EXODUS 27.20-21; 28.1

Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be on the subjects of the menorah which is the seven branch candelabrum, the Priesthood, and Messiah Yeshua’s position as a Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.

With that said, let’s read Exodus 27.20-21 and Exodus 28.1

                            READ EXODUS 27.20-21; 28.1

EXODUS 27.20  The light and lamp are the menorah.

According to a Rabbi Salomon, oil that flowed from the olives when beaten in a mortar bowl without being put into the press was regarded as the purest and best oil for the menorah.

And the menorah was to burn always in the Sanctuary.  Always in Hebrew is TAH’MEED, meaning the menorah was to burn CONSTANTLY and FOREVER in the Sanctuary.

EXODUS 27.21  The menorah that stood 4 to 6 feet high was outside the veil.  Inside the veil was the Holy of Holies, and the Ark of the Covenant was there in the Holy of Holies.  And Aaron and his sons ordered it, that is they set up the lamps of the menorah to burn from evening to morning before The LORD continually.  It is a statute forever when Israel has a Temple in Jerusalem throughout the generations of the Jewish people.

I believe that the seven burning lamps of the menorah symbolize the perfection and unlimited perfect power of GOD.  GOD is perfect.  All His ways are perfect.  All His ways are according to His Laws written in the perfect Law of liberty, The Law of Moses.  The Law of The LORD is perfect, restoring the soul.  All His ways are justice and right.  He is a GOD of Truth, and without iniquity.  He is El Shaddai, GOD Almighty because He is the most powerful, having perfect unlimited power.  By His wisdom, He made the heavens.  By His wisdom,  He established the world.  By His power, He made the earth.  He is the Light of the world.  In the beginning when there was no light, GOD said, let there be Light, and there was Light.  Yeshua The Messiah, The GOD of Creation is the Light of the world.  Messiah Yeshua is the Light of mankind.  He is Life.  The Word of GOD is Light, the path that mankind should follow.  His Commandment is Light, the path of Life for the righteous, The Law is Light.  The path the redeemed of The LORD follow.  For it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith The LORD of Hosts. 
GENESIS 1.1-5, 16, 19, JOHN 8.12, JOHN 1.4, PSALM 19.7, PSALM 119.105, PSALM 136.5, PROVERBS 6.23, JEREMIAH 10.12, JAMES 1.25, ZECHARIAH 4.1-6

EXODUS 28.1  The word minister, as in Aaron shall minister to GOD in the priest’s office is KAH’HAN, meaning to officiate as a KOHAYNE, a Priest.  And to minister and serve The LORD.

Let’s talk about the Priesthood and the Priests for a moment.

Priesthood in Hebrew is K’HUNAH.  The Priests of the Priesthood served in the Tabernacle, and the first and second Temples.

And the Priesthood was initially Aaron and his sons.  In later generations, those men who descended from Aaron and his sons made up the Priesthood.  They were called KOHANIM, or Priests.  Later on the Priesthood was made up of those men who descended from Phineas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron.  The Kohanim, or the Priesthood ministered to, and served GOD in the tabernacle.
NUMBERS 25.1-13, EZEKIEL 44.15-16
Regarding the Priest Zadok.  1 CHRONICLES 6.1-8 (Hebrew 1 Chronicles 5.27-34)

Thus the Priesthood later descended from Phineas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron.  Also, the penalty is death to worship another god other than The GOD of Israel Who is The GOD of Creation.  The GOD of Israel is Yeshua The Messiah.  When you see Yeshua, you see Jehovah. 
Isaiah 9.6(5), Micah 5.2(1), etc.  John 12.45, John 14.9

The other men from the Tribe of Levi were not the Priesthood, nor were they permitted to come into contact with the Sacred objects such as the Sanctuary, the Ark, the Menorah, or the Altar.  They were assigned to the task of being guardians of the Tabernacle.  They erected and dismantled the Tabernacle.  They formed a human guard around the Sacred objects while on the march, preventing strangers, or non-Priests from any encroachment.  They also stood before the congregation to minister to the people.  And they also assisted the Kohanim in their general duties.

The GOD of Israel set the Levites apart from the congregation of Israel to bring them near to Himself, to do the service, and work of the Tabernacle of The LORD.  But the Priesthood that descended from Aaron and his sons served The LORD in the Tabernacle and the Temple.
NUMBERS 16.8-10, NUMBERS 18.1-7

After entering the Land of Israel, it was the Levites, not the Priesthood who resided in Levitical cities throughout the Land.  NUMBERS 35.1-8, 15-16

Listen to this.  During the first and second Temple periods, and during the days of Yeshua, the Priests of the Priesthood that served in The Temple were divided into 24 divisions, or 24 courses.  And they functioned in rotation one week at a time in The Temple throughout the year.

John the Baptizer’s father was a Levite and a Priest of The Priesthood who served GOD in The Temple.  And he was part of the division or course of Abijah.  LUKE 1.5-6, 1 CHRONICLES 24.1,7-10

Zechariah, John’s father, was a Priest of the course of Abijah.  His wife Elizabeth, or in Hebrew, Elisheva, was of the daughters of Aaron.  She was a Levite.  And they were both righteous before GOD, that is Torah observant.  They lived by The Law of Moses, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of The LORD, blameless. 

Thus John the Baptizer, their son, was a Levite and a Priest from righteous Jewish parents.  John was not a Catholic priest.  John was a Jewish Kohayne, or a Jewish Priest who himself was righteous before GOD.  He lived according to The Law of Moses, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of The LORD, blameless.  That never changes for the Child of GOD.  And John was called by GOD. 
MATTHEW 3.1-3, ISAIAH 40.3-8

Here is Biblical teaching that everyone who calls himself or herself a Believer in Yeshua The Messiah must do and follow.  We must be as John the Baptizer and his parents.  Walking with The GOD of Israel, Yeshua The Messiah, righteous before GOD.  Walking in all the Commandments and Ordinances of The LORD, blameless.  That is walking in GOD’s Law of Moses.  That never changes.  Anything different is fiction.

With the time left, let’s talk about Yeshua The Messiah Who is The GOD of Creation, The GOD of Israel, and The Promised Messiah to the Jewish people, and all the nations.  And He is our Atonement for the forgiveness of all our sins.  And He is Jehovah.  He is also our High Priest.

Since no Temple stands today in Jerusalem, nor has there been a Temple in Jerusalem for the past 1,944 years since the Romans destroyed it in 70 C.E., A.D., there is no Priesthood.  There is no Priesthood without a Temple.

But The LORD GOD has not left us without a High Priest.  Yeshua The Messiah is our High Priest anointed by GOD.  He is a Priest forever after the order of Mechizedek.  And Yeshua our High Priest makes intercession for us.  Intercession means pleading on our behalf.  That is Messiah, Who is GOD Himself, pleads for us, and prays for us.  He makes intercession for us.  GOD prays to GOD for us, an
d GOD is One.  ISAIAH 53.12, PSALM 110.1,4

(PSALM 110.1)  There is only One GOD, and Yeshua is that GOD.  He is Jehovah, Ha Shem, The Father.  He is also The Son of GOD, The Messiah, The King of Israel.  And The LORD said unto My LORD, sit at My right Hand until I make your enemies your footstool.  Deuteronomy 6.4, Mark 12.28-30

(PSALM 110.4)  GOD, from the beginning of Judaism, even from Eternity has appointed Himself in the Person of Yeshua The Messiah to be a Priest forever after the order of Mechizedek.  And He will not change His mind.  Melchizedek is GOD.  He is Yeshua The Messiah, The Priest of The Most High GOD.  GENESIS 14.18, HEBREWS 7.1-3, HEBREWS 7.24-28

1 PETER 2.5, 9
VERSE 5  Spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to GOD by Yeshua The Messiah is being righteous before GOD, walking in all the commandments and ordinances of The LORD, blameless.  That is living our lives in accordance to GOD’s Laws, which in fact are Yeshua’s Laws, The Law of Moses.

VERSE 9  Being a Chosen Generation, a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation, a Peculiar People comes from both believing in The Jewish Messiah Yeshua, Who is GOD Himself, Jehovah, and being righteous before GOD, walking in all the Commandments and Ordinances of The LORD, blameless, living according to GOD’s Law of Moses.  Obedience to GOD’S Law of Moses is for Heaven and earth to obey. 
Deuteronomy 32.1

Thus the Sanctuary and the Temple are about GOD, My Father’s House as Yeshua said in John 2.16.  The Sanctuary and Temple are for GOD to dwell among His Jewish people.  The Ark of the Covenant contained the two tables of stone with the Ten Commandments written by the Finger of GOD, and The Book of The Law of Moses.  And where GOD met with Moses to speak to him and give him His Laws, The Law of Moses.  The Table of Showbread in the Sanctuary is symbolic of GOD’s Covenant with the Jewish people to be their GOD, and we His people.  By setting twelve fresh loaves of bread on the Table continually are symbolic for the twelve tribes of Israel.  And the menorah is symbolic of the perfection of GOD; He Who watches over Israel shall neither slumber or sleep.  And the Altar for sacrifice, and atonement for GOD’s forgiveness of His peoples’ sins, and all who belong to Him.  And the Tabernacle where the Priests serve The LORD their GOD.  Exodus 25.8, Deuteronomy 31.26, Exodus 25.21-22, Genesis 17.7, Exodus 25.30,
Exodus 25.31, etc., Exodus 26.1, Psalm 121.4, Exodus 27.1, Exodus 28.1.

And Peter teaches us that we are a Chosen Generation, a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation, and a Peculiar People when we believe in Messiah Yeshua, walking righteous before GOD in all the Commandments and Ordinances of The LORD blameless, living according to Yeshua’s Law of Moses.  That is the definition of the True Believer in Yeshua The Messiah Who is Jehovah.  Anything different is fiction.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


                                EXODUS 27.9-19

Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be on the courtyard of the Tabernacle that was built in the wilderness of Sinai some 3,400 years ago by Moses and the children of Israel.  And our study will also include the courtyard of the Temple in the end times that GOD will give to the Gentiles to destroy Jerusalem, the Holy City of the Jewish people, for 3 1/2 years.

The dimensions of the Tabernacle courtyard in the wilderness were 150 feet long, and 75 feet wide, enclosed by a wall of tapestries of finely woven linen that hung on sockets of bronze 7 1/2 feet high.  The entrance to the courtyard was a hanging curtain 30 feet in width made of needlework of blue, purple, and scarlet yarn, and finely woven linen.  And it was hung on four posts, and four sockets.

The courtyard had no roof.  It was outside the Tabernacle.  And the most important object in the courtyard was the Altar where the animal and grain offerings to The LORD were burnt, and wine offerings or libations were poured upon them.  The animal sacrifices, of course, were offered daily for the atonement of the people.

As a point of interest, the Tabernacle where GOD dwelled among His people, was a large tent 45 feet X 15 feet, and it contained the Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant was placed.  The seven branch Menorah or Candlestick that stood 4 to 6 feet high, and the Table for the Showbread with 12 challahs of two rows of six, and the Incense Altar.

And with that said, I will read Exodus 27.9-19 from The Complete Jewish Bible.

                            READ EXODUS 27.9-19

Aaron, who was the first High Priest, a great-grandson of Levi, and the elder brother of Moses, and Aaron’s sons who were Priests or Cohanim, ate the remainder of the sacrificed meat offerings in the courtyard.  It was obvious of the Holiness of those sacrifices because The LORD did not allow the offerings to leave the surroundings of the Tabernacle  LEVITICUS 6.14-16, 24-27, (Hebrew; Leviticus 6.7-10, 17-19)

This Law is to continue throughout Jewish generations when there is a Temple.  The High Priest and the Cohanim, the Priests must eat the sacrificed animals in the Temple courtyard.  And it is also important to note that the offerings were eaten with matzah, unleavened bread.

LEVITICUS 6.27, (Hebrew; Leviticus 6.20)  Whosoever touched the flesh of the sacrificed animal became Holy.  That is The Word of GOD.  Holy in Hebrew is KAH’DASH meaning GOD will observe them to be Holy, Consecrated and Dedicated to The LORD.  And also if the blood of the sacrifice fell on the priests’ garments, that garment had to be washed in the Holy Place in the surroundings of the Tabernacle.  Not even any of the blood of the sacrificed animal was to leave the Tabernacle area.

Whosoever touched the Altar that was in the courtyard became Holy.  EXODUS 29.35-37

All who touched the Tabernacle, or the Ark of the Covenant, or the Table and all its utensils, or the Menorah and its utensils, or the Altar of Incense, or the Altar of burnt offerings, and its utensils, became Holy.

All who touched the Laver, that is the Basin that contained water for washing before entering the Tabernacle, or before offering sacrifices to The LORD where the Priests were commanded by GOD to wash their hands and feet before they touched the sacrifices, or the Sanctuary, or the ground of the Sanctuary; all who touched them became Holy.  EXODUS 30.26-29

Baptism originates from these washings at the Sanctuary.  In Hebrew, the washings are called MEEK’VEH.  MEEK’VEH is an immersion for purification before The LORD.  The word baptism is an English word from the Greek baptizein meaning immerse.

In the days of Moses, two hundred and fifty princes, men from the children of Israel who were famous, men of reputation, rose up and rebelled against Moses whom GOD appointed to lead the people out of Egypt to the Promised Land, and against Aaron whom GOD appointed High Priest.  And they defiantly opposed Moses and Aaron.  They protested the leadership of Moses, saying, Why do you lift yourselves above the Congregation of The LORD seeing all the Congregation is Holy?  And the others from the tribe of Levi wanted the Priesthood.  And Moses fell on his face.

GOD ordained the Priesthood, those who served The LORD in the Sanctuary as an inheritance from the descendants of Levi.  The High Priest was ordained by GOD from the sons of Levi, and continued from Aaron, Eleazar, and his son Phinehas.  Numbers 25.10-13.

However, the entire tribe of Levi could serve as Priests to do the service of the Tabernacle of The LORD, and stand before the Congregation of The LORD to minister to them.  Numbers 16.9.

And these were the guys from the two hundred and fifty who wanted the Priesthood for themselves who were not ordained by GOD for the job.

And Moses told them all to take fire pans, and light them with fire, and put incense in them before The LORD tomorrow, and whom The LORD will choose will be Holy.  And Moses said, “It is you, you sons of Levi who are taking too much on yourselves”.

And Moses called the others, those who opposed Moses, but they would not come to him, but complained against him even more.  And the Glory of The LORD appeared to all the Congregation.  And The LORD said to Moses and Aaron, separate yourselves from among this Congregation that I may consume them in a moment.  And Moses and Aaron fell on their faces, and said, O GOD, The GOD of the spirits of all flesh, will one man sin and will you be angry with the entire Congregation?

And The LORD said to Moses, have the Congregation separate themselves from these wicked men.  And they removed, every one of them from the radicals and from their sins.  And the troublemakers stood by their tents with all their families.  And suddenly the earth opened up and swallowed the wicked, their houses, and all that belonged to them.  And they all perished from among the Congregation.  And fire came out from The LORD and consumed the two hundred and fifty men who offered incense in their fire pans.

The Bible says that GOD is a consuming fire.  Hebrews 12.29. 
But the fire pans used by the rebels were Holy because they were offered before The LORD.  And GOD had the fire pans of those two hundred and fifty rebels who sinned against The LORD at the cost of their lives hammered into sheets of plaiting to cover the altar.  GOD said, “Let them serve as a warning to the people of Israel.”
        NUMBERS 16.7, 36-40, (Hebrew; NUMBERS 16.7, NUMBERS 17.1-5)

As mentioned earlier, in the end times GOD will give the courtyard of the Temple to the Gentiles to destroy Jerusalem, the Holy City of the Jewish people, for 3 1/2 years.  REVELATION 11.1-2

REVELATION 11.1-2  Prophesies of the courtyard of the third Temple that Israel will build during a future seven year peace treaty, or covenant that is prophesied in Daniel 9.  The courtyard will be reserved for the Gentiles, the Gentile armies from all the nations of the world that will come and trample Jerusalem and the Jewish people with contempt and disrespect for 3 1/2 years before The LORD returns.  Zechariah 14.2.

Daniel Chapter 9 tells us a little about that future seven year peace treaty.  Daniel 9 tells us that a time of 490 years, or seventy weeks of years is
determined and decreed by The LORD GOD upon the Jewish people, and our Holy City Jerusalem, to finish transgression, to make an end of sins, to make atonement and reconciliation for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to anoint the Most Holy, the Temple that will be built in Jerusalem in the Millennium when The LORD, The GOD of Israel, The Messiah Yeshua returns.  Daniel 9.24

And GOD also tells us in Daniel 9 when the Jewish Messiah will come the first time to be our Atonement.  483 years from the giving of the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem.  That is found in Nehemiah 2.8 when Artaxerxes, king of Persia gave Nehemiah, a Jewish cup bearer to the king permission to return to the land of Israel with the Jewish exiles to restore and build Jerusalem and the Temple.  483 years later from the king’s commandment and approval, Messiah was in Israel the first time.  Daniel 9.25.

And the prophesy continues.  After the city of Jerusalem and the Temple are built, Messiah will be cut off and killed, but not for Himself.  Not for anything He did wrong, nor any sin He committed because there was no sin in Him, but solely to be our Atonement for the sins of His people.  After Messiah’s death, the prophesy continues, a prince and His armies will come into the land of Israel and destroy Jerusalem, and the Temple.  History records that 37 years after Messiah Yeshua was killed and crucified to be our Atonement, the Roman armies led by Titus destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 C.E.,A.D.  Daniel 9.26.

Of the 490 years of this prophecy, many of the prophesied events have been fulfilled during the initial 483 years.  The commandment was given to restore and build Jerusalem.  Messiah Yeshua was born in Israel to be killed for our Atonement.  37 years after His death, the Romans came in and destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple. But there is still a future seven years left in the prophesy.  The last seven years have not been fulfilled yet.  That final seven year prophesy is in Daniel 9.27

The last seven years of the prophesy will see a covenant, very possibly a covenant of peace, or a peace treaty for seven years will be made by many of the Jewish people in Israel, and I believe the Palestinian Arabs in The Land.  As part of the peace agreement, Israel will build their Temple in Jerusalem.  And Judaism will restore the animal sacrifice to The LORD their GOD.  And there will be peace in Israel for 3 1/2 years.

But in the middle of the peace treaty, one only described as “he” in the prophesy will cause the sacrifice to end.  Many see this “he” as the anti-Christ, some sort of a leader who looks good, and sounds good, but he’s an imposter.  He hates GOD by showing his disrespect to The GOD of Creation by disobeying GOD’s Torah, The Law of Moses.  And 2 Thessalonians 2.4 reads, that he sits in the Temple as GOD, showing himself that he is god.  he is in fact satan.

And all hell and tribulation throughout the world will break out.  3 1/2 years of the worst tribulation the world will ever experience, or will experience again.  All the nations of the world will battle against Jerusalem.  The Gentiles, according to Revelation 11.2 will trample the Holy City Jerusalem for 3 1/2 years.  Fires and earthquakes, death and war will devastate worldwide.  Yeshua says in Matthew 24.22, “And except those days should be shortened, no one would survive.  But for the elect’s sake, those days will be shortened”.

But after the 3 1/2 years of great worldwide tribulation, The GOD of Israel, The GOD of Creation, Yeshua The Messiah will return to Israel from Heaven, and destroy that anti-Christ, and the Temple he polluted.  And Messiah will destroy all those who came against Israel, and He will lock up satan in hell for 1,000 years, and destroy him completely when he is released.  Revelation 20.1-3, 7-10.

And then, the Jewish Messiah Yeshua at His return will set up His Messianic Kingdom in Jerusalem, and throughout all the God-given borders of Israel for His redeemed.  Genesis 15.18-21.  Transgression and sin will end.  Atonement and reconciliation in the Person of Messiah Yeshua will appear.  Everlasting righteousness will begin.  And the Millennial Temple, the Most Holy will be anointed.  And 1,000 years of peace and happiness will begin, followed by Eternity in Heaven, the New Jerusalem for the redeemed of The LORD.

So with that said, let’s look at some Scriptures that pertain to The LORD’s return, and the Millennium, and Eternity in Heaven.

ISAIAH 24.23, ISAIAH 25.8-9, ISAIAH 51.11, ISAIAH 52.9-10, ISAIAH 65.17-19, ISAIAH 66.20-22,
JEREMIAH 31.11-14, JEREMIAH 33.11, ZEPHANIAH 3.6, 9, 14-20, ZECHARIAH 2.10-11,
JOHN 12.45, REVELATION 21.1-4, 22-27; 22.1-5

Let us give thanks to The LORD, for He is good, because His mercy endures forever.  You are my GOD, and I will praise You.  You are my GOD and I will exalt You.  Psalm 118.1, 28

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


                            EXODUS 27.1-8

Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be about the Tabernacle altar that was built in the wilderness of Sinai, and its functions.  The Tabernacle was also called the Sanctuary, and it was the Sanctuary where GOD dwelled among His people, the Children of Israel.

The altars at the wilderness Tabernacle, and the first and second Temples in Jerusalem were structures upon which the animal sacrifices for atonement were offered to The GOD of Israel for the forgiveness of the sins of His people.

The Tabernacle altar in the wilderness was designed to be portable.  It was made of acacia wood, overlaid with bronze.  It measured 7 1/2 feet long, and 7 1/2 feet wide.  It was square, and 4 1/2 feet high.  And it was located in the courtyard of the Tabernacle.

The altar at the Solomon Temple stood in the Temple courtyard in Jerusalem.  It was stationary and also bronze, but it was many times the size of the Tabernacle altar.  According to 2 Chronicles 4.1, the Temple altar was 35 feet long, 35 feet wide, and 17 feet high. 

So with that said, I will read Exodus 27.1-8 from the Complete Jewish Bible of GOD’s description of the Tabernacle altar that He gave to Moses.

                            READ EXODUS 27.1-8

EXODUS 27.1  The altar was 7 1/2 feet in length, and 7 1/2 feet wide, and 4 1/2 feet high.  And it was the most important object in the courtyard.

The altar was called the altar of burnt offerings where the animal sacrifices were offered to The LORD for atonement for the forgiveness of the sins of the Children of Israel, and the strangers with them.  The sacrifices were offered daily in the morning and evening, even on the weekly Sabbath.  And a greater number of animal sacrifices were offered to The LORD during the Festivals of The LORD that are written in Leviticus 23.

Also grain offerings were burnt on the altar, and wine offerings, or libations were poured upon the sacrificial offerings as part of the sacrifice.  It was a sweet savor, or sweet smell, an offering made by fire unto The LORD.
EXODUS 29.1-8, 36-39, EXODUS 38.1, NUMBERS 15.1-16, LEVITICUS 1.1-5

Atonement in Hebrew is KAH’FAR meaning to cover sins, or pardon sins.  Atonement also means obtaining forgiveness for our sins.  Thus a clean animal was sacrificed and killed, and the Priest brought the blood, and sprinkled the blood round about upon the altar that was by the door of the Tabernacle of the Congregation.  And atonement was made for the person, or the people.

A clean animal for the sacrifice is an animal that is lawful to eat according to The LORD’S Law of Moses in Leviticus 11, and Deuteronomy 14.  An unclean animal is one that is unlawful to eat, or sacrifice according to GOD’s Law of Moses.  It is not food, and GOD calls it an abomination.  LEVITICUS 11.11

Getting back to the sacrifice on the altar.  Reading the explanations and descriptions of the animals being killed for atonement can be gruesome, even horrifying.  But GOD is showing us the seriousness of sin, and the horrendous results of sin if it is not atoned for and forgiven.  Sin is breaking GOD’s Law of Moses,
1 John 3.4.  GOD says in Ezekiel 18.20, “The soul that sins, it shall die”.  That is why atonement, forgiveness of our sins is so necessary.  Without atonement for our sins, The LORD GOD says, The soul that sins, it shall die.  That is eternal death, instead of eternal life.  And GOD says in Leviticus 17.11,  “For it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul”.  EZEKIEL 18.20

An animal, or many animals were slaughtered for atonement on account of the sins of the people.  Sacrifice in Hebrew is ZAH’VAKH, meaning a slaughter.

Altar in Hebrew is MEEZ’BAY’AKH, and MEEZ’BAY’AKH comes from the Hebrew ZAH’VAKH, the word for sacrifice and slaughter.  The animals were slaughtered instead of those who sinned.  So yes, it is true.  One life is given, even slaughtered for the life of another for that person to be forgiven his or her sins.

Thus the animal sacrifice on the altar led to the atoning sacrifice of Yeshua The Messiah on the tree.  He is our atonement for the forgiveness of our sins.  That is why GOD ordained Messiah Yeshua to be crucified, and slaughtered.  For one reason, and one reason only.  To deliver His People from their sins.  To be our Atonement.  Leviticus 17.11, Matthew 1.21.

GOD does not allow animal sacrifices without a Temple in Jerusalem.  Yeshua is our Atonement for sin.  It is written.  LEVITICUS 17.3-4, ISAIAH 53.10, DANIEL 9.24-26

Yeshua was beaten, slaughtered, and killed, and shed His Blood to be our Atonement so we will not die but have eternal life.  Look at these prophecies of His death.  ISAIAH 52.13-15, PSALM 22.14-18

Look.  During the days of the animal sacrifice on the altar for atonement, GOD NEVER SAID to the Children of Israel, now that you have atonement for your sins, you don’t have to obey My Law of Moses anymore.  GOD forbid.  He did not say that then, nor does He say that now that our atonement for sin is Yeshua the Messiah, Who was GOD ALMIGHTY in the flesh.  But what GOD does say is this.  What does The LORD your GOD require of you, but to fear The LORD your GOD, to walk in all His ways, and to love Him, and to serve The LORD your GOD with all your heart, and with all your soul.  To keep the Commandments of The LORD, and His Laws that are written in The Law of Moses which GOD commands us to do for our good.  That Commandment of The LORD our GOD never changes, today, yesterday, and forever.  Deuteronomy 10.12-13, Isaiah 40.8

When we believe in Messiah Yeshua, we are born again.  Yeshua said to Nicodemus, Don’t be amazed that I said to you, you must be born again.  John 3.7.

Think on what that means to be born again.  It means that we must learn to live a new life.  A new life in
The LORD our GOD.  Now that your sins are forgiven by Yeshua’s atonement, you are born again.  The LORD has put His Law of Moses in your inward parts, and has written them in your heart, to obey them.  And the LORD is your GOD, and you are His People.  So now, what does The LORD your GOD require of you, Believer in The Jewish Messiah Yeshua?  But to fear The LORD your GOD, to walk in all His ways, and to love Him, and to serve The LORD your GOD with all your heart, and with all your soul.  To keep the Commandments of The LORD, and His Laws that are written in The Law of Moses which GOD commands you for your good.  Deuteronomy 10.12-13, Jeremiah 31.31-34

You believe in The Jewish Messiah Yeshua.  Your sins are forgiven by His Atonement.  Your new life is to be a life without sin, without violating GOD’s Law of Moses.  Your new life being born again is doing that which is lawful and right, serving the LORD your GOD, being obedient to His Laws written in The Law of Moses.  And you will surely live and not die.
EZEKIEL 18.20-22, 1 JOHN 1.9, 1 PETER 1.15-16

EXODUS 27.2  The horns of bronze were part of the altar on the four corners.  And the blood of the sin offering was smeared on the horns  EXODUS 29.12

Also, some who sought asylum to escape arrest took hold of the horns of the altar for refuge.
1 KINGS 2.1-6, 28-31, EXODUS 21.12-14

Another function for the horns on the altar was for binding the sacrifices with cords to the horns.
PSALM 118.27

Crucifixion is described in Webster’s Dictionary as being put to death by nailing or binding the hands and feet to a cross.  Yeshua was bound to His altar, and crucified, and sacrificed.

Psalm 118 is a Psalm of GOD’s mercy, His lovingkindness that endures forever.  And GOD’s mercy and love for us is revealed by His Atonement for our sins.  Yeshua The Messiah was The GOD of Israel, The GOD of Creation in the flesh, a human being Who was sacrificed and slaughtered and killed for your Atonement, for you to live and not die.  And Psalm 118 prophesies of Messiah’s love and mercy for you and me.  PSALM 118.1-6, 21-29

VERSE 1  The LORD is Yeshua The Messiah.

VERSE 21  My Salvation in Hebrew is LE’YEHSHUA

VERSE 22  Yeshua is rejected by many, yet He has become The Cornerstone, The King of Israel, The King of His People.

VERSE 23  It is The LORD’s doing for Messiah to be rejected and killed.  Why?  For Messiah to be our Atonement, that our sins are forgiven, for us to live and not die.

VERSE 24  We rejoice because Yeshua The Messiah is our Atonement.,  And we are reconciled to GOD in joy, and peace, and gladness.

VERSE 25  Save now, or Deliver now in Hebrew is HO’SHE’AH-NAH or HOSANNA in Greek.  Matthew 21.9.  Meaning, Bring Salvation now, O LORD.  And Yeshua is The LORD Who Delivers, and Saves, and brings Salvation.  Who Defends, Helps, and Protects us.

VERSE 26  Coming in The Name of The LORD is being anointed by GOD for a mission.  And Messiah’s mission was to be sacrificed, and slaughtered for our Atonement.

VERSE 27  Yeshua was bound to the tree, and crucified to be our Atonement,

VERSE 28  Yeshua The Messiah is GOD, Elohim, The GOD of Israel.  And we will praise Him, and exalt Him.

VERSE 29  HO’DOO  LA’DONOI  KEE’TOVE  KEE  LAY’OLAM  HAS’DOE.  O give thanks to The LORD, for He is good, for His mercy endures forever.  The LORD is GOD, and He is Yeshua The Messiah.  And He proved His mercy and love by His Sacrificial Atonement by Roman crucifixion.  He was brought as a Lamb to the slaughter, yet He opened not His Mouth.  Isaiah 53.7.

We Jewish people are told that when Messiah comes, He will be The Son of David Who will deliver Israel from foreign bondage, restore the glories of a former golden age, and inaugurate the ingathering of Israel, and GOD’s Kingdom of Righteousness and Peace, followed by a glorious future, at least by the righteous remnant.

But we Jewish people are not taught the Truth about Messiah, that He must first come to be our Atonement, our offering for our sins, that we may live and not die.  This, Yeshua The Messiah did some 2,000 years ago.  The entire world knows that.  The Jewish New Testament testifies of that, His act of Atonement.
Isaiah 53.10

When Messiah does return at the future time determined by GOD, the righteous remnant will experience a glorious future forever.  For since the beginning of the world, men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither has the eye seen, O GOD, beside You, what He has prepared for them that wait and long for Him.  Isaiah 64.4

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


                            EXODUS 26.1-37

Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be on the Tabernacle, the portable Temple of the living GOD that was built in the wilderness of Sinai by the children of Israel immediately after their exodus out of Egypt.  The Tabernacle is described as a rectangular structure, 45 feet x 15 feet.  The Tabernacle was a large tent.  A veil divided the inside of the Tabernacle in two parts.  At the western end was the smaller Holy of Holies.  The Hebrew being Kodesh Ha Kodashim.  And the dimensions of the Holy of Holies were approximately 16 feet x 16 feet.  Inside the Holy of Holies was the Ark of the Covenant, often called the Ark of the Testimony.

At the eastern end of the Tabernacle was the Holy Place, or in Hebrew Ha Kodesh.  The size of the Holy Place was approximately 16 feet x 32 feet.  And the Holy Place contained the seven branch Menorah that stood between 4 to 6 feet high.  Also inside the Holy Place were the table for the showbread with the twelve breads, or the twelve challahs set in two rows of six upon the pure table before The LORD.  Leviticus 24.5-9.  And the Incense Altar was also inside the Holy Place.  A fabric embroidered veil with a cherub motif or design divided the inside of the Tabernacle into the two parts.

The Tabernacle is described in Exodus 26.1-37, and I will read The LORD’s instructions to Moses for the building of the Sanctuary from The Complete Jewish Bible.

                            READ EXODUS 26.1-37

GOD showed Moses a pattern, or a design of the Tabernacle in a vision while he was with The LORD forty days and forty nights in Mt. Sinai.
EXODUS 25.8-9

As we read, The Tabernacle was also referred to as the Sanctuary.  Sanctuary in Hebrew is MEEK’DAHSH.  NUMBERS 10.21

The Tabernacle was also called The Tent of Meeting.  In Hebrew, OHEL MO’ADE.  EXODUS 29.10

In Hebrew, The Tabernacle of The Congregation in this passage is OHEL MO’ADE, The Tent of Meeting.

There were three main functions for The Tabernacle.  Specifically for GOD to dwell among His people.  Also The Tabernacle is where the animal sacrifices were made for the atonement of the sins of the people.  And The Tabernacle is where Moses met with GOD in the Holy of Holies to receive GOD’s Laws known as The Law of Moses.

Thus a primary function of The Tabernacle was a House for GOD to dwell among His people, the Children of Israel.  EXODUS 25.8, EXODUS 29.42-46

Even though for 2,000 years there has been no Temple in Jerusalem, GOD is always with His people, His Jewish people, and those chosen of the non-Jewish people.

According to Torah, GOD’s Law of Moses, GOD said, And if a stranger sojourn with you, or whosoever is among you in your generations, and will offer an offering made by fire as a sweet savor unto The LORD, as you do, so shall the stranger do.

That offering, or animal sacrifice was for atonement for the people, for the forgiveness of their sins.  The animal sacrifice ended when The Temple was destroyed in 70 C.E., A.D.  Thus today, our offering for atonement, GOD’s forgiveness of our sins is the shed blood of The Jewish Messiah Yeshua.

And GOD continues, One ordinance shall be both for you of the Congregation, and also for the stranger that sojourns with you.  An ordinance forever in your generations.  As you are, so shall the stranger (who is not Jewish) be before The LORD.

And The LORD continues, One Law, and one manner, or one ordinance shall be for you and for the stranger that sojourns with you.

Thus, GOD is also with the non-Jewish person who has Yeshua The Messiah for their atonement, and submits to the laws and ordinances GOD gave to the Jewish people known as The Law of Moses.  GOD dwells with you also.  He is your GOD, and you are His people.
NUMBERS 15.14-16

Many are called, but few are chosen, Matthew 22.14 and GOD has chosen you because you do the will of your Father Who is in Heaven.  You have atonement for your sins because you believe in The Jewish Messiah Yeshua, and you are obedient to GOD’s Law of Moses.  Thus GOD is your GOD, and you are His people.  So let’s look at some wonderful Scriptures that pertain to you. 
GENESIS 17.7-8, EXODUS 3.6, EXODUS 20.1-3, LEVITICUS 11.45, LEVITICUS 26.40-46,
JEREMIAH 31.31-34, EZEKIEL 11.17-20, JOHN 12.44, 45, 46, JOHN 14.6-9

HEBREWS 8.10-13  The New Covenant is Yeshua The Messiah Who by His shed blood is our atonement for the forgiveness of all our sins.  Messiah, according to The Word of GOD in Isaiah 53.10 is our offering for sin.

The Jewish Messiah Yeshua replaces the animal sacrifice for atonement because it is written that animal sacrifices must be offered at The Temple.  And no Temple stands today in Jerusalem.  GOD has ordained that Yeshua is the New Covenant for atonement.  He, according to Scripture, is our New Offering for sin, or the New Covenant.  Isaiah 53.10, Leviticus 17.3-9, Matthew 1.21 

VERSE 7 They that overcome sin by having Yeshua as their atonement, and no longer break The Law of Moses, but turn to GOD and obey it; that is overcoming sin. 
1 John 3.4,  REVELATION 12.9

GOD is The GOD of those who have Messiah Yeshua for their atonement, and do the will of GOD.

The child of GOD is The Temple of The Holy Spirit Who is GOD Himself, Yeshua The Messiah, Who is in us.  1 CORINTHIANS 6.19

Another function of The Tabernacle, and also the first and second Temples was where the animal sacrifice was offered for the atonement of sins.  At no other place could the sacrifice be made, but at The Tabernacle or Temple.  LEVITICUS 17.1-11, DEUTERONOMY 12.27-32

It must again be said that GOD has not left His people without an atonement for their sins even though Judaism has no Temple in Jerusalem.  The Tnakh, The Old Testament Scriptures predict that The One Who is despised and rejected of men, a Man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief, and we hid as it were our faces from Him, He is our Promised Jewish Messiah Yeshua.  As many today hide their faces from The One Who loves them so much, He gave His life for them to deliver His people from their sins, to shed His blood to be their atonement.

GOD, by His own decree had Messiah killed by Roman crucifixion to be our atonement.  GOD by His own decree had Messiah killed thirty-seven years before the Romans destroyed The Temple in 70 C.E., A.D. to be our atonement.  Messiah Yeshua was The GOD of Israel in the flesh.  The GOD of Israel gave His Life as a human being in the Person of Yeshua the Messiah for the sins of His Jewish people and all Creation, to be our atonement.  Yet He is despised and rejected of men, and so many hide their faces from Him.
ISAIAH 53.3, 10, DANIEL 9.26, LEVITICUS 17.11

Yeshua was killed in Golgatha, a place outside Jerusalem.  John 19.17-18.  The bodies of the sacrificed animals were carried outside the camp and burned.  Of course, Messiah was not burned.  He was crucified and buried in a tomb, and resurrected on the third day, and ascended into Heaven forty days later.  This is GOD’s Way for atonement, to forgive all our sins, and remember them no more.  Messiah’s atonement for the sins of His people is prophesied in Tnakh, The Old Testament Scriptures, and fulfilled in
The New Testament Scriptures.
HEBREWS 13.11, 12, LEVITICUS 16.27, LEVITICUS 4.20-21,

Another function of The Tabernacle is where Moses met with GOD in the Holy of Holies, and received GOD’s Laws known as The Law of Moses for the Jewish people to live by GOD’s Laws, and every non-Jewish person to live by GOD’s Laws, The Law of Moses.  The Jewish people are GOD’S chosen people to be His witnesses to the world.  ISAIAH 43.10,  EXODUS 25.21-22

The Laws GOD gave to Moses are for everybody to do the will of The Father which is in Heaven.  Those are the people who will enter into The Kingdom of Heaven according to the Words of The Messiah Yeshua. For Messiah also came to bring forth judgment to the Gentiles.  That is Messiah also came to bring forth the Divine Law which is The Law of Moses to the Gentiles.
ISAIAH 42.1, MATTHEW 7.21-23

There are many confused and contradictory Rabbinic opinions about The Messiah.  However there is only one teaching in The Bible of Who The Messiah is.  His Name is Yeshua.  In Hebrew Yeshua means Salvation, Deliverance, Victory, Health, Prosperity, and much more.  He was sent by GOD, and He is GOD, The GOD of Israel.  And He is The Father.  John 12.45, John 14.9, Isaiah 48.16-17

Yeshua’s title is Messiah.  He is The Anointed One Who gives us atonement, and also Salvation, Deliverance, Health, Victory and so much more.  Yeshua is The Promised Messiah to the Jewish people and all the world, The Anointed One Who gives us Atonement for our sins by His shed blood.

Without atonement for our sins, we are separated from GOD, Isaiah 59.2.  Sin is breaking the Law of Moses, 1 John 3.4.  However, atonement reconciles us with GOD.  That is the meaning of atonement, reconciliation.  And when we have atonement in the Jewish Messiah Yeshua, Whom much of the world calls Jesus, we have forgiveness of our sins.  And when we lead a Godly life in obedience to GOD’s Law of Moses, we have, Salvation, Health, Prosperity and Eternal Life in Heaven.

It’s also interesting to note that one of the important functions of The Tabernacle and The Temple was the daily animal sacrifice made upon the altar of GOD to make atonement for the people.  Our Messiah Yeshua was killed during the second Temple period outside Jerusalem for one reason.  To be our atonement.  The GOD of Israel in the Person of Messiah Yeshua voluntarily gave His Life for the sins of His people.  Messiah said, Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down His Life for His friends.  John 15.13.

And now without The Temple for some 2,000 years, also decreed by GOD, Messiah’s sacrifice by crucifixion, and His shed blood is the only Way for atonement.  For it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.  Leviticus 17.11.  And it is the blood of The GOD of Israel in the Person of Messiah Yeshua Who makes atonement for you and me.

Why was Jesus killed?  Jesus is Yeshua the Messiah, His given Hebrew Name and Title?  Yeshua was killed for One Reason, and One Reason only.  GOD Ordained His Death To Be Our Atonement For Our Sins. 

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein