Shalom.  Our teaching this morning is from Deuteronomy 6.4, and I have given it a title.  The one GOD of Creation Vs. the trinity.

                            READ DEUTERONOMY 6.4

I chose this subject on the one GOD of Creation to be a criticism and rebuke against the trinity that teaches three different gods.  The trinity is explained as one god in three distinct persons.  Or if you will, one GOD in three distinct, different and separate gods, whereas The Bible teraches one GOD Who is The Father, Son, and Spirit, all being one and the same with no differences.  Yeshua said, when you see Me, you see The Father, John 14.9, because Yeshua is The Father.  He is also The Son, and The Spirit.  The trinity teaches that Yeshua is not The Father.  Thus two gods.  And the trinity teaches The Spirit of GOD is another person.  The trinity teaches three gods.  The Bible teaches one GOD, that Yeshua is The Father, He is Jehovah, Almighty GOD, The GOD of Creation.  The trinity is an invention of man and a very poor one.

The following words are from the New Bible Dictionary by Tyndale.  “The word trinity is not found in The Bible.  And though used by Tertullian (a church father, 155-160 A.D.) in the last decade of the 2nd century, it did not find a place formally in the theology of the church till the 4th century.  It is however the distinctive and all-comprehensive doctrine of the Christian faith.  It makes three affirmations: “that there is but one GOD, that The Father, The Son, and The Spirit is each a DISTINCT person”.  And that is where the mistake lies, each being a distinct person, or if you will, A DIFFERENT GOD.

Webster’s Dictionary describes the word distinct as follow:  distinguished as not being the same, separate, different in nature or quality, dissimilar.

That is a colossal blunder.  GOD is one.  The one GOD is The Father, The Son, and The Spirit.  There is no distinction, nor is there any difference or separation in them because they are one and the same.  The one GOD of Creation is The Father, The Son, and The Spirit, all being one and the same, GOD Almighty, Messiah Yeshua, and The Spirit are one and the same.

The trinity is not Biblical doctrine and can nowhere be found in The Bible.  It is an invention of man, and this study from The Bible will prove the trinity wrong.

DEUTERONOMY 6.4  GOD is one, meaning there is only one GOD.  He is the only GOD.  He alone is GOD.  There are no others.  Yeshua and The Spirit ARE NOT different gods.  Yeshua is GOD Almighty, and The Spirit is GOD Almighty.  GOD is ONE.

I can take the word one in Hebrew and explain what it means, and by all definitions, one means one.  One single GOD, and no others.  That is Biblical teaching.  Hear O Israel, The LORD our GOD, The LORD is ONE.  GOD IS NOT three distinct and different gods.  GOD Himself is The Father, He is The Son Yeshua, and He is The Holy Spirit.

Deuteronomy 6.4 reads, Hear, O Israel, The LORD our GOD, The LORD is one.  This is a commandment and a teaching of GOD.  READ DEUTERONOMY 6.1-4.

The Hebrew word here for one is EHKHAD which by definition is one.  GOD is one.  One or ehkhad also means ALONE.  The LORD alone is GOD.  One or ehkhad also means ONLY.  The LORD GOD is the ONLY GOD.  Ehkhad or one also means UNITY.  GOD is a unity Who reveals Himself as The Father, The Son, and The Spirit.  All being one and the same, GOD Almighty, Messiah Yeshua and The GOD of Creation.  One GOD, one and the same.

In Hebrew, Hear O Israel, The LORD our GOD, The LORD is ONE, is Shema Y’Israel, Adonay Elohaynu, Adonay Ehkhad.  Elohaynu literally means our GODs.  Elohaynu comes from the Hebrew word Elohim meaning GODs.  But when used for The GOD of Israel, Elohim is GOD singular because He is ONE.  However, Elohaynu does mean our GODs.  Our GODs are The Father, Son, and Spirit; all are ONE and the SAME. The Father, Son, and The Holy Spirit are Jehovah, the ONE GOD.

Yeshua The Messiah is Jehovah, the ONE GOD of Creation.  Yeshua is The Almighty GOD Who appeared to Abraham and others.  GENESIS 17.1-2, GENESIS 18.1-3

Let’s look at some other Scriptures that teach The LORD is GOD, and there are no other gods besides Him.  DEUTERONOMY 4.35, 39, DEUTERONOMY 32.39, 2 SAMUEL 7.22

The LORD, He is GOD, and The LORD, He is Yeshua.
                            ZECHARIAH 14.1-9

Here are some additional Scriptures that define Who Messiah Yeshua is, GOD Almighty, Jehovah.
                            EXODUS 6.2-8, ISAIAH 40.25-26, JEREMIAH 23.24, JEREMIAH 32.26-27

I know there are some Scriptures that might confuse, but the cornerstone of The Bible is ONE GOD, and OBEY HIM.  And when the One GOD appears in human form,  He is Yeshua The Messiah,  GOD Almighty, The GOD of Creation.  After all, we are made in the image of GOD.

ISAIAH 42.8  There is no other GOD but The LORD.  And The Father, Yeshua, and The Spirit are The LORD.

ISAIAH 43.10-12  GOD chose the Jewish People to be His witnesses to the world that there is only one GOD and no other.  Judaism apparently is the only one listening.  However many don’t realize that Yeshua The Messiah is that one GOD, The GOD of Israel, The Mighty GOD of Jacob.  They will at some point in the future.

ISAIAH 44.6-8  The LORD is The King of Israel, His Redeemer, The LORD of Hosts.  And beside Him there is no god.  He said, I know not any.

And the man riding upon a donkey into Jerusalem, and the multitude of Jewish people crying out, Hosanna to The Son of David, Blessed is He that comes in The Name of The LORD, yes, that Man riding upon a donkey was GOD Almighty. His Name, Yeshua.  His Title, Messiah.  Our King, Who is just, and having Salvation.  He was the One ridiing upon an ass, and upon a colt, the foal of an ass.  ZECHARIAH 9.9 

GENESIS 1.1  GOD is Yeshua The Messiah.  Yeshua is GOD Almighty Who created the Heaven and the earth, and gives life to man.
GENESIS 2.7, JOHN 1.1-4,10

Yeshua is The Creator.  ISAIAH 45.7, 12, 18

ISAIAH 45.21  There is only one Saviour.  He is GOD Almighty, The Mighty GOD of Jacob, Yeshua The Messiah.

Saviour in Hebrew is MOSHEEAH, meaning one who SAVES, and HELPS, DEFENDS and DELIVERS, HE RESCUES, and HAS SALVATION, and GIVES SALVATION.  He is The One GOD of Creation, Yeshua The Messiah.
                            JOHN 4.39-42, 2 PETER 3.18

Our LORD and Saviour Yeshua The Messiah means GOD Almighty, The Saviour, and Messiah.  Yeshua is The Mighty GOD, The Everlasting Father our Saviour.  ISAIAH 9.6(5)

The Child and Son given to the Jewish People is GOD, Yeshua The Messiah in the flesh, as a human being.  He is Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty GOD,  The Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  Can you find the word trinity, or distinction, or difference
?  Of course not.  Because there is no trinity.  Just One GOD and no others.

ISAIAH 48.16-17  Let me warn you.  This is a very powerful passage telling us that Yeshua is The LORD your GOD Who was, and will be sent by GOD.  He is The Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel.

VERSE 16  The LORD GOD and His Spirit have sent Me.  Who did The LORD GOD and His Spirit send?  He sent Yeshua The Messiah Who is your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel, The LORD your GOD.  The LORD GOD sent Himself in the Person of Yeshua The Messiah, Who is The Holy One of Israel, The LORD your GOD.  READ VERSES 16 & 17.

VERSE 17  The One sent is The LORD Yehovah, your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel, Yehovah your GOD, Who teaches you to profit, that is to do good, and be useful, which leads you by the Way you should go.

The One sent is Yeshua, GOD Himself, The Messiah.  Remember, GOD is GOD.  He is Elohim, The Father, The Son, and The Spirit, and The Holy Spirit.

Yeshua speaks often about Him being sent by The LORD GOD, fulfilling Isaiah 48.16-17 that The One sent is The LORD your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel, The LORD your GOD.  And He has a Name, Yeshua.
MATTHEW 10.40, MATTHEW 15.24, LUKE 4.18-19, 43-44

(Luke 4.19)  The acceptable year of The LORD is His first coming.

Messiah Yeshua is The One sent by The LORD GOD, and His Spirit.  He is The Holy One of Israel, The LORD our GOD, The Messiah.

JOHN 3.17, 34  His Son, or GOD’s Son is GOD Almighty Himself.

JOHN 4.34, JOHN 5.22, 23, 24, 30, 36, 37, 38, JOHN 6.29, 38-40, 44, JOHN 7.16, 28, 29, 33, JOHN 8.16-19, 26, 29, 30, 42

Remember, The One Who is sent by The LORD GOD, and His Spirit, is Yeshua The Messiah Who is The LORD your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel, The LORD your GOD.  And again remember, there is only one GOD, and no others.  Yeshua is that One GOD Almighty.

JOHN 9.4, JOHN 10.30 One in Hebrew is ehkhad.  Yeshua and The Father are One and the same.

JOHN 10.36  They knew The Son of GOD was GOD Almighty, The GOD of Creation.

JOHN 12.44-45  He that sees Me sees GOD Almighty, The Creator of Heaven and earth, and all that is in them.

JOHN 13.20, JOHN14.9  Yes, Yeshua is The Father.
JOHN 15.21, JOHN 17.1-3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 18, 20, 21-26

JOHN 20.21-22

Messiah is fulfillment of prophecy.  The LORD GOD and His Spirit have sent Him.  Messiah is Yeshua, The One and only GOD.  And GOD will send Him again soon in the future.

A few more things before we close.

Yeshua, Who is GOD Almighty tells us there is only One GOD.  MARK 12.26-32

The Spirit of Christ, or The Spirit of Messiah is The Spirit of GOD.  ROMANS 8.9

The Law of Christ, or The Law of Messiah is The Law of GOD, The Law of Moses.  GALATIANS 6.1-2

FULFILL – AN-AP-LAY-RO-O – means you ACCOMPLISH and OBEY The Law of Moses when you bear one another’s burdens.  When we empathize with them, and understand and share their feelings.  That is doing what The Law of Moses tells us to do.

So in conclusion.  There is only One GOD, and that One GOD is GOD Almighty, The Messiah Yeshua, and The Spirit, Who fills Heaven and earth, Who is The Creator of all things.  The trinity is wrong, very wrong and not Biblical nor is it of GOD.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


    There are certain Scriptures that are like a beautiful song.  You want to hear them often because of their soothing melody, and you love the words.  Psalm 91 is that beautiful song that is good to hear, and pleasant to the heart.  This morning we are going to hear that song again, Psalm 91.  And fear not.  I’m not going to sing it.

                            READ PSALM 91

91.1  I believe that secret place of GOD most High where we abide under the shadow of The Almighty is having a delight in The Law of The LORD, and meditating on it day and night.

Secret place in Hebrews is SAYTEHR which means, something that’s hidden in a secret place.

Having a delight in The Law of The LORD, and meditating in His Law day and night is what The LORD instructs us throughout Scripture.  Yet His Law is hidden from the eyes of many, in a secret place.  They don’t see it.

Here are some Scriptures about The Law of The LORD, easy to understand, but hidden from the knowledge of many.  EXODUS 19.5-6, DEUTERONOMY 5.29, DEUTERONOMY 6.24, DEUTERONOMY 10.12-13, DEUTERONOMY 29.9, DEUTERONOMY 30.8-10, JOSHUA 1.7-9, 2 CHRONICLES 31.20-21, PSALM 1.1-3, ECCLESIASTES 12.13, JEREMIAH 31.31-34, EZEKIEL 36.26-30, ROMANS 2.13, ROMANS 3.31, JAMES 1.25, MATTHEW 6.33, LUKE 18.19-21

Very few can see GOD’s Word, and understand His Truth because GOD has hidden it from their eyes.  But you see, and you hear, and you understand, and you live to please The LORD GOD by obeying Him.

PSALM 91.1  So we that dwell in the secret place of The Most High shall abide under the shadow of The Almighty.  Literally, The Almighty will defend us always.  And The Almighty is Yeshua The Messiah, The One GOD.

91.2  The LORD GOD is my refuge.  He is our shelter Who protects us from danger.  All danger.  He is Messiah, GOD Almighty, in Whom we trust, and have the things we hope for.

Also, The LORD is our Fortress, our Defense and Strong Place, because we dwell in the secret place of The Most High.  We fear GOD, and keep His Commandments.

91.3  He is our Deliverence.  We all know what deliver means, however in GOD’s way of deliverence, The Most High rescues us from every problem, and every trouble.  He defends us, and He somehow finds a way for us to escape every bad situation.

Here the writer assures us that Yeshua, The Mighty GOD, The Most High will deliver us from the snare of the fowler, the trap that someone might set to harm you, or even deceive you.  And He will deliver you from all deadly plagues, the noisome pestilence.  It will not come near you.  That is the promise of The Most High GOD.

91.4  The writer portrays The LORD our GOD as a protective motherly bird keeping us safe in the shadow of His wings.  And under His wings shall you trust.  But advice follows.  His Truth shall be your shield and buckler, your shield of protection.  GOD’s Truth is His Word and His Law.
                            PSALM 119.43-45, 142

91.5-6  How often does The LORD counsel us by saying, “Fear not”?  Numerous times.  Do not be afraid of any terror, even terror by night.  Do not be afraid of wars, or crimes, or any evil, nor any pestilence or deadly disease.  The LORD your GOD protects you, night and day, all the time from plagues and even demonic forces.  Demons are created by GOD and cannot do anything without GOD’s permission.  The LORD your GOD is your shield of protection against all evil because you abide in His Truth.

91.7  You are always safe in The Most High.  When your protection is in The Mighty GOD, Yeshua The Messiah, a thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, but it shall not come near you.

91.8  Only with your eyes will you see the reward of the wicked.  Only with your eyes will you see the punishment of the ungodly, because you dwell in the secret place of The Most High, and abide under the shadow of The Almighty.

91.9  Because you have made The LORD, which is my refuge, even The Most High your habitation, your home.  Yes, The LORD is your home where you live and dwell, where you have comfort and peace.  Because you abide in His Truth, you live in The LORD GOD, The Most High.  Yes, you live in GOD.  JOHN 14.15-20

91.10  Ahh, Yes, these are comforting words.  No evil will befall you.  That is no evil will come near you, and no evil will happen to you.  Nor will any plague even come near your house.  That is the promise of GOD because you delight in His Law, and in His Law you meditate day and night.

91.11  GOD commands His angels to protect you, and keep you in all your ways, wherever you go, wherever you might be.  No evil will happen to you.

91.12  They will carry you in their hands, lest you hurt your foot on a stone.  In other words, you dwell in the shelter of The Most High, and abide in the protection of The Almighty.  He is your refuge and stronghold, your GOD in Whom you trust.  He will save you and protect you because you abide in His Truth.  And that is The Word of Truth.

91.13  Well, I’m not sure GOD wants us to go out and trample on a lion.  But on the other hand, the lions did not touch Daniel in the lions’ den, because as Daniel said, GOD sent His angel and shut the lions’ mouth and did no harm to him.  Nor would The LORD have us search out snakes and dragons to stomp on.  However, satan and his demons can never harm you if you are bound in the bundle of life with the LORD your GOD, and abide in His Truth.
                            EPHESIANS 6.10-18
VERSE 11  The whole armor of GOD is His Truth.  His Word and Law, and faith, depending on GOD for deliverance, and praying always.

91.14  From here to the end of the Psalm, GOD Himself is speaking reassuring us of His everlasting protection.  Because you have set your love upon GOD.  No evil, or pestilence or harm from anyone or anything will come upon you.  No terror, no destruction, no punishment or judgment will fall upon you.  No demon or demonic spirit will come near you, or harm you, because you have set your love upon The LORD GOD Almighty, The Most High Who is Yeshua The Messiah.

It is important to know what it means to love GOD.  Loving GOD, and the proof of loving GOD is obeying Him, His Commandments, which in Hebrew is mitzvote, is His Law of Moses, His ordinances and precepts.  That is the proof you love GOD when you seek to obey His every Word.  1 JOHN 5.3

And also proof that The Holy Spirit dwells in you is that you obey GOD’s Law, His Law of Moses.  In fact, you delight in The Law of The LORD.  ACTS 5.32

91.15  When you call upon The LORD GOD of Creation, The Mighty GOD, The Everlasting Father, He will answer you.  The LORD doesn’t necessarily have to answer you with a voice, although He might, but He will pay attention to you and respond and deliver you from every tough situation.  And The LORD your GOD will also honor you.  He will hold you in high esteem, and has pleasure in you.

Also, you have special distinction with The LORD your GOD.  You are important to Him, and He loves you, and appreciates you.  And He glorifies you, and makes you glorious.  You are beautiful in His sight, and special.  The LORD s
ays to you, you shall call upon Me and I will answer you.  I will be with you in trouble.  I will deliver you, and honor you.

91.16  I believe that long life is eternal life with His Salvation, Yeshua The Messiah, The Most High, GOD Almighty.  He will satisfy you with long life.  You will be filled to satisfaction.

So in conclusion, he that dwells in the secret place of The Most High shall abide under the shadow of The Almighty.  I will say of The LORD, He is my Refuge and my Fortress.  My GOD.  In Him will I trust.  GOD’s secret place is having a delight in The Law of The LORD, meditating on it day and night.


Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be from Exodus 12.14-20.

                            READ EXODUS 12.14-20

EXODUS 12.14  A MEMORIAL – ZEEKH RONE – means to remember.  This Day is a Memorial for you to remember.  This Day, the 14th Day of the Hebrew Month Nisan is the first Day of Passover, to be remembered forever.

FEAST – KHAG – a Feast of The LORD is a Festival, a solemn Day that is a ceremonial, majestic, and a serious Day.  Passover is a commanded Feast of The LORD that must be kept and observed forever from the first Day of Passover to the seventh Day, on earth, in the Millennium, and in Heaven forever.

Throughout your generations means forever.  As The LORD said concerning the Jewish People, “For as the new heavens and the new earth which I will make shall remain before Me, so will your descendants and your name continue”.  The Passover, and all GOD’s Festivals of Leviticus 23, must and will be kept and observed a Feast to The LORD forever throughout your generations.

You shall keep it a Feast by an ordinance forever.  That is an eternal decree, as a law forever.  ISAIAH 66.22

EXODUS 12.15  UNLEAVENED BREAD – here unleavened bread is matzot, that is the plural of matzah.

LEAVEN in Hebrew is SORE – leaven that rises.

The LORD said, for whosoever eats leavened bread, from the first day of Passover until the seventh day of Passover, that person shall be cut off from Israel.  Leaven is white bread, or rye bread, bagels, cupcakes, etc.  GOD says, those who eat leavened bread during Passover will be cut off from Israel.  I believe The LORD GOD will separate that person from Israel.  Others however have a more dreadful understanding of being cut off from Israel.

I was thinking about this.  Why does GOD command the children of Israel to eat matzah, unleavened bread during the seven days of Passover, and does not allow them to eat leavened bread during the Festival?

Spiritually The Bible teaches that leaven is a symbol of impurity, and sin, and incorrect, misleading doctrine.  While unleavened bread, matzah, is a symbol of purity.

GOD required all animal sacrifices for atonement to be accompanied with unleavened bread, matzah because the sacrifices were most Holy of The LORD.  LEVITICUS 2.3-5, 10

An excellent example of a sacrifice for the atonement of sins that was most Holy of The LORD is Yeshua The Messiah.  Messiah is pure and sinless.  At Messiah’s Passover Seder, or The Last Supper, as they were eating, Yeshua took matzah, unleavened bread, and blessed it, and broke it, and gave it to the Disciples, and said, Take, eat, this is My Body.  Unleavened bread, or matzah is a symbol of purity as Messiah is pure.  Matthew 26.26.

Therefore, I see that unleavened bread, or matzah represents the type of life GOD would have His People  live.  His People being the Jewish People, you and me and others.  The LORD our GOD requires us to be pure, without sin.  Yes, of course, we all fail from time to time, but The LORD GOD Almighty, The Mighty GOD of Israel Who is Yeshua The Messiah, calls on us to aspire to lead a life of purity.

GOD says, you shall be Holy, for I The LORD your GOD am Holy.  That is written in T’Nakh, The Old Testament, in Leviticus 19.2, and also in The New Testament in 1 Peter 1.16.  And the only way to accomplish purity in the eyes of GOD is to obey The LORD GOD. That is being obedient to His Law of Moses.  And when we fail, which happens at times, we confess our sins for GOD is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  1 John 1.9.

Paul teaches that leaven is a symbol of impurity and sin. And he tells us to get rid of the old leaven because now you are unleavened, a new person in Messiah living a Holy and pure life.

1 CORINTHIANS 5.7  Purge out the sin or leaven from your life.  Get rid of it.  (Sin is breaking GOD’s Law of Moses , 1 John 3.4), that you may be a new person, as you are now pure because you believe in Messiah and obey GOD’s Law that He has written in your heart, as the LORD teaches us in Hebrews 10.16-17 and Jeremiah 31.31-34.

That is what The LORD our GOD requires of us, purity.  Purity that comes from obedience to Him.  That is the symbolic meaning of unleavened bread, purity, living our lives without sin.  GOD requires us to be worthy of His calling, to be children of GOD.  As Paul writes, it is your reasonable service.  ROMANS 12.1

Let’s look at some other Scriptures where GOD calls on His People to be Holy, pure, and obedient.
                            DEUTERONOMY 10.12-13, JOSHUA 22.5, ISAIAH 1.16-19, JEREMIAH 7.23,
                            AMOS 5.24, MICAH 6.8, ZEPHANIAH 2.3, MALACHI 2.4-7, MATTHEW 5.5-12,
                            REVELATION 20.6, REVELATION 22.5

GOD requires His Chosen to be a new person, unleavened and pure, purging out the old leaven of sin in our lives, and disobedience to GOD.

Messiah said, watch out and beware of the leaven, or doctrine of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees.  I would have to say that Messiah would also warn us to beware of the leaven or doctrine of the church teachers and Bible teachers of today.  MATTHEW 16.1-12

It’s the doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees to beware of.  And since the Pharisees and Sadducees are not teaching the Believers in Messiah, I would have to say, watch out, and beware of the leaven, or doctrine of the church teachers and Bible teachers of today.

Why should we beware of both doctrines of the Pharisees and Sadducees, and the doctrines of the church teachers and Bible teachers of today?  Since there was no church in Messiah’s day, let’s first hear what Messiah said to the Pharisees and Sadducees.  MARK 7.1-13

VERSES 7-9.  In vain they worship Me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.  For laying aside the Commandments of GOD, you hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups, and many other things like that.  Full well you reject the Commandments of GOD that you may keep your own tradition.

VERSE 10  For Moses (The Law) said Honor your father and your mother.

VERSES 11-13 Here, corban is usually a gift of money given to the Temple treasury.

So Messiah said to them, But you say, if someone says to his father or mother, I have given corban, that is money to the Temple, it is a gift to GOD, money that I may have used to help you.  You, by your tradition, Messiah said, does not allow him to help his parents.   For Moses said, honor your father and your mother.  Thus you make The Word of GOD of no effect through your tradition which has been handed down to you.  And you do other things like that, He said.

Messiah is certainly not opposed to Jewish tradition.  Only those traditions that violate The Law of Moses and make GOD’s Word of no effect. 

Now on the other hand, Yeshua would say, the same to the church teachers, and many Bible teachers of today.  In vain they do worship Me because you teach for doctrines the commandme
nts of men, laying aside The Commandments of GOD.  Full well you reject The Commandments of GOD that you may keep your own traditions.

The church teachers and their Bible teachers have made Sunday the sabbath, rather than Saturday, the seventh day of the week as commanded by GOD.  They have eliminated GOD’s food laws written in Leviticus 11, and Deuteronomy 14 in favor of no food laws, contrary to The LORD’S instructions.  They have eliminated every Festival of GOD taught in Leviticus 23, and replaced them with easter and christmas and other man-made holidays.  The church teachers say, the Lord’s Supper replaces the Passover observance completely.  Therefore they make The Word of GOD of no effect, teaching for doctrines the commandmnets of men.

Their description of GOD being one but three distinct and separate persons, teaches three gods.  A very poor choice of doctrine when there is only one GOD.  Yeshua The Messiah is that one GOD.  He is The Father, Son, and Spirit, and there is no difference between them.  And their tradition and doctrine eliminate GOD’s Law, His Law of Moses completely when they teach The Law was valid up until the cross.  Now, the church teachers say, The Law is no longer in force.  Yeshua The Messiah, Who is Jehovah, GOD Almighty would say to them, full well you reject The Commandments of GOD that you may keep your own traditions.

EXODUS 12.16-20
VERSE 16  Holy Convocation means a gathering of the people for a Service dedicated to The LORD.  Judaism for the most part has made the first day of Passover, the evening of Passover, a Passover Seder. Seder means order.  A Seder, as you know, is a banquet and a Service dedicated to The LORD with a lot of Jewish tradition.

A Holy Convocation also means a rehearsal, preparing for a future event.  That future event took place some 2,000 years ago, the death of The Messiah Yeshua when GOD made His Soul an offering for sin.  When The LORD GOD, The Messiah brought Salvation and atonement for many at His death.  Three days later Messiah was resurrected, and 40 days after His resurrection, He ascended into Heaven.

2,000 years ago, Yeshua was all man, and all GOD Almighty, so GOD Himself, The Promised Messiah could die and be the atoning Sacrifice for His People, the One Who gave His Life for all His Creation.  He is GOD Almighty, Jehovah, The Holy One of Israel, The GOD of Creation, Who is Wonderful, our Counsellor, The Mighty GOD, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace, The Messiah Yeshua.  Isaiah 9.6(5).

EXODUS 12.17  Passover is to be observed every year forever from the 14th day of the Hebrew month Nisan, to the 21st day of the month.

And GOD brought out the Jewish armies.  Yes, they are armies who fought other nations trying to prevent them from entering their land.  And today, Israel’s armies must continue to fight her enemies, those who seek to cast us out from our GOD-given Land.  That will never happen.

EXODUS 12.18-20  Again, the only bread GOD allows to be eaten during the Passover is matzah, unleavened bread.

So we spent a large portion of the Teaching on matzah, unleavened bread.  And unleavened bread is Biblically symbolic of purity.  And purity can only be accomplished by obedience to GOD, His Word, His Commandments, and Messiah’s Law, His Law of Moses.  And that is for the most part what GOD requires from you and me, and everyone who calls themself Believers in Messiah Yeshua.  Obedience to GOD Almighty, The Everlasting Father, Who is Messiah Yeshua is paramount, more important than anything else, and it is for your good.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be about a Festival that GOD calls a Memorial of Blowing of Trumpets, and Judaism calls Rosh Ha Shanah, the first of the year, or New Years.  Our Scripture verses are Leviticus 23.1-2, 23-25.

                            READ LEVITICUS 23.1-2, 23-25

LEVITICUS 23.1-2   These Festivals, or Feasts, or as Judaism calls them, the High Holy Days, or Jewish Holidays, are in fact Feasts of The LORD.  Which means, they should be observed by everybody, Jewish people, and those who are not Jewish.

VERSE 2  Concerning the Feasts, a feast in Hebrew is MOADE meaning, a fixed time or appointed time, like the 7th day Saturday Sabbath.

You shall proclaim to be Holy Convocations or MEEKRAH KODESH or a gathering of the people, a Service dedicated to The LORD as all our Saturday Sabbath Services are.  The Saturday Sabbath is also a Feast of The LORD.

VERSE 3  A Holy Convocation is also a rehearsal.  A rehearsal, of course, means to prepare for a future event.

I believe that future event is the return of The LORD immediately after the Tribulation.  The Bible says, then The Son of Man, Yeshua The Messiah will appear coming in the clouds of Heaven with power and great glory.  He will send His angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they will gather all the elect from one end of Heaven to the other.  The LORD Himself will descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the Archangel, and with the shofar of GOD, and the dead in Messiah will rise first, then we which are alive and remain will be caught up together with them in the air, and so shall we ever be with The LORD.  And immediately, with The LORD we will go to Jerusalem to establish the Messianic Kingdom, the 1,000 year Millennium in Israel.  Therefore we are to comfort one another with these words.  Matthew 24.29-30, 1 Thessalonians 4.16-18.

That is the rehearsal, that is the day we are preparing for. 

Every Festival of GOD is found in Leviticus 23, and every Festival is a Sabbath, a day of rest, and no work of any kind is to be done.  The LORD’s Festivals are:

The Saturday Sabbath
The Passover
Pentecost or Shavuot
Rosh Ha Shanah, or a Memorial of Blowing Trumpets
The Day of Atonement or Yom Kippur
Tabernacles or Succot
The 8th Day of Tabernacles.

LEVITICUS 23.23  I believe The LORD spoke Face to face with Moses, as a friend speaks to his friend during much of the 40 years in the wilderness.  And The LORD GOD, THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB IS YESHUA THE MESSIAH. 

EXODUS 33.9-11  VERSE 9  The Tabernacle was a tent, the tent of the congregation, the portable Temple in the wilderness.

Also, I believe the cloudy pillar was GOD Himself, just as the fire of the burning bush was GOD Himself.  And all the people worshipped The LORD in their tent door.  They all bowed down.  And The LORD spoke to Moses Face to face as a man speaks to his friend.  We will experience that in The Millennium, and in Heaven, speaking Face to face with GOD ALMIGHTY Who is Messiah Yeshua.

LEVITICUS 23.24  So you might say, this commandment to hold this Festival is only for Israel, the Jewish people.  No.  All GOD’s commandments, and all GOD’s Festivals are for everybody, Jewish and non-Jewish people.  There are not separate laws and festivals for Israel, and different laws and festivals for gentiles, or non-Jewish people.

I only see in The Bible one set of laws and festivals for all the earth.  I do not see another order of laws and festivals in The Bible.  As Paul writes in Romans 3.29, Is He the GOD of the Jews only? Is He not also of the gentiles?  Yes, of the gentiles also.  The Memorial of Blowing of Trumpets and all GOD’s Festivals are for everybody to observe.

Hear the beginning words of the Song of Moses.
                            DEUTERONOMY 31.30, DEUTERONOMY 32.1-2

GOD’s Words and doctrine are for everybody, including His Festivals.  And the angels in Heaven observe all GOD’s doctrine and Festivals.  GOD Himself observes His own Laws, and lives by His Laws.  This is evidenced by Yeshua Who not only is The Messiah, He is The GOD of Israel, GOD Almighty.

PSALM 138.2  WORD – EEMRAH – His word, His speech, every Word GOD speaks.

GOD, as evidenced by Yeshua Who is GOD in the flesh, observed every Word of His Law.  LUKE 4.16, etc.

Messiah’s custom was to observe every Festival of GOD found in Leviticus 23.

Give the Jewish people credit.  We are the only religion in the world that observes GOD’s Festivals of Saturday Sabbath, Passover, Pentecost, The Memorial of Blowing of Trumpets, and the others.  Although we call The Memorial of Blowing of Trumpets Rosh Ha Shanah, The New Year.  And although GOD commands that this is a one day Holiday, we Jewish people have made it a two day Holiday.  We are the only religion to observe the Day of Atonement and Tabernacles.  All the other religions have their own festivals.  None to my knowledge observes all GOD’s commanded Festivals of Leviticus 23 but the Jewish people.

So why does Judaism call this day Rosh Ha Shanah, the first of the year, or New Years when in fact GOD calls this day a Memorial of Blowing of Trumpets, and THIS FEAST FALLS IN THE SEVENTH MONTH on the Jewish calendar, or at least on GOD’s calendar.  The first Month is Nisan, the Passover month.  Today is the first day of the seventh month Tishrei.  I would have to say, the Rabbis botched it.  It’s a clumsy error and Judaism should observe this day exactly as GOD describes it.  It is a Memorial of Blowing of Trumpets.  Today is a Sabbath of rest with a blowing of shofars to remember The LORD GOD of Israel.  It’s a holy convocation, a day for the people to gather together to dedicate this day to The LORD.  No work of any kind should be done on this day and this day is a reminder that we everyone needs atonement from GOD Almighty for His forgiveness of our sins from a sacrificial offering.

Judaism has four days of the year that are regarded as the new year for different and specific purposes.

The first new year is the first month of the year, the Passover month Nisan that comes around March or April.  This new year in Judaism dates the reigns of the Jewish kings, and the order of months.

Next is the first of Elul which would be the sixth Hebrew month around August.  It is the new year for cattle tithes when tithes had to be given for cattle born during the previous year.

Today, which is the first day of the seventh Hebrew month Tishrei is the new year for the Jewish people, and the new year for the sabbatical year.  The LORD said in Leviticus 25.3, six years you may sow your field, prune your vineyard, and gather in the fruit of it; but in the seventh year, the land shall have a sabbath of complete rest, a sabbath of The LORD.  You shall not sow your field, or prune your vineyard.  That would be the sabbitical year that starts on the first day of Tishrei, the seventh month.  That is today.

Also today, the first day
of the seventh month is the new year for the beginning of the Jubilee which should be every 50th year.  LEVITICUS 25.10 READS:

The next and final new year is the fifteenth day of the Hebrew month Shevat.  Shevat is in January or February, and this would be the new year for trees.

So why is this Festival, The Blowing of Trumpets, or Rosh Ha Shanah a two day celebration when GOD calls for a one day observance?  It has to do with the sighting of the new moon in Israel.  Messengers from Israel were sent out to the Diaspora, to the Jewish people who have resided outside of Israel since the first exile in 586 BCE/BC, and since in the old days before computers and telephones, it took these messengers time to get to the Jewish people outside Israel.  Thus, these communities were in doubt as to which day marked the actual beginning of the Festival.  So we Jews have added another day to Passover, Tabernacles, Pentecost, and today’s Festival, Rosh Ha Shanah, or The Memorial for The Blowing of Trumpets.

So why the addition of another day when the calendar has already been fixed by astronomical calculation or moon calculation?  The answer, tradition.  Established custom and tradition should not be lightly discarded, the Rabbis say.  Although reform Judaism has done away with the second day observances.  But then again, some Reform Congregations observe the two day celebrations, nevertheless.

LEVITICUS 23.25  No work of any kind should be done on this day.  On the other hand, no sacrifice or offering for atonement can be made because there is no Temple in Israel.   LEVITICUS 17.8-9

An offering is required for atonement, for the forgiveness of our sins by THE LORD GOD, the shedding of blood that makes an atonement for the soul.  LEVITICUS 17.11.  But how without a Temple?

The LORD never changes, His Word never changes.  It stands forever.  But without a Temple in Israel, the animal sacrifice is forbidden by GOD, and there will not be another Temple at the commandment of GOD until The Millennium, The Messianic Kingdom in Israel when The LORD returns.

However, The LORD GOD gave us a New Covenant to forgive our sins and remember them no more.  GOD describes His New Covenant in Jeremiah 31.31-34.  And that New Covenant is Yeshua The Messiah Who is GOD Almighty, GOD The Father,  Isaiah 9.6(5), John 14.9, Who was also a man, a human being who laid His life down for us to be an offering for sin, our atonement for everybody.  GOD prophesied The New Covenant Yeshua Who forgives us our sins, and then He Himself, The GOD of Creation, Yeshua The Messiah gave His life as the offering for sin required on this day, and every day.  He did it, He has done this, He is our offering for sin, and it is His blood that makes an atonement for the soul.  All described by GOD in His Word, Isaiah 53.10, etc.

So this Day, the first Day in the seventh month, on the Hebrew Calendar is a Sabbath.  No work of any kind should be done on this Day.  It is a day of rest.  It is a Memorial of Blowing of Trumpets, a Holy Convocation, a Festival of The LORD.  It’s a day to remember The LORD our GOD and what He has done for us.  The LORD GOD of Creation made Himself a Man.  Yes, GOD Almighty, The Creator of Heaven and earth, Yeshua The Messiah, Who is Salvation, The Anointed One, our King and our GOD, laid His life down for us.  That human being, Yeshua Ha Mashiach is The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  He laid His life down for us to be our atonement, to forgive us our sins and remember them no more. That is biblical teaching. That is how much GOD loves you and me.  That is Salvation.  And that is eternal life.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


                            EXODUS 12.1-13

Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be from Exodus 12.1-13.  And we will learn from this Chapter that much of it is prophetic, that it pertains to Messiah Yeshua.  The LORD GOD gave these word to Moses to write down some 1,370 years before Messiah’s first coming.

                            READ EXODUS 12.1-13

EXODUS 12.1-2  VERSE 2  This month as The LORD said, shall be the beginning of months, or the 1st month of the year.  It is called the month of Nisan, and Nisan is also the Passover month that comes around March or April, and Nisan was also the month of Israel’s deliverance and exodus out of Egypt after 400 years of Egyptian slavery.

So how do these words apply prophetically to Messiah Yeshua?  Perhaps the month of Nisan, the beginning of months is symbolic to the beginning of a new life when we receive The Messiah Yeshua as our GOD and Messiah, The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

It’s important to recognize that after The LORD’s deliverance of the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage, He taught them statutes, laws, judgments and commandments to live by.  The same applies to all who receive Messiah.  When we turn to Messiah Yeshua, GOD puts His Law in our heart to live by.  Jeremiah 31.33, Hebrews 8.10.  Likewise we also must learn GOD’s statutes, laws, commandments and judgments, and do them.  DEUTERONOMY 30.9-16

DEUTERONOMY 30.14  Today, His words are near to us in The Bible.  GOD has written His Law in your heart.

Up to this point, The LORD had sent 9 destructive plagues upon the Egyptians.  The deadliest of all is about to come.  About midnight, Moses told Pharaoh, GOD will go out among the Egyptians and kill every firstborn Egyptian, and all the firstborn of their cattle.  But not a thing will happen to the children of Israel.  Not even a dog will bark at them or their animals because The LORD has put a difference between Egypt and Israel.  But GOD had instructions for the children of Israel just prior to that final plague.

EXODUS 12.3  What is the prophetic significance here concerning Messiah Yeshua?

In the 10th day of the month of Nisan, 4 days before the evening of Passover, Messiah Yeshua came into Jerusalem on a donkey.  And the Jewish people waving branches from palm trees cried out to Messiah calling Him The King of Israel.  They recognized Yeshua as their promised Messiah and King.  This happened on the 10th day of the month, 4 days before the evening of Passover.  Just as in Egypt, GOD told the children of Israel to take a lamb on the 10th day of the month for every household, 4 days before the evening of the 1st Passover.  JOHN 12.1, 12-15

JOHN 12.12  The next day was the 10th day of the month, 4 days before the evening of Passover.

JOHN 12.13  HOSANNA – HO SHAH NAH: Save now
They knew Yeshua was their King and Messiah.

JOHN 12.14-15  Prophetic words from ZECHARIAH 9.9

HAVING SALVATION – NOE SHAH – having Salvation means Yeshua FREES us from our sins and death, Yeshua FREES us He KEEPS us SAFE and SAVES us, AVENGES us, that is, He punishes those who harm us, He DEFENDS us, and DELIVERS us from all troubles, He RESCUES us, and He is our SAVIOR, we gain the VICTORY with Messiah, and Messiah BRINGS SALVATION, and HAS SALVATION.

By the way, that was GOD Almighty, Yeshua The Messiah sitting on that donkey appearing as a human being, and being fully GOD.

Salvation only comes from GOD, and no other.
ISAIAH 12.2  GOD is my Salvation.  El Yeshua tee.  He has become to me my Salvation.  Lee Yeshua

And GOD is our Savior: and beside Him there is no Savior.
ISAIAH 45.15, TITUS 2.13

EXODUS 12.3-5  VERSE 5  Without blemish means perfect, without any flaws.  Being perfect fits Messiah, shall we say, perfectly.

Yeshua was and is perfect, without sin, and sin is breaking The Law of Moses 1 JOHN 3.4, not doing the will of GOD.  Messiah obeyed every Word of GOD, that is He obeyed His own Law of Moses that He gave to Israel to deliver to all the world, which we did through The Bible, for everyone to live by GOD’s Laws.

Yeshua, like the Passover lamb in Egypt, was perfect, without blemish.
1 PETER 2.21-24

VERSE 24  Being dead to sins is not living in sin any longer, that is, not breaking GOD’s Law of Moses as we did in the past.

Living unto righteousness is living according to GOD’s Law of Moses.

By Whose stripes we are healed.  Healing comes from BELIEVING IN MESSIAH AND OBEYING HIM, HIS LAW OF MOSES.  The best medicine there is, and doesn’t cost any money.

Because Messiah is perfect, without blemish, He should be our example, that we should follow His steps.  He lived by every Word of GOD.  LUKE 4.4  We should do the same.

EXODUS 12.6  Yeshua was also killed on the 14th day of the month Nisan.

Jewish people do not want to hear that they killed Yeshua, because they didn’t.  Just as GOD commanded the whole assembly of the Congregation of Israel to kill the lamb in Egypt on the 14th day, The LORD GOD preordained Yeshua’s death, and predetermined His crucifixion.  It was GOD Who had Him killed for His purpose, and for our good.  AND HE HAD THE JEWISH PEOPLE DO WHAT THEY DID, take Him and give Him over to the Romans to crucify Him.

PROVERBS 20.24  A man’s steps are decided by The LORD; what does a man know about his own way?  GOD moved the Jewish people to have Messiah killed.

PROVERBS 16.9  A man may plot out his course, but it is The LORD Who directs his steps.

GOD supernaturally moved the Jewish people to have Messiah killed by the Romans.  GOD ordained it, predetermined it, and had the Jewish people carry it out, for His purpose, and for our good.  That is the power of GOD.  And His death gave us Salvation.

ISAIAH 53.8-10  VERSE 8  He was cut off, killed for the transgressions of My people, GOD’s people, the Jewish people and all people who receive Messiah and obey GOD.  That was GOD’s purpose to kill Him, to die for the transgressions of His people.

VERSE 9  All the time there was never any sin in Him, no violence or any deceit.

VERSE 10  It pleased The LORD to bruise Him, actually to kill Him.  The word pleased in Hebrew is KHAH FAYTS – It means GOD CHOSE to kill Messiah, and GOD was PLEASED to do it.

Why did GOD choose to kill Messiah?  The Answer.  To make His Soul an offering for sin.  GOD made Messiah our atonement for all our sins, to forgive us. Every one of them, and to remember them no more.  Yeshua is our offering for sin, for GOD’s purpose, and for our good.  “For GOD so loved the world, that He GAVE HIS only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting Life.”  John 3.16

So yes, GOD directed the Jewish people by His supernatural, and sometimes invisible power to have Messiah killed at the hands of the Romans, for GOD’s purpose, and for our good. For our Salvation.

EXODUS 12.7-13  VERSE 13  TOKEN – OHTE – a miracle.  As the blood of the Passover Lamb in Egypt was a miracle, when GOD saw the blood on their houses, He passed over the children of Israel, and the plague was not upon them to destroy them.  Likewise, the shed blood of Messiah is also a miracle.  His blood is atonement for our sins.

Messiah tells us, He i
s like the Passover lamb Who delivers us, and His Body symbolically should be eaten.  At His Passover seder, the last supper, He took matzah and blessed it, and broke it, and gave it to the disciples and said, take, eat, this is My Body.
MATTHEW 26.26-28

And because of Messiah, we are a new creation.

A new creature is a new creation, a new person, one who serves GOD rather than serving self.  And I know how it starts.  We all do.  We believe in Messiah.  That is the grace of GOD.  Then The LORD puts His Law in our hearts according to His description of The New Covenant in Jeremiah 31.31-34.  And we start to learn GOD’s Law, His Law of Moses, and obey it.  And GOD gives us His Holy Spirit as Peter said in Acts 5.32, to all who obey GOD.  And GOD The Holy Spirit teaches us His Truth.  JOHN 14.15-17

That is GOD The Holy Spirit Who lives in us, and He remains with us forever.  He teaches us His Truth.  How to live our lives, how to obey GOD and what to obey.  Something we never did in the past.  Obeying GOD, and His Law of Moses was never part of my life, never in my thoughts.

But now we are a new creation in Messiah.  GOD is in us, The Holy Spirit, and we are in Him.  We live our lives for The LORD GOD, through the Lamb of GOD, Yeshua The Messiah, Who gave His life for us, and shed His blood so we can be part of the family of GOD, to spend eternity with Him, here on earth, and in the Millennium and in Heaven forever.  And you know what, there is no better life to lead than serving The Lamb of GOD, GOD Almighty, Yeshua The Messiah.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


                            EXODUS 11.1-10

Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be from Exodus 11.1-10.
                            READ EXODUS 11.1-10

There are 3 subjects I would like to address this morning from the words in Exodus Chapter 11.

1. Vengeance.  Vengeance belongs to The LORD.  HE pays back.

2. GOD putting a difference between the Egyptians and Israel.

3.  And the trinity as compared to the One GOD of Creation, The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

EXODUS 11.1  Hence – from here, from Egypt.

Altogether, as in Pharaoh will surely thrust you out from here altogether.

ALTOGETHER – KAHLAH – completely, everyone and everything belonging to the children of Israel.

EXODUS 11.2  BORROW – SHAHAL – request or ask.  Borrow means to take something with a promise to return it.  The children of Israel never intended to return those valuables to the Egyptians.  A better English word would be request or ask.  Ask your neighbor for jewels of silver, and jewels of gold.

EXODUS 11.3  FAVOR – KHAYNE – kindness.  The LORD caused the Egyptians to show kindness to the children of Israel.

And Moses was a great man in the sight of the Egyptians because of the extraordinary power he displayed from GOD.  Perhaps the Egyptians thought Moses was a god.

The fact that Israel would leave Egypt with great substance or great wealth was prophetic.  GOD had told Abraham some 700 years before the Exodus, that Israel will come out with great riches.  GOD also told Moses at the burning bush, that Israel would come out with Egyptian jewelry.  Plenty of it.

The LORD said in Isaiah 46.9-11, for I AM GOD, and there is none else.  I AM GOD and there is none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, saying My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure.  I have spoken it, I will bring it to pass, I have purposed it, I will also do it.
                            GENESIS 15.13-14, EXODUS .1-4, 21-22

EXODUS 11.4-6  Vengeance is Mine saith The LORD.  I will repay.  Thus GOD killed the firstborn of the Egyptians as vengeance and payback for the Egyptians killing the firstborn Hebrew babies.
            EXODUS 1.15-16

When vengeance is taken by The LORD, GOD’s vengeance is righteous punishment because The LORD is righteous.  He does everything according to His Law, The Law of Moses.  Even vengeance.

VENGEANCE comes from the Hebrew word NAH KAHN – meaning revenge and punishment.
Revenge means to inflict pain or harm for a wrong that was received.  And GOD’s judgment is justice, according to His righteousness.

PSALM 96.9-13  VERSE 9  Worship The LORD in the beauty of holiness.  Honor Him by dedicating yourself to The LORD, serving Him in obedience to His Word, His Laws, and His Commandments.

Fear before Him all the earth.  Fearing GOD causes us to obey Him.  GOD wants all the earth, everybody to serve Him, and obey Him, His Laws, His Commandments, His Word.  It is written.

VERSE 13  GOD will judge the earth with righteousness, and the people with Truth.  GOD will pronounce His verdict for or against according to His Law, The Law of Moses.  Did they obey Him or not?  And with His Truth.  GOD’s Truth is His Word.  That word that the people have rejected.  Here in this country, they call the Word of GOD obsolete, outdated, extinct, discontinued and dead.  GOD’s vengeance is righteous judgment according to His Word that stands forever.

Vengeance belongs to The LORD.  He will repay.  Vengeance does not belong to us, and should not be part of our life.

ROMANS 12.19  Never seek revenge my beloved.  Instead leave that to GOD.  For it is written in T’Nakh (The Old Testament), vengeance is Mine, I will repay, saith The LORD.

DEUTERONOMY 32.35, 39-41, 43

VERSE 35  Recompence is revenge and payback.  Vengeance belongs to Me, saith The LORD.

VERSE 41  GOD’s vengeance is against His enemies, those that hate Him.  Paul says, the carnal mind is enmity or hatred against GOD.  ROMANS 8.7

The carnal mind is without The Holy Spirit because the carnal mind does not obey GOD.  Acts 5.32.  Enmity against GOD is hatred, and hostility, and opposition against GOD.  That is why we continually teach obedience to the LORD GOD, to His Word, and His Law of Moses. Because hatred toward God is not obeying His Law of Moses. The proof of loving GOD is obeying Him.  1 John 5.3.
Read Psalm 119.

DEUTERONOMY 32.43  Avenge means that GOD will bring satisfaction to His servants.

What is the day of vengeance of our GOD?  ISAIAH 61.1-2

The day of vengeance of our GOD is the great 3 1/2 year tribulation to come in the future.  The day of vengeance will be brought on by The LORD because of the worlds’ disobedience to GOD.

DAY, as in the day of vengeance is YOME, meaning a space of time.  The day of vengeance is the 3 1/2 year tribulation upon a disobedient world.  MATTHEW 24.15-22

And that day of vengeance of our GOD, that great tribulation will end when The LORD returns and judges the earth with righteousness, because, as Paul writes in Romans 8.7, Because the carnal mind is hatred against GOD, for it is not subject to The Law of GOD, neither indeed can be. (The Law of God is the Law
of Moses.)

Here’s how the day of vengeance of our GOD ends.
            ZECHARIAH 14.1-21

EXODUS 11.6-7  VERSE 7  But a dog will not even bark at any of the children of Israel, or their animals.

That you Pharaoh may know how that The LORD does put a difference between the Egyptians and Israel.

What is that difference GOD put between the Egyptians and Israel?

Egypt was a heathen nation with hundreds of gods.  And they rejected every word of the true GOD, but served their own gods, and their own thoughts and imaginations.

The difference being that The LORD chose the children of Israel, the Jewish people to be a Holy People unto The LORD their GOD, a special people to Himself above all people that are upon the face of the earth, to be GOD’s witnesses and His servant, to know GOD, and believe Him, and understand that He is GOD.  And before Him there was no GOD formed, neither will there be after Him.  And beside Him there is no Savior.  That GOD is GOD and there is none like Him.

And The LORD adopted the Jewish people, the children of Israel, and gave them His Covenants, and His Laws, The Law of Moses, and His promises, and to serve Him.  And in the flesh Messiah came from the Jewish people.

Egypt was a heathen nation, as the nations are today, rejecting GOD and His teachings and instructions.  GOD chose Israel to receive His teachings and instructions, and to pass them on to the world by The Bible to do and obey.  But the world rejects The GOD of Israel, and according to Paul’s writing in Romans 8.7 they hate GOD.  That is the difference, and Israel, the Jewish people have some work to do.

Then there is the trinity.  The church defines GOD as a trinity, as The Father, The Son, and The Spirit.  That part is true.  G
OD is The Father, The Son, and The Spirit.  The rest of that trinity doctine is wrong.  The doctrine of the trinity teaches a distinction of persons between the three.  A distinction of persons is wrong and opposes GOD’s own Word that GOD is ONE.  Period.  There is NO distinction between The Father, Son, and Spirit.

Distinction, according to Webster’s Dictionary means distinguishing as DIFFERENT, a recognizing as DIFFERENCES.  There is no distinction or difference between The Father, The Son, and The Spirit, because they are the ONE GOD.  They are ONE and the same.  DEUTERONOMY 6.4

A question was asked to a famous American Pastor.  Are The Father and Jesus one and the same?  No, he said.  Jesus is not The Father.  They are not the same.  Well, these are my words.  If The Father is GOD, and Jesus is GOD and they are different from one another, the trinity teaches 2 or 3 gods. There is only ONE GOD, period.

Jesus or Yeshua is The Father.  Yeshua said, he that sees Me has seen The Father.  John 14.9.  The Father is Yeshua.  He that sees Me, sees Him that sent Me.  John 12.45.  And The Holy Spirit is GOD, Yeshua.  The Spirit of Messiah is The Spirit of GOD.  Romans 8.9.  See ISAIAH 9.6 (5).

There is only ONE GOD, and He is Yeshua The Messiah, The Savior.  As Isaiah 43.11 reads, I even I AM The LORD, and beside Me there is no Savior.

Thus the trinity puts a difference between Israel that believes in only ONE GOD as The Bible teaches, and the church that believes in the trinity, 3 distinct and different gods.  That is wrong and not Biblical.  Perhaps the church teachers should do a study on the word and number 1.  And even a deeper study than that.  They should do a study on the Hebrew word for one, Eh khahd in Deuteronomy 6.4.  The LORD is ONE.

EXODUS 11.7-11  VERSE 9  Today we see great wonders of GOD.  Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, diseases, tsunamies, recessions, depressions, drought, fires and worldwide GODlessness.  These are not mother nature but the judgments of GOD.  Why?  Because the earth rejects GOD and His Laws.  Like Pharaoh, GOD has hardened the hearts of many that they will not obey GOD.

Thus there will be judgment, and vengeance by The LORD on all the earth.  The great 3 1/2 year tribulation to come. And The LORD GOD of Heaven and earth will return at the end of the great tribulation after many plagues and wonders that will surface in the forthcoming judgment and vengeance.

And GOD will save His People.  As He outlines in Ezekiel 37, the resurrection of the dry bones of Israel.  They will come out of their graves, and with all who believe in Messiah, who hear GOD and keep His Law of Moses, along with those Gentiles who bless or who have blessed the Jewish people and Israel.  GOD will take us all up into His Millennial Kingdom in Israel for 1,000 years.  And then into Heaven forever where there will be no more tears or death, neither sorrow or crying, for all the pain and hardship of the past will have passed away.  But the ransomed of The LORD will come with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads.  They will obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing will flee away.  Those are the servants of The LORD.  Those are the blessings for obeying GOD.  It is written. 

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be from Exodus 9.13-21.

                            READ EXODUS 9.13-21

EXODUS 9.13-14
VERSE 14      I will send My plagues upon your heart.

HEART – LAYVE – meaning heart, soul, mind, life – all the plagues will fall upon you Pharaoh, and upon your servants, and upon your people.

That you may know that there is none like Me in all the earth.  We will return to that statement in a moment.

EXODUS 9.15  PESTILENCE – DEHVEHR – means a destroying plague.

You shall be cut off from the earth.  Cut off in Hebrew is KAHKHAD – meaning to cut off, be destroyed, obliterated, wiped off the face of the earth.

EXODUS 9.16  For this cause, GOD said, I have raised you up Pharaoh.  Meaning GOD’s purpose for hardening Pharaoh’s heart, making him stubborn and rejecting GOD’s numerous commands to let His People go, and to plague Egypt with all His plagues, thus destroying the entire land, was to show the world the great and supernatural power of GOD.  And we have seen it.  The world has witnessed it over and over again.  That GOD is the Master of the universe, and no matter how powerful a nation or people might be, GOD is GOD, and GOD’s purpose in this confrontation with Pharaoh was not only to show His mighty power, but the consequences for resisting GOD’s authority, and rejecting His commands, for Egypt and the Egyptian people, the outcome was total destruction.

The same is true today, 3,382 years later.  The world is much like Pharaoh, rejecting GOD’s Word, and rejecting His commandments.  They cast aside GOD’s Law, His Law of Moses, and replace it with their own religious laws.  And GOD again will show the world His mighty power with more and greater plagues when He destroys the earth prior to Messiah’s return.  As Yeshua said, For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no nor never shall be.  And except those days should be shortened, there should be no flesh saved.  But for the Elects’ sake those days shall be shortened.  Matthew 24.21-22.

For similar reasons, disobedience to GOD, The LORD will bring an end to this world, and bring in the Messianic era, the 1,000 year Millennium of peace and rejoicing.

                            ECCLESIASTES 1.9, ISAIAH 26.21

(Isaiah 26.21)  PUNISH – PAHKAHD – to do judgemnt
                        INIQUITY – AHVONE – perversity, evil, sin from not obeying GOD.  1 JOHN 3.4

EXODUS 9.16  That GOD’s Name may and will be declared throughout all the earth.  This is the reason for GOD’s confrontation with Pharaoh, that His Name will be declared throughout all the earth.

My Name in Hebrew is SHEHMEE, and GOD’s Name, and He has many Names, implies honor, authority, might and power, love and mercy and Salvation, and so much more.  Yet few obey Him, The Most High over all the earth Who is Yeshua Ha Mashiakh, Yeshua The Messiah.

EXODUS 9.17-21
Exalt yourself, meaning you rise up and oppose My People.

The Word of GOD never changes.  It is the same from the Creation and forever.  But many have taken The Word of GOD from The Bible and wrest it.  They have changed it and perverted it causing so many to be led astray from The Truth of GOD.  GOD’s Word never changes, and The LORD showed His mercy to those Egyptians that obeyed Him, and repaid them who disobeyed Him.  That is the Word of GOD.  It never changes.

EXODUS 9.19  Disobedience to GOD resulted in death.
EXODUS 9.20  Those who obeyed GOD lived.

1 PETER 1.24-25  The Word of The LORD endures forever.

ENDURES – MENO – means to stay, continues, endures, i.e., GOD’s Word continues to exist and last forever, it remains and it stands forever.

And The Gospel, the good news of Messiah Yeshua is Salvation, and blessings, and eternal Life.  The Gospel is also The Word of GOD, GOD’s Law of Moses, and Yeshua is GOD, and GOD’s Commandments, and that is what should be preached to you.

And speaking of The Gospel, here are some words that should be preached to you.

VERSES 3-4  I read in yesterday’s newspaper that 2/3s of the continental United States is gripped in a drought, a period of dry weather, especially a long one, that is damaging to crops, and it’s getting worse with no signs of letting up.  Why?  Because this country like all others do not walk in GOD’s Statutes, and keep His Commandments and do them.

VERSE 2  Reverence My Sanctuary means to fear GOD and obey Him.  And the teachers and preachers in The Sanctuaries are not teaching the fear of GOD and obedience to HIM.

You shall keep GOD’s Sabbaths.  When are GOD’s Sabbaths?

The 7th day of every week, SATURDAY, from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday is GOD’s Sabbath.  In the 10 Commandments EXODUS 20.8-11, MATTHEW 24.15-20, LEVITICUS 23.1-3

Also the 1st and 7th day of Passover are Sabbaths.  LEVITICUS 23.5-8
The Day of Pentecost, or Shahvuot is a Sabbath.  LEVITICUS 23.21
The Festival of Blowing of Trumpets which Judaism calls Rosh Ha Shannah, the new year is a Sabbath.  LEVITICUS 23.24-25.
The Day of Atonement is a Sabbath.  LEVITICUS 23.27-28
The 1st and 8th Day of Tabernacles are Sabbaths.  LEVITICUS 23.34-36
Those are the Sabbaths of The LORD that you should observe.  Beside the weekly Sabbath on Saturday, there are 7 additional Sabbaths of The LORD.

Let’s return to Exodus 9.14

EXODUS 9.14  That you may know that there is none like GOD in all the earth.

Let’s discuss GOD Who in His fullness is beyond human comprehension.  The entire Creation is dependent upon GOD, while GOD IS NOT dependent upon His Creation.  GOD is The Lifegiver, Who is Yeshua The Messiah, and He is also The Lawgiver Who alone has Life within Himself.  And knowing that GOD is pure Spirit, Who fills Heaven and earth, Who is present everywhere all the time, at the same time, Who has unlimited infinite power, Whose knowledge and understanding is unlimited, we pass completely out of the reach of our experience.  However The Bible which has the Sacred writings, and the revealed Word of GOD does sufficiently tell us of GOD so that we may know Him, and have the knowledge to please Him.
                            DEUTERONOMY 29.29

The secret things belong to GOD.  The things He has hidden and not made known to us belong to GOD.  It’s those secret things which are so vast everywhere about everything that are so far beyond our knowledge and comprehension that are secret and belong to GOD.

But The LORD reveals plenty in His Word.  How to know Him, by keeping His Commandments and Law, 1 JOHN 2.3, how to love Him, 1 John 2.3, how to love Him, 1 John 5.3, and fear Him, and obey Him, and to do all the Words of His Law forever.  And GOD has granted us a special gift.  He has revealed all the Words of His Law that we should do them forever.  And the wonderful gift of The Messiah Yeshua, and His Holy Spirit as Acts 5.32 reads, He gives to them that obey GOD.  And when we obey The LORD, GOD will bless you, and give you the desires of your heart.  He will deliver you out of every affliction, and a
s Psalm 34.22 reads, The LORD redeems the soul of His servants, and none of them that trust in Him will be desolate.

So let’s look at some of the miraculous and wonderful things GOD has revealed about Himself in The Scriptures.  And talking about the knowledge of GOD passing completely out of the reach of our experience, GOD has always been.  He is eternal.  He has no beginning, or end.  He always is, and He has always been.  DEUTERONOMY 33.27

ETERNAL – KEHDEHM meaning the eternal GOD no beginning and no end.  He has always been.  How can you picture that?  And that is how Mesisah Yeshua is described in Micah 5.2(1), having no beginning, and no end because Messiah is GOD.   But as a Human Being, He was born of a Jewish woman in Bethlehem, yet He is GOD Almighty.

Let’s look at the impossible, even a miracle up close, The Creation from nothing.

GENESIS 1.2  WITHOUT FORM – TOWHOO meaning nothing, there was nothing when GOD created the earth.

VOID – VOHOO – means emptiness, containing nothing.

GENESIS 1.3  GOD spoke the Light into existence.  And since GOD The Messiah is The Light of the world, He must be that Light even before He made the sun.  Genesis 1.16, John 8.12.

And by just speaking His Word, GOD made the sky and the earth, and the seas, speaking them into eistence.  By His Word, He brought forth grass, and the fruit-yielding trees, from nothing.  GOD spoke the sun and the moon and the stars into being from emptiness, from nothing.  By His spoken Word, He brought forth the fish, and birds, and the great whales, and simply by His Word and wisdom, GOD made every animal.  Can we understand that?  The secret things belong to GOD.

GENESIS 1.26  GOD said, LET US make man IN OUR image,  AFTER OUR LIKENESS.

GOD teaches us early in His Word that there is only 1 GOD, but He is an us.  Let us make man.  The 1 GOD of Creation is The Father, He is Messiah The Son, and He is The Holy Spirit.  There is only1 GOD, and He made us in His image after His likeness, and for His purpose.  GENESIS 2.7

FORMED – YAHSTAHR – meaning GOD has formed each individual into a shape as a potter forms clay.  He has also formed and determined our mind, all predestined and predetermined by GOD, and all for His purpose.

Here are some secret things that belong to The LORD our GOD that pertain exclusively to us, and to all humanity, and to all living creatures.  And think about free will.

PROVERBS 16.1  PREPARATIONS – MAHAHREKH, meaning mental arrangement.  A man may arrange his thoughts, but what he says depends on The LORD.

PROVERBS 16.9  DEVISE – KHAHSHAHV – means to plot or think.  A man, or woman may plot out their course, but it is The LORD Who directs their steps.

PROVERBS 20.24  GOINGS – MEETSAHDAY – means man’s steps, his goings.  A man’s steps, his or her path of life are decided by The LORD.  How can we understand our own way?

PROVERBS 21.2  GOD directs the lives of kings and all humanity, and the lives of every living creature to wherever, and whatever He wishes.  Free will?

PSALM 75.7  GOD brings down one, and sets up another.  It is His choice.

JOB 12.10  Soul is the heart and mind and the person and life.  Hand is YAHD – GOD’s Hand, His power.  Thus in GOD’s Hand is the soul and life of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.

JEREMIAH 27.5  GOD gives whatever He will to whomever He chooses.  All for His purpose.

DANIEL 2.20-23  All wisdom and might belong to GOD, and come from GOD.  He brings the change of seasons and times (perhaps history, etc.), He removes kings, and sets up kings.  He gives wisdom to the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding.  He interprets dreams, and no doubt makes them.

JOB 27.1-4  VERSE 3  The difference between the Spirit of GOD in every living being, and The Holy Spirit of GOD in certain people, is this.  Both are the same Spirit of GOD.  But The Holy Spirit is given to those who obey GOD.  Acts 5.32, John 14.1-17

In conclusion, GOD gives everybody the condition to be His people, and the opportunity to serve Him.  How?  By receiving His Messiah Yeshua, Who is Messiah and GOD, and keeping His Sabbaths, walking in His Statutes, keeping His Commandments, and doing them.  And from what we learned today, that is GOD’s decision.  He guides and directs our entire life, and teaches us how to live our lives, and how to serve Him. 


Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be from Exodus 9.22-35.

                            READ EXODUS 9.22-35

EXODUS 9.22-23  GOD is the Creator.  He creates things from nothing.  He created the Heavens and the earth and all that are in them from nothing.  But He did create man from the dust of the ground, and that’s not a whole lot to start with.  Thus GOD created the hail and the thunder, and the fire that fell in the land of Egypt from nothing, as Yeshua created food for the thousands from nothing, and fed them all.

MATTHEW 14.14-21  Thus Messiah created food for perhaps 10,000 people from nothing, because Messiah is GOD.

JOHN 21.3-14  Messiah created 153 fish, plus the fish and bread He had on the fire from nothing, just as He created hail, thunder, and fire from nothing that fell on the land of Egypt.  GOD is the Creator, and nothing is too hard for The LORD.

REVELATION 16.17-21      And yes, these 70 pound rocks of hail that will fall on the earth in the last days, GOD will create from nothing. 

–  How did Messiah turn water into wine?
–  He calmed a storm by just saying, “Peace, be still”.
–  He created tax money in the mouth of a fish from nothing, and had Peter catch that fish in the sea with his fishing rod.
–  He divided the Red Sea for the people to cross on dry land.  The average depth is 1,764 feet deep, and the average width of the sea is 150 miles.
–  Ravens fed Elijah.  Think on that one.
–  Jonah was delivered from the whale’s stomach, and Jonah was dead, eaten by the whale.
–  And GOD created the hail, fire, and thunder that fell on Egypt from nothing.  ISAIAH 55.8-9

EXODUS 9.27  Pharaoh said to Moses and Aaron, I have sinned.  Pharaoh, a GODless man knew exactly what it meant to sin.  So what is sin?  Sin is not doing what GOD tells us to do.  Sin is disobedience to GOD, not obeying His Word, His Commandments, His doctrine, or His Law of Moses.

EXODUS 9.13  GOD said to Moses, stand before Pharaoh and say to him, thus saith The LORD GOD of the Hebrews, Let My People go that they may serve Me.  That was GOD’s command to Pharaoh, Let My People go that they may serve Me.  And Pharaoh refused to obey GOD, and would not do what The LORD said.  That is sin, refusing to do what GOD commands us to do.

Sin started in the Garden of Eden when satan told Eve, she and Adam did not have to do what GOD says.  They will surely not die satan said.  And the lie continues, satan is alive and well today utilizing many messengers.

DEUTERONOMY 14.1-4  Eating what GOD tells you not to eat is sin.  We should learn from GOD’s words in this Chapter what is permissable to eat, and what are the abominable things GOD does not allow us to eat.  This is not Jewish law, it is GOD’s law to mankind.

VERSE 3  ABOMINABLE – TOE AY VAH – Something disgusting.  Eating pork or bacon, or ham, or shrimp or lobster is disgusting in the eyes of GOD, and it is sin.

        MEEKRAH KODESH – a time set apart and dedicated to The LORD, a gathering, and a Service.

Not observing GOD’s Feasts of Leviticus 23 is sin.  Not observing Saturday, the 7th day of the week as your Sabbath is sin.  Not observing GOD’s Festivals, all found in this Chapter, is sin.  You should learn what the Festivals of The LORD are from this Chapter and observe them.  They are not Jewish holidays, they are GOD’s Feasts.

DEUTERONOMY 28.9  When you obey GOD, His doctrine, His Commandments, and His Law of Moses, and make them part of your life, GOD will establish you a holy people unto Himself.  And blessings will come upon you, and overtake you, if you obey every word that proceeds out of the Mouth of GOD.  MATTHEW 4.4, LUKE 4.4.

John teaches in The New Testament that sin is breaking The Law of Moses.  1 JOHN 3.4

JOHN 8.46  Which of you convinces Me of sin?  That is, which of you find in Me any sin of breaking The Law of Moses.  Yeshua never broke The Law.  No sin was found in Him.  1 PETER 2.21-22, 24

VERSE 21  Messiah is our example, for everyone.  We should follow His steps as He obeyed The Law of Moses.

VERSE 24  Being dead to sin means, you no longer live in sin.  You no longer continue to break GOD’s Law of Moses.  You now live unto righteousness, doing what is right, obeying GOD and His Law of Moses.

That is why GOD put His Law in your heart when you received Messiah, to obey Him,and live by His Law.
                            HEBREWS 10.16-17

ROMANS 6.1-2  Shall we continue in sin?  Paul writes.  Shall we continue to break GOD’s Law, His Law of Moses?  GOD forbid.  Never, Paul writes.  How shall we that are dead to sin live any longer in sin?  How can we live our lives any longer by violating GOD’s Law of Moses?  We shouldn’t.  As Believers in Messiah, GOD requires you and me, and everybody to live our lives according to GOD’s Law of Moses.  It is not difficult.  1 JOHN 5.3

EPHESIANS 2.1  Messiah Yeshua has made you alive now that you live by GOD’s Law of Moses.  Before you were dead to trespasses and sins transgressing GOD’s Law of Moses.  These are the words of Paul.

MATTHEW 7.23  Yeshua will say to the lawbreakers, those who break The Law of Moses, “Depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness”.

1 JOHN 3.8  Sin is disobeying GOD, and that is from the devil.  The devil sinned from the beginning telling Adam and Eve they do not have to obey GOD.  That is the biggest lie ever perpetrated in the history of mankind, The Law of Moses is no longer in effect.  That is the false doctrine – Jesus completed The Law.  And The Law stands forever, and is in effect forever.  And that is The Word of GOD.

Destroying the works of satan happens when you believe in Messiah Yeshua, and live your life according to GOD’s Law of Moses.  Then Messiah destroys the works of satan, sin and death, when you start living in GOD’s Law of Moses, and doing what GOD says.

ROMANS 2.13  Paul’s words.  The doers of The Law are justified, they are righteous.  Paul diligently taught obedience to GOD’s Law of Moses to avoid sin, and live a life pleasing to GOD.  In fact, most of Paul’s words in The Bible were written to Gentiles, and apply to everyone.

ROMANS 3.31  Paul writes, do we then make void The Law of Moses through faith?  GOD forbid, never, we establish The Law of Moses in our life, and live by it.  The 2 most important teachings of Paul are that Yeshua is The Messiah, and you must live by The Law of Moses.  And Paul was The Apostle to the Gentiles, kings, and the children of Israel.  Acts 9.15.

So what is sin?  Sin is not doing what GOD tells you to do.  Blessings come from obeying GOD.  Problems and trouble come from NOT obeying The LORD your GOD.

Back to
EXODUS 9.27  Pharaoh said, The LORD is righteous, and I and my people are wicked.  What does it mean that The LORD is righteous?
Righteous in Hebrew is STAHDEEK – meaning just, lawful and law-abiding.  Thus GOD is just, He is lawful, and He lives according to His own Law of Moses.  He is just and fair in His actions and dealings because He does everything within His own Law of Moses.

sp; VERSES 1-2  GOD’s words that He speaks, and His doctrine, His instructions, the knowledge and information He teaches, are to the angels in Heaven, and to all the people on earth.

VERSES 3-4  Our GOD is The Rock.  He is great.  And here is the righteousness of GOD.  His work and everything He does is perfect.  All His ways are judgment.  Every decision GOD makes whether in blessing or punishment, is according to His Law of Moses.

GOD is righteous because He is a GOD of Truth.  He never lies.  He is without iniquity.  He has no sin.  He is just which means GOD is fair seeing He does all things according to His Law.  There are no surprises.  And He is right, meaning GOD is righteous.

1 JOHN 2.29  John writes that those born of GOD do righteousness.  As we just read, Deuteronomy 32.1-4 explains the righteousness of GOD.  And John writes, everyone that does righteousness is born of GOD, or born again.  That is, we hear and do GOD’s doctrine and instructions, His Word, and His Law of Moses.  We know the greatness of our GOD.  He is The Rock, the mighty GOD Who protects us.  And all GOD’s work is perfect.  His ways are judgment.  Born again Believers in Messiah should be the same.  All our ways should be according to The Law of Moses.  And every judgment and decision we make, should be from GOD’s teaching of The Law of Moses.  GOD is a GOD of Truth.  We also should be a people of Truth, and no lie in us.  He is without sin.  We should not sin either, knowing that sin is transgressing The Law of Moses.  And GOD is just and right.  We also should be just and fair, being law-abiding in everything we do.  And GOD is right, He is righteous.  And that’s what John writes, everyone that does righteousness is born of Him.  Everyone that lives by GOD’s Law, His Law of Moses, having faith in Messiah Yeshua, is born again.

EXODUS 9.29-30  What does it mean to fear The LORD GOD?

The word fear in Hebrew is YAHRAY which means to fear GOD, be frightened of Him, afraid of Him, and to reverence Him.  That is, to be in awe of GOD, and respect Him.  So to fear GOD is just that.  We should fear Him, and be frightened of Him, and afraid of Him.  And Yeshua gives us a very good reason to fear GOD.

MATTHEW 10.28  That’s why we should fear GOD.  He is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Fearing GOD results in you and me obeying GOD.

Fearing GOD is The Law.  LEVITICUS 25.17

MALACHI 3.16-18  Fearing GOD will move you to obey Him.  But also, those who fear The LORD are written in His Book of Life.  We belong to The LORD GOD, and we are His jewels.  And The LORD hears our prayers, and listens.  And GOD will spare us as a man spares his own son that serves him.  And when we fear The LORD we will serve Him, unlike those who do not serve The LORD GOD.

I would like to close on this Scripture.  EXODUS 9.26

EXODUS 9.26  Why did GOD spare the children of Israel from all His plagues?  I thought on this for quite some time, and I knew there were a number of reasons GOD spared His People in Egypt.  And the reasons are given in the Covenant GOD made with Abraham in Genesis 12.1-3.

GENESIS 12.1-3  Here’s why GOD spared the children of Israel in Egypt.

GENESIS 12.1  To give Abraham and his descendants, the Jewish People the land of Canaan, the Promised Land that is now Israel.

GENESIS 12.2  To make of Abraham and the Jewish People a great nation, the nation of Israel.  And through Abraham, The Jewish People are blessed, their name is great, and Abraham and the Jewish People are a blessing, to all the world.

GENESIS 12.3  And GOD promises to bless those who bless Abraham and the Jewish People, and curse those who curse Abraham and the Jewish People.

And in Abraham and the Jewish People, all the families of the earth shall be blessed.  The Jewish Prophets and other Jewish writers have written The Bible from Genesis through Revelation revealing the love of GOD, His Salvation, Heaven and hell, GOD’s Word, His instructions, His Commandments and Laws that all the earth is to live by.  And, of course, the Jewish Messiah is given to everyone who calls on His Name, and so much more.

That is why GOD spared the Jewish People in Egypt.  Because He had a great ministry for them.
MATTHEW 1.1-2, 16, JOHN 4.22

(John 4.22)  Salvation is of The Jews because Salvation is given to the nations through Yeshua The Messiah, Who is Jewish.  His ancestors are Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Judah and King David.  Also the Word of GOD, and GOD’s Law of Moses were given to the Jewish People to witness to the entire world how to lead a GODly life, pleasing to GOD.  GOD Himself lives by His Word and Law.  Certainly His Creation can do the same.  Salvation is of The Jews.

ROMANS 11.11  If the Jewish People DID NOT stumble and fall, if they received Messiah rather than reject Him.  If The Jewish People DID NOT have Messiah crucified, all ordained by GOD, Salvation never would have come to the Gentiles.  But because of our fall, Salvation has come to the Gentiles.  Think on that.  Salvation is of the Jews.

So in conclusion:  The Bible is written to those who believe in GOD and Messiah to teach us the ways of GOD, and how we are to lead our lives according to GOD’s instructions.  It’s that simple.  John writes these word in 1 John 2.27, ‘BUT THE ANOINTING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT WHICH YU HAVE RECEIVED OF HIM ABIDES IN YOU, AND YOU NEED NOT THAT ANY MAN TEACH YOU.  But as the same anointing of The Holy Spirit teaches you of all things, and is Truth, and is no lie”.  The reason John writes that you don’t need any man to teach you when you have The Holy Spirit, is because most Bible teachers and preachers will mess you up teaching you false doctrine.


Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be from Exodus 10.21-29.

                            READ EXODUS 10.21-29

EXODUS 10.21  A darkness which may be felt, is a darkness so dark that the Egyptians had to feel and grope their way as they moved about.  A darkness that covered the land of Egypt that lasted 3 days.  A darkness we have all experienced at times where we see nothing at night.

Some might say this was also a direct attack by The LORD GOD on the Egyptian sun god ra.  ra was 1 of Egypt’s chief dieties.  And Egypt had hundreds of gods, if not thousands.

DARKNESS – KHOSHEKH – means physical darkness.

Then there is spiritual darkness.  Spiritual darkness is having no understanding of GOD, not understanding His Word, His will, or His commandments or His laws.  Spiritual darkness means spiritual death, as light means eternal life.  And spiritual darkness also means sin and wrong.  Sin, as John writes, is violating GOD’s Law of Moses.  1 John 3.4.  That is spiritual darkness. 

Light, on the other hand spiritually means GOD, Yeshua, life, truth, joy, salvation, and so much more.

So this morning our Study will be on darkness and light, focusing more on the spiritual light of GOD.  And I believe when we understand the meaning of light in the Scriptures, we will have a better understanding of GOD’s Word.

ISAIAH 2.5  WALK – YAHLAKH – to follow, go forward continually and grow.

O House of Jacob, come and let us walk in the light of The LORD.

EPHESIANS 5.8  Walk as children of light.  Paul is repeating the words of the Prophet Isaiah.  O house of Jacob, come and let us walk in the light of The LORD.

So what does Paul mean when he writes, now you are light in The LORD.  Walk as children of light?

SOMETIMES – POT-EH in time past.

In time past you were darkness.  Darkness in Greek is scot-os meaning spiritual darkness, having no knowledge of GOD, walking in sin, being disobedient to GOD, willfully and continually breaking His laws.

Paul is saying, in time past you were spiritually dead, because you were dead in sin, living in sin.

But now, Paul writes, you are light in The LORD.  Walk as children of light.

WALK in Greek is PER-EE-PAT-EH-O.  It’s harder to pronounce that word than walking with The LORD.  Walk as children of light means LIVE as children of light, CONDUCT your life as children of light, and FOLLOW The LORD as children of light.  And when we walk as children of light, we are in fact, in The LORD.

Yeshua explains to us about ‘”BEING IN THE LORD” and why we are “in The LORD”.  Because, He says, we obey GOD.  We obey His commandments.  We obey His Laws.  And because we obey The LORD GOD, we are in Him.  Something to think about.  JOHN 14.19-21

VERSE 20  I in you, is The Holy Spirit
VERSE 21  MANIFEST MYSELF TO HIM – Messiah will plainly make Himself known to you, and you will understand Him IF you keep The Commandments of GOD.

Thus Paul writes, walk as children of light.  Spiritually the word light has a number of wonderful meanings.  Just the opposite of darkness, because GOD is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.  1 JOHN 1.5

Thus GOD is light.  And everything that is light comes from GOD.  And since GOD is Yeshua, and Yeshua is GOD, Yeshua is the Light of the world. 
JOHN 8.12

And those that follow The LORD and keep the commandments and the laws of GOD shall not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life, eternal life.

Yes, Yeshua is the Light of the world.  Because He is GOD.  Yeshua lit up the world with His magnificent glory when He said, “Let there be Light, and there was Light”.  Genesis 1.3  It was Messiah’s light that shined out of darkness at the Creation before GOD created the sun.

There is only 1 GOD, and Yeshua is that GOD.  He is Elohim, Almighty GOD, The LORD of Hosts, The GOD of Jacob, The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Yeshua is The Father, Son and Holy Spirit because there is only 1 GOD.  As pure spirit, Yeshua fills Heaven and earth.  In the form of a Man, He appears to men as He appeared to Abraham and others.

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit ARE NOT separate from one another.  They ARE NOT distinct from one another, NOR are they different from one another.  The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are 1 and the same.  There is only 1 GOD.  There is no other and Yeshua is that GOD.  DEUTERONOMY 6.1-6, DEUTERONOMY 4.35, 39-40, ISAIAH 43.3, 11, ISAIAH 46.9, MARK 12.28-30

Thus when we as children of light or children of GOD and Messiah who follow Yeshua, we will not walk in darkness, but shall have the Light of Life which is eternal life in Heaven.  And we will not live in sin any longer because we will walk in the Light.  We will obey GOD and His Law of Moses.  That is a child of Light.

So how do we walk in the Light?
                            MATTHEW 4.3-4, LUKE 4.3-4, DEUTERONOMY 8.1-3

We walk in the Light by obeying GOD, His commandments, His Law, His every Word that proceeds out of the Mouth of The LORD.

The Light is also The Gospel.  2 CORINTHIANS 4.1-4
The Glorious Gospel of Messiah, Who is the appearance of GOD, is also
The Light.  The Gospel emphasizes the good news of Messiah from The Word of GOD, from The Law, from the prophets, from the writings, and of course from The New Testament.  The Gospel is also the Light.

The Light is also having knowledge of GOD, and the knowledge of GOD comes from knowing Yeshua The Messiah.  2 CORINTHIANS 4.6

Thus having the knowledge of GOD comes only by knowing Yeshua.  And how do we know Yeshua?
1 JOHN 2.3  By obeying GOD.

Isaiah wrote in prohecy that Messiah would be a Covenant to the people, and He would be a light to the Gentiles to teach the Gentiles about the 1 GOD of Creation.  To teach the Gentiles GOD’s Word, His Commandments, His Laws, and everything about GOD.  This He fully accomplished when Yeshua told satan in Matthew 4.4, and Luke 4.4 that man should live by every Word of GOD, every commandment of GOD, and every law of GOD.

To learn The Word of GOD, and live by every Word of GOD as Messiah said perhaps He means we should read every Word of GOD from Genesis to Malachi in the Christian Bible, or from Genesis to 2 Chronicles in the Jewish Bible.  When Messiah spoke those words to satan, “Man should live by every Word of GOD”, there was no New Testament writing at the time.  And GOD’s Word stands forever.  And like GOD, His Word never ends, and His Word never changes.  And if anyone teaches you differently, have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.  Tell them they are wrong.  Ephesians 5.11
    ISAIAH 42.5-8

VERSE 7  Blind eyes don’t know GOD or obey Him.
Being in prison is serving satan and sin.  Part of Yeshua’s ministry is Salvation, to deliver us from satan, and sin, and death to GOD and eternal life.

ISAIAH 49.5-6

ISAIAH 51.4  My people.  Not only the Jewish people, but all who follow The Light, all who follow GOD The Messiah.  Those who live by every word of GOd, and those who understand and do GOD’s judgment.

JUDGMENT  – MEESHPAHT – judgment is GOD’s Divine Law, His Law of Moses.  His verdicts and His sentences are according to His Divine Law.  Crimes and penalties are jud
ged according to GOD’s Law of Moses.  Thus The Law of Moses, and GOD’s judgment are Light.
                            LUKE 2.25-32, ACTS 13.47-49, ACTS 26.13-23
                            1 PETER 1.1-2; 2.9, PROVERBS 6.23

What happened since the death of Messiah?  Yeshua was sent to the People and to the Gentiles as a Light, to teach them about GOD, and to obey Him.  What happened?  Most who call themselves Believers in Messiah, Jewish and non-Jewish, worship GOD in vain because they teach and learn doctrines which are the commandments of men, laying aside the commandments of GOD, and holding to the traditions of men.

Thus Paul counsels us to cast off the works of darkness, and put on the armor of Light.
                            ROMANS 13.12

The works of darkness are sin, disobeying GOD, His Word, His Law, and His Commandments.  The armor of Light is GOD Who is Yeshua.  The armor of Light is obeying GOD, His Word, His Law, and His Commandments.

When we are walking in The Light, here are some good words to remember.  PSALM 27.1

So in conclusion, what does Paul mean when he writes, walk as children of light?

This is how we are to walk as the children of Light.  Fear The LORD your GOD, walk in all His ways, and love Him, and serve The LORD your GOD with all your heart, and with all your soul.  Keep the comandments of The LORD and His Statutes which The LORD your GOD commands you for your good.  Then The LORD will make your way prosperous.  You will prosper wherever you go, and He will give you good success, for The LORD your GOD will be with you wherever yu go.