EXODUS 30.22-38

Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be about that special and unique holy anointing oil that was used exclusively to anoint the Tabernacle and all that was in it, such as the ark of the covenant, the menorah, and the altars.  This special anointing oil is a sweet-smelling fragrance that is not to be copied for any purpose other than what is described by The LORD.  And it is not to be used for the anointing of human beings at the cost of being cut off from the Jewish people.  And these passages describe the formula for this special anointing oil.

                            READ EXODUS 30.22-38

Before entering the Tabernacle, or coming near the altar to burn the offering made by fire, the High Priest and the Priests were required by The LORD GOD to wash their hands and their feet in a basin that was between the Tabernacle and the altar.  This washing was for the ceremonial purpose of cleansing them from their sins.  Sin is breaking The Law of Moses, 1 John 3.4.  This washing some 3,400 years ago was the beginning of baptism which Judaism calls mikveh.  John the baptizer came 1,400 years later preaching the baptism of repentance which is a ceremonial cleansing in water to turn from all our sins of breaking GOD’s Law of Moses, and turning to GOD and Obeying His Law of Moses, doing that which is lawful and right.  And GOD says, you will surely live.  You will not die.  Ezekiel 18.21.

Now The LORD GOD instructed Moses to make a special anointing oil for the Sanctuary.

EXODUS 30.22-23  Here The LORD explains to Moses the formula for the special anointing oil.

VERSE 23  Three principal spices are three of the finest spices.  Spices in Hebrew is B’SAH’MEEM meaning fragrances for a sweet smell.

Besides the anointing, The LORD also required that His sanctuary have a sweet fragrant aroma always.

Pure myrrh of 500 shekels in weight is a sweet-smelling incense.  The formula called for 12 1/2 pounds of myrrh.

And sweet cinnamon of 6 1/4 pounds, and sweet calamus with a weight of 6 1/4 pounds.  Calamus is a sweet-smelling fragrance that comes from certain reeds and stalks that are found in rivers and marshes in the region.

EXODUS 30.24  Cassia is sweet-scented like cinnamon, and the formula calls for a weight of 500 shekels or 12 1/2 pounds of cassia.

And a hin of olive oil is a liquid measure of 1 1/2 gallons of olive oil.

EXODUS 30.25  So this mixture of ingredients made the holy anointing oil for the Tabernacle.  And it was prepared by an expert perfume maker.

EXODUS 30.26-28  The word anoint in Hebrew is MAH’SHAKH, meaning to rub with oil and to consecrate.  Consecrate, like the word anoint means to make and declare someone or something holy, and dedicated to the service of The LORD.  Thus the Tabernacle, and everything pertaining to it, the ark of the covenant, and the table for the showbread, and all its utensils, and the menorah, the seven branch candlestick, and its utensils, and the altar of incense, and the altar of burnt offering, and all its utensils, and the basin for washing, and all its utensils were anointed with this special anointing oil.

As a point of information, Messiah in Hebrew is MAH’SHEE’AKH.  And MAH’SHEE’AKH comes from the Hebrew word MAH’SHAKH which is the Hebrew word for anoint, again, meaning to rub with oil, and to dedicate someone, or something to the service of The LORD.

YESHUA THE MESSIAH in Hebrew is YESHUA HA MAH’SHEE’AKH, meaning Yeshua is THE Anointed One Who is given a special mission for the service of The LORD.  And Messiah Yeshua is GOD Himself.  Messiah has many special and great missions, but His primary mission at His first coming 2,000 years ago was to be our Atonement for the forgiveness of our sins.  That was preordained and accomplished by the LORD GOD by His death, and shed blood.  Isaiah 53.10, Leviticus 17.11.

At Messiah’s return some time in the future, His anointed mission will be to save Israel and the Jewish people from all the nations that will gather against Jerusalem to battle.  And Messiah will destroy all those who fight against Jerusalem, Zechariah 14.  And He will return with all His Holy Ones to establish the 1,000 year Millennium when He will usher in the ingathering of Israel and the Jewish people, and all who are GOD’s people into His Messianic Kingdom in Israel.  It will be an era of righteousness and peace, everlasting joy and gladness, where sorrow and sighing will flee away.  And Messiah Yeshua, The LORD our GOD will be King over all the earth. Zechariah 14.9.

And when the 1,000 years are ended, this earth and the Heaven will flee away, and vanish, and a new Heaven, and a new earth will come down from GOD out of Heaven; a beautiful city and earth called New Jerusalem prepared as a bride adorned for her Husband.  And GOD will dwell with us in New Jerusalem, that is also Heaven.  And He will wipe away all tears from our eyes, and there will be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things will have passed away.  And we will inherit all things in Heaven where the streets are made of pure gold, as transparent glass.  And we will reign as kings and priests forever, and ever with Messiah.  Revelation 20-22.

EXODUS 30.29  And you shall sanctify, make Holy the Tabernacle and all pertaining to it.  Whatsoever touches them shall be Holy.

EXODUS 30.30  Now in Exodus 30.32, GOD says that this special holy anointing oil for the sanctuary shall NOT be poured on man’s flesh.  That is his body or his person.

Thus Aaron and his sons, the High Priest and the Priests were not anointed with the anointing oil for the Sanctuary, but another oil was used for their anointing.  LEVITICUS 8.12

Anointing oil in Hebrew is MEE’SHEH’MEN HA’MEESH’KHA.  This was perfumed olive oil that Aaron and his sons were anointed with, and NOT the anointing oil used for the Tabernacle.

EXODUS 30.31  The holy anointing oil unto The LORD for the Sanctuary is to be used throughout the generations of the Jewish People, when there is a Temple in Jerusalem.  And Judaism will remain forever, Isaiah 66.22. 

There will be no Temple in Heaven.  REVELATION 21.1-2, 22-23

EXODUS 30.32  The special anointing oil for the Sanctuary is not to be poured on any human being, The LORD said.  Neither shall you make anything like it for any other purpose.  It is holy, and it shall be holy unto you.

EXODUS 30.33  Being cut off from their people, the Children of Israel, might mean separation, or death.

EXODUS 30.34-36  GOD commanded Moses to make another perfumed incense.  Stacte, onycha, and galbanum are sweet-smelling spices from different plants.  And pure frankincense is another sweet incense.  All together, the ingredients made a perfume of sweet incense that was made by an expert perfume maker.

And this sweet incense was put before the ark of the covenant where GOD met with Moses.  The incense is most holy, The LORD said.  And The LORD GOD is Messiah Yeshua Who met with Moses Face to face during Israel’s forty years in the wilderness.  EXODUS 33.11

Messiah Yeshua is The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
EXODUS 3.1-6

There is no Savior but The LORD GOD Who is Yesh
ua.  ISAIAH 43.11, LUKE 2.10-11

Yeshua is The Father.  JOHN 14.9

JOHN 14.15  If you love Messiah, Who is The Father, you will keep His Commandments which collectively are The Law of Moses.

JOHN 14.21  Keeping Messiah’s Commandments, and Messiah is The Father, means obeying GOD’s Law of Moses.  And that is proof of loving Messiah.  You prove your love by obeying His Commandments, The Law of Moses.  And you will be loved by The Father and Messiah, Who is GOD.  And He will give you a greater understanding of Him. 

JOHN 14.23  If you love Messiah, you will keep His Commandments, The Law of Moses, and The Father will love you, and WE, being The Holy Spirit, will make our abode, or home with you.

JOHN 14.24  He or she that DOES NOT love Me, DOES NOT keep My sayings, The Law of Moses, and the word that you hear is not Mine but The Father’s which sent Me.  In other words, the word which you hear is The Word of GOD.


EXODUS 30.37-38  The special perfumed incense that was used at the ark of the covenant where Yeshua met with Moses is most holy, and must not be duplicated, not even to smell it, for the penalty is being cut off from the Jewish people.

The Bible tells us that the prayers of the Saints, GOD’s Holy People are precious to HIM, and ascend up to GOD as incense, as a perfumed aroma.  REVELATION 5.8

Golden vials are golden cups or bowls.  And the odors are fragrant incense, a sweet perfume which are the prayers of the Saints.  The Saints are the Holy Ones and GODly.  Our prayers come up to GOD as sweet-smelling perfume.

And The Bible also tells us that GOD created all things, all humanity, even us for His Pleasure.  REVELATION 4.11

And GOD’s plan for His entire Creation that He created out of nothing is complete and finished.  His plan is being played out day by day; past, present, and future, and throughout eternity that has no end.  Our GOD is beyond awesome.  His great power and understanding are infinite, boundless, unlimited, and endless, Psalm 147.5.  And our prayers are important to Him, and precious.  HEBREWS 4.3

So I thought we would spend a few moments on prayer.  And we all know what prayer is, an outpouring of our heart to GOD.  But according to GOD’s Word, there is a certain condition for answered prayer.  And that condition is obedience to GOD.  And obedience to GOD is obedience to all His Laws, instructions, and teachings that are written in The Law of Moses.  And unless we obey GOD, He will not hear our prayers.  ISAIAH 59.2

Messiah teaches us how to pray.  And a portion of His prayer is to deliver us from evil.  Evil is the devil who TEACHES us to sin.  Sin is breaking The Law of Moses, 1 John 3.4.  The devil teaches us that we don’t have to obey GOD’s Law of Moses giving us all kinds of ungodly, unbiblical lies. And satan has been tricking us into disobedience since the days or Adam and Eve.  GENESIS 2-3, MATTHEW 6.9-13

But GOD hears the prayers of the righteous, those who are law-abiding, who obey GOD and His Law of Moses.  PSALM 34.15, 17, 19

Another Psalm reads, I know that GOD will not hear my prayer when I live a life of disobedience to GOD, NOT regarding His Law of Moses.  But GOD hears me because I do obey His Law of Moses.  PSALM 66.18-20

GOD is near to them who do not forget His Law, and He delivers them.  PSALM 119.151-155

GOD magnifies His Word, that is His Laws, teachings, and instructions above all His Name.  And The LORD will answer you, and strengthen you.  PSALM 138.2-3

Blessed is the person who delights in GOD’s Law, His Law of Moses.  PSALM 1.1-6

Yeshua says, “If you ask anything in My Name, I will do it”.  But it may not be immediately.  In your patience you possess your soul.  You stay focused, trusting in The LORD, and obedient, and The LORD will deliver you in His perfect timing.  JOHN 14.14

Prayer is so important in life.  GOD says, trust in The LORD with all your heart.  But yet, GOD sets a very important condition to answer us.  Obedience to Him, and His Law of Moses.  The righteous cry, The Bible says, and The LORD hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles. Psalm 34.19.  Being righteous is being law-abiding, doing that which is lawful and right according to GOD’s Law of Moses.  And He will answer ALL your prayers.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


                            EXODUS 30.17-21

Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be from Exodus 30.17-21.

                            READ EXODUS 30.17-21

EXODUS 30.17-21  What we have read in these Scriptures is the origin of baptism.  Judaism calls baptism MIKVEH, and mikveh is a collection of water for the purpose of immersion in the water for ceremonial purification from sin.  And in the days of the Tabernacle and the Temple, the basin for the mikveh was placed between the altar and the Tabernacle of the congregation.

And GOD commanded Aaron and his sons, who were the High Priest and the Priests, to wash their hands and their feet in the water when they entered the Tabernacle so they will not die.  Or when they came near the altar to minister to The LORD by making a sacrifice, burning the offering by fire.

This is a statute forever, The LORD said, “That they wash their hands and their feet so they will not die”.  It is a statute forever for the Priests and their descendants after them when there is a Temple in Jerusalem.

A little background on the Priests.  The Priests inherit their ministry by being a Levite and descendants of Aaron and his sons.  The first High Priest Aaron, the brother of Moses, was chosen by GOD.  In later generations, the High Priest was anointed, perhaps by the elders.  The Priests had to be Holy unto The LORD.  And their primary function was to minister to The LORD in the Sanctuary, and the Temple, and offer animal sacrifices for themselves and the people to make atonement for them.  And the Priests were charged with the guard duty of the Tabernacle, and the Temple.  They pronounced GOD’s blessings on the people, and they instructed the people in all matters of The Law; legal decisions, distinguishing between pure and impure, permissible and forbidden foods, sacred and profane.  And the Priests were required to seek The Law, for he is the messenger of The LORD of Hosts.
EXODUS 30.21, EZEKIEL 44.15-16, LEVITICUS 4.3, LEVITICUS 21.6, LEVITICUS 9.7, NUMBERS 3.38, NUMBERS 6.22-27, EZEKIEL 44.23-24, MALACHI 2.7.

The practice of baptism, or immersion in water for the ceremonial purpose of purification from sins originated in Judaism some 3,500 years ago, or 1,400 years before John the baptizer, who himself was a Jewish prophet, the son of a Jewish Priest.  Matthew 11.8-11, Luke 1.5, 11-13.

Everything in The New Testament is a continuation of The Old Testament, and indeed is Jewish.  Baptism is Jewish.  The writers of The New Testament are Jewish.  The Messiah Yeshua is Jewish.  His mother Miriam (Mary) is Jewish.  Messiah’s disciples and apostles were Jewish.  The Law of Moses, which has all GOD’s Laws written in it, is not only Jewish, The Law of Moses is for all mankind to do.  It never changes.  It never ends.  The Law of Moses is the same in The New Testament as it is in The Old Testament.

Without a Temple in Jerusalem, it is not lawful to sacrifice animals, Leviticus 17.8-9.  Yeshua The Messiah is our Sacrifice and Atonement for Jewish people, and non-Jewish people.  He is our Atonement for the forgiveness of sins according to the Prophet Isaiah written in Isaiah 53.10.  His Soul is an offering for sin, fulfilled in The New Testament.  And The New Testament, or The New Covenant was given to the Jewish people, Jeremiah 31.31-34.  The New Covenant through the shed blood of The Jewish Messiah Yeshua forgives our sins, and GOD remembers them no more.  For it is the blood that makes an atonement for the soul. Leviticus 17.11. And The New Testament never ends The Law, nor does the New Testament replace the Old Testament.  GOD forbid.

As a point of interest, it was the High Priest Caiphas who was responsible for the Temple sacrifices, along with the Scribes and Elders who sentenced our Messiah and our Atonement, Yeshua the Messiah to death.  And that was the Will of GOD planned before the Creation of the world to make Yeshua The Messiah our Sacrifice and our Atonement for the forgiveness of all our sins.  And Yeshua is GOD Almighty, Elohim Who was in the flesh, a human being so He could give His Life to be our Atonement.  GOD in His natural nature cannot die.  Isaiah 46.10

When Jewish people turn to Messiah Yeshua and believe in Him, as The LORD GOD would have us to do, we do not convert to Christianity.  We remain Jewish.

When Jewish people are baptized, we do not convert to Christianity.  We remain Jewish.  And when Christians are baptized, they do not convert to Judaism.  They remain Christian.

John the baptizer preached the baptism of repentance.  Repentance is turning form all our sins which we have committed. And sin is breaking The Law of Moses.  And then we must turn to GOD and obey Him.  Obeying GOD is obeying His Statutes that are written in His Law of Moses.  And we shall surely live and not die, The Lord says.  Ezekiel 18.21, 1 John 3.4

Before John began his baptisms, only the Priests were immersed for ceremonial purification of their sins.  Now, everyone who believes in The Messiah Yeshua is required to repent and be baptized in The Name of Messiah Yeshua for the forgiveness of our sins.  ACTS 2.37-38

Why the change?  Why the change from only immersing the Priests in water to immersing or baptizing all who believe in The Messiah Yeshua?

Well quite frankly, there is no change.  The Prophet Ezekiel wrote his book, the book of Ezekiel some 600 years before the first coming of Messiah Yeshua, and unlike modern-day baptism, The LORD GOD, in the book of Ezekiel, calls for the sprinkling of clean water upon us to cleanse us from our filthiness, that is our sins, and from all our idols.  EZEKIEL 36.25-28

Immersion or baptism for the believer in Messiah, Who is GOD Almighty, should have a purpose and results whether you are Jewish or not.

The purpose of baptism or immersion for all who believe in Messiah Yeshua is to make us clean from all our filthiness, that is from all our sins that we have committed, and from all our idols.  EZEKIEL 36.25

The results of baptism should be exactly as GOD describes.  To follow GOD, and obey His every Word.  MATTHEW 4.4, LUKE 4.4

EZEKIEL 36.26  The new heart that GOD gives us when we believe in Messiah Yeshua, and are baptized or immersed in His Name, is a new heart of understanding and willingness to obey GOD.  Obeying GOD is obeying all His Laws, teachings, and instructions that are written in The Law of Moses.  And then our new heart of understanding and willingness to obey GOD becomes a heart of wisdom.

Another important result of baptism is a new spirit that GOD puts within you when you come to faith in Messiah, and are baptized.  The new spirit, of course, is The Holy Spirit Who causes you to walk in His Statutes, and keep His Judgments that corporately are The Law of Moses, and do them.  EZEKIEL 36.27

And when you do all that GOD commands you to do, then you are fully part of GOD’s people, and He will be your GOD.  EZEKIEL 36.28

That is being born again.  Having a new heart, and a new spirit.  Believing in Messiah Yeshua.  Walking in GOD’s Statutes that are written in The Law of Moses.  And then you become fully part of GOD’s people, and He becomes your GOD.  That is e
verlasting Life.  That is what GOD requires of you and me.

I understand that sometime in the 1500’s or 1600’s, various Baptist denominations emphasized complete immersion of believers in water, as opposed to what is written in Ezekiel 36.25, the sprinkling of clean water on believers.

So John the baptizer came preaching the baptism of repentance, preparing the way for The LORD, and preparing hearts to be one with The LORD.  John 17.21.  For it is impossible to be GOD’s people unless we repent and turn from our sins, and walk in GOD’s Statutes.  MATTHEW 3.1-3, 8, 10, 11

MATTHEW 3.1-2  John’s preaching was repent.  Turn from your sins.  Turn from breaking The Law of Moses to GOD.  And then be obedient to His Law of Moses.  1 John 3.4.  For The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand he said.  That is, GOD Almighty, The Messiah Yeshua has come.  Repent.

MATTHEW 3.3  This is he spoken of by the Prophet Isaiah.

ISAIAH 40.3  The voice is John the baptizer.  And he did his best to prepare a people for The LORD having them repent of their sins, and turn to GOD in obedience.

MATTHEW 3.8  Fruits worthy of repentance are this.  Believe in Messiah Yeshua.  Receive from Him a new heart, and a new spirit causing you to walk in GOD’s Statutes.  And keep His Judgments, and do them.  In other words, obey GOD’s Law of Moses.  Those are fruits worthy of repentance.

MATTHEW 3.10-11  Being baptized with The Holy Spirit is receiving The Holy Spirit from GOD that He has given to you because you believe in Messiah Yeshua and obey GOD’s Statutes, His Law of Moses.  Acts 5.32

And when you receive The Holy Spirit and do what GOD requires of you, He will burn all sin out of you because you hear GOD, and obey Him.  That is being baptized with The Holy Spirit, and with fire.

I often hear that GOD’s love is unconditional when we believe in Jesus.  Meaning GOD’s love is not subject to any conditions.  When we believe in Jesus, we are told by many, we can do whatever we want because we believe in Jesus, and GOD will always love you.  That is just not true.  It is not Biblical.

GOD has conditions for His love.  And GOD has conditions for Atonement.  And  GOD has conditions for eternal Life.  And GOD has conditions for repentance.  And here are GOD’s conditions.  Obey GOD.  Every Word He speaks.  MATTHEW 4.4, LUKE 4.4, DEUTERONOMY 8.3.  And obey His Torah, His Law of Moses.  Know that there is only One GOD, not three.  The One GOD is The Father, The Messiah, The Spirit, and The Holy Spirit.  And believe in Yeshua The Messiah Who is prophesied in The Tnakh, The Old Testament Scriptures, and He fulfilled those prophesies in The New Testament Scriptures.  And then you will have GOD’s love, His Atonement, Everlasting Life, and Repentance, and so much more.

And finally, the true, obedient believer in Messiah Yeshua has a special place prepared in The Millennium, and in Heaven.  We will be Kings and Priests of Yeshua The Messiah, The Most High GOD. EXODUS 19.5-6, 1 PETER 2.6-9

(1 Peter 2.7)  The Head of the Corner, or The Cornerstone is Messiah Yeshua, King and Ruler of His People, and King over all the earth.  Zechariah 14.9


The true obedient Believer in Messiah Yeshua, who in GOD’s coming Kingdom, will be Kings and Priests unto Yeshua The Messiah, The Most High, The Holy One of Israel because we are Holy unto our GOD.  We have been immersed or sprinkled with clean water, and have received the baptism of repentance.  Having a new heart that GOD has given us, and a new Spirit, The Holy Spirit that GOD has put within us Who causes us to walk in His Statutes, and keep His Judgments.  We are GOD’s People, and GOD is our GOD.  That defines the Family of GOD.  He is our GOD, and we are His People.  Amen.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


                            EXODUS 30.11-16

Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be from Exodus 30.11-16.  The title of this message is, The LORD is a man of war.

                            READ EXODUS 30.11-16

EXODUS 30.11-12  First of all, The LORD speaking to Moses is evidence that The Bible is the Spoken Word of GOD.

And The LORD said to Moses, “When you take the sum of the children of Israel, (that is the census of the children of Israel,) every man shall give a ransom for his soul.”

Ransom in Hebrew is KO’FEHR meaning a payment that is made to deliver the person from death or physical punishment.  The money was for the maintenance of the Tabernacle.  Verse 16.

The Hebrew word for ransom KO’FEHR comes from the Hebrew KAH’FAHR that means atonement.  Atonement cancels sin.  And the ransom money cancels any sin the person would have had for NOT giving the ransom money to The LORD to maintain the Tabernacle.  The ransom money is also called atonement money in verse 16.

So the ransom money delivered the people from any plague The LORD might have sent on them for not giving money to maintain The LORD’s Tabernacle.  People worked on the Tabernacle when the Sanctuary required maintenance.  “For the laborer is worthy of his wages.”  Luke 10.7

EXODUS 30.13-14  Everyone from the age of twenty years and over was required to give an offering to The LORD of a half of shekel.  A shekel was twenty gerahs, and a gerah was a weight.  Thus the shekel was the standard Sanctuary weight of silver.  Meaning, only shekels were used for Sanctuary purposes.  And a half shekel was the offering to The LORD to maintain the Sanctuary.

When the Jewish people returned from the Babylonian exile around the time of 516 B.C.E., B.C., a tax of one third shekel was imposed on the people to cover the cost of work connected with the restoration of the second Temple.  NEHEMIAH 10.32-33, Hebrew Bible NEHEMIAH 10.33-34

During the second Temple period, The Temple Yeshua The Messiah attended and taught in, the Jewish people everywhere paid an annual levy of half a shekel for the maintenance of The Temple.

As a point of interest.  The shekel was introduced as the basic currency of Israel in 1980.  Today, one new Israeli shekel equals twenty nine cents.

EXODUS 30.15-16  Atonement by the shed blood of a sacrifice was for the forgiveness of sins.  The atonement money spoken of here is atonement for the soul that delivers that person who contributes the half shekel from physical punishment or even death.

Money cannot buy forgiveness of sins from The LORD.  Man cannot free himself from his sins by paying money.  Sin is breaking The Law of Moses, 1 John 3.4.  Forgiveness of sins is only from GOD.  Without the Temple, and without the animal sacrifice, atonement can only come from Messiah Yeshua’s shed blood.  There is no other atonement under Heaven.  Leviticus 17.8-9, Isaiah 53.10.

The memorial to the children of Israel before The LORD is a reminder to the Jewish people throughout our generations to pay that tax for the maintenance of the Temple for an atonement for our souls.

Now there were times when The LORD GOD commanded Moses to take a census of the men from twenty years of age and older for military service.  For The LORD is a man of war.  The LORD prepared His people for wars against enemies that would rise up against them on their way to the land of Canaan, today’s Israel.  And GOD’s ultimate goal for Israel was the conquest of Canaan that GOD gave to the Jewish people for an everlasting possession.  GENESIS 17.8

When The LORD delivered the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage 3,400 years ago, He brought them out as a host of armies.

EXODUS 12.41  Hosts in Hebrew is TSEEV’OTE which is a mass of persons organized for war, an army.  SEE VERSE 51.

EXODUS 12.37  The large number of 600,000 men; men in Hebrew here is GEH’VAH’REEM meaning valiant men, which allowing for women, children, and elderly men indicates a total population of the children of Israel of about three million.  A great deliverance, and a huge miracle of GOD.  And a large number for a Jewish army.  Of course joining them was a mixed multitude of non-Jewish people who probably became Jewish over the years.

NUMBERS 1.1-3  This census was for military purposes.  The mention of war just in the books of Exodus, Numbers and Deuteronomy is spoken of 46 times.  NUMBERS 1.3, 20-23

The blueprint, according to GOD’s instructions for His Jewish armies in the wilderness placed the Tabernacle in the center of the twelve Jewish tribes.

VERSE 2  A standard in Hebrew is DEH’GEHL meaning a flag or a banner.

Insignia in Hebrew is OTE meaning a flag or banner bearing the insignia of their tribe.

The twelve tribes of Israel, not including the tribe of Levi, surrounded the Sanctuary.  Each tribe was assigned a location by The LORD GOD, military-style.  The twelve tribes of Israel of some three million people, the tribes of Reuben, Simeon, Judah, Issachar, Zebulin, Ephraim, Manasseh, Benjamin, Dan, Asher, Gad and Naphtali were arranged to form a square camp of four divisions with three tribes in each division.  And the Sanctuary was in the center.

And it is thought that Judah’s position on the east side of the Tabernacle at the Tabernacle entrance was a place of honor.  Judah being the ancestor of King David, and The Messiah Yeshua.  GENESIS 49.8-10.  Shiloh is another title for Messiah. 
MATTHEW 1.1-2, 6, 16 Messiah Yeshua is from the Tribe of Judah.

Every time the children of Israel journeyed from Sinai through the wilderness to Canaan, it was according to their armies.  The tribe of Judah led the way, while the Tabernacle was taken down and transported by the Levites.  And they followed in the center of the tribes.  NUMBERS 10.1-17, 28-36

And a number of nations attacked the children of Israel on their way to Canaan.  And The LORD gave Israel victory over them all.

Israel defeated the Amalekites.  EXODUS 17.8-16

And the children of Israel defeated King Arad the Canaanite.  NUMBERS 21.1-3

And Israel defeated Sihon of the Amorites, and Og of Bashan.  NUMBERS 21.21-25, 33-35

After Moses died, The LORD chose Joshua to lead the people.  And GOD gave Israel victory over the Canaanites.  JOSHUA 1.1-9

And GOD gave Jericho to the children of Israel.
JOSHUA 6.1-22

And Israel defeated the king of Ai.  JOSHUA 8.1-2

And many other kings and lands did The LORD GOD of Israel give to the Jewish people.  GOD delivered the children of Israel from the hands of her enemies, and The LORD GOD of Israel fought for Israel.  The Lord is a man of war.  JOSHUA 10.40-42

The conquest of Canaan was to be a war of the annihilation of the Canaanites because of their idolatry and abominable practices.  And The LORD GOD commanded the children of Israel not to serve the Canaanite gods lest they sin against Him.

Yeshua said a number of times, “he who has ears to hear, let him hear”.

Canaan was a huge land that GOD has given to the Jewish people for an everlasting possession.
GENESIS 15.13-21

The borders of Canaan that GOD has given to Israel and the Jewish people for an everlasting possession are from a
n unknown river in Egypt, to the Euphrates River that includes all Israel today, including the West Bank, Gaza, and the Sinai Peninsula.  Much of Syria to the Euphrates River that extends north of Damascus.  Much of Iraq to the Euphrates River that includes Ur of the Chaldees where Abraham was born.  All of Lebanon, and much of Jordan.

These are GOD’s everlasting borders of Israel that He gave to the Jewish people.  At some time in the future, when The LORD returns, the land of Israel, GOD’s borders of Israel, will be fully populated with all whom The GOD of Israel brings into His Messianic Kingdom, the 1,000 year Millennium.  A great multitude of Jewish people will be there, and a mixed multitude of non-Jewish people will be there when The LORD returns and sets up His Messianic Kingdom in Israel, The Israel of GOD.

How is one invited by The GOD of Israel into His Messianic Kingdom?  Atonement for the forgiveness of sins is Required, and that is obtained only from the shed blood of The Jewish Messiah Yeshua.  And as GOD said in Deuteronomy 7.11, and GOD is Messiah Yeshua, “You shall therefore keep the Commandments, and the Statutes, and the Judgments which I command you this day, to do them”.  That is The Law of Moses.  That is what is required to be invited by The GOD of Israel into His Messianic Kingdom, the 1,000 year Millennium.

As we said, The LORD is a man of war.  EXODUS 15.3

The LORD will fight for you.  EXODUS 14.13-14, 24-25

He that keeps Israel shall never slumber or sleep.  PSALM 121.4-8

And David’s words to Goliath.  1 SAMUEL 17.45-51

“Not by might, nor by power, but by The Spirit of GOD.”

Paul writes in his letter to the Romans, “GOD’s ways are past finding out”.  ROMANS 11.33-36

Everything is of GOD.  Everything is His will.

And GOD Himself, for His purpose, has put enmity and hatred between satan and Israel.  satan’s demons, the anti-Semites who hate Jewish people and Israel.  This is the will of GOD for His purpose.
GENESIS 3.4, 14-15

Anti-Semitism and Jew hatred will bring this world to an end as we know it.  Anti-Semitism and Jew hatred will bring on the final battle, the final war.  And it will not be a battle because The Holy One of Israel, Messiah Yeshua will return, Who is GOD Almighty, Ha Shem, and He will destroy all the enemies of Israel in a moment, all those who hate the Jewish people.  GOD will destroy the Anti-Semites by His Glory of devouring fire.  Zechariah 14.12 tells how.  “And this is the plague that will destroy all the people that have fought against Jerusalem.  Their flesh will consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.”  GOD is a man of war.  He is also the GOD of Israel.

And The LORD will return and establish His Messianic Kingdom in Israel.  “And the nations will beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks.  Nation will not lift up sword against nation.  Neither shall they learn war any more.  And the ransomed of The LORD shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads.  They shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.”

Yes, GOD is a man of war.  And the Jewish people are a blessing to the world, especially to them who love GOD, to them who are the called.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


                            EXODUS 30.1-10

Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will be from Exodus 30.1-10.

In Exodus 30.1-10, The LORD gave Moses instructions for constructing the altar of incense.

The LORD said to Moses, “You are to make an altar on which to burn incense.  Make it of acacia wood.  It is to be eighteen inches square, and three feet high.  Its horns are to be of one piece with it.  Overlay it with pure gold.  Its top, all around its sides, this is where the carrying poles will go.  Make poles of acacia wood, and overlay them with gold.”

“Place the altar of incense in front of the curtain by the ark of the testimony in front of the mercy seat that covers the ark of the testimony where The LORD meets with Moses.”

“Aaron will burn the fragrant incense on it as a pleasing aroma every morning.  He is to burn it when he prepares the lamps of the menorah.  Exodus 27.20-21.  Aaron is to also burn it when he lights the lamps of the menorah at twilight.  This is a perpetual incense before The LORD throughout your generations.”

“You are not to offer unauthorized incense, that is strange incense on it, or a burnt offering, or a grain offering.  And you are not to pour a drink offering on it.  Aaron is to make an atonement on its horns once a year.  With the blood of the sin offering of atonement, he is to make atonement for it once a year throughout your generations.  It is most holy to The LORD.”

These are the words of Exodus 30.1-10.

The altar of incense inside the sanctuary was perhaps regarded as a natural feature of a royal residence that created a pleasing aroma inside.

However for this morning’s study, I would like to focus on the atonement, the blood of the sin offering that makes atonement for the soul.  The LORD said in His Law of Moses, “It is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.”  And GOD’s Word never changes.  Leviticus 17.11, Isaiah 40.8.

Which brings us back 2,000 years when the Jewish religious leadership in Israel made countless accusations against Yeshua The Messiah, charges of wrong doing, slanderous accusations, plans to put Him to death.  He was despised and rejected of men.  But that was the Will of GOD to create the greatest moment in history, to bring about Messiah’s death for the atonement of the sins of the Jewish people, and all mankind.  For it is Messiah’s blood that makes atonement for the soul.  For the Jewish soul, and for the non-Jewish soul.

Without atonement for our sins, sin is breaking The Law of Moses, 1 John 3.4, without having our sins atoned for, and forgiven, we are separated from GOD, and the result is eternal death.
Isaiah 59.2, Ezekiel 18.20-23, Romans 6.23

After Yeshua was taken on the eve of Passover by a great multitude of Jewish men with swords and clubs from the chief priests, and the scribes, and the elders, and Judas Iscariot who betrayed Him was with them, they took hold of Yeshua and led Him away to the High Priest.  And the chief priests and the elders, and the scribes were assembled there.

And the chief priests and all the counsel tried to find witnesses and evidence against Yeshua to put Him to death, but they found none.  Many gave false evidence against Him, but their testimonies did not agree.

And the High Priest stood up and asked Yeshua, “Have You nothing to say to the accusations these men are making against you?”  But Messiah remained silent, and answered nothing.  And again the High Priest asked Messiah, “Are You The Messiah, The Son of The Blessed?”  And Messiah said, “I AM.  And you shall see The Son of Man sitting on the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of Heaven.”  Confirming that He is indeed The Messiah prophesied in Daniel 7.13-14

And the High Priest tore his clothes and said, “Why do we still need witnesses.  You have heard His blasphemy.  What is your decision?”  And they all declared Him guilty, guilty of death.  And this is the Will of GOD that leads to everlasting atonement to those who believe in The Messiah Yeshua.

And some began to spit on Him, and blindfolded Him, and beat Him with their fists, saying to Him, prophesy.  And the guards slapped Him with the palms of their hands.

And when it was morning, the first day of Passover, they bound Yeshua, and led Him away, and handed Him over to Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea.  And Pilate asked Messiah, “Are you the King of the Jews?”  And Messiah answered, “The words are yours.”  And the chief priests accused Messiah of many things, but Yeshua answered them nothing.  And Pilate said to them, “What should I do with Him Whom you call King of the Jews?”  And they shouted back, “Put Him to death on the stake.  Crucify Him.”  And Pilate asked, “Why? What crime has He committed?”  But they shouted louder, “Put Him to death on the stake.”

What crime did Messiah commit?  Absolutely nothing, because He had done no violence, neither was any deceit in His Mouth as GOD prophesied in Isaiah 53.9.  But this was the Will of GOD to make perfect and everlasting atonement for the sins of His people, and all mankind by the death and shed blood of The Messiah Yeshua.  For it is written, “It is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.”  Leviticus 17.11.

GOD chose His chosen people, the Jewish people to deliver their Messiah to the Romans for death, and crucifixion on a cross in Jerusalem for the atonement of mankind.  For many to have their sins forgiven and not separated from GOD, and not faced with eternal death.  The LORD GOD has given people the opportunity to change their lives, and repent, and lead a life that is lawful and right according to GOD’s Torah, His Law of Moses so that they will surely live, and not die.

But Jewish theological doctrines deny every prophecy written about Messiah Yeshua in Tnakh, The Old Testament Scriptures.  And Jewish Bible translators deny every Scripture in The Old Testament that pertains to Yeshua The Messiah.  But it is written, “They will look upon Him Whom they have pierced, and mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son”.  Zechariah 12.10.  Salvation and deliverance are from The LORD Who said on the stake of crucifixion, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”  Oh how His mercy endures forever.

It is the Tnakh, The Old Testament Scriptures that prophesy of Messiah’s rejection by His own Jewish people, and His death, that GOD would make Messiah’s soul an offering for sin.  Isaiah 53.10.

It is prophesied in Isaiah Chapter 53 some seven hundred years before the first coming of Messiah, that Messiah would be despised and rejected by His own people.  He would be stricken, smitten of GOD, and afflicted.  Wounded and killed for our transgressions, and bruised for our iniquities.  And The LORD has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.  He was oppressed, and He was afflicted, yet He opened not His Mouth.  He is brought as a Lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so He opened not His Mouth.

For He was cut off out of the land of the living for the transgression of My people was He stricken, and He made His grave with the wicked, and with the rich in His death, because He had done no violence, neither was any deceit in His Mouth.

But many Rabbis teach that Isaiah Chapter 53 is about Israel, and not Messiah.  Yes, Israel and Messiah Yeshua are very similar.&
nbsp; Both are Jewish.  Both are hated for no reason.  Both were wounded and killed, and resurrected.  And both are chosen of GOD.  But Isaiah Chapter 53 is about the Jewish Messiah Yeshua and not Israel and the Jewish people.

Messiah never did any violence, neither was deceit in His Mouth, Isaiah 53.9.  Israel as a nation, and Jews as a people must at times be violent to defend herself from enemies who seek to destroy us.  Numbers 23.19 reads, “GOD is not a man that He should lie.”  GOD is Yeshua The Messiah.  Yeshua the Messiah is the GOD of Israel, Ha Shem in the flesh, and He never lied.  No deceit was ever in His Mouth.  But He laid down His Life for His friends for their atonement.

And GOD’s prophecy of Isaiah 53 continues.  “Yet it pleased The LORD to bruise Him.  He has put Him to grief when you shall make His Soul an offering for sin.”  Yes, Yeshua is our offering for sin.  His shed blood makes atonement for our souls when GOD forgives our iniquity, and remembers our sins no more, to those who receive the Jewish Messiah Yeshua, and live by His Law He writes in our heart. 
Jeremiah 31.31-34.

Not Israel nor the Jewish people are an offering for sin, although at times it does seem like we have been an offering for sin during the course of our 4,000 year history.  But it is Yeshua The Messiah Who is our offering for sin.  And as Isaiah 53 reads, “GOD prolonged His days.”  Messiah lived after His death.  He rose from the dead three days after He was killed.  Psalm 16.10 reads in prophecy, “For you will not leave My Soul in hell, neither will you give Your Holy One to see corruption.”

And Isaiah 53 continues, “And the pleasure of The LORD shall prosper in His Hand.”  Messiah’s death succeeded in being the atonement for mankind, to those who receive Him, and turn to GOD, and walk in newness of Life, living according to Torah, GOD’s Law of Moses.  Romans 6.4.

Thus Yeshua told His disciples many times that He must suffer many things, and be rejected by the elders, and chief priests, and scribes, and be killed, and raised on the third day.
LUKE 9.22, 44, 51, LUKE 6.7, MATTHEW 26.31-32

Messiah also told His disciples, He would lay down His Life for His friends. 
JOHN 15.13, JOHN 10.11, JOHN 8.28

And Yeshua told His disciples He came to do the Will of The Father Who sent Him, and to finish His work.  That is to give His Life to be our Atonement.  All according to prophesies written in The Old Testament Scriptures.
JOHN 4.34, JOHN 2.19, JOHN 19.30

John 19.30  “It is finished.”  Yeshua came to give His Life to be our offering for sin., our atonement.

And we Jewish people did as GOD moved us to do.  Despise and reject our promised Messiah.  Because of us, Messiah would suffer extreme punishment and humiliation.  And because of us, Messiah was put to death.  But because of us, the world has atonement for their sins through the death of our promised  
Messiah Yeshua.

PROVERBS 16.9 reads, “A man’s heart devises his way, but The LORD directs his steps.”  GOD directed our steps to bless mankind through Yeshua’s death.

GENESIS 12.1-3 
VERSE 2  GOD said to Abraham, you shall be a blessing.  GOD has made Abraham and his descendants the Jewish people a blessing.  A blessing to all the world through the atoning death of Messiah, though most of the world is blind to that, as are most Jewish people.  The Jewish people have blessed the world with The Messiah Yeshua Who Is GOD ALMIGHTY in the flesh.  The Jewish people have blessed the world by writing the entire Bible from Genesis through Revelation.  The Jewish people have blessed the world by delivering to them The Word of GOD, and GOD’s Laws, and Statutes, and Commandments.  All written in The Law of Moses to teach mankind how to live a lawful and righteous life in the Presence of GOD.

And The Lord GOD of Creation, for the benefit of the world, directed His chosen people, the Jewish people to deliver The Messiah Yeshua to the Romans to die on a Roman cross in Jerusalem to be the sacrifice for atonement for all mankind.  For it is the blood of The Jewish Messiah Yeshua that makes atonement for the soul.  We are a blessing.  Yeshua is the greatest blessing, but the Jewish people are a blessing to the world.

So GOD moved His chosen people, the Jewish people to bring about the greatest moment in history.  The death of Messiah that brought atonement to the world.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein