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Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will continue in Torah from Exodus 37.1-9, and further.  The Title of our Message is, MORE ON THE TABERNACLE WHERE GOD DWELLS AMONG HIS PEOPLE.  So with that said, let’s get started by reading Exodus 37.1-9.

Exodus Chapters 37 through Chapter 40 give an account of The Tabernacle construction, and its furnishings that were contained in The Tabernacle.

Judaism has an interesting thought on The Tabernacle, the Dwelling Place of The Mighty GOD of Jacob, where He Dwells among His people.  Exodus 25.8.

The account of The Tabernacle’s construction, they say, ends with the vessels that represent the essence of the Sanctuary’s Teaching.  The vessels contained in the Sanctuary symbolize the innermost of human ideals.  The Ark of The Covenant contains GOD’s Teachings, Laws, and Instructions.  The table for the showbread reflects man’s struggle to sustain his physical being by fighting for his daily bread.  And the menorah, the seven branch candelabra reflects man’s obligation to spread the light of Torah, that is The Law of Moses, beyond himself.  Meaning the menorah reflects man’s obligation to spread GOD’s Teachings that are written in The Law of Moses to all mankind.  Also, the Ark of The Covenant that is in the Holy of Holies that contains GOD’s Laws, radiates its Holiness to the table for the showbread, That man does not live by bread only but by every word that proceeds out of The Mouth of The LORD.  Deuteronomy 8.3.  And the menorah spreads the light of GOD’s Word to the entire world.

Okay.  Back to the Biblical descriptions of the furnishings that were in the Tabernacle.

The Ark of The Covenant contained the two tables of stone with The Ten Commandments written on them by The Finger of GOD.  And The Ark also contained GOD’s Book of His Laws that are written in The Law of Moses.  The Ark was the only item in the Holy of Holies.

The Ark was 4 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 3 feet high.  It was made out of acacia wood, also called shittah or shittim wood.  And the wood was overlaid with pure gold inside and out.  And The Ark had a crown of gold around it.  And four rings of gold were set at its four corners to insert two poles of acacia wood, overlaid with gold to carry The Ark during their journeys in the wilderness.  The poles were never removed.

The Ark was later placed in the Holy of Holies in the Solomon Temple.  But The Ark later disappeared and was not in the second Temple.  EXODUS 25.21, EXODUS 32.15-16, EXODUS 40.20, DEUTERONOMY 31.24-26, 1 KINGS 8.1-11, JOHN 5.45.

(JOHN 5.45)  Yeshua The Messiah Who is GOD ALMIGHTY said, A person is charged with sin for breaking The Law of Moses, and held accountable to GOD for disobeying Him.

Acacia wood comes from acacia trees.  They are found throughout the wilderness of Sinai, and around the Dead Sea.  They are thorny trees about 20 feet high, and they grow in dry places with remarkable luxuriance.  They are picturesque, and have gnarled trunks.  That is, they have a rugged weather-beaten appearance.  Sometimes the trunk is two feet in diameter.  And the tree has twisted branches.  The wood was not only suitable for use in The Tabernacle, but also easy to obtain.  The wood is hard and heavy, almost indestructible from insects.  And the wood has a fine close grain, orange in color, and finishes beautifully.

Back to The Ark of The Covenant.  The mercy seat, the cover of The Ark, and the two cherubim on top of the mercy seat were made out of one piece of pure gold.  And the cherubim spread their wings shielding the mercy seat.

The table for the showbread was also made of acacia wood, overlaid with pure gold.  It was 3 1/2 feet long, 1 3/4 feet wide, and 2 1/2 feet high.  And a crown of gold was around the top.  And like The Ark, the table had four gold rings at its corners for two poles of acacia wood, overlaid with gold to carry it.

The menorah, the seven branch candelabra, was made of pure gold of hammered work.  And its tongs and trays were also made of pure gold.  The Bible does not give its measurements.

The altar of incense was made of acacia wood overlaid with pure gold.  It measured 1 1/2 feet long, 1 1/2 feet wide, and 3 feet high.  And it had four horns at its four corners made of acacia wood, overlaid with pure gold.  And a crown of gold was around the altar.  And like The Ark and the table for the showbread, it had four rings of gold at its corners for the two poles of acacia wood overlaid with gold to carry it.

The altar for burnt offerings was made of acacia wood, overlaid with brass.  It had four horns on its four corners made of acacia wood, overlaid with brass.  The altar measured 7 1/2 feet long, 7 1/2 feet wide, and 4 1/2 feet high.  And its vessels were made of brass.  And it had four rings of brass at its four ends.  And two poles made of acacia wood, overlaid with brass to carry it.

The courtyard of The Tabernacle measured approximately 166 feet long, and 83 feet wide.  And the hangings around the courtyard were made of fine twined linen.

The holy garments worn by the High Priest and his sons the Priests were of blue, purple, and scarlet for service in The Tabernacle.  The apron-like ephod was made of gold, blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine twined linen.  And the breastplate worn by the High Priest was made in the style of the ephod, of gold, blue, purple, and scarlet yarns, and fine twined linen.

The stones on the breastplate that was worn by the High Priest were set in gold in four rows of three.  In the first row was a sardius stone of deep orange, or red.  And a topaz which is brownish yellow of clear crystal.  And a carbuncle, a red gemstone.

In the second row was an emerald of transparent brilliant green.  And a sapphire of transparent dark blue.  And a diamond.

The third row had a ligure of gold, orange, or turquoise and opal.  And an agate of red jasper, translucent of varied colors.  And an amethyst of clear purple.

And the fourth row had a beryl stone, green, or light blue, golden and yellow in color.  And an onyx stone, an agate of various colors of red and white, brown and white, or black and white.  And a jasper stone of brightly colored shades of brown, yellow, red or green.

And the stones had the names of the twelve tribes of Israel engraved in them according to their birth.

The robes and coats that the Priests wore were made of fine linen.  Their mitre was of fine linen of woven work.  They wore linen breeches, and a belt made of fine linen of blue, purple, and scarlet needlework.  The High Priest wore a holy crown on his head, and engraved on it was, HOLINESS TO THE LORD.

So The Tabernacle was finished.  And the Children of Israel did according to all that The LORD commanded Moses.  Everything was made exactly as GOD had commanded.  The Tabernacle was completed according to the vision of The Tabernacle that GOD showed Moses while he was with The LORD forty days, and forty nights on Mt. Sinai.  EXODUS 25.8-9

EXODUS 40.1-4  VERSE 3  Screen off The Ark with the veil.

VERSE 4  Twelve loaves of bread, in Hebrew Khah’lote or challahs, were set before The LORD on the table for the showbread always.  They were set in two rows of six.  Every Sabbath day they were set before The LORD continually by an everlasting Covenant.  And the High Priest, and his sons ate the bread in the Sanctuary, for it was most Holy to the High Priest because it was an offering to The LORD made by fire by a perpetual Statute.  And spread on the table was a cloth of blue, and the dishes, spoons, and bowls, and jars along with the twelve loaves of bread were set on it.  EXODUS 25.30, LEVITICUS 24.5-9, NUMBERS 4.7, 1 SAMUEL 21.1-6

EXODUS 40.5-7  Let’s look at EXODUS 38.8 that speaks of the laver.

EXODUS 38.8  The laver was a large basin filled with water that was placed in the courtyard of The Tabernacle where the Kohanim, the Jewish Priests, were required by GOD to wash their hands and their feet before ministering in the Sanctuary, or approaching the altar of burnt offerings to perform the sacrifices.  The laver was made entirely of copper mirrors that had been used by the women.  Those copper mirrors were brightly polished sheets of copper.   When the call went out for contributions for The Tabernacle, the women came with their  copper mirrors and much of their precious jewelry and gems.

The laver in The Tabernacle  courtyard is the origin of mikvah immersion, and baptism.

EXODUS 40.8-32  Moses, Aaron, and his sons washed their hands and their feet whenever they went into the Sanctuary.  Which leads me to believe that every time Moses went into the Sanctuary, and into the Holy of Holies to meet with GOD to receive GOD’s Laws, Moses washed at the laver.  EXODUS 25.21-22

GOD dictated His entire Law to Moses in The Tabernacle over a space of forty years.  GOD is The GOD of all flesh.  And His Laws that are written in The Law of Moses are for all mankind.

Do not let anyone teach you rebellion against The LORD by telling you that you are not required to obey The Law of Moses, or it’s no longer in effect, or it’s dead, or it’s optional, or pray about obeying The Law, or The Law is only for the Jews.  Disobeying GOD’s Laws that are written in The Law of Moses is rebellion against GOD.  And rebellion against GOD leads to great troubles.  As Yeshua The Messiah Who is GOD Almighty said, A person is charged with sin for breaking The Law of Moses, and held accountable to GOD for disobeying Him.  John 5.45,  Matthew 7.23

EXODUS 40.33-38  There’s a great lesson to be learned here because GOD Himself is The Glory of The LORD.  GOD is that Cloud that covered the Tent of the Congregation.  And GOD is the Fire that was on The Tabernacle by night in the sight of all the House of Israel throughout all their journeys in the wilderness.

GOD is The GOD of Israel.  He is Elohim.  The ONE GOD Who said, “Let us make man in our image after our likeness”.  Genesis 1.26.  GOD is not speaking to angels.  He is speaking of Himself.  GOD fills Heaven and earth with His Spirit.  Jeremiah 23.24.  GOD appears visually in many different appearances such as The LORD, The Son, Who is The Messiah Yeshua, The Angel of GOD, the Fire in the bush that did not burn.  The Cloud, The Glory of GOD and so much more.  That is GOD, Elohim.

And GOD is with us in invisible appearances, such as The Spirit of GOD, and The Holy Spirit.  GOD is an “US” as when He said, Let US make man in OUR Image.  He is an “OUR” as when GOD said, Let US make man in OUR Image after OUR Likeness.  Yet GOD is ONE, and there is no other GOD but Him.  The ONE GOD of Creation Whom we serve is The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.  He is The Messiah Yeshua Who gives us His Holy Spirit when we obey every Word He speaks, and that includes The Law of Moses.  John 14.23, Acts 5.32

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


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Shalom.  Our teaching this morning from The Torah, The Law of Moses, will come from Exodus 35.4-19, and further.  The title of our message is,  MAKE ME A SANCTUARY THAT I MAY DWELL AMONG MY PEOPLE.

So let’s read about the making of The Tabernacle in the wilderness starting with EXODUS 35.4-19.

Moses, acting on GOD’s Words, called for skilled workers, specialists, artists, masters in craftsmanship, and skilled in handiwork, and for donations of materials to build The Tabernacle for The GOD of Israel to dwell among His people.

The Tabernacle, the portable Temple that the children of Israel made some 3,400 years ago was also the Place where Moses met with GOD to receive GOD’s Laws directly from the Mouth of The LORD.  All GOD’s Laws are for Israel and all mankind.  And all GOD’s Laws are written in The Law of Moses.  GOD HAS ONLY ONE LAW. THAT LAW IS THE LAW OF MOSES.

And the children of Israel, after their forty year journey in the wilderness from the time of the Exodus out of Egypt, carried The Tabernacle with them wherever they journeyed.  And they brought it into Canaan, today’s Israel, where it was erected for the last time in Shiloh.  Joshua 18.1.  I believe Shiloh today would be in the Palestinian occupied territories in the West Bank, about 15 to 20 miles north of Bethlehem and Jerusalem.  The Palestinians say the Jewish people never had a Temple in Israel.

And there in Shiloh The Tabernacle remained and eventually became a fixed Sanctuary for The LORD, 1 Samuel, until Solomon’s Temple was built in Jerusalem and dedicated to The LORD in 964 B.C.E.

The Palestinians claim Jerusalem as their capital.  The Bible and world history prove beyond doubt that the Land of Israel was NEVER the homeland of the Palestinians, and never will be.  The Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people for an everlasting possession.  It is a Covenant of GOD made with Abraham and the Jewish people some 4,000 years ago.  GENESIS 17.7-8

The Tabernacle, including the Sanctuary and the Courtyard was roughly 175 feet long, and 87 1/2 feet wide.  And the twelve tribes of Israel, some three million people, camped around The Tabernacle in their tents.

On three sides of The Tabernacle, the north, west, and south sides were walls consisting of upright wooden planks inserted into sockets, and held together by bars and bolts.  Stretched over the top of The Tabernacle forming a roof, and draped down over three sides was a set of curtains of fine fabrics with a cherub motif embroidered on them.  Over these was draped a set of goats hair curtains.  And these in turn were draped with rams skins dyed red, and badger skins.  The fabric coverings, and the absence of any other roof made the Sanctuary a tent, and the Courtyard an enclosed open area.

The fourth side to the east was the entrance.  The entrance had a woven screen of fine fabrics suspended on five pillars.

The inside of The Tabernacle was divided into two parts.  At the western end of the Sanctuary was the Holy of Holies called in Hebrew KODESH HA KODESHIM.  At the eastern end was the Holy Place called in Hebrew HA KODESH.  And a screen fabric embroidered with a cherub motif called in Hebrew the PAROKHET, or the veil, divided the inside of The Tabernacle into two parts.

The Holy of Holies measured approximately 17 feet x 17 feet, and it was pitch black in its darkness.  But no doubt it lit up with the brightness of GOD’s Presence when He met with Moses there.  The Holy of Holies contained just The Ark of The Covenant.  And there GOD met with Moses, and spoke to Him from above the Mercy Seat from between the two cherubim which were upon The Ark of The Covenant where GOD commanded Israel all the Words of His Laws, Statutes and Judgments that are written in The Law of Moses.  GOD’s Laws that all mankind are to observe and do.  Yet, so few live by them.  And so few are taught GOD’s Laws.  ECCLESIASTES 12.13, MATTHEW 4.4, EXODUS 25.21-22

At the eastern end of The Tabernacle was The Holy Place that contained the menorah, the seven branch candelabra, the table for the showbread, and the altar of incense.  The Holy Place measured about 17 feet x 34 feet.

The High Priest was allowed to enter The Holy of Holies once a year on Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement.  Moses entered often to receive The Torah, GOD’s Laws, Instructions, and Teachings from The LORD GOD Himself.  And Moses spoke to Yeshua, The Jewish Messiah, Who is GOD Himself, Yehovah, The Holy One of Israel, I AM.  Seeing there is only One GOD.  ISAIAH 9.6, Hebrew Bible, ISAIAH 9.5, JOHN 8.58, MARK 12.29

It’s possible that when The High Priest entered The Holy of Holies on The Day of Atonement, The LORD appeared to him in the cloud upon The Mercy Seat.  LEVITICUS 16.1-2

Aaron, or The High Priest at the time, entered The Holy of Holies on The Day of Atonement to make atonement for himself, his family, and all Israel.

It was also the time for the scapegoat.  The scapegoat was presented alive in the Courtyard of The Tabernacle before The LORD to make atonement for the sins of the children of Israel.  But the scapegoat was set free into the wilderness where the goat symbolically carried away the sins of the People.  LEVITICUS 16.7-10

Atonement was made for the Sancturay when The High Priest entered The Holy of Holies, bringing the blood of the sacrifice behind the veil, and he sprinkled the blood on the mercy seat, and before the mercy seat to make atonement for the Sanctuary because of the uncleanness of the children of Israel, and because of their transgressions in all their sins.  LEVITICUS 16.

Without a Temple today, there is no animal sacrifice for atonement.  The animal sacrifice ended 1,944 years ago when the Romans destroyed The Temple in 70 C.E.  Without a Temple, The High Priest cannot enter The Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement to make atonement for the Jewish people.  But GOD, in His loving kindness, and tender mercies, made Himself a human being in the Person of The Jewish Messiah, Yeshua Ha Mashiakh to be our Sacrifice to make atonement for our sins.  Not only for Jewish people, but for all mankind who willingly receive Messiah and do all the Words of His Law of Moses.  That was the reason for Messiah’s first coming 2,000 years ago, to be our Sacrifice, to make atonement for all mankind.  For those who believe in Messiah Yeshua, and keep GOD’s Laws that are written in The Law of Moses.  PSALM 22.13-23, PSALM 110.1, ISAIAH 53.10

Continuing with the building of The Tabernacle, the contributions of gold, silver, bronze, fine wool, and linen, and skins, and choice woods that gave The Tabernacle and its furnishings its majestic splendor,

In the center of The Tabernacle Courtyard stood the bronze altar for animal sacrifices to make atonement for the people.  And a laver of brass, filled with water was placed between the altar and the entrance to the Sanctuary.  The laver was for The Priests to wash themselves before entering the Sanctuary, and when they approached the altar to offer sacrifices.  That they may not die, The LORD said.  And this is a Law forever, saith The LORD.

The washing by The Priests at the laver is the beginning of mikvah immersion by Judaism, and baptism in Christianity.  EXODUS 30.17-21

The Tabernacle was the forerunner of The Temple.  Its design, proportions, and functions was a miniature portable version of the future permanent first and second Temples, the House of The GOD of Israel.  And The Tabernacle’s design, proportions, and functions will no doubt be used for The Millennial Temple when The LORD returns.

The first Temple was destroyed in 586 B.C.E. by Nebuchadnezzar King of the Babylonian Empire, today’s Iraq.  The second Temple was destroyed by the Roman General Titus in 70 C.E. during the heyday of the Roman Empire.  Both times the Jewish people were exiled by GOD for their sins, and sent to the nations.  Babylon and Rome were mighty empires in their prime.  Today they are a ghost of what they were.  And Israel today is a great nation, and flourishes.  Though nations continue to attack her for no reason, except for the fact they are Jewish.

EXODUS 35.4-7  The Ark of The Covenant was made of acacia wood, and overlaid with gold.  The Ark measured 4 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 3 feet high.  And a crown of gold was around The Ark.  The rings on its four corners for carrying The Ark were made of gold.  And the poles of acacia wood, overlaid with gold were inserted in the gold rings to carry The Ark.

The Mercy Seat was made of pure gold. The two cherubim that were on top of the Mercy Seat on The Ark of The Covenant were made of  gold, of hammered work.  The dishes for The Tabernacle, the spoons, and covers, and bowls were made of pure gold.  The menorah was pure gold.  The fasteners that held the curtains were made of gold.  The boards of The Tabernacle were overlaid with gold.  The veil at the entrance to The Holy of Holies of blue, purple, scarlet, and fine twined linen with a cherubim motif was hung on four pillars of acacia wood overlaid with gold.  And the hooks were also gold.

The entrance to The Tabernacle, the door of the tent, was a hanging of blue, purple, and scarlet yarn, and finely woven linen in colors that hung on five posts of acacia wood, overlaid with gold.  EXODUS 26.30-37

And when we get to Heaven, The New Jerusalem is pure gold, like clear glass.  REVELATION 21.18

The apron-like ephod, part of the Priests’ garments included gold, fine needlework of blue, purple, scarlet, and fine twined linen.  EXODUS 28.6-8

The onyx stones that were on the shoulders of the ephod had the names of the children of Israel engraved in them.  Six of the Tribes on one stone, and six on the other stone according to their birth.  The stones were set in gold settings for a memorial of the children of Israel before The LORD.  EXODUS 28.9-14

The breastplate was made of gold, blue, purple, scarlet, and fine twined linen.  It was square, about 9 inches wide, and 9 inches in length, and folded.  It had settings of twelve stones with the names of the twelve tribes of Israel in four rows of three set in gold.  The chains were gold that held the breastplate to the priest’s ephod and decorated belt.  The High Priest carried the names of the Children of Israel whenever he entered the Sanctuary for a memorial before The LORD continually.  And the urim and thummin for asking GOD’s counsel were put in the breastplate, and they were on the heart of The High Priest when he went before The LORD continually.  EXODUS 28.15-30

And beneath, upon the hem of The High Priest’s robe of his ephod that was all blue, were pomegranates of blue, and purple, and scarlet around the hem of his robe, and bells of gold between them.  And the sound of the bells was heard when he went into the Sanctuary to minister before The LORD, and when he went out, that he did not die.  EXODUS 28.31-35

And a plate of pure gold with the engraving KODESH  LA’YEHOVAH, HOLY TO THE LORD, was secured to The High Priest’s mitre in front, and fixed with blue lace.  EXODUS 28.36-37

The altar to burn incense that was inside the Sanctuary but outside the veil of The Holy of Holies, was made of acacia wood, overlaid with gold.  Its measurements were 1 1/2 feet long, 1 1/2 feet wide, and 3 feet high. It had horns of acacia wood overlaid with gold on its corners.  And a crown of gold around the altar.  Four gold rings were on the corners of its two sides under the golden crown for the poles to pass through them to carry the altar.  The poles also were made of acacia wood, overlaid with gold.

The High Priest burned sweet incense on it every morning when he lit the menorah, and every evening for a perpetual incense before The LORD.  And no strange incense was offered on it, nor were sacrifices, meat offerings, or drink offerings made on the altar of incense.  EXODUS 30.1-10

And it was Bezaleel from the Tribe of Judah, who was the chief artisan for building The Tabernacle whom GOD filled with The Spirit of GOD in wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship who was a master designer of gold, silver, bronze, cutting precious stones for setting, and wood carving, and all manner of crafts.  EXODUS 31.1-5

So in closing, let’s read about the materials that were contributed by the people for making The Tabernacle of the Congregation of Israel, and the skilled women who spun and twisted fibers into thread, and made yarns and linen of blue, and purple, scarlet, and fine linen for The Tabernacle.  And they spun goats hair, and so much more.  And even the jewelry that was mainly worn by the women, for as soon as they heard that precious metals were needed for The Tabernacle, they immediately rushed to bring their most precious possessions to The LORD for The House of The GOD of Jacob.

And the master builders who made The Tabernacle with their crafts, and artwork, and skills that The LORD gave them.  And so much was given that there was an overabundance of donations that Moses commanded the People not to bring any more gifts for The Tabernacle.  For what they had was sufficient to complete the work.

So let’s conclude by reading EXODUS 35.20-35, and EXODUS 36.1-38.

Since GOD made The Tabernacle of the Congregation of the Children of Israel so beautiful, how much more can you imagine will He make The Messianic Kingdom for 1,000 years, and Eternity in Heaven?  And GOD will dwell among His people forever.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein


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Shalom.  Our teaching this morning from Torah, The Law of Moses will come from Exodus 35.1-3.  And the Title for our message is, REMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY.

So with that said, let’s read EXODUS 35.1-3.

EXODUS 35.1  The Words that GOD commanded Israel to do are a Covenant that GOD made with Moses and the Jewish people.  That Covenant is GOD’s Words that make up The Law of Moses.  And GOD’s Covenant is everlasting.  PSALM 105.8-10

The Law of Moses is called Torah, a term applied to the first five Books of the Bible.  And Torah means, GOD’s Instructions, His Teachings and Guidance, GOD’s Laws and His Commandments.

Torah is also applied to the entire Bible from cover to cover, from Genesis through Revelation.  And it’s very important to understand that every teaching found and taught in The New Testament Scriptures must agree with GOD’s Everlasting Covenant, The Law of Moses.

A good example of a false translation in The New Testament is, “You are not under The Law” written in Romans 6.14, 15, and Galatians 5.18.  Certainly those words Do Not line up with GOD’s Law of Moses.  Nor can that teaching be found anywhere in The Bible from the lips of GOD, or Yeshua The Messiah, Who is GOD Himself, or from the Prophets, or the Disciples.  Not being under The Law is a garden of Eden trick by satan.  See Isaiah 24.5-6.  Numbers 15.14-15, Matthew 4.4, Luke 4.4.

EXODUS 35.2  Let’s explain GOD’s weekly Sabbath.

Sabbath in Hebrew is SHABBAT, meaning cessation of activity, and rest.

The weekly seven day Sabbath starts Friday at sundown and ends Saturday at sundown.  And GOD does not allow work of any kind to be done on the Sabbath Day.   It is a Holy Day, a Sabbath of rest dedicated to The LORD.

The word Holy in Hebrew is KODESH meaning that the Sabbath day is sanctified, and set apart for The LORD.

The LORD’s Sabbath on Saturday is a Feast of The LORD.  LEVITICUS 23.1-3

The word Feast in Hebrew is MO’ADE meaning an appointed time.  Thus the appointed time of GOD’s weekly Sabbath is the seventh day of the week from Friday at sundown to Saturday at sundown.

The Sabbath Day is an assembly of the people for a Service dedicated to The LORD.  It is a Holy Convocation, or a sacred occasion for the people to come together for a Shabbat Service.  And no work of any kind is to be done on GOD’s Sabbath wherever you live.

GOD created the world in six days and rested on the seventh.  And GOD expects His Creation to rest on the seventh day Saturday.  And GOD blessed the seventh day and declared it Holy.  GENESIS 2.1-3

The weekly Sabbath is NOT any day of the week.  Nor is GOD’s Sabbath on Sunday.  GOD’s Sabbath is Saturday.  From sundown on Friday, to sundown on Saturday.

The Sabbath as we all know is part of the Ten Commandments.  EXODUS 20. 8-11

Paul is correct when he wrote that the letter kills.  The letter kills when it is not obeyed.  EXODUS 31.12-17

Let’s revisit Paul’s teaching in 2 Corinthians 3.6.  The word letter in Greek is GRAMMA meaning Scripture, The Word of GOD that is written in Scripture.

So yes, when the letter that is the Written Word of GOD in The Scriptures is not obeyed, the result is death as we just read.  And again pointed out by The Word GOD gave Moses in EXODUS 35.2.

But as Paul teaches, The Spirit gives life.  But what must we do first if we are not living our lives according to all the Words of GOD’s Law, and knowing that the letter kills?  The answer.  Repent.  And GOD teaches us what repentance is in EZEKIEL 18. 20-22

In Verse 21, the word “Turn” in Hebrew is SHOOV meaning Repent.  GOD teaches us that if the ungodly will repent from all his sins of breaking The Law of Moses, 1 John 3.4, and then turn to GOD and keep ALL GOD’s Statutes, His Law of Moses, he shall surely live and not die.

Foolishly it’s widely taught that when you believe in Jesus Christ you are not required to obey GOD’s Laws that are written in The Law of Moses.  That might be man’s teaching, but it is certainly not GOD’s teaching.  GOD gave us Messiah Yeshua for Atonement.  Then we are to repent of our sins and do that which is lawful and right according to GOD’s Law of Moses.  And we will surely live and not die.  What a wonderful gift GOD has given us.  So why would man want to mess it up?  LUKE 13.3, 5,  ACTS 26.19-20,  REVELATION 2.16

Paul teaches that The Spirit gives life, 2 Corinthians 3.6.  The Spirit, or The Holy Spirit is given to us when we turn to GOD and obey His Commandments and Laws written in Torah, along with our faith in Messiah Yeshua.  Disobedience to GOD’s letter is death.  But obedience is life.  ACTS 5.32

Continuing on with GOD’s Sabbath.  The Sabbath is a perpetual Covenant,  an everlasting Law.  And The Sabbath is a sign between GOD and the Jewish people.  That is, The Sabbath is evidence of GOD’s relationship with the Jewish people, and all who follow GOD in obedience to Torah through faith in Messiah Yeshua.   The sign is that GOD is your GOD, and it is GOD Who sanctifies you,  Who makes you Holy.  EXODUS 31.13, EZEKIEL 20.19-20, JOHN 4.22

As a Covenant people, we should be like The Messiah Yeshua, for GOD says, You shall be Holy, for I The LORD your GOD am Holy.  LEVITICUS 19.1-2,  1 Peter 1.15-16

Holy means living our life in obedience to GOD’s Laws, leading  us not to sin.  1 JOHN 1.8-10,  1 JOHN 3.4

The Sabbath is a day of physical rest, and spiritual joy in our home, and in the Synagogue.  ISAIAH 58.13-14

The two Miriams, Miriam of Magdala.  Magdala was a town in Israel, Matthew 15.39.  And the other Miriam waited til the Sabbath ended before going to the tomb where Yeshua’s body had been laid.  MATTHEW 28.1

These ladies observed The Law of Moses precisely as Yeshua taught His disciples, and those who followed Him.  MATTHEW 12.18, ISAIAH 42.1, 6

The judgment of GOD is the Way of GOD.  His Laws and rules written in The Law of Moses.  Messiah teaches The Law of Moses to the Gentiles and the Jewish people in The New Testament, and The Tnakh, The Holy Scriptures.  Messiah is The LORD.  He is Elohim, GOD.

Yeshua always observed the weekly Sabbath on Saturday.  And in His end times teaching, He counsels us that hopefully we will not have to escape the troubles of the tribulation in winter, nor on the Sabbath Day.  MARK 1.21,  MATTHEW 24.20

Let’s look at MARK 2.27-28.  The Sabbath was made for man to rest, to keep it Holy.  And Yeshua, Who is The LORD GOD Almighty is also The LORD of The Sabbath, seeing He made The Sabbath.

And it is lawful to do good on The Sabbath.  MATTHEW 12.9-14

VERSE 14  Without the death of Messiah, there can be no atonement.  As Psalm 118. 23 reads, “This is The LORD’s doing.  It is marvellous in our eyes”.  PSALM 118. 21-29

Paul, and the followers of Messiah always observed The Sabbath on Saturday.  ACTS 13.14.

Let’s look at ACTS 15.13-21.  In Verse 21, Messiah’s disciples advised the Gentiles who turned to GOD in Messiah Yeshua to go to the Synagogues every Sabbath on Saturday where Moses is preached and taught.  There they will learn The Law of Moses, teaching them how to live their lives according to GOD’s Laws that are written in The Law of Moses.  NUMBERS 15.14-16.

There were no New Testament writings when Messiah and His disciples and Paul taught The Word of GOD.  They taught from Tnakh, The Old Testament Scriptures.  The illegal changes of GOD’s Law of Moses started with Constantine.  He not only changed GOD’s Laws, he abolished them.  He changed The Sabbath to Sunday.  He eliminated the Festivals of GOD in Leviticus 23 and replaced them with mostly pagan holidays.  He eliminated GOD’s dietary laws in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14.  He abolished just about every Law of GOD so that today masses of people follow those lawless changes.  MATTHEW 7. 23

Constantine was the Roman emperor, the supreme ruler of Rome from 306-337 A.D.  He legally sanctioned Christian worship some 229 years after The New Testament was written.  And his changes of GOD’s Laws are unfortunately very evident today.

As Isaiah prophesied some 1700 years ago in Isaiah 24. 5-6, “They have transgressed The Laws, changed The Ordinance, broken The Everlasting Covenant.  Therefore the curse has devoured the earth and few are left”.

However, Paul teaches that we should not let anyone judge us, that is condemn us because we follow GOD’s Law of Moses, including His Sabbath days.  COLOSSIANS 2.16-17

The new moon which is  the new month was celebrated as a Festival with the offerings of sacrifices.  But since there is no Temple for sacrificial offerings, the new moon Festival has ended.  Paul wrote this letter to the Colossians around 60 C.E. some ten years before the Romans destroyed The Temple in 70 C.E.  However the new moon Festival will be reinstated in The Millennium.  EZEKIEL 46.1-3.

In Verse 17 of Colossians chapter 2, the shadow of things to come in Messiah, I believe are those events that happened in the past in Messiah, and the things that will happen in the future at His Return.

For example, The Sabbath represents 1,000 years of peace and joy, and rest in The Messianic Kingdom of Messiah, the 1,000 year Millennium in The Land of Israel that will stretch to the Euphrates River.  LEVITICUS 23. 3, Genesis 15.18-21.

Our atonement came by Messiah’s death on Passover.  His Resurrection three days after His death during Passover is our hope of being raised the last day.  LEVITICUS 23. 5-12

Shavuot or Pentecost, fifty days after Messiah’s death was a wonderful time when many Jewish people came to faith in Messiah. LEVITICUS 23. 15-16,  ACTS 2.1, 41

On a Rosh Ha Shannah in the future, the Jewish New Year, or the Blowing of Shofars in The Bible, Leviticus 23.24, I believe will be The Day The LORD returns and destroys all the enemies of those who hate Israel and the Jewish people.  The dead in Messiah will rise, and those alive in Yeshua will meet The LORD in the air where Messiah will lead us to the Messianic Kingdom in Israel to establish His Messianic Kingdom of peace.  DANIEL 12. 1-2,  EZEKIEL 37. 1-14,  1 THESSALONIANS 4. 13-18

Goodbye Hamas.  Goodbye Hezbullah.  Goodbye all the haters of Israel.  Goodbye all the haters of the Jewish people.  ZECHARIAH 14. 12

In the Day of Atonement, ten days later, scores of Jewish people who rejected their Messiah Yeshua will recognize Him when GOD will cause them to enter The Land of Israel in The Millennium.  And they will bitterly mourn for Him, and receive atonement for their sins that will lead to eternal life.  LEVITICUS 23. 27,  ZECHARIAH 12.10

And Sukkot or Tabernacles represents everlasting joy and peace in The Messianic Kingdom of Messiah for 1,000 years.  ISAIAH 35.10.

And the eighth day of Tabernacles represents eternity in Heaven after the 1,000 years.  GOD will continue to dwell with us.   And The LORD will wipe away all tears from our eyes.  There will be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying.  Neither will there be any more pain, for the former things of life with its problems and troubles, and sorrows, and pain, and death will be done away with and replaced with everlasting  joy and peace with Messiah Yeshua, GOD Almighty.  LEVITICUS 23. 33-44,  REVELATION 21-22

Those are the shadow of things to  come when we live by GOD’s letter, His written Word in the Scriptures, and have faith in The Messiah Yeshua.

EXODUS 35.3  When The LORD GOD  commands us not to kindle or start a fire on the Sabbath Day, that means we should not cook during Sabbath.  We can eat to our heart’s delight on The Sabbath Day, but we cannot cook on The Sabbath til sundown on Saturday.

So Remember The Sabbath Day to keep it Holy.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein, Congregational Leader



Beth Elohenu Messianic Congregation

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Shalom.  Our teaching this morning in The Torah, The Law of Moses will come from Exodus 34.29-35, and the Title of our Message is The Veil of Moses.

So with that said, let’s read Exodus 34.29-35.

EXODUS 34.29  When Moses came down from Mt. Sinai with the two tables of stone on which GOD wrote The Ten Commandments a second time, Moses did not know that the skin of his face shined while he talked with GOD.  His face poured out rays of light.

Moses was again with The LORD forty days and forty nights in Mt. Sinai.  And at the time, he was beyond human needs because he neither ate or drank anything during those forty days and nights with GOD.  And at the age of eighty, Moses still had his strength, perhaps greater strength to carry the two tables of stone down the 7,500 foot mountain that had The Ten Commandments written on them by The LORD.  Exodus 24.18, Exodus 34.1-2

Let’s again look into EXODUS 34.27-28.

The Ten Commandments are the Words of the Covenant.  The Ten Commandments are also part of The Torah, The Law of Moses with which GOD made a Covenant with Moses, and with Israel.

The Covenant GOD made with Moses and with Israel is this.  Moses and Israel are required to obey GOD’s Covenant forever.  GOD’s Covenant is all His Words, Laws and Commandments that are written in The Law of Moses.  That is GOD’s Covenant with Moses and with Israel.  And GOD’s Covenants are Everlasting.  Thus The Law of Moses is Everlasting.  PSALM 105.8-10

And GOD’s Words that are written in The Law of Moses are the terms and conditions for everybody and anybody who desire to be part of GOD’s Covenants with Israel, the Jewish people.  The Law of Moses must be obeyed by Jewish and non-Jewish people to be fully part of GOD’s Covenants that He made with the Jewish people.  Even the New Covenant written in Jeremiah 31.31-34 for the atonement of your sins.  The Law must be obeyed for atonement along with your faith in Messiah Yeshua.  ROMANS 9.1-5, JEREMIAH 31.31-34

GOD’s Covenants with the Israelites, the Jewish people, and all who follow GOD by keeping His Law of Moses, and The Torah includes faith in Messiah Yeshua.  He is Elohim, is this.  GOD is your GOD, and you are His People.  Israel is your Land, especially during the one thousand year Millennium.  And The Holy City New Jerusalem is your home throughout eternity where you will life forever in Heaven.

You are a Holy People unto The LORD your GOD.  Chosen and Special above all people that are upon the face of the earth, because GOD loves you.  Your sins are forgiven through The New Covenant Who is Messiah Yeshua.  For GOD has forgiven your iniquity and remembers your sin no more because of your faith in Messiah Yeshua and your obedience to GOD’s Law of Moses.

And The LORD your GOD has made you His Witnesses and His Servants whom He has chosen to know and believe GOD, and understand He is GOD and The Messiah Yeshua.  That before GOD there was no GOD formed, neither will there be after Him.  And GOD will bless you, and you will be a blessing.  And you are saved and delivered from all your sins to everlasting life.  And your name is written in GOD’s Book of Life.  You are a Covenant People because you hear The Word of GOD and do it.  And you are part of GOD’s family forever.  Genesis 12.2, Genesis 17.8-9, Deuteronomy 7.6-8, Isaiah 43.10, Jeremiah 31.31-34, Daniel 12.1-2, Luke 8.21, Revelation 21.1-2.

Let’s return to Moses, his face shining, pouring out rays of light because of his time with The LORD GOD, and his exposure to The LORD and His Glory for forty days and forty nights.

The Bible tells us that The Presence of GOD Himself is surrounded by a radiant luminosity of brilliant, glowing, dazzling Light.  And Moses was exposed to GOD’s luminous Presence.  And his face reflected GOD’s radiance.  EZEKIEL 1.26-28, PSALM 104.1-2, HABAKKUK 3.3-4

As a point of information with reference to the word horns in the King James Version of Habakkuk 3.4, the Vulgate, the Latin version of The Bible that was prepared by Jerome, a Church father, at the end of the 4th century A.D., and used in an authorized version of the Roman Catholic Church, in Jerome’s incorrect translation of the word “horns” as in, “He had horns”, or GOD had horns, Jerome translated the Hebrew word KAHR’NAH’YEEM into horns when in fact the Hebrew word means “rays of light”.  Thus the correct translation for Habakkuk 3.4 is  He had “rays of light” coming out of His Hand.  And Jerome’s poor translation led to Michelangelo’s statue of Moses with horns protruding out of his head, and eventually linked with the notion of satan’s horns, to the anti-Semitic belief that Jews have horns.

Returning to The Bible teaching us that GOD is surrounded by brilliant light, I think it can be correctly said that Abraham and others recognized GOD in human form when He appeared to them because His appearance was radiant, unlike that of human beings.  GENESIS 12.7, GENESIS 17.1-8, GENESIS 18.1-10, GENESIS 26.1-6, GENESIS 32.22-30, GENESIS 35.9-15, EXODUS 33.11, MALACHI 3.1-2, REVELATION 1.9-10

And Yeshua The Messiah at His transfiguration.  MATTHEW 17.1-2

EXODUS 34.30  The face of Moses must have projected rays of blazing light from his exposure to GOD and His Glory for forty days and forty nights, and the Children of Israel feared to approach him.

EXODUS 34.31-32  Moses told the Children of Israel all the Words, Laws, and Commandments that GOD had spoken to him in Mt. Sinai.  All part of The Torah, The Law of Moses.  That is GOD’s Everlasting Covenant.

EXODUS 34.33  When Moses taught The Word of GOD to the People, he did not wear the veil.  They saw his face shine with the radiance of GOD.  Yes, Moses was a man, but Moses is shown to be more than a common man.  And when he finished speaking with the People, he put the veil on his face.

EXODUS 34.34  But of course Moses took the veil off when he went into The Holy of Holies in The Tabernacle to speak with GOD.  And when Moses left The Tabernacle, he spoke to the Children of Israel all that GOD commanded him.  And then he put the veil back on his face.  Everything GOD commanded Moses is the One Law of GOD, The Law of Moses, GOD’s Covenant that is an everlasting Covenant for Israel and all mankind.

And Paul teaches that The Law of Moses is Righteous, Holy, Just and Good, and should be established in our lives.  PHILIPPIANS 3.5-6, ROMANS 7.12, ROMANS 3.31

GOD’s Law of Moses is His Covenant that is Everlasting.  And GOD’s Laws are for everybody to live by.  1 PETER 1.23-25

Every Word of GOD is His Law that lives and continues forever.  That is New Testament teaching.

EXODUS 34.35  The Children of Israel saw the face of Moses that his face shined with rays of blazing light.  And he put the veil on his face until he went into The Tabernacle to speak with GOD Face to face.

Paul writes about the shining face of Moses and his veil.  And when Paul’s words are misunderstood, they are contentious, controversial, and upsetting.  But when his words are correctly worked out according to Torah, GOD’s Law of Moses, Paul’s words are accurate, those that are translated correctly according to GOD’s written Word in The Law of Moses.

So I’m going to read 2 Corinthians 3.6-18, and then give a brief summary that I believe to be correct.  2 CORINTHIANS 3.6-18

GOD has NOT made everybody who says they believe in Jesus His ministers of the New Testament.  But GOD has made those who have covenanted with The LORD their GOD to obey His Law of Moses along with their faith in Messiah Yeshua qualified ministers and witnesses of the New Testament, Isaiah 43.10.

The New Testament is The New Covenant that is spelled out by GOD in Jeremiah 31.31-34 that GOD gave to the Jewish people to forgive their sins and remember them no more.

It’s important, very important to understand that when we believe in Messiah Yeshua, GOD’s New Covenant, or GOD’s New Testament, GOD Himself put His Law of Moses in your hearts and minds TO OBEY HIM.  See Hebrews 8.10-12, Hebrews 10.16-17.

The letter that kills is GOD’s Word when His Word is not obeyed.  The letter kills when The Law of Moses is not obeyed.  Not keeping GOD’s Sabbath on Saturday as written in The Ten Commandments is death when not obeyed.  See Exodus 31.12-17, and Exodus 35.1-2.

But The Spirit Who is GOD The Father, The Messiah Yeshua, and The Holy Spirit, the One GOD, gives us life when we obey GOD’s written Word in The Law of Moses, along with your belief in Messiah Yeshua.  Messiah is fully part of The Torah, GOD’s Law of Moses.  He is Elohim, and He is our atonement.

By believing in Messiah Yeshua, The New Covenant, or The New Testament, we have Atonement for our sins.  But, and this is important, What do we do about GOD putting His Law of Moses in our minds, and writing it in our hearts?  Jeremiah 31.33, Hebrews 8.10, Hebrews 10.16.  Do we disregard His Law?  Do we throw it out?  Do we say it is no longer in effect?  GOD forbid.  No!  Why?  Because GOD Himself put His Law in your heart TO OBEY HIM.  So yes, the letter kills when we do not obey GOD’s Law of Moses no matter if you believe in Yeshua or not.

But GOD’s letter, His Word, is life in Messiah when we obey them.  That is the foundational teaching of The Bible, obedience to GOD.

The Ten Commandments written in stone are death when they are not obeyed.  They are life when they are fully obeyed along with our faith in Messiah Yeshua.

That which is done away with is the letter that kills.  When we obey GOD’s letter, His Word written in The Law of Moses, along with our faith in Messiah Yeshua, we have Life.  And the letter certainly DOES NOT KILL.

The Church, for the most part, teaches that The Law of Moses is done away with.  Paul would never teach such a perversion.  ROMANS 2.13, ROMANS 8.6-7, EPHESIANS 5.1

Moses did that which GOD ordained him to do.  Lead the People out of Egypt, and teach mankind GOD’s Laws that are written in The Torah, the first five Books of The Bible.  And yes, one day the veil will be taken away from the Jewish People when they read The Holy Scriptures, and they will believe in their Messiah Yeshua.  ZECHARIAH 12.10, etc.

And hopefully one day the veil will be taken away from the Church when reading The New Testament, believing GOD that The Law of Moses stands forever, and they must obey it to be in GOD’s family, to have their sins forgiven, and saved, and be part of GOD’s Covenants with the Jewish people.  And knowing there is only One GOD and no trinity of three different gods.  Deuteronomy 6.4, Mark 12.28-30.

So with that said, let’s return to Moses whose radiant face shined brilliantly because of his forty days and forty nights with GOD in Mt. Sinai.  However if GOD showed Moses the fullness of His Glory, Moses would have died in a moment.  For GOD earlier said to Moses, “You cannot see My Face (the fullness of His Presence).  For there shall no man see Me and live.”  but GOD showed Moses just a fraction of His Glory as Yeshua showed Peter, James, and John in His transfiguration.  EXODUS 33.20

But how much more fullness of GOD’s Glory when He returns?  After all, it was GOD’s Glory that gave Light when GOD said, “Let there be Light.”  And there was Light.  GENESIS 1.1-3, MATTHEW 24.21-31(30)
But the enemies of GOD will be destroyed at His return by His powerful, blazing Glory. ZECHARIAH 14.12, ISAIAH 24.1-6, EZEKIEL 39.1-7, 22-29
(Isaiah 24.6)  Devoured in Hebrew is AH’KHAL meaning to burn up with fire.
And GOD’s Glory will be brilliant in the GOD-given borders of Israel during the 1,000 year Millennium, and in Heaven forever.  And we will see The Messiah Yeshua, GOD Almighty, The King over all the earth in all His Glory.  ZECHARIAH 2.1-5, REVELATION 21.9-11, 22,27, GENESIS 15.18-21
I cannot add a thing to GOD’s Glory.  But everything GOD owns we will inherit, If we obey GOD’s Law of Moses, His Everlasting Covenant.  Revelation 21.7
Shalom, Ira Weinstein, Congregational Leader