrew word SHECHEM.  Joseph’s 2 sons, Ephraim and Manasseh each received a parcel of land when the tribes came into Israel, a double portion for Joseph, while Jacob’s other sons received 1 portion of land just as Jacob promised.

                            JOSHUA 16.1-4

EZEKIEL 47.12-13  Joseph will also have 2 portions in the Millennium, given to the 2 tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh.

GENESIS 48.22  About the land Jacob took out of the hand of the Amorite.  The Amorites were a nation within Canaan, but also Amorite can mean all the Canaanite nations.  Thus Jacob might have meant, and I’m not all that sure, because GOD named him Israel when GOD said, your name shall no more be called Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince you have power with GOD and with men.  Thus Jacob, I believe, felt he had the power and authority to give Joseph 2 portions of land in Israel when Israel conquered Canaan.  And that’s exactly what happened.

                            GENESIS 32.28

GENESIS 49.1  BEFALL YOU – YEEK RAH  ET KHEM – What will happen to you.

IN THE LAST DAYS – BEE AH KHAH REET HAH YAHMEEM – in the future, in the last days

Thus Jacob called his sons together to tell them what will happen to them and their tribes in the future, and in the last days.

49.2  Listen to what I have to say to you.

49.3  Reuben had some great gifts coming to him but he blew it because of his foolishness.

excellency of dignity – superiority and excellence of honor.

And excellency of power – superior in power, strength and might.

49.4  UNSTABLE as water – UNSTABLE – PAH KHAZ meaning, unpredictable, volatile, erratic, you blow hot and cold.  You will not excel, nor will you shine, nor will you be excellent, nor will you be the best because of your stupidity, sleeping with your father’s concubine, Bilhah.  Reuben lost his right to the leadership of Israel.  Being Jacob’s firstborn, his right to be the royal tribe that would bring forth Israel’s kings and Messiah was transferred to Judah from whom descend David and Messiah, The Ki
ng of Kings.

Years later in the Exodus, Moses prayed for the tribe of Reuben to live and not die.  Apparently the tribe was threatened with extinction.

                            DEUTERONOMY 33.6

But Reuben did have some good points. In the time when Joseph was Governor and Ruler of Egypt under Pharaoh, Reuben tried to persuade his father Jacob to allow the brothers to return to Egypt with their youngest brother Benjamin.  That was the condition to buy food, but Jacob said no.  However, Reuben offered the lives of his own 2 sons as a guarantee Benjamin would return.  But of course they eventually returned with Benjamin.

                            GENESIS 42.37-38

But going back to Joseph’s troubles with his older jealous brothers, Reuben attempted to save him before he was crated off to Egypt by a caravan of Ishmeelites.  And thinking he failed saving Joseph, Reuben mourned for him.  But Joseph taken into Egypt was the plan of GOD.

                            GENESIS 37.18-30

But it was GOD’s will to bring Joseph into Egypt, even as a slave and a servant, and then ruler of Egypt under Pharaoh, for GOD to bring the children of Israel into Egypt for 430 years to make them a great nation as He promised Abraham.  (Genesis 12.2).

GENESIS 49.5  Simeon and Levi were the second and third sons born to Jacob.

The Jewish Publication Society. Bible reads,
Their weapons are tools of lawlessness, but literally means, their swords were weapons of outrage.  What happened?  When Shechem, a Canaanite prince raped their sister Dinah, Simeon and Levi killed the Canaanite men living in the town of Shechem.

                            GENESIS 34.1-2, 25-31

GENESIS 49.6  THEIR SECRET – I don’t want to be included in their council or in their company.

MY HONOR – my heart and soul, I will not join them or even be united with them.

They slew a man – in fact they killed a number of men.

IN THEIR SELFWILL – in their delight.

They digged down a well – the actual meaning is, they hamstrung and maimed cattle and oxen.

DIGGED DOWN – AHKAR – hamstrung or maimed

A WELL – SHORE – cattle, oxen

49.7  I WILL divide them in Jacob.  Jacob knows he has power to do this, and I will scatter them in Israel.

The Tribe of Simeon was within the Tribe of Judah.  It overlapped the S.W. boundaries of Judah.  The Tribe of Simeon WAS scattered into Judah.  JOSHUA 19.1

However, the tribes of Simeon and Levi were part of those who blessed the people at Mt. Gerizim, and the Tribe of Reuben was part of the crowd that cursed the people.

                            DEUTERONOMY 27.1-26

VERSE 26  Cursed be he that does not keep and obey all the words of this Law to do them.  And all the people shall say amen.  The first step is this.  LORD, I want to learn your Law, and begin to do it.

Levi was the 3rd of Jacob’s 12 sons.  Moses was a Levite, and the Levites were never a unified tribe as were the others in having their own land.  The Levites were the Priests and GOD gave them the privileges of the Priesthood.  Aaron, the brother of Moses, was the first high Priest, but yet the Levites were scattered throughout the tribes of Israel, perhaps because of Jacob’s promise upon his son Levi.  However, in scattering the Levites throughout Israel, GOD made them the teachers of The Law and The Word of GOD.

                             DEUTERONOMY 10.8-9

DEUTERONOMY 33.8-11   The Thummim and Urim were unknown objects, at least unknown today.  They were worn in the breastplate of the High Priest, and used as instruments of decision TO OBTAIN GOD’S DECISION ON IMPORTANT QUESTIONS that the people felt inadequate to decide, such as military actions, allocation of The Land, legal verdicts that had no evidence, and the choice of leader, and so many other questions.

THUMMIMTUMEEM – perfection and truth, a revelation of truth.

URIM – OOREEM – lights

                            NUMBERS 27.18-21, EXODUS 28.30

JUDGMENT – MEESH PAHT – decision and verdict, GOD’s decisions and verdicts according to Torah, The Law.

                            NUMBERS 18.21-24

Though Jacob pronounced a harsh sentence upon Simeon and Levi, and his words were carried out, GOD always has mercy on His people.

1)  The son is not responsible for the sins of the father.

                            EZEKIEL 18.19-21

and 2),  GOD’s mercy endures forever.  And we will close on these words from Psalm 118.

                            PSALM 118.1-9


Shalom.  Our teaching this morning is from Genesis 48.5-19.

GENESIS 48.5  Jacob adopted Joseph’s 2 sons Manasseh and Ephraim.  He took them for his own sons thus making them the fathers of their own 2 tribes, the tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim.  Also Jacob knew they would be numbered with his other sons making up the tribes of Israel when they would possess the land of Canaan as The LORD GOD said, “for an everlasting possession”, and which GOD renamed Eretz Y’Israel, The Land of Israel.  Thus all Israel, all the Jewish people descend from Jacob’s 12 sons, and Manasseh and Ephraim whom he adopted from his son Joseph.

48.6  – Your issue – those born of you
        –  Which you beget – which you give life to
        –  Shall be yours
        –  And they will be called after the name of their brothers, they will be part of the tribes of Manasseh and Israel when Israel comes into the land GOD gives them to inherit forever.

48.7  Padan was in Syria where Jacob, when he was a young man, worked for his Uncle Laban for 22 years, married Leah and Rachel, had 13 children by them and their two maidservants, and on his return from Syria with his family and their possessions, Jacob wrestled with GOD at the river Jabbok, in Canaan, and after an all night wrestling match, GOD named Jacob Israel.  But Rachel his wife whom he loved, died in Canaan and Jacob buried her on the way to Ephrath.  Ephrath is Bethlehem.

48.8  At 147 years old, Jacob’s eyesight was bad.  He couldn’t see well enough to recognize his two Grandsons.  But he still had great GODLY wisdom.

48.9-10  Jacob was a loving man, kissing and embracing his Grandchildren whom he loved.  Even though life is filled with difficulties and evils, there is always room and time for love.  And Jacob like all of us, had a lot of tsuris, troubles in his life.

                            GENESIS 47.7-10

PILGRIMAGE – A temporary residence on earth, or our temporary stay on earth.

                            Abraham died at 175
                            Isaac at 180
                            Jacob at 147

GENESIS 48.11  your seed, your children.

48.12  Joseph bowed to his father; remember, Joseph at the time was Governor and ruler of Egypt under Pharoah.  Joseph had great love and respect for his father.

48.13  So Joseph brought his children to their Grandfather.  Ephraim his younger son to Israel’s left hand, and Manasseh his older son to Israel’s right hand.

                            Ephraim                Manasseh

GENESIS 48.14  But Israel stretched forth his right hand and laid it on Ephraim’s head, the younger son.  He in fact had to reach out to Ephraim to lay his hand on his head.  And his left hand he put on Manasseh’s head, thus crossing his hands, although Manasseh was the firstborn, guiding his hands wittingly as The Bible says.  The Hebrew word for wittingly is SAYKHEL, meaning Israel moved his hands with wisdom and understanding for a purpose.

48.15-16  GOD’s blessings are not to be taken lightly.  He blesses all enormously, those who have faith in Messiah Yeshua, those who submit to the teachings, instructions and guidance of The LORD GOD Almighty, and those who obey the laws of GOD, known as the Law of Moses.  Moses is called the lawgiver; because he received The Law from GOD.  GOD is Yeshua The Messiah.  And Moses gave the same law to Israel, and Israel, who is GOD’s servant and witness, gave GOD’s law to all the earth through The Bible, The Word of GOD, (Deuteronomy 32.1).  And like Jacob, GOD’s wonderful and great blessings are to all who are in the family of GOD.  And how do we become family?  

LUKE 8.19-21

Those who believe in Messiah.  GENESIS 49.18

Those who are chosen.  GENESIS 25.23

Those who submit to GOD and obey Him.  GENESIS 25.27

A PLAIN MAN.  Plain usually means something obvious or clear, or understandable, or ordinary or even modest or unattractive.  But this English word plain describing Jacob comes from the Hebrew word TAHM, and it means perfect and upright.  GOD said, Jacob was perfect and upright.  Messiah calls on us to be perfect.

                            MATTHEW 5.48

PERFECT – TEL – I – OS – complete and perfect

1 KINGS 8.61  Describes what it means to be perfect even as our Father which is in Heaven is perfect.

WALK – YAHLAKH – to follow, to follow His Laws and Co9mmandments.

So Jacob was perfect and upright, living his life according to GOD’s Laws, His teachings, instructions and guidance.

                            PROVERBS 15.8, PSALM 140.13

(Proverbs 15.8)  His DELIGHT – RAHSTONE – GOD accepts our prayer, He DELIGHTS in our prayers, and has pleasure in our prayers.  That’s why James writes, “the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man or woman avails much”. That is, The powerful and mighty prayer of the righteous succeeds and is effective.  (James 5.16)  So how do we become part of the family of GOD?  By obeying The LORD, His Word, Commandments and Law, and receiving Yeshua.

GENESIS 48.17-18  GOD The Holy Spirit moved Jacob and guided him throughout his entire life.  Jacob knew what he was doing.

48.19  Jacob WAS NOT transferring Manasseh’s birthright to Ephraim, but he was prophesying a greatness upon Ephraim and his descendants.

Jacob prophesied that Manasseh would become a people, and he will also be great.

PEOPLE – AHM – a people, a tribe within Israel, the tribe of Manasseh.

He will also be great.  GREAT – GAHDAHL – Large, as in a large number of people, and perhaps a large parcel of land for the tribe of Manasseh in Israel.  The two largest parcels of land in Israel when the people came in to possess The Land, were given to Judah and Manasseh.  No one else was even close to their size in the amount of land allocated to them. 

But truly, Jacob said, his younger brother Ephraim will be greater than he, and Ephraim’s descendants will become a multitude of nations.

I believe that part of Ephraim’s greatness was that great people came from Ephraim, and the tent of meeting, or the Tabernacle, the original
Temple, was placed in the tribe of Ephraim along with the Ark of the Covenant.

Joshua who succeeded Moses as leader of Israel, came from Ephraim.

                            NUMBERS 13.1-3, 8, 16

OSHEA – HOSHAYAH – deliver

JEHOSHUA – YEH HOSHUA – Joshua, Jehovah saved

The Prophet Samuel came from Ephraim.

                            1 SAMUEL 1.1-2, 19-20; 2.11; 3.10, 20-21

EPHRATHITE – Ephraimite

Samuel – Shmuale – Heard of GOD.

Shiloh was in the tribe of Ephraim where the Temple was, which was the tent of meeting.

                            1 SAMUEL 1.3,9; 3.2-3

When GOD split Israel into two Kingdoms because Solomon had married hundreds of wives, GOD called the northern Kingdom Israel, and the southern Kingdom He called Judah.  But, the northern Kingdom Israel was also called Ephraim perhaps because Joshua and Samuel came from the tribe of Ephraim, and the Tabernacle or The Temple and the Ark of the Covenant were in Shiloh in the tribe of Ephraim.  SHILOH – SHEELO – Means rest and tranquility.

However, because of sin and iniquity of the northern Kingdom of Israel, also called Ephraim, and their worshipping graven idols and strange gods, The LORD GOD of Israel sent the Assyrian armies down to destroy the northern Kingdom of Israel in 722 B.C.E. and sent the people into exile.  GOD did the same to Judah in 586 B.C.E. for the same reasons, sin, iniquity and worshipping strange gods.  So in 586 B.C.E., GOD sent the Babylonian armies to destroy Judah and send the people into exile for 70 years.

I believe the great and the strong walk with GOD.  The others GOD sends into exile, spiritual exile unless they repent and return to GOD and obey Him.

                            ISAIAH 53.12

And finally back to GENESIS 48.19.  Ephraim’s seed, his descendants shall become a multitude of nations.

MULTITUDE – MELO – Fulness and multitude

NATIONS – GOYIM – Nations, people

I think what Jacob is prophesying here is that Ephraim’s descendants will FILL THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD, as many Jewish people live in the nations today.  It’s GOD’s will. And many from Ephraim will turn to their Messiah Yeshua, the God of Israel and obey the Teachings, Instructions and Laws of the Mighty God of Israel.

I would like to close with these words from Deuteronomy, to all who love Yeshua, and obey the Voice of GOD.  The LORD will bless you mightily, He will love you and bless your children, your work and your studies.  He will bless you in all that you do.  

                            DEUTERONOMY 7.12-13

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein