EXODUS 23.32-33; EXODUS 24.1-2

Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will come from Exodus 23.32-33 and Exodus 24.1-2.

                            READ EXODUS 23.32-33 & EXODUS 24.1-2

EXODUS 23.32-33  You shall make no covenant with them (the Canaanites) nor with their gods.

The word covenant in Hebrew is KAH’RAHT meaning An Alliance.

GOD said to the children of Israel, you shall make no covenant with the Canaanites, meaning, you shall not make any alliance with them, or be joined by any treaty or agreement with the Canaanites because they will make you sin against Me, for if you serve their gods, it will surely be a snare, or a trap to you.

The Canaanites would surely influence the children of Israel to adopt their disgusting ways and religious practices.  Thus GOD said, make no covenant with them, nor with their gods.  In fact, they must not live in your land which GOD renamed Israel, lest they make you sin against Me.  For if you serve their gods, it will be a trap to you.  LEVITICUS 20.22-27

(Leviticus 20.23)  All these things – human sacrifice, all kinds of magic, consulting with the dead, wizardry or sorcery, cursing their father or mother, adultery, illicit sexual practices, homosexuality and much more.

GENESIS 15.16  Forty years after the exodus out of Egypt, the Jewish people, the Children of Israel were about to enter Canaan, the promised land.  And the iniquity of the Canaanites, that is their sin, perversity and evil was in the eyes of GOD, full.  That is their measure of sin was complete.  It was the time for The LORD to cast out the Canaanites, and give the land to the children of Israel to possess it and inherit it for an everlasting possession.  Genesis 17.8.

Some of the religious practices and customs of the Canaanites that were, and still are abominations to The LORD GOD Who is Yeshua The Messiah, are:

The pagan practice of polytheism, the belief in more than one god, or many gods.  Their practice of all kinds of magic, witchcraft, consulting with the dead, magic spells, and much more.  Immoral and unlawful sexual practices.  Their worship of idols, human sacrifice, sacred prostitution, homosexuality, eunuch priests, and serpent worship.  All an abomination to The LORD.

The Canaanite temples were dedicated to their head god el who they called the creator.  His wife was the idol god asherah.  Their son or grandson was the god baal who was the god of fertility.  His wife was the goddess anath.  She was the goddess of love and war.  Reseph was the god of plagues.  The Canaanites had hundreds of gods, if not thousands.  All an abomination to The LORD GOD.

GOD said to the children of Israel, you shall make no covenant with the Canaanites, nor with their gods lest they make you sin against Me.  GOD’s Chosen people, to whom GOD revealed the truth of the one true GOD, and His Word, His teachings, instructions, and His Laws could in no way co-exist with the Canaanites and their abominable practices.

The land of Canaan covered all of present day Israel west of the Jordan River where Israel is today.  And extended to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers which is most of Syria and much of today’s Iraq, to the Nile in Egypt.  Those are the borders of Israel GOD has given to the Jewish people for an everlasting possession.  And these boundaries GOD will re-establish at His return when He sets up His Messianic Kingdom in Israel. Genesis 15.18-21.

It is fortunate for all mankind everywhere, although so few realize it, that GOD chose the Jewish People to be His servant and witnesses to reveal to all humanity everywhere the knowledge of the One true GOD.  The knowledge of GOD’S teachings, His instructions, and His Laws that are written in The Law of Moses for everyone to do them.  And to love The LORD our GOD with all our heart, and with all our soul for our good.  And the Jewish People have succeeded in being GOD’s witnesses by writing the entire Bible from Genesis through Revelation making known in public revelation to the world the GOD of Creation, and His Messiah Yeshua.

But the pure monotheistic faith of the Jewish people, the belief that there is only one GOD, and GOD’s requirement to keep His Commandments and Laws were continually in danger from the ungodly religious practices of the Canaanites that remained in the land of Israel.

Similar dangers exist today for both Jewish and non-Jewish people who receive and believe in the Jewish Messiah Yeshua Who is The One True GOD.  The dangers are this.  Great numbers of those good people are taught that GOD’s Laws that are written in The Law of Moses have ended, and are no longer in force.  GOD calls that lawlessness, rebellion, the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness that is as iniquity and idolatry.
        Isaiah 30.9, I Samuel 15.22-26, Matthew 7.23.

And many are taught the trinity that teaches the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are three distinct persons and three different gods.  That is polytheism, the doctrine or belief in more than one god, or in many gods.  All an abomination to GOD.

When you received the Jewish Messiah Yeshua, The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, like the Jewish people, GOD separated you from other people to be Holy and Special to Himself above all the people that are upon the face of the earth.  When you received Messiah Yeshua, GOD wrote His Law of Moses in your heart to obey them, and live by them.  Then GOD becomes your GOD, and you become His People.  Jeremiah 31.31-34.  And GOD will make you a Peculiar Treasure to Himself above all people for the earth belongs to GOD.  And you will be fully part of GOD’s Kingdom of Priests, and fully part of GOD’s Holy Nation, If you obey GOD’s Voice, and keep His Commandments and laws that are written in The Law of Moses.  These are the teachings, instructions, and the laws of The One True GOD that The LORD would have you receive, and learn, and do for your good, and for the good of your family.
        JOHN 4.22, ISAIAH 9.6(5), MICAH 5.2(1), DEUTERONOMY 8.2-3, LUKE 4.4, EXODUS 19.5-6

EXODUS 24.1-2  Moses was called by GOD to come up to Him in the mountain of GOD which is Mt. Sinai.  And GOD also called Aaron, and Nadab and Abihu, the first and second born sons of Aaron, Exodus 6.23, and the seventy elders of Israel to go up with Moses.

Nadab and Abihu are the two that were later killed by GOD for offering strange and unlawful fire before GOD in the Sanctuary that GOD commanded them not to do.  They acted in utter disregard to GOD’s commandment.  LEVITICUS 10.1-7

Way too many people do not take GOD and His Laws seriously.  Many don’t care, and most people have no interest in obeying them.  And on top of that are the false teachers who teach The Law must not be obeyed, or is optional.  Continual disobedience to GOD and His Law of Moses causes troubles, and problems, even sickness.  And as Nadab and Abihu found out, disobedience to GOD can be fatal.

The Bible teaches that the fear of The LORD is the beginning of wisdom.  Why?  Because fearing GOD results in our obedience to Him.  And obedience to GOD, doing what HE commands is wisdom.  The Bible also teaches that the du
ty of all mankind is to fear GOD, and keep His Commandments.  GOD’s Commandments are collectively The Law of Moses.  Yeshua The Messiah said, don’t fear them that kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul.  But rather fear GOD Who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.  And in the letter to the Hebrews, the writer wrote, it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living GOD.  PSALM 111.10, ECCLESIASTES 12.13, MATTHEW 10.28, HEBREWS 10.31

Disobeying GOD and His Law of Moses is never good fruit.

So GOD told Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and the seventy elders of Israel to worship far off.  That is, show The LORD reverence and deep respect, and honor in prayer and submission to Him in meekness and obedience.  But only Moses was to come near to The LORD.

The seventy elders of Israel were authorized by Moses to rule the people according to The Laws of GOD written in The Law of Moses.  And the elders were men recognized for their GODliness by serving The LORD and obeying His Laws.  And they were noted for their GODly wisdom and not necessarily for their great age.

And the seventy elders, along with Aaron and his two sons were privileged to accompany Moses up the mountain, where they saw GOD, The GOD of Israel, and they ate and drank with GOD.  They saw the future Messiah, Yeshua Ha Mashiakh, Yeshua The Messiah.  EXODUS 24.9-11

I’m pretty sure that Moses and Aaron, and his two sons, and the seventy elders did not carry picnic baskets up the mountain.  But rather, GOD created the food and drinks for them.

Let’s look at EXODUS 24.10
A paved work of sapphire stone.  A paved work in Hebrew is K’MAH’AH’SAY LEEV’NAHT something that GOD created that was of whiteness by implying transparency.

Sapphire stone in Hebrew is SAH’FEER, a transparent gem, perhaps white and dark blue.

So they saw under GOD’s feet a paved work of a sapphire stone.  A gem, a sizeable gem that was transparent, perhaps white and dark blue that GOD created, as it were the body of Heaven in its clearness, brightness, purity, and glory.

VERSE 11  GOD did not raise His Hand upon those chief men of Israel despite their seeing GOD.  The fullness of His nature, the brightness of His Glory would be like devouring fire where no man could see His Face and live.  Exodus 33.20.  GOD’s glory was certainly toned down or the men would have burned like a Kleenex tissue.  Zechariah 14.12

GOD is not restricted to being in only one place.  He is everywhere at the same time spiritually.  That is omnipresence.  Spiritually GOD is present everywhere at the same time.  And GOD can appear bodily in human form everywhere and anywhere He pleases to be at the same time.  The men saw The GOD of Israel in the mountain, yet, at the same time, GOD was in Heaven and anywhere else He was pleased to be.  There is Only One GOD.

And the appearance of GOD may have been something like what John saw.  REVELATION 1.9-16

VERSE 13  He was wearing a robe down to His feet, and a gold band around His chest.

GOD is Yeshua The Messiah.  He is GOD, I AM.  The One True GOD of Creation, The Father, The Son, The Messiah, The Spirit, and The Holy Spirit.  Messiah Yeshua was on earth, and He was also in Heaven at the same time, because GOD is omnipresent.  He is GOD, and not a man.  GOD has no restrictions.

Messiah told the Jewish people He was I AM.  He told them He was GOD.  JOHN 8.56-59

Messiah told Philip He was The Father.  JOHN 14.9

Yeshua taught that those who saw Him saw GOD Who sent Him.  JOHN 12.45

The study of GOD is not the study of a man.  The study of GOD is the study of The Creator of Heaven and earth and all that is in them, Who has no beginning or end. Who fills Heaven and earth, Whose ways are past finding out, beyond our understanding.

The Father is GOD, and GOD The Father is Yeshua The Messiah.  And GOD is omnipresent.  Messiah said that in Heaven the angels of the little children always see The Face of The Father which is in Heaven.  And Yeshua is GOD The Father.  MATTHEW 18.10

Messiah told a woman of Samaria that He is The Messiah.  JOHN 4.25-26

Yeshua is The One GOD.  He is The Father, The Son, and Messiah, and He is The Holy Spirit.  When we obey GOD, that is His Laws that are written in The Law of Moses, The Holy Spirit will come into us, and make His home with us.  The Holy Spirit is GOD Almighty, Who is The Father, Who is Yeshua The Messiah, Who is The One GOD.  JOHN 14.23, ACTS 5.32

GOD teaches us in Tnakh, The Old Testament something only GOD can do.  Remaining in Heaven, GOD sent Himself to Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, and the seventy elders of Israel.  And remaining in Heaven, GOD sent Himself to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and others.  And remaining in Heaven, GOD sent Himself with The Name and Title of Yeshua The Messiah to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.
        ISAIAH 48.16-17, ISAIAH 9.6( 5), MICAH 5.2(1), MATTHEW 15.24

GOD is GOD.  There is only One GOD and no others.  We may not completely understand all GOD’S Ways, but there is only One GOD.  There are no other gods besides Him.  Those words proceed directly from The Lips of The LORD OUR GOD.

So this teaching was sort of an extended answer to the question Yeshua was asked in Mark 12.29.  What is the most important Commandment of all?  And Yeshua answered, The most important Commandment of all is, Hear O Israel, The LORD our GOD is One LORD.  In Hebrew, that would be translated, Obey every word GOD speaks, O Israel, The LORD our GOD is One LORD.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


                            EXODUS 23.28-31

Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be from Exodus 23.28-31, but let’s start by reading Exodus 23.27-31.

                            READ EXODUS 23.27-31

EXODUS 23.28  Hornets in Hebrew is STEER’AH – A wasp or hornet that stings.
GOD said, He will send ferocious and brutal swarms of hornets that will drive away the Canaanites from before the children of Israel.

Question.  How did GOD cause those hornets to fly in fierce and violent swarms to chase the Canaanites to flee from before the children of Israel?

Not too long ago, I learned that the trinity teaches three distinct and different gods in violation of The Word of GOD in The Bible.  The Bible teaches One GOD and no others.  Deuteronomy 6.4, Mark 12.29.  So I decided to pursue a greater understanding and learning of GOD from The Bible, to know The LORD better, to have a closer relationship with Him, and anything else He might desire to teach me.

As we all know, there are various works of GOD that present us with more than a few questions such as how can the One GOD be in Heaven and earth at the same time?  Genesis 19.24 or how can the One GOD sit on the right Hand of GOD?  Psalm 110.1, Hebrews 1.3.  Or Yeshua The Messiah, Who is the One GOD praying to GOD The Father Who is the One GOD?  John 17.  and more.  It can all become confusing at times.  But it is important to always remember that GOD is One, there is only One GOD, and we must not have any other gods before Him.  Exodus 20.3.

The LORD GOD Himself teaches us in The Bible that there is only One GOD, and He is that GOD.  We learn from The Bible that GOD is omnipresent.  The One GOD is present everywhere at the same time, whether in Spirit or in Bodily form.  For GOD fills Heaven and earth.  Jeremiah 23.24.  Thus GOD can be in Heaven and earth at the same time, He can be in numerous places anywhere at the same time.  Because He is GOD, and not a man.

We also learn from The Bible that GOD is omnipotent.  He has infinite power.  His power is unlimited, beyond comprehension.  Note earthquakes, storms, fires, floods, tsunamis.  Just a little of GOD’s power. 

And GOD is omniscient.  The One GOD Who is Yeshua The Messiah, The Father, The Spirit, and The Holy Spirit, has unlimited knowledge, unlimited understanding, and unlimited wisdom.  For GOD speaks excellent things.  He speaks Truth, and blessed are those who hear what GOD says, and obey Him.

And GOD is omnificient.  The One GOD is The Creator of all things.  He is unlimited in creating power.  He is The Creator of Life, and He is Life.  In Him is Life.  It is His Spirit, His Spirit of Life that gives Life, and is Life in every living creature, even the hornets that drove out the Canaanites from before the children of Israel.  GOD, Who is Life, was in those hornets.

So how did GOD trigger ferocious swarms of hornets, perhaps millions of them, to attack the Hivites, and Canaanites, and the Hittites and sting them?  And cause them to run from the children of Israel?

First of all, as Yeshua created food for the thousands to eat, Matthew 14.13-21, and Yeshua is GOD Almighty, I believe GOD created the swarms of hornets to drive out the Canaanites.  GOD directed those hornets to do His purpose, sting the Canaanites and drive them out from before the children of Israel.  GOD was in every hornet.  His Life, His Spirit of Life was in every hornet, just as The Spirit of GOD which is Life is in every living being.  The Holy Spirit of GOD has other functions.  GOD directed those hornets whichever way He pleased because He was in them.  GOD directs every human being because He is in us.  Proverbs 21.1.  He is Life, even our Life.  And everything is the will of GOD.  Isaiah 46.10.  Even sending hornets before the children of Israel to drive the Canaanites out.  GOD, The Spirit of Life was in those hornets as He is in every living creature, and every living thing, and He is in everything.  Colossians 1.17  And the hornets did as GOD purposed.  And GOD’s Spirit of Life is in us to do His will, and to live and breathe, and to do His purpose as well.

Let’s look at GENESIS 1.1 & 21.

The word create in Hebrew is BAH’RAH – meaning, to cause to come into being.
That is, to bring into existence.

As GOD created the Heaven and the earth, and all that is in them from nothing. GOD creates and brings into existence all things from nothing.

GOD, that is His Spirit, His Spirit of Life is fully GOD, and is in every living thing, and everything.  No we are NOT little gods, but GOD’s Spirit is our Life.  His Spirit causes us to live, and breathe, and think.  And the body without GOD’s Spirit is dead.  JAMES 2.26.

GOD’s omnipotence, His unlimited power and authority is in every living being, and every living creature and thing.  And GOD’s power and authority influences everything we do.  GOD’s power directs our actions, and movements, even our thoughts to do as GOD please for His purpose.  Romans 8.28

That is why GOD can declare the end from the beginning, Isaiah 46.10, and tell us the exact time of Messiah’s first coming, Daniel 9.20-26, and everything else He so pleases to reveal to us.

It is the One GOD Who gives to all life, and breath and all things.  Acts 17.24-25.  It is The Spirit of GOD, His breath that gives us life.  Job 33.4.  For it is by GOD we live and move, and exist.  For we are also His offspring, the children of GOD.  Acts 17.28.  It is the One GOD Who has power over our lives, and it is GOD Who directs all our ways.  Daniel 5.23.

It is The Spirit of GOD living in us that gives us our understanding, and intelligence, and skill, and the ability to think, and deal wisely.  JOB 32.8

GOD is the Source of the spirits of all men, and all living creatures.  NUMBERS 16.22

It is the One GOD Who forms the light, and creates darkness, Who makes peace, and creates evil.  The LORD does all these things.  ISAIAH 45.7

And it is The LORD GOD Who breathes Life into the dead.  I KINGS 17.20-23

If GOD was to gather to Himself His Spirit and His breath from all human beings, all humanity would die and perish, and turn again into dust.  JOB 34.14-15

It is GOD Who forms the spirit of man within him.  That is, the One GOD determines the life of every human being.  Who we are.  ZECHARIAH 12.1

GOD is not a human being.  He is GOD.  GOD made us in His image, after His likeness.  He created man, male and female.  GOD created us.  The One GOD is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnificient.  We are not.  So why do we question Him, and say, that is not possible?

EXODUS 23.29-30  So GOD said, He would not drive out the Canaanites in one year lest the land of Canaan would become desolate, and the wild animals would multiply against the people.

And GOD said He would drive the Canaanites out of the land little by little until the Jewish people increased, and grew in number.  Some three million Jewish people left Egypt in the Exodus, including a mixed multitude of non-Jewish people.  And GOD was saying, that is not enough people to possess the entire land of
Canaan to inherit it.  And GOD’s boundaries for Israel are in the following Scripture.

EXODUS 23.31  God repeats the boundaries of Israel He gave to Abraham for an everlasting possession.  I wish the world would receive those very words of GOD.  GENESIS 15.18-21, GENESIS 17.8.

Israel’s boundaries today are small and narrow compared to GOD’s boundaries for Israel.  GOD’s borders for Israel include all of present-day Israel including the West Bank, The Sinai Peninsula, perhaps land to the Nile in Egypt.  Gaza and the Golan Heights belong to Israel.  And GOD’s borders for Israel include Lebanon, and Syria and Iraq to the Euphrates River, and much of Jordan, and perhaps even a portion of Eastern Turkey from where the Euphrates originates.

So in Exodus 23.31, the boundaries of Israel are from The Red Sea to the sea of the Philistines which is the Mediterranean Sea that includes the Gaza.  The desert is the Negev in southern Israel to the Euphrates River.

All this land will GOD give to the Jewish people as in the days of David and Solomon.  And non-Jewish people will join them in the perfect Kingdom, those who believe in Messiah Yeshua, and lead their lives according to Torah, The Law of Moses, and those non-Jewish people who have blessed the Jewish people.  Genesis 12.3, Matthew 25.31-46.

And at the time of Messiah’s return, there will be a sufficient amount of GOD’s special people to inherit the land, all of it.  And the land of Israel will be about the size of California and Nevada combined, perhaps larger.  And the land of Israel, the Messianic Kingdom will be perfect, without sin, and there will be no more curse.

But before The LORD returns to set up His perfect Messianic Kingdom in Israel, someone only referred to in The Bible as “he” will make a peace treaty for seven years with Israel, and The Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem.  But in the middle of the seven year period, the person who is only identified in The Bible as “he” will cause the sacrifice to cease.  This “he” person will put a stop to the sacrifice, and this “he” whom many call the anti-Christ, will set up idols in The Temple.  Idols in the sight of GOD are detestable, filthy, and desolate.  And GOD will destroy The Temple, and He will also destroy the person who is described as “he” presumably the anti-Christ.

And 3 1/2 years of great tribulation throughout the world will follow.  And GOD will destroy the world and kill billions of people before the return of The LORD GOD, Yeshua The Messiah.  And The LORD GOD, Yeshua The Messiah will save His people Israel, the Jewish people from the onslaught of all the nations whom GOD will gather together against Jerusalem to battle.  Zechariah 14.

Let’s look at DANIEL 9.27 that describes the anti-Christ, and the end.

DANIEL 9.27  “he” is the anti-Christ.

Confirm the covenant with many for one week, or seven years – This anti-Christ, “he” will make a strong peace treaty with the Jewish people, and perhaps the Palestinian Arabs for seven years, and The Temple will be built in Jerusalem as part of the peace.

But “he” the anti-Christ will put a stop to the sacrifice at The Temple after 3 1/2 years of peace.

The overspreading of abominations will take place in The Temple.  That is, the anti-Christ will fill The Temple with idols.

And he will make The Temple filthy and desolate with his idols in the eyes of GOD.

Until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate – GOD will consume and destroy The Temple and the anti-Christ as GOD has determined.

And then will The LORD GOD, Messiah Yeshua return after saving His Jewish people from the onslaught of the nation’s armies, and set up and establish His Messianic Kingdom in Israel in the borders GOD gave to the Jewish people.

So who is the anti-Christ?  Well here’s a clue.  Even though the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people forever, Genesis 17.8, Christians and Muslims consider Israel as their holy land.  80% of Israel’s population is Jewish, while 16% are Muslims, and 2% are Christian, and 2% are Druze who are an offshoot of Islam.

The Jewish people forbid idols, as does Islam.  However when I see pictures of the Vatican outside and inside, I see an overwhelming display of idols.  This is a pretty good clue from whom the anti-Christ will come.  And I don’t know his name.

And why will GOD destroy the world?  Because the people of the world disobey GOD.  They transgress and sin against GOD and His Law of Moses. 1 JOHN 3.4.  They change GOD’s Laws, and have broken His everlasting Covenant, His Word and Law of Moses that never change or end. PSALM 105.8-10.
        ISAIAH 24.4-6

So in conclusion, there is only One GOD, and GOD is that One GOD.  GOD is The Father, He is The Messiah Yeshua, He is The Spirit, and He is The Holy Spirit.  There is only One GOD, period!

And why will GOD destroy the world and billions of people in it?  Beause the people of the earth have transgressed The Laws of GOD, GOD’s Law of Moses.  They have changed His Laws, and broken His everlasting Covent, GOD’s Word and His Law of Moses.  And few will be left.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


                            EXODUS 23.24-27

Shalom.  Our teaching this morning continues with GOD’s Laws, and His promises, blessings, and rewards for obeying them.  GOD’s Laws are The Law of Moses.  Our study Scriptures are Exodus 23.24-27.

                            READ EXODUS 23.24-27

EXODUS 23.24
This Law from The LORD GOD commands the Children of Israel not to bow down to Canaanite gods, nor serve them.  Also meaning, do not follow Canaanite practices such as idolatry, human sacrifices, necromancy which is consulting with dead spirits, magic, divination, incest, murder, and so much more.  The Canaanites performed every abomination that The LORD GOD hates.

And today, in complying with this law of not bowing down to false gods, nor serving them, the Children of GOD should not follow the religious practices of any heathen deity, nor worship or serve pagan practices that worship more than one god.  The LORD said, even in the Ten Commandments:  “You shall have no other gods before Me”.  Exodus 20.3.

In addition, The LORD did not allow the children of Israel to take Canaanite idols as booty, the spoils taken from an enemy of war.  But rather were commanded by GOD to tear them down and destroy them.
DEUTERONOMY 12.1-4, 28-32, DEUTERONOMY 16.22, 2 SAMUEL 5.21, 2 KINGS 10.26-27

The Canaanite idols of stone, and their carved pillars of stone were erected for a cultic purpose to worship their gods.  Apparently the Canaanites thought their idols embodied the presence of their gods.  They believed their idols were their gods.

Like the Canaanites, all nations outside of the Jewish people, the Children of Israel, did not know The One GOD of Creation, Yehovah.  And for that reason, The LORD GOD chose the Jewish people to be His witnesses to the world to testify of The LORD GOD that there is no other god before Him, and to reveal to the world His Word, His Laws, His Commandments, and every Word of GOD.  And it is all written in The Bible.  Not in books, and not in commentaries.  But so few listen to GOD.

EXODUS 23.25  To serve The LORD GOD, and He will bless, in Hebrew is
        And you shall serve The LORD your GOD, and He will bless.

Serving GOD means being His servant, His slave, and obeying Him, and worshipping Him.  In obedience and submission to The LORD your GOD.  And The LORD will bless you.

The word bread in Hebrew is LEH’KHEM meaning bread, food, grain for making bread, fruit, meat.

So The LORD GOD says, “And you shall serve The LORD your GOD, and He will bless your bread, your food, and your water, and GOD will take sickness away from among you”.

Here is a huge promise from The LORD, and an extraordinary blessing for obeying Him.  For obeying GOD’s Laws that are written in The Law of Moses, GOD will bless your food and water, and He will take sickness away from you when you serve The LORD your GOD and obey Him.

But yet there are huge numbers of Bible teachers and so-called believers who teach AGAINST obeying The GOD of Creation, who teach AGAINST obeying His Law of Moses.  Many threaten their listeners and followers that they will lose their salvation if they obey The Law of Moses.  But GOD says, He will bless you if you obey The Law of Moses.  GOD will bless your food and water, and take sickness away from you when you obey The LORD your GOD and His Law of Moses.

Teaching against GOD, making false statements about Him and His Law, teaching GOD’s Law is dead, no longer in force is anti-Christ.  Their false teaching deprives their followers of good health, and robs them of their salvation.

EXODUS 23.26  No married woman will miscarry or lose her baby.  And no married woman who desires children will be barren or childless.  Again falling under the heading, if you serve The LORD your GOD and obey Him.

And the number of your days, GOD says, I will fulfill.  Meaning, GOD will see to it that you will enjoy the full number of your days on earth with satisfaction in the fullness of a good life.  Again, if you serve The LORD your GOD and obey Him.

EXODUS 23.27  Here is another huge promise for obeying GOD, every Word that proceeds out of His Mouth.  Luke 4.4.  Yes, these words applied to the children of Israel when they came into the land of  Canaan to seize it, and occupy it, and inherit the land.  GOD sent His fear before the Canaanites.  The LORD created terror and panic in the minds of the Canaanites, and He destroyed them, and they ran from the children of Israel as GOD said.  We don’t hear about the Canaanites in the news today because GOD destroyed them as He said He would.

Nor will people harm you, GOD promises.  Your enemies will not hurt you, GOD promises you, If you serve The LORD your GOD, and obey Him.  That is another promise of GOD.  No harm will come to you, if you serve The LORD your GOD, and obey Him.

QUESTION.  Where does one find GOD’s Laws to learn them, and do them?  A couple of answers.

1-James writes, Go to the synagogue on Sabbath, that is Saturday, not Sunday, because Moses, (The Law of Moses) is preached in the Synagogue every Sabbath.  We teach The Law here at Beth Elohenu every Sabbath.  Acts 15.21.

And 2, Read GOD’s Law in the Torah, in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.  The Torah which is GOD’s Law of Moses is GOD’s teachings, His instructions, and His Law.  Read them, learn them, and do them for your good, and the good of your family.

The New Testament, or The New Covenant teaches faith and belief in the Messiah Yeshua Who is GOD Almighty, our One Father, John 14.9, The One GOD, John 8.58, Isaiah 9.6(5), Who created us.  And The New Testament teaches obedience to The Law of Moses, Matthew 4.4, Matthew 7.21, etc.

Last week we taught that GOD is omnipresent.  Meaning the One GOD Who created us is present everywhere at the same time.  He can be in Heaven and earth at the same time.  GOD can be in multiple places at the same time, because He is GOD and does not have the restrictions and limitations of a man.  GOD is omnipresent.  Yeshua The Messiah is The One GOD of Creation, and Yeshua can sit on the right hand of GOD because He is GOD and He is omnipresent.  He can be wherever He wants at the same time.  GOD is One and there are no other gods beside Him.  It sounds difficult, and perhaps it is, but remember this, there is only ONE GOD, and GOD alone is GOD, and He is omnipresent.  There is only One GOD, and He alone is omnipresent.  He can sit on the right hand of Himself, or pray to The Father, Who is GOD Himself, because He is GOD and not a human being.  He can do all those things, and more.  Remember, there is only ONE GOD.

The Bible teaches throughout that there is only One GOD.  Yeshua The Messiah, though He is The Son of GOD is that one GOD.  The Father is that One GOD.  And The Spirit and The Holy Spirit are that One GOD.  The Word of GOD is, “The LORD our GOD is ONE LORD”.  Deuteronomy 6.4, Mark 12.29.

Thus when GOD says, When we serve Him, and obey Him, He will bless us.  He will bless our food and our water, and He will take sickness away from us.
  How huge a blessing is that?  Well, nothing is too hard for GOD, Genesis 18.14 because He is all powerful and omnipresent.  He is everywhere at the same time.

GOD is omnipresent and GOD gave us life, and created us, and GOD is our life.  And GOD in His nature is pure SPIRIT.  He lives in every living human being.  It is The SPIRIT of GOD Who gives us life, and it is THE SPIRIT of GOD Who is our life.  And GOD lives in every living thing.  And GOD directs our lives.  Even the answer of our tongue, Proverbs 16.1, 9, Proverbs 20.24.  Our mind, our intellect, our knowledge and understanding, our courage and wisdom are from GOD, Proverbs 21.1, Daniel 5.23.  It is the SPIRIT of GOD Who made us, and has given us life, and it is the SPIRIT of GOD Who lives in us, and is our life.  Job 33.4.  Thus GOD can easily make a promise to us, and effortlessly carry it out.  Everything is the Will of GOD.  And nothing is too hard for Him.  Even taking sickness away from you. when you obey Him.  And protecting you from harm, when you serve Him and obey Him.

GOD is also omniscient.  Meaning GOD has complete and unlimited knowledge, understanding and awareness.  And The SPIRIT of GOD Who lives in every human being is well aware if one obeys Him or not.  And when we obey GOD, He blesses us as He promises us.

And GOD is omnipotent, meaning, His great power is infinite and unlimited.  His power has no limitations or restrictions.  No request is too hard for The LORD, and no blessing is too difficult.  His power is beyond comprehension.

So for GOD to remove sickness from you, or prevent anyone or anything from harming you, or to bless you with extraordinary blessings, well, nothing is too hard for The LORD.  And when we obey GOD, and do what He says according to His Law of Moses, GOD’s blessings will come upon you, and as GOD says in Deuteronomy 28.2, His blessings will overtake you, if you obey The LORD your GOD. 

But disobedience to The LORD GOD negates His blessings according to GOD’s Word in Deuteronomy 28.15.  Disobedience to The LORD GOD and His Law of Moses nullifies and cancels His blessings and brings about punishments.

However, if that disobedient person repents, that is if the disobedient person will turn from all his sins, sin is breaking The Law of Moses, 1 John 3.4, if that disobedient person will turn from all his sins that he has committed, and keeps and obeys all GOD’s Laws that are written in The Law of Moses, and does that which is lawful and right, all his transgressions will GOD not remember.  Then the promise of GOD’s blessings will come upon you.  Ezekiel 18.20-23, Acts 2.37-39.

Let’s look at some Scriptures about the Mighty GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
        GENESIS 2.7, JOHN 1.1-4, JOB 27.3, JOB 33.4, PSALM 104.30
        GENESIS 18.14, PROVERBS 16.1, 9, PROVERBS 20.24, DANIEL 5.22 & 23
        ECCLESIASTES 11.5, ECCLESIASTES 12.7, JAMES 2.26, 1 SAMUEL 2.6-10
        ACTS 17.24-28, EZEKIEL 37.1-14, JOHN 20.21-22

And for the false teachers who lead good people astray with their false teaching about GOD and His Law of Moses.  Who fraudulently teach that The Law is dead, that Christ ended The Law on the cross, or The Law ended when the veil ripped in the Temple at Messiah’s death, and so many other dishonest teachings about GOD’s Laws that are written in The Law of Moses; there are many Scriptures in The Bible about false teachers.  Paul has one in particular.  2 CORINTHIANS 11.14-15.

So in conclusion, GOD will bless your food and your water and take sickness away from you, If you will serve The LORD and obey Him.

No mother will miscarry, and no mother will be barren if she wants children, If you serve the LORD your GOD, and obey Him.  And the fullness of your days will be with joy and satisfaction, If you will serve The LORD your GOD, and obey Him.

And GOD will not allow anyone or anything to harm you, because you serve The LORD your GOD, and you obey Him.

These are just some of the promises and blessings of The LORD your GOD in His Law of Moses, When you serve Him, and obey Him.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be from Exodus 23.19-23.

                            READ EXODUS 23.19-23

EXODUS 23.19  Firstfruits in Hebrew is RAY’SHEET BEH’KOOREE.  The firstfruits are the first of the fruits and grains gathered from the fields and trees, and offered to GOD.  Perhaps acknowledging that GOD controls every phase of life, and He is the source of the land’s fertility, the earth’s ability to produce crops and vegetation abundantly.

Another Commandment of The LORD is, “You shall not seethe a kid in its mother’s milk”, meaning, you shall not boil a young goat in its mother’s milk.

Jewish law, which is Rabbinic law interprets this law quite broadly, forbidding cooking or eating any meat or fowl with milk or any milk product such as cheese or ice cream, or anything dairy.  This Jewish law requires the use of separate utensils for meat and dairy.  And meat must not be cooked together with dairy such as butter.

Fish is not considered meat with respect to this Jewish law.  And one to six hours must elapse before eating meat after the consumption of dairy, and the same applies for eating dairy after the consumption of meat.

Caviar from sturgeon is forbidden.

I have no answer as to why the Rabbis created this dietary law prohibiting eating milk and meat together.

EXODUS 23.20  The word keep in Hebrew as in, The Angel will keep you in the way, SHAH’MAR, meaning, the Angel will PROTECT the children of Israel, HEDGE THEM ABOUT AS WITH THORNS, GUARD them, keep them SAFE from harm and injury, ATTEND to them, WATCH OVER them, PRESERVE them, and KEEP them safe and alive.

And GOD told the children of Israel, the Angel will bring them into the place that GOD prepared for them.  That place is Canaan, today’s Israel, the Jewish homeland that GOD gave to the Jewish people for an everlasting possession almost 4,000 years ago.  Genesis 17.8.

EXODUS 23.21  Beware of Him, GOD said.  Beware of this special and unique Angel that will guide the children of Israel to the Promised Land, Israel.  Obey His Voice, GOD said.  Obey every word that proceeds out of His Mouth.  Do not provoke Him.  Do not provoke Him to anger, for He will not pardon your transgressions, He will not forgive your sins.  And sin is breaking GOD’s Law, His Law of Moses.  1 John 3.4.

For My Name is in Him, GOD said.  What is GOD’s Name that is in this Angel?  Jan wrote an article titled, “GOD has many wonderful Names”.  And many of His wonderful Names are LORD, Adonai, My LORD Yehovah, or Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim, GOD, Ha Shem, The Name, Yeshua The Messiah, Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty GOD, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, El Shaddai, GOD Almighty, I AM, I AM that I AM, The LORD our Righteousness, Melchizedek, King of Righteousness, His Name is Holy, The Holy One of Israel, The Word of GOD, The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, The GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, Yah, The LORD of Hosts, Immanuel, GOD with us, The Mighty GOD of Jacob, King of Kings, and LORD of lords El Elyon, GOD Most High, Creator, Ribbono Shel Olam, Master of the universe, The Omnipresent, Ha Rahaman, The All Merciful, Shekinah, Divine Presence, and so many more.

Meaning, the Angel Who has GOD’s Name in Him is GOD, The LORD Himself, Who is Yeshua The Messiah, The Creator of Heaven and earth, and all that is in them, Our Father in Heaven.  Obey Him, GOD said.

EXODUS 23.22  And The LORD said, “if you will indeed obey His Voice, and do all that I speak,” that is all that GOD speaks, then GOD said, “then I will be an enemy to your enemies, and an adversary to your adversaries.”  EXODUS 23.22

When Yeshua The Messiah was asked, what is the most important Commandment of all, He answered, “The most important Commandment of all is, Hear O Israel, The LORD our GOD is one LORD.”  Hear in Hebrew is shema, meaning, hear and obey.  Hear GOD, Yeshua said, and obey Him.  And know THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD, Yeshua said.  MARK 12.28-29

EXODUS 23.23  And GOD said to the children of Israel, My Angel shall go before you, and bring you unto the Amorites, the Hittites, and the Perrizites, and the Canaanites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites.  These were the people that inhabited the land of Canaan before GOD brought the children of Israel into the land from Egypt to possess it.

And GOD said, and I will cut them off.  In Hebrew, that is VEH’HEEKH’KHAD’TEEV, meaning, And I will destroy them. 

Angel in Hebrew is MAHLAKH, meaning, an angel, a messenger.

This special and unique Angel that GOD sent to lead the children of Israel to the land of Canaan was The LORD GOD Himself, The Holy One of Israel, The one GOD of Creation, the Omnipresent, Yeshua The Messiah, the One GOD Whom Yeshua The Messiah spoke about, saying, “Hear O Israel, The LORD our GOD is one LORD.”

Please listen to this.  It’s important, very important.  Just as GOD sent His Angel, and His Angel was GOD Himself, to lead the children of Israel to the Promised Land, GOD sent Yeshua The Messiah Who is The LORD GOD Himself to give His Life to be The One Sacrifice for sins forever.  That is Scriptural Truth.  There is Only One GOD.
    ISAIAH 48.16-17, DEUTERONOMY 6.4, DEUTERONOMY 4.35,39, MARK 12.28-29

Let’s try to understand, and explain from The Bible, that there is Only One GOD, and Yeshua The Messiah is that One GOD.  Remember, GOD is omnipresent.  He is present everywhere at the same time.

Even though we read in The Bible of certain events that might confuse us about GOD being Only One, such as The LORD, when He was on the earth at the time, rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from The LORD out of Heaven.  GOD is omnipresent.  He is everywhere at the same time, and can be in multiple places at the same time, as in Heaven and earth.  GENESIS 19.24

Or “The LORD said to my LORD, sit at My right Hand until I make Your enemies Your footstool.”  Psalm 110.1.  Or when Yeshua lifted up His eyes to Heaven and said, “Father, the hour has come.  Glorify Your Son that Your Son may also glorify You”.  JOHN 17.1

Remember, GOD is ONE.  There are no other gods.  Those are the words from GOD Himself.  He can be in different places at the same time because He is GOD.  The One GOD is The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  Yes, it can be confusing at times, but there is Only One GOD.  Yeshua The Messiah is that ONE GOD.  They are not distinct and different from one another, but one, one and the same.

Omnipresent is an excellent word to describe GOD.  GOD is present everywhere at the same time.  And He can be visible and appear in different places at the same time.  As difficult as it may seem to understand at times, we must remember GOD’s words, “There is ONLY ONE GOD and no others”.

When GOD, Who in His nature is pure Spirit fills Heaven and earth, He is present everywhere at the same time.  GOD is The Spirit of GOD Who moved upon the face of the waters, and said, “Let there be light, and there was light”.  The Spirit is GOD, and the Light was GOD.  GOD had not yet created the sun, or moon and the stars.
    JEREMIAH 23.24, GENESIS 1.1-3, 16

When GOD appeared to Abraham, and years later spoke to Moses Face to face, GOD is Omnipresent, and GOD is One.  GOD appeared to Abraham on earth, and GOD was also in Heaven, but Only One GOD.  Yeshua is that One GOD, and LORD Who appeared to Abraham.  That is why Yeshua said to the Pharisees, “Verily, verily, I say u
nto you, before Abraham was, I AM”.  Yeshua is I AM.  Then the Phraisees took up stones to throw at Him because Yeshua said He was GOD.  The Pharisees didn’t understand either.  Well on second thought, maybe they did understand Isaiah 48.16 & 17 that GOD would send Messiah who was the LORD their GOD, and He was Yeshua.  GENESIS 17.1, JOHN 8.58-59

It was Yeshua, The LORD GOD Almighty Who spoke Face to face with Moses as a man speaks to his friend.  GOD is omnipresent.  He was with Moses, and in Heaven at the same time.  However, GOD’s glory, His glorious and magnificent Spirit, no human being on earth can see lest he die.  But when we are with Him in our spiritual bodies, the same body as GOD, we will see Him as He is, Face to face. 

Understanding GOD is unsearchable, past finding out.  But this we know from the Scriptures, there is Only One GOD, because GOD says so.
        EXODUS 33.11, 18-23, PSALM 17.15

When Yeshua was baptized, the Heavens were opened to Him, and He saw The Spirit of GOD descending upon Him like a dove, and lighting upon Him.  And a Voice from Heaven said, “This is My beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased”.

Remember, there is Only One GOD, and Yeshua The Messiah is that One GOD.  GOD is omnipresent and is, and can be everywhere and anywhere at the same time.  The Voice from Heaven came from the One GOD.  His beloved Son is that One GOD.  And The Spirit of GOD is the very same GOD, the One GOD Who is omnipresent.  There is Only One GOD.

Should GOD’s actions be limited to only what we human beings can do?  Absolutely not.
    MATTHEW 3.16-17

Great is our LORD, and of great power.  His Being, His existence, GOD Himself, His understanding is infinite, unsearchable, unlimited, and endless.

Yeshua said, no man has seen GOD at any time: the only begotten Son which is in the bosom of The Father, He has declared Him.  JOHN 1.18

Can I explain this Scripture?  No, but I can say this.  There is Only One GOD, and there are no others.  That teaching is from the lips of GOD Himself.  And this teaching I hold fast to.  Because GOD said it, I believe it, and if man’s teachings differ from what GOD teaches, I discard the teachings of man.  As Paul wrote, “Do I please man or GOD?  Or do I seek to please men?  For if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Messiah.”  GALATIANS 1.10

The bottom line to this teaching is this.  There is Only One GOD, and Not three different and distinct gods.  No matter how difficult or puzzling a Scripture might be, or someone tells you Yeshua The Messiah is not The Father, remember GOD’s Words.  “Hear O Israel, The LORD our GOD is ONE LORD.”

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


EXODUS 23.14-18

Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be from Exodus 23.14-18. And we are continuing with more of GOD’s Laws which are all written in The Law of Moses.

READ EXODUS 23.14-18

EXODUS 23.14-17

VERSE 14  The Hebrew for “keep a feast”, as in three times you shall keep a Feast unto Me in the year is TAH’KHOGE meaning you shall observe the Feast, hold a service, and be giddy, dance, and celebrate.

Thus, these three Feasts are times for celebration.

EXODUS 23.15-16  In this Law, The LORD GOD commands us to keep a Feast to Him three times a year, but yet there are six Feasts that The LORD commands us to observe.

1 – Saturday Sabbath, the seventh day of the week.

2 – The Passover

3 – Shavuot or Pentecost

4 – The Memorial of Blowing of Trumpets which Judaism celebrates as Rosh Ha Shannah, The New Year.

5 – Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.

6 – Sukkot or Tabernacles, the first and eighth day.

So why are these three Feasts highlighted by The LORD, and not all six from Leviticus 23?  I believe for the following reasons:

Passover is the time of GOD’s deliverance of the children of Israel out of Egyptian slavery.  That was the first Passover, and a special time to celebrate.

And many years later, on the first day of Passover, Messiah gave His Life to be an Atonement for our souls.  Isaiah 53.10 reads, The LORD made His Soul an offering for sin.  And Leviticus 17.11 reads, “For it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul”.

There are also words that GOD commanded in The Passover that very likely are prophetic and pertain to Messiah’s resurrection, and the very timing of His Resurrection.  The day after the Sabbath.

These words are written in Leviticus 23.11, and are cause for great celebration.


VERSE 11  During The Passover, The LORD commands the Priest to wave the sheaf of the firstfruits before The LORD to be accepted by The LORD for the children of Israel.  On the morrow, or the next day after the Sabbath, the Priest shall wave it.  That is, the day after the Saturday Sabbath, the Priest shall wave the sheaf of the firstfruits.  Yeshua was resurrected on the day after the Sabbath.  Messiah rose on Sunday.

Yeshua’s Passover Seder, or as Christianity calls it, The Last Supper, was on a Wednesday evening.

The following day on Thursday, He was taken and killed.  One day in the grave.

Friday and Saturday Yeshua was in the grave, a total of three days.

Sunday, the day after The Sabbath, Messiah rose to life.

So we celebrate Passover because of our deliverance out of Egyptian slavery on the first Passover.  And Messiah was made an atonement for our sins on Passover.

There are some who say Yeshua cannot be the Jewish Messiah because He is not from the Tribe of Judah.  That is just not true.  Messiah Yeshua most certainly is from the Tribe of Judah, the same tribe as King David.  It is written in the opening of the Jewish New Testament.  He is The Son of David, The Son of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and Judah.

MATTHEW 1.1-6, 16, 18-25

Messiah’s birth as a human being lines up with prophecy in T’Nakh, The Old Testament.

MICAH 5.2(1)

His goings forth in Hebrew is OO’MOE’TSAH’TYVE – His family descent

He is from of old – from of old in Hebrew is ME’KEH’DEHM meaning, from eternity, having no beginning, and no end.  This is GOD Who Himself is The Messiah.

Messiah is from everlasting.  Everlasting in Hebrew is O’LAHM meaning eternity, forever, no beginning, no end.  That is GOD Who is The Jewish Messiah, Who came from Bethlehem, Who will be Ruler and King in Israel.

And Messiah Yeshua is The Mighty GOD, The Everlasting Father.  No one else can be The Messiah but Him.

ISAIAH 9.6(5)

So yes, Yeshua most certainly is from the Tribe of Judah, The Son of David.  The Jewish New Testament bears witness that Yeshua Ha Mashiakh is the Promised Jewish Messiah, and He is Ha Shem.  John 14.9

Let’s return to Exodus 23.15.

The Hebrew month Abib was later called Nisan as it is called today.  Abib became Nisan after the Jewish people came out of the 70 year Babylonian exile in 506 B.C.E., B.C.  Abib is used in Exodus and Deuteronomy.  Nisan is used in Nehemiah and Esther.

And GOD said, none shall appear before Me empty.  All must bring an offering to The LORD, an animal for sacrifice.  We also should not appear before The LORD empty.  And that is accomplished by living to righteousness according to GOD’s Laws.

1 PETER 2.24

EXODUS 23.16  Another Festival we should celebrate is The Feast of Harvest, the firstfruits of your labors, which is Shavuot or Pentecost.  And The Feast of ingathering which is Sukkot or Tabernacles.

Pentecost is fifty days after Passover which at first came fifty days after the deliverance of the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage.

Many Rabbis see Pentecost as a memorial to GOD giving us The Torah at Mt. Sinai fifty days after The LORD GOD delivered the children of Israel out of Egypt.

The ten commandments are the beginning of The Law of Moses, and GOD’s Law should be celebrated by all.

PSALM 119.1, 45-46, 71-72, 77, 89, 92, 97, 113-114, 126-127, 137-138, 142, 151-152,

155, 165, 172

MATTHEW 3.8  Fruits worthy for repentance is obedience to The Law.

MATTHEW 3.15  To fulfill righteousness is to live by The Law.

MATTHEW 4.4  Every word that proceeds out of the mouth of GOD is Law.

MATTHEW 4.19  Following Yeshua means obedience to The Law.

MATTHEW 5.5-6  The meek obey The Law, and inherit eternity.  To hunger and thirst after righteousness is to obey The Law, GOD’s Law of Moses.

MATTHEW 5.48  Being perfect in the sight of GOD is obeying His Law, even as our Father in Heaven obeys His Law.  And Yeshua is our Father in Heaven.  His is The Everlasting Father.

MATTHEW 6.33  First seek the Kingdom of GOD.  Here the Kingdom of GOD is GOD, GOD Almighty, Yeshua The Messiah, and His righteousness.  His righteousness is His Law.  And all those things will be added to you.  Thus there is no need to worry about anything when you seek GOD first and His righteousness.  For your Heavenly Father knows that you have need for all those things for your life; food, drink, your body, clothing.  They will be added to you again and again.

And in Acts Chapter Two, some 3,000 Jewish people GOD saved on Pentecost opening the door to all who believe in Yeshua The Messiah, and repent and live their lives according to The Law.  Another huge reason to celebrate Pentecost.

Next is Sukkot or Tabernacles, The Feast of Ingathering, a time of rejoicing before The LORD.

On the first day of Tabernacles, the people are to take boughs or branches of goodly trees, and willows of the brook, and rejoice before The LORD seven days.  And the children of Israel shall dwell in booths seven days.  LEVITICUS 23.33-44

There is a Festival within Tabernacles that is written in the Talmud, the oral law written by the Rabbis, and not The Bible, The Written Law.  And interestingly, Messiah addresses this Rabbinic Festival.  The Festival is called “The Feast of water drawing”.  And it took place over the last six days of Tabernacles including the eighth and final day of the Festival.

The popularity of this Festival was so that it is said that whoever has not seen it, the dancing, singing, the music and celebration, did not know the meaning of true joy.

The Feast of water drawing took place during the second Temple period, The Temple Yeshua taught in often.  There were prayers for rain, huge bonfires were lit in the outer court of The Temple, and by every household so the whole of Jerusalem was ablaze with light.  The men danced and sang to the accompaniment of Levitical musicians.  And throughout the days of The Festival, a special Cohayne, a special Priest carried water in a gold pitcher from the pool of Siloam and poured it into a basin at the foot of the altar.  It symbolized prayer for rain, and the day The LORD GOD would pour His Holy Spirit on the Jewish people.

ZECHARIAH 12.10, JOEL 2.28-29 (3.1-2)

The theme of the Festival came from Isaiah 12.3 which reads, “Therefore with joy shall you draw water out of the wells of salvation.  Salvation in Hebrew is Yeshua.

On the last day of Tabernacles known as the great day of The Feast, Yeshua stood at the Temple and boldly addressed this Rabbinic Festival, The Feast of water drawing, telling the people, if any man thirst, let him come to Me and drink.  He that believes on Me, as The Scripture has said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.  He spoke of The Holy Spirit.  JOHN 7.2, 37-39

GOD gives The Holy Spirit to them who believe in Yeshua, and obey The Law.  Acts 5.32.

ISAIAH 44.3  GOD will pour His Holy Spirit on those who believe in Messiah, and obey Torah.

Tabernacles is also a time for rejoicing before the LORD.

EXODUS 23.17  Males only.  Why?  Perhaps because some women might be pregnant or nursing making the trip to The Temple way too difficult.

So these are the Feasts to The LORD that are celebrated with great joy.  But all GOD’s Festivals written in Leviticus 23 must be observed.

EXODUS 23.18  Leavened bread is like Wonderbread or rye bread.  Leaven in Hebrew is KHAH’MAYTS.

Unleavened bread is MAH’TSAH which was offered with the blood of GOD’s sacrifice.

Messiah offered His Body, a sacrifice unto GOD at His Passover Seder with matsah, unleavened bread as GOD commands in The Law, you shall not offer the blood of My sacrifice with unleavened bread.

MARK 14.12&22  Messiah carried out The Law to the letter.  At the Seder, He offered Himself as a sacrifice to GOD for the atonement of sins, with unleavened bread, matsah.  And the matsah also represented His Body which was not only broken for us, but eaten by us.  Eaten because Messiah becomes part of us.  We believe in Him.  And we live our lives as He lived His Life, obedient to GOD’s Laws.

And GOD carried out His Own Law of Exodus 23.18 with regard to Messiah that reads, the fat of the sacrifice shall not remain till morning.  When the evening came, Joseph of Arimathaea, a Disciple of Yeshua asked Pilate for Yeshua’s Body, and Pilate delivered it to him.  And Joseph wrapped Yeshua’s Body in a clean linen cloth, and laid Him in his own new tomb.  Matthew 27.57-60.

And the day after the Sabbath, on the following day Sunday, Yeshua rose from the dead.  Just as The LORD prophesied in Isaiah 53.10.  Yet it pleased The LORD to bruise Him.  He has put Him to grief.  When you shall make His Soul an offering for sin.  He shall see His seed.  HE SHALL PROLONG HIS DAYS, and the pleasure of The LORD shall prosper in His Hand.

Yeshua is not only the water of Life, He is Life.  And He is the reason for great joy and celebration.

The three Festivals we are to celebrate with joy are Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles.

Passover because GOD delivered the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage on the first Passover.  And Yeshua gave His Life on Passover to be our Atonement, the forgiveness of all our sins, and the gift of eternal life with Him in Heaven.

And we celebrate Pentecost because The LORD gave us The Torah at Mt. Sinai on the first Pentecost.  And GOD made Salvation available to everyone fifty days after Messiahs death on Pentecost.

And Tabernacles is a time of rejoicing because Yeshua says, “If any man thirst, let him come to Me and drink”.  “He that believes on Me” Yeshua said, “as The Scripture has said, out of his belly”, out of Messiah’s belly “shall flow rivers of living water”.  But this He spoke of The Holy Spirit which they that believe on Him will receive.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein