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Shalom.  Our teaching this morning from Torah, The Law of Moses, will be from Leviticus 3.1-5 and further.  And the Title of our Message is Peace Offerings, The End Times, The Millennium and Heaven.  So with that said, let’s read LEVITICUS 3.1-5.

These Words that we read are Words that The LORD GOD spoke to Moses Face to face in The Tabernacle of the Congregation in the wilderness of Sinai, in the Holy of Holies, from above the Mercy Seat between the two Cherubim which are upon The Ark of The Covenant behind the veil.  And the Words that GOD spoke to Moses over the forty year journey from the time of the Exodus to the land of Canaan which GOD renamed the Land of Israel are the Laws of The GOD of Heaven that are written in The Law of Moses for Israel and all Mankind to live by.  LEVITICUS 1.1, EXODUS 25.21-22

LEVITICUS 3.1-3  An oblation is an offering.  The Hebrew for oblation is KAR’BAHN.  But what is a peace offering?

Peace offering in Hebrew is SH’LA’MEEM.  And the peace offering is a sacrifice from the herd or the flock, which would be an ox, bull, cow, a calf, or a lamb, sheep, or goat.  The animal could be either male or female, without blemish.  Meaning, the animal had to be perfect without any imperfections.  And the animal was offered before The LORD, and killed at the door of the Congregation.

The offering was voluntary.  Any person could bring the peace offering, that is any person could bring the animal sacrifice to the Priest at The Tabernacle, or later The Temple.

The sacrifice of the peace offering was NOT for atonement.  The purpose for the peace offering by the owner of the animal was to offer a gift to The LORD their GOD.  It was an overpowering way to express their love for The LORD.  Their joy and gladness, and gratitude in thanksgiving.  Perhaps even for relief from deliverance from harm and danger, and now their comfort.  The peace offering to The LORD their GOD in Hebrew means to be at peace, to be safe, and to reciprocate.  To make amends, and give thanks, and much more.

The individual owner brought the animal to the Priest at The Tabernacle for the peace offering.  And the sacrifice was in this way.  The owner put his hand on the animal’s head and it was killed.  And the Priest sprinkled its blood on the sides of the Altar.  It was an offering made by fire unto The LORD.

As a point of information, the procedure for sacrificing animals was similar to slaughtering animals today for our food.  It was designed to be quick and as painless as possible.

Let’s talk about sacrifices for atonement for a moment because The LORD says in Torah, “For it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.”  Leviticus 17.11.

Unfortunately Judaism is taught to deny that the blood of a sacrifice must be shed to make atonement.  Judaism teaches that there are other ways for atonement such as prayer, charity, and good deeds. That doctrine is in violation of Torah, GOD’s Law of Moses.  For GOD says, “It is the blood that makes atonement for the soul”.  Thus, much of Judaism, by rejecting their Messiah Yeshua Who voluntarily gave His Life and shed His Blood for the purpose of our atonement are without atonement.  Atonement means that The GOD of Creation has forgiven all our sins, and we have reconciliation with GOD.  Something we all need, even Israel, GOD’s Chosen People.

LEVITICUS 3.4-5  It is suggested in Rabbinic commentary that burning the fat of the animal sacrifice on the Altar provided a dense smoke of a sweet, meaty fragrance, suggesting that The LORD received pleasure from its aroma.

However, I think of GOD’s Words written in prophesy concerning the Sin Offering Death of The Jewish Messiah Yeshua for our atonement, for Israel and all the world.  And Messiah’s death PLEASED The LORD.

ISAIAH 53.10 reads, Yet it PLEASED The LORD to bruise Him.  The word bruise in Hebrew is Dah’kar meaning Destroy and Crush.   GOD was PLEASED to Destroy Messiah on a Roman cross in Jerusalem because His death was for our atonement, to forgive us our sins.  It is written.  And it was spoken by GOD to the Prophet Isaiah.

It’s true.  Sin brings punishment and death.  See the great flood in Noah’s day, GENESIS 6-8.  Sin brings separation from GOD, and exile from The LORD.  See ISAIAH 59.2 and 2 KINGS 17.7.  And sin brings hardship, GENESIS 3.15-19.  The soul that sins, it shall die, the LORD says.  EZEKIEL 18.4.  Sin brings evil into our lives, JEREMIAH 11.8-11.  And sin is breaking GOD’s Law of Moses, 1 JOHN 3.4.  All Jewish teaching.  And all the reason we all need atonement for GOD to forgive us our sins, all of them, and be reconciled to GOD.  And then we must repent and turn from all our sins, and lead a Lawful Life in accordance with GOD’s Law of Moses.  And all our transgressions that we have committed, they shall not be mentioned to us.  In our righteousness that we have done we shall live, thus saith the LORD.  EZEKIEL 18.22.

And GOD made His decision to be our Atonement sometime in eternity.  He made that decision that He, Himself in The Person of Yeshua The Messiah would be our Atonement to forgive us all our sins and reconcile us with Him.  It PLEASED The LORD to bruise Him, to destroy Him, even Himself that He, The Mighty GOD of Jacob, Elohim would be our Atonement so we could start to lead a GODLY life as the Shema reads in Deuteronomy 6.4-5, Obey GOD, His every Word, Matthew 4.4.  Know and believe there is Only One GOD, and love The LORD with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might.  That is the pathway to a good and GODLY life.  That is the pathway to Heaven.

Back to Leviticus Chapter 3.  As with the animals from the herd for the peace offering, the same sacrifice for the peace offerings was made from the flock, the lamb, sheep, and goat.  LEVITICUS 3.6-16

(LEVITICUS 3.11&16)  After the sacrificed animal was prepared properly on the Altar, an offering made by fire unto The LORD, it was eaten by the Priests, the owner of the animal, and perhaps the owner’s invited guests.

LEVITICUS 3.17  The peace offering is a perpetual statute for your generations throughout all your dwellings.  That you eat neither fat nor blood is also a perpetual statute.  A perpetual statute in Hebrew is KHOO’KAHT  O’LAM, meaning a Law Forever.  The peace offering is a Law Forever.

A perpetual statute means that in the future 1,000 year Millennium, the Age Of Peace, when The GOD of Israel, The Messiah Yeshua returns to Israel, and builds The Temple in Jerusalem, and sits and rules on His Throne, and reigns over all the earth, all the offerings and sacrifices will be reinstated.  ZECHARIAH 6.12-13, ZECHARIAH 14.1-9, 21, EZEKIEL 41.1, 4, EZEKIEL 45.15.

EZEKIEL 41  GOD showed Ezekiel in a vision the future Temple that will be built in The Millennium, and perhaps a view of the Age Of Peace.

And the borders of Israel in the 1,000 year Millennium will spread to the Euphrates River according to the Covenant GOD made with Abraham and the Jewish People.  Israel, the Home of The Millennium, will be about one-third the size of the United States.  And the non-Jewish people whom GOD will bring into The Millennium among the Jewish people, your inheritance of the Land of Israel will be among the Tribes of Israel.  EZEKIEL 47.21-23, EZEKIEL 47.13-23, GENESIS 15.18-21

The animal sacrifices will be brought back in The Millennium because GOD’s Law requires animal sacrifices when there is a Temple in Jerusalem.  And there will be a Temple in Jerusalem in The Millennium.  It is a Statute forever.  LEVITICUS 3.17.  And many people, especially Jewish People, I believe, will  enter the Land of Israel without atonement, and perhaps still in sin.  The animal sacrifices for atonement will atone for their sins, and most will turn to GOD and live by GOD’s Covenant, His Word, and His Law of Moses.  But others will not turn to GOD, and will die a sinner.  ISAIAH 65.20, EZEKIEL 18.21-24

Those of us in the past, present, and future who are The Children of The GOD Of Heaven, who in the past before Messiah, believed in GOD, and obeyed His Commandments, Statutes and Laws, Genesis 26.5, and those from the time of Messiah Yeshua who believe in The Messiah Yeshua, and obey GOD’S Commandments, Statutes, and Laws that are written in The Law of Moses are saved and have atonement in Messiah Yeshua FOREVER.  The sacrifices for atonement will not concern us.  Our sins are atoned for FOREVER in The Messiah Yeshua.  We will either be resurrected, or raised up alive in the Last Day to meet The LORD in the air.  And with The Messiah, and The Family of GOD, we will proceed to the Land of Israel, The Jewish Homeland where The Age Of Peace will be.  And we will forever be with The LORD.  1 THESSALONIANS 4.13-18,           2 Kings 2.1

But prior to the Age Of Peace, the 1,000 year Millennium in Israel, as we all know, there will be a time of great trouble, and great tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time.  And there will be nothing like it again.  Those are Yeshua’s Words in Matthew 24.21.

And GOD will raise up an enemy to make war with the Saints, the Jewish People in Israel and throughout the world.  And the enemy will prevail against Israel.  And this enemy will devour the whole earth, tread it down, and break it in pieces.  I believe this day is fast approaching.  But GOD will defeat him.  This will happen in the second half of the seven year peace treaty prophesied by Daniel the Prophet.  And then The LORD, Yeshua the Messiah will return and destroy those anti Semites and all who disobey God’s Covenant, His Word, and His Law of Moses, and few will be left.  DANIEL 7.15-28,  DANIEL 9.27, ZECHARIAH 14. 1-5,12,  ISAIAH 24. 4-6

(Daniel 7.20)  The ten horns in the dragon’s head are ten Nations that are like satan, anti-Semetic and dreadful.  Perhaps Arab Nations and Christian Nations that have a dark history of persecuting and killing Jews.  The one who speaks great things, whose look is more stout or greater than the others, I believe will be the supreme leader of these demonic Nations.  He is the anti-Christ.  And along with these ten nations, all the nations of the world will attack Jerusalem under their supreme demonic leader, the anti Christ.   ZECHARIAH 14.1-2

But The LORD GOD, The Messiah Yeshua will crush this satanic enemy that will end the three and half years of terrible tribulation.  And the Kingdom and Dominion and Greatness of the Kingdom under the whole Heaven will be given to The People of the Saints of the Most High, The Jewish People.  Whose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and all Dominions will serve and obey Him, The LORD GOD Of CREATION, YESHUA THE MESSIAH.  And that Kingdom is the Land of Israel, the Home of the 1,000 year Millennium, the Age Of Peace.  And the non-Jewish people who are saved in Messiah Yeshua, and obedient to GOD, will have their inheritance in The Millennium among the Tribes of Israel.    And you shall be as born in the country among the Children of Israel.  And after the 1,000 years, The Kingdom will proceed into Heaven.  EZEKIEL 47.21-23

Let’s peek into The Millennium.  ZECHARIAH 8.1-8,  ZECHARIAH 12.10,  ZEPHANIAH 3.14-20

After the 1,000 years of peace in the Land of Israel that will be transformed into a Paradise, The Kingdom will proceed into Heaven. The Holy City, New Jerusalem will come down from GOD out of Heaven.  Magnificent and beautiful, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.  The Holy City, New Jerusalem is Heaven where we, The Family Of GOD will spend eternity with The LORD our GOD, Yeshua The Messiah forever and ever.  DANIEL 12.1-3, REVELATION 20.1-3, 7-15, REVELATION 21.1-4

Inheriting eternal life is explained in The Bible by GOD, Elohim, The GOD of Israel Who is Yeshua The Messiah.  And it is not difficult.

Believe in Messiah Yeshua for atonement.  Repent.  Turn from your sins and obey GOD’s Law that are written in The Law of Moses.

And as the Priests of old were immersed in water as a sign that they were clean from their sins, you too must be immersed in water as a sign that you are clean of your sins.

And continue to lead your life according to GOD’s Laws that are written in The Law of Moses.  That is GOD’S path to eternal life, and it is not difficult.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein,  Congregational Leader                                         


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Shalom.  Our teaching this morning from The Torah, The Law of Moses will be from Leviticus 2.1-6 and further on.  And the Title of our message is, “Will GOD reinstate the sacrifice in The Millennium?”  The answer is, yes, He will.  And we will explain why He will bring back the sacrifice in The Millennium, The Age Of Peace, later in the teaching.

So with that said, let’s read LEVITICUS 2.1-6.

These words spoken by The LORD GOD to Moses Face to face in The Tabernacle,  in the Holy of Holies are a continuation of The LORD giving The Law of Moses to Israel and all Mankind.  LEVITICUS 1.1-2

LEVITICUS 2.1-2  Some Bibles read “meat offering”.  But in fact the Hebrew KAR’BAHN MEEN’KHA means meal offering, or grain offering, or cereal offering.

The meal offerings were brought to the Priests in The Tabernacle or The Temple.  They were voluntary offerings by individuals offered to The LORD their GOD.  And they were NOT for atonement, but for the purpose of the individual to express his or her love to The LORD.  Their reverence.  Their awe and respect for The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.  Perhaps for the fulfillment  of their vows, or in prayer in times of distress and danger, or gratitude for GOD’s deliverance from harm.  The grain offering also reminded the people that The LORD their GOD gives us our food, and in turn we owe our lives to The LORD.

We are taught in The Bible that the shedding of blood established in Law by The LORD GOD is necessary for atonement.  Of course there is no shedding of blood in grain offerings of matzah, unleavened bread.  The virtue of the offerings was to express love and respect for The LORD.  In Messiah Yeshua, we express that virtue of love for GOD when we obey His Commandments, the entire Law of Moses.  LEVITICUS 17.11, HEBREWS 9.22, JOHN 14.15-17

The grain offering was made of fine flour, oil, and in most cases water was added.  And frankincense that has a sweet fragrant aroma.  The grain offering had to be unleavened bread, meaning the grain offerings  were matzah.  Cakes and wafers made out of matzah.

LEVITICUS 2.2-3  After burning the memorial offering, or better said, after turning the memorial offering into smoke on the altar as an offering made by fire of a sweet aroma to The LORD, the Priests ate what remained.  It is most Holy, The LORD said.  It was most Holy because the offering was dedicated to The LORD.

The Messiah Yeshua esteemed His disciples as Priests.  And He expressed that at His Passover Seder that Christianity calls The Last Supper.  MARK 14.22-24

GOD describes what is required to be a Priest in the Kingdom of Priests.  Obeying The Voice of GOD, every Word He speaks.  And keeping His Covenant which is His Word and His Law of Moses.  EXODUS 19.5-6

At Messiah’s Seder, or at The Last Supper, symbolically, in the form of a piece of matzah, Yeshua offered His Body to His disciples to eat.  His Body that would be offered up in sacrifice the following day on the first day of Passover to be our atonement.  Messiah said to them, “Take, eat, this is My Body”.  Yeshua honored His disciples as Priests. And GOD honors all as Priests who believe in The Messiah Yeshua, obey The Voice of GOD, every Word He speaks, Matthew 4.4, and keep GOD’s Covenant, His Word and His Laws that are written in The Law of Moses.  That is what is required to be a Priest in The Kingdom of Priests, and a Treasured Possession above all people. LEVITICUS 2.3, LEVITICUS 6.24-26, REVELATION 1.6

(Leviticus 2.3)  Yeshua The Messiah is most holy.

LEVITICUS 2.4-7  Oblation in Hebrew is KAR’BAHN meaning an offering to The LORD.  The offering was made of matzah baked in the oven, or baked in a pan.  The offering was GOD’s recipe for matzah; fine flour, mingled with oil.

Flour, as you all know, comes by grinding and sifting the meal of a grain, especially wheat, and used chiefly in baking.  The ingredients for matzah are wheat, flour, and water.  The meal offering to The LORD had oil poured upon it and frankincense placed upon it.

LEVITICUS 2.8-11  No grain offering to The LORD was allowed to be made with leaven.  Leaven is a substance such as yeast which is a leavening agent that causes batter or dough to rise.  For GOD said, For no leaven or honey shall be burned, or turned into smoke as an offering by fire unto The LORD.

Judaism regards leaven symbolically and spiritually as impurity.  While matzah represents purity.  Yeshua The Messiah views leaven as representing sin.  MARK 8.15

The Pharisees are in sin because they reject The Messiah Yeshua Who is The Holy One of Israel, and The Promised Messiah to The Jewish People.  And they teach others to reject Him.  And they teach man made laws as though they were Torah.  And King Herod killed Jews.  ISAIAH 9.6, Hebrew Bible, ISAIAH 9.5, ISAIAH 53, MICAH 5.2, Hebrew Bible, MICAH 5.1, MATTHEW 15.7-9.

And leaven is also the subject of a certain teaching of Paul that is directed to those who claim to be Believers  in The Messiah Yeshua, both Jews and Christians.  1 CORINTHIANS 5.7

Purge out the old leaven.  Cleanse yourself thoroughly of your old sins that come from  breaking The Law of Moses, that you may become a new person doing that which is lawful and right by obeying the Law of Moses.  Breaking The Law of Moses is sin.  1 John 3.4

The ONLY way to purge yourself of sin is by turning away from all your sins of breaking GOD’s Law of Moses, and obeying all GOD’s Laws that are written in The Law of Moses. There is no other way.

Paul describes Messiah Yeshua as our Passover Lamb Who was sacrificed to be our Atonement.  The first Passover lamb delivered us from Egyptian slavery.  The second Passover Lamb, Yeshua The Messiah, delivered us from the slavery of sin.

Paul writes, Work out your own Salvation in fear and trembling.  Paul is teaching that it is crucial for us who believe in Messiah Yeshua to work out our own Salvation by obeying GOD.  Obeying GOD is work. And it’s good work.  Living by every Word He speaks, and obeying every Law of GOD that is written in The Law of Moses.  That is Salvation.  EZEKIEL 18.21, PHILIPPIANS 2.12, EXODUS 19.5-6

Let’s read one of Messiah’s parables about leaven.  LUKE 13.20-21

Messiah said, How will I compare The Kingdom of GOD?  It is like leaven that a woman took and mixed in three measures of flour, and hid till the whole was leavened.  That is, till it rose and expanded.

I believe Messiah’s parable means this.  We can compare Heaven with small numbers of people who over the years were sinners, but came to The Truth.  Before Messiah, the sinners came to the Truth by believing in GOD and obeying His Commandments, Statutes, and Laws.  After Messiah, the small number of sinners turned to The Messiah, believed in Him, obeyed GOD, and kept His Covenant, His Word and His Law of Moses.  And as leaven expands, this small Special Family of GOD expanded over the years to become a great number of people growing into the Family of GOD Who will never perish but have everlasting Life.  GENESIS 15.6, GENESIS 26.5, EXODUS 19.5-6, JOHN 3.16.

The three measures of meal might mean, Believe in The Messiah Yeshua, The GOD of Israel for Atonement.  Repentance that leads to a life that is lawful and right by obeying Torah, The Law of Moses.  And like the Jewish Priests of old, being immersed in water as a sign you have been cleansed of your sins.  EXODUS 29.4, EXODUS 30.17-21

LEVITICUS 2.12  An oblation, or an offering to The LORD of the first fruits, or the first crops were not burned on the altar for a sweet savor.  They were simply offered to The LORD as a sign of the individual’s love for The LORD Their GOD.

LEVITICUS 2.13  Salt is a preservative that preserves things.  Salt keeps things in existence to last.  And salt stands for the eternal existence of all GOD’s Covenants.  GOD’s covenants are forever.  They are indestructible.  They never change and they never end.

GOD’s Covenant of His Word and His Law of Moses never changes, nor does it end.  GOD’s Covenant of blessing those who bless the Jewish People and curses those who curse the Jewish people will never change, nor will it end.  GOD’s Covenant that He is The GOD of the Jewish People, and we are His People will never change, nor will it end.  GOD’s Covenant that The New Covenant Who is The Messiah Yeshua, The Mighty GOD of Jacob, will forgive our iniquity and remember our sin no more, will never change, nor will it end.  GOD’s Covenant that The Messiah Yeshua will raise up the tribes of Jacob, and restore the preserved of Israel and be a Light to the Gentiles, that Messiah Yeshua will be GOD’s Salvation to the end of the earth will never change, nor end.  Every Covenant of GOD is forever.  GENESIS 12.3, GENESIS 17.7-8, DEUTERONOMY 7.6, DEUTERONOMY 26.18, JEREMIAH 31.31-34.

Every offering to GOD was required to be seasoned with salt.  And salt is often used at the table of a Jewish home for blessing over the food because GOD said, All offerings shall be seasoned with salt.

LEVITICUS 2.14-16  If the offering to The LORD was from the first grain of ripe ears of corn dried over fire  ground from its kernels, oil and frankincense were put on it.  And the Priest turned the memorial part of the offering into smoke.  It was an offering to The LORD made by fire.

These offerings to GOD teach us that GOD is very much part of our lives.  And we are indebted to Him for everything.  And we pay our debt by obeying Him, and loving Him.

Okay.  Now to our question.  Will GOD bring back the sacrifice in The Millennium, The Age Of Peace?  The answer is yes.  And why will He reinstate the sacrifice?  Because there will be a Temple in Jerusalem during the 1,000 year Millennium.  And GOD requires daily animal sacrifices for atonement, and grain offerings as we discussed today because there will be a Temple in Jerusalem in The Millennium, The Future Age Of Peace.

Let’s examine some Scriptures for proof that GOD will reinstate the sacrifice in The Millennium, and why.

Offering sacrifices at The Temple is a Statute forever.  LEVITICUS 17.1-7

And there will be a Temple in The Millennium.  In a vision, GOD showed the Prophet Ezekiel the future Land Of Israel, and the future Temple in The Age Of Peace, The 1,000 Year Millennium.  EZEKIEL 40.1-5

VERSE 5  The House is The Temple.

Further proof that this vision GOD showed Ezekiel is the future expanded borders of Israel that GOD gave to Abraham and the Jewish People in Covenant, can be compared to the following Scriptures.  EZEKIEL 47.13-23, GENESIS 15.18-21, NUMBERS 34.1-12, DEUTERONOMY 11.24

So why the animal sacrifice for atonement when our Atonement in The Messiah Yeshua sits on His Throne Reigning over all the earth for all to see?  GOD’s Laws never change.  Our Atonement in Messiah Yeshua is forever.  Those of us who believe in the Messiah Yeshua, who are obedient to The Law of Moses have our atonement in Messiah forever.  However, many mortals who were Not taken up in the last day by resurrection, or who were living at Messiah’s return and not taken up, will enter the Millennium in sin.  Jewish People and Gentiles.  And atonement for those people will be through the sacrifice of clean animals, sacrificed on the Altar at The Millennial Temple.  And like today, many will not receive their atonement correctly.  Perhaps because of disobedience to GOD.  ISAIAH 65.20(17-25), EZEKIEL 37.11-14, JEREMIAH 50.20, DEUTERONOMY 30.1-10, ZECHARIAH 14.9

So yes, sacrifices for atonement will be made in The Millennium.  EZEKIEL 43.18-27

So why with Messiah reigning as King in our view will GOD have animal sacrifices for atonement?  I believe that Messiah Yeshua is The Anointed One at His first coming to be our Atonement.  Our Atonement in Messiah remains forever.  At His return, Messiah is Anointed to be King of Kings over all the earth.  The animal sacrifices will make atonement for those mortals who enter The Kingdom in sin, and for those who will be born during The Age Of Peace.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein, Congregational Leader                                                     


Beth Elohenu Messianic Congregation

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Shalom.  Teaching Torah is learning The Law of Moses because Torah is The Law of Moses.  Thus our teaching this morning from Torah will be from Leviticus 1.1-17.  So with that said, let’s read LEVITICUS 1.1-17

LEVITICUS 1.3  A burnt offering, or a burnt sacrifice from the cattle, herd or the flock was to make atonement for the individual who voluntarily brought the animal to the Priests for sacrifice.  Or the burnt offering was for the entire Congregation of the Children of Israel to make atonement for them.  And as we have taught numerous times, without a Temple in Jerusalem, it is not lawful to sacrifice animals.  Messiah Yeshua, The Anointed One is our Sacrifice for Atonement.  LEVITICUS 1.3-4, LEVITICUS 9.1-4, LEVITICUS 17.8-9

Messiah in Hebrew is MAH’SHEE’AKH meaning anointed.  Anointed means set apart for the service of GOD.  Messiah Yeshua is Ha Mah’shee’akh, The Anointed One of GOD, anointed to be our Atonement that forgives all our sins.  ISAIAH 53.10

The first sacrifice recorded in Scripture was in the days of Abel, the son of Adam and Eve.  Abel brought the firstborn of his flock for an offering to The LORD.

GENESIS 4.1-5  Verse 4   Offering in Hebrew is MEEN’KHAH meaning a sacrifice offering to The LORD.

Having atonement is vital because sin separates us from GOD.  And sin is disobeying GOD.  Not obeying GOD’S Laws that are written in The Law of Moses.  Thus our sins must be atoned for to be reconciled with THE LORD OUR GOD resulting in our relationship with Him.  Yeshua The Messiah is our Atonement.  There is none other.  ISAIAH 59.2,   1 JOHN 3.4

King David wrote that he was shaped in iniquity and conceived in sin.  David is saying, we are born with iniquity and conceived in sin.  PSALM 51.5, Hebrew Bible PSALM 51.7

Atonement is living evidence of GOD’s exceptional love for His Creation.  Why?  Because GOD allows us to have our sins forgiven.  David wrote in the same Psalm,  Against You (GOD), and You only have I sinned and done this evil in Your sight.

Thus our sins can only be forgiven by the shed blood of a perfect unblemished sacrifice.  The LORD GOD introduced atonement by the sacrifice and shed blood of certain animals at the altar in The Temple courtyard.  And GOD determines everything.   GOD determined that He Himself as a human being in The Person of The Anointed One, The Promised Jewish Messiah Yeshua would be our Atonement to be reconciled with The LORD OUR GOD, if we are willing to obey The LORD and follow His process for forgiveness that leads to Eternal Life in Heaven with GOD’S special and unique family.

GOD created sin.  Yes, He did.  He uses satan for that ministry.   GOD created evil,  and evil is sin.  He even tells us in Scripture.  GOD determines everything in life and in history.   ISAIAH 45.7,  ZECHARIAH 12.1

(Zechariah 12.1) The word Forms in Hebrew is YAH’STAR meaning GOD Forms the spirit of man.  He Determines who we are.  He Decides what our life will be, our destiny, the course of events in our life.  Even the Purpose of our life.  The work we do in our life.  GOD decides and determines everything.  GOD created sin, and He made Himself our Atonement to forgive us our sins by His horrible death on a Roman cross.  How exceptional is that love for you and me and everyone who is willing to do what He says, and love Him.  GOD Determines everything in life.  And He Determines history.      ISAIAH 37.26, ISAIAH 43.1, 7, 21, ISAIAH 46.10-11

Everything GOD determined for  Creation and all Humanity, and for history from the beginning to the end that does not end was complete before the Creation of the world.  HEBREWS 4.3

GOD created the heavens and the earth and all that was in them, and He saw everything that He had made, and it was very good.  GENESIS 1.31

Here’s what followed:

GENESIS 2.1-4   VERSE 4  The generations of the heavens and the earth are the summary of events of The Creation.

GENESIS 2.4-7  VERSE 7  The LORD GOD formed man from the dust of the ground.

Again, Formed in Hebrew is YAH’STAR meaning GOD squeezed Adam into shape in HIS Image.  GOD also created Adam’s mind.  GOD determined Adam’s entire life and the course of events that would take place in Adam’s life.  That he would be the first created human being, and he would be the first along with his wife Eve to disobey GOD.  And he and his wife would be the first to sin.  GOD determined it.  GOD breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and he became a living soul.  Because GOD is Life, and we are dependent upon GOD for Life.  GOD determines everything.

GENESIS 2.8-17  The first words that GOD spoke to Adam, the first human being GOD created on the sixth day of Creation, was a command charging Adam not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  There were other pleasant trees in the Garden to eat from, but GOD specifically told Adam not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for in the day that you eat of it, you will surely die.

GENESIS 2.18-GENESIS 3.1  The serpent is satan the devil in the form of a snake with legs.  REVELATION 12.9

The serpent satan was and still is subtle, meaning satan is crafty, sly, tricky deceitful and dishonest.  And here comes the deception.  He said to Eve, Yea, or really, has GOD said you shall not eat of every tree of The Garden?  Somewhat like what’s taught today, Really, has GOD said you should obey The Law of Moses?

GENESIS 3. 2-5  We hear the same lie today.  Here it is.  Brothers and sisters, let me tell you, you don’t have to obey The Law of Moses.  Right out of satan’s mouth.

For many are called, but few are chosen.  Those are the Words out of Messiah’s mouth, and He is GOD ALMIGHTY.  MATTHEW 22.14

How can we know when we are taught, or told, or read that something is right or wrong in the sight of GOD?  If what you are taught, or told, or read DOES NOT AGREE with what is written in The Law of Moses from Genesis through Deuteronomy, IT IS WRONG.

GENESIS 3.6  This is the beginning of sin.  Sin is described in this Passage as disobeying GOD.  Disobeying GOD’S Commands.  And as God promised, Adam died.  Adam was 930 years old when he died. Adam and Eve were created to live forever.  However GOD said, For in the day you eat of it you shall surely die.  We have no biblical information of Eve’s death.  GENESIS 5.5.

GENESIS 3.7-13  Sin and lying go hand in hand.  Adam blamed his wife Eve for sinning against GOD.  And Eve blamed satan for deceiving her, causing her to sin against GOD.

Yet disobedience to GOD’S Laws that are written in The Law of Moses is a controlling teaching of most every Bible teacher outside of Judaism.  But we Jews have a different problem.  The Synagogue teaches that Yeshua The Messiah is not GOD, nor is He The Messiah.  Big Mistake.  Both teachings are Big Mistakes.

Thus the emergence of Messianic Judaism that started 2,000 years ago with The Promised Jewish Messiah Yeshua and His Jewish Disciples who wrote much of The New Covenant called The New Testament.  Messianic Judaism teaches that The Messiah Yeshua is The Promised Messiah.  But sadly, many Messianic Congregations teach against obeying the entire Law of Moses.

Now that sin has been introduced by Adam and Eve, GOD tells the world through The Bible written by Jewish People, the many curses and troubles that will fall upon humanity for not obeying GOD.  Just look around us.  But in GOD’s grace and mercy, He gives us Atonement to forgive our sins.

But the Church teaches against The Law of Moses, and according to GOD’S Word, He does not accept their atonement of Jesus Christ.  And the Synagogue teaches against Yeshua The Messiah, leaving the Jewish People with no Atonement.  ISAIAH 56.6-7, JEREMIAH 31.31-34 and The New Testament, written by Jewish People.

(Isaiah 56.6-7)  Atonement must be accompanied with obedience to GOD’S Covenant.  GOD’S Covenant is His Word, His Law and His Commandments that are written in The Law of Moses.  The Church teaches against GOD’S Covenant.  Thus their atonement in Jesus Christ is not accepted by GOD.  PSALM 105.8-10, EXODUS 24.7-8, MATTHEW 7.23

The majority of Judaism rejects Messiah Yeshua, thus rejecting Atonement.  It’s a very narrow walk indeed.  MATTHEW 7.13-14

GENESIS 3.14  Because satan deceived Adam and Eve, GOD has cursed satan above all animals, and every living thing.  And the snake lost its legs and crawls on its belly.

GENESIS 3.15  At some time in the future, GOD will bring this world to an end and few will be left.  And anti-semitism along with the world’s disobedience to GOD will be the cause.

This prophesy of GOD in Genesis 3.15, I believe is about anti-semitism.  GOD spoke this prophesy some 2,000 years even before He formed Israel and the Jewish people from Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the twelve tribes of Jacob.  GOD has put enmity or hatred between satan and the woman.  And in this passage, the woman is Israel and the Jewish people.  REVELATION 12.13.

No people in history have been persecuted as Israel and the Jewish people have been persecuted by satan’s armies of anti-semites from the day we left Egypt, even to today by remnants of all races.  And it continues, and will continue til The LORD GOD MESSIAH YESHUA returns and destroys all the enemies of the Jews, the anti-semites.

In Genesis 3.15, GOD is The Creator of anti-semitism, putting hatred between satan and the Jews.  Why?  I believe this hatred of the Jews will be a major cause for The LORD’S return to destroy all the anti-semites and all GOD’S enemies.  And GOD will then set up His Messianic Kingdom in Israel for 1,000 years whose borders will spread to the Euphrates River.  GENESIS 15.18-21

The seed of the woman, or the seed of Israel is The Messiah Yeshua.  Messiah will destroy satan by a death blow to the head.  And satan will bruise Messiah’s heel.  That is Messiah’s death on a Roman cross that GOD ordained for our Atonement.  ZECHARIAH 14, ISAIAH 24.4-6, REVELATION 12.13, HEBREWS 4.3,  2 THESSALONIANS 2.8, REVELATION 20.9-10

GENESIS 3.16-19  Sin brings troubles, problems, grief and death.  I’m telling you nothing you don’t already know.

GENESIS 3.10  Paul warns that as satan the serpent deceived Eve, your minds might also be corrupted by the false teachings taught about Messiah.  Because another Jesus might be preached.  Thus you will receive another spirit.  2 CORINTHIANS 11.1-4

I believe another Jesus is preached today.  I hear it, I read it.  And another spirit is out there.  The Jesus preached today is not the Jesus of The Bible.

GENESIS 3.21  Note that The LORD made the coats of skins for Adam and Eve, and clothed them.  Even in sin, GOD cares for His Creation, but with judgments because of sin.

GENESIS 3.22  The LORD GOD is ELOHIM.  There is only ONE GOD, yet GOD is an US.  GOD, ELOHIM is our Father, our Messiah Yeshua.  He is The Spirit of GOD, and The Holy Spirit, and much more.  His Spirit fills Heaven and earth.  Jeremiah 23.24.  And bodily He can appear in many places at the same time, Genesis 19.24.  And we are like GOD in many ways.  We are made in His image, in His likeness.  Like GOD, we have love, and sorrow, gentleness, anger.  We help others, speak, hear.  We have thoughts.  But GOD said, If Adam and Eve take from the tree of life, they will live forever.

GENESIS 3.23-24  So GOD drove them out of Eden.

The key to this teaching is that GOD has provided Atonement for us, IF WE FOLLOW HIS PROCESS.  And here’s His Process:

First, believe in Messiah Yeshua for Atonement having all your sins forgiven.

Second, GOD requires repentance.  Repentance is accomplished by turning from all your sins of breaking GOD’s Law of Moses.  Then doing that which is lawful and right by obeying all GOD’s Laws written in The Law of Moses.  That is repentance. EZEKIEL 18.21

Then, as the priests before entering the Tabernacle or the Temple, were commanded by GOD to wash themselves in water as a sign of washing away their sins.  You too must be immersed in water.  EXODUS 40.12,  REVELATION 1.6

And finally, say No to all false doctrine that will lead you away from GOD.

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein                                                                                                  


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Shalom.  This morning we will start our studies in the third book of The Torah, The Book of Leviticus.  Our teaching will come from Leviticus 1.1-5.  And the title of our message is, YESHUA THE MESSIAH, THE GOD OF ISRAEL IS YOUR ATONEMENT.

So let’s read LEVITICUS 1.1-5

The Hebrew title for Leviticus is VAH’YEEK’RAH meaning,  And He Called.  That is, GOD Called To Moses.

As a point of information, the Hebrew titles for the five books of Torah come from the opening verse of the book.

The first verse of Scripture in Leviticus in Hebrew is;  Vah’yeek’rah  El  Mosheh Vay’da’bayr Yehovah Ay’layv.

And The LORD CALLED To Moses And Spoke To Him.

The Hebrew title for Genesis is B’RAY’SHEET meaning,  In The Beginning.

The opening words of Genesis are; B’ray’sheet  Bah’rah  Elohim  Ate Ha’sha’mah’yeem  V’ate  Ha’ah’retz.  IN THE BEGINNING GOD Created The Heavens And The Earth.

The Hebrew title for Exodus is SH’MOTE meaning,  Names.

The opening words of Exodus are; V’ay’leh Sh’mote B’nay Y’srael Ha’bah’eem  Meets’ra’yeem  Ate Yah’ah’kove  Eesh ‘oo’vee’toe Bah’oo.

These Are The Names Of The Children Of Israel Who Came To Egypt With Jacob, Each Coming With Their Household.

The Book of Numbers in Hebrew is B’MEED’BAR meaning,  In The Wilderness.

The opening words of Numbers in Hebrew are; Vy’da’bayr  Yehovah  El  Mosheh  B’meed’bar  See’ny   B’oh’hel  Mo’ade.

And The LORD spoke to Moses IN THE WILDERNESS  Of Sinai In The Tabernacle Of The Congregation.

And Deuteronomy is called D’VAH’REEM, in Hebrew meaning, Words.

The Hebrew word for words is D’vah’reem.  The words spoken by GOD are GOD’s Commandments, His Counsel, His Decrees, that is His Laws, His Judgments, His Message, His Power, His Promises, His Provision, His Purpose, and Our Duty and Task.

The opening words of Deuteronomy in Hebrew are;  Ay’leh Had’vah’reem  Ah’sher  De’bayr  Mosheh  El – Kal  Ysrael.

These Are The WORDS Which Moses Spoke To Israel.

So the Hebrew titles for the five books of Torah are B’ray’sheet, Sh’mote, Va’yeek’rah, B’meed’bar, and D’vah’reem.  Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

The Greek title for Leviticus is Levitikon, meaning things pertaining to the Levites, that is the Priests.  The Priests come from the Tribe of Levi.

Did you know that the entire Book of Leviticus was written and covered in one month?  GOD gave the words of Leviticus to Moses over a period of one month.  Here’s how we know that.

Let’s look at EXODUS 40.17  In THE FIRST MONTH IN THE SECOND YEAR (after the Exodus from Egypt) on the first day of the month, The Tabernacle was reared up.

Now let’s read NUMBERS 1.1 on the first day of THE SECOND MONTH, IN THE SECOND YEAR after they came out of the land of Egypt.

Thus The Book of Leviticus was written and recorded over a period of thirty days.

The Book of Leviticus is also called in Judaism, the study of purity, because Leviticus has GOD’s Teachings and Laws for purification and atonement.  Atonement is being cleansed of our sins.

So let’s get started with LEVITICUS 1.1-2.

Moses is an excellent example of what a Prophet is.  GOD speaks to the Prophet, and the Prophet communicates to the people all that The LORD GOD said.

GOD met regularly with Moses in The Tabernacle, in the Holy of Holies from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubim which are upon the Ark of The Covenant.  And GOD dictated to Moses all His Laws, Commandments, Teachings, Instructions, and Judgments for Israel and all mankind to live by.  EXODUS 25.21-22, LEVITICUS 1.1, ISAIAH 43.10-15, 21

(Isaiah 43.21)  We praise The LORD for His mighty works.  The Exodus out of Egypt.  His defeating the Egyptian armies at the Red Sea.  We praise Him for many great works.  And we will praise Him for defeating and destroying Hamas and their jihadist allies..

Moses received GOD’s Laws directly from GOD.  And Moses gave GOD’s Laws called The Law of Moses to Israel.  And Israel gave those very same Laws to the world through The Bible, to live by them, and do them.  GOD’s Laws, The Laws of The GOD of Creation are for His Creation to live by.  GOD’s Laws contain His Teachings, His Instructions, His Counsel, His Laws, His Commandments, and His Judgments, His Deliverance, and His Salvation that leads to Eternal Life.  And GOD also out of His mercy for His Creation, gave the world His Jewish Messiah Yeshua Who in the flesh is GOD Himself, The GOD of Creation, to atone for their sins that leads to Eternal Life.

That is the reason GOD spoke and said to Abraham, In you (Abraham and the Jewish people) shall all the families of the earth be blessed.  And, Salvation is from the Jews.  GENESIS 12.3, JOHN 4.22

But the gratitude the world shows to the Jewish people and Israel is demonstrated in what’s happening today in Israel in Israel’s fight to the death with the Palestinian Hamas, a barbaric bunch of terrorists whose vicious hunger is to kill Jews and destroy Israel.  And with all the Islamic jihadists, they dream of taking over Israel and the world including America and Europe.  But they won’t succeed.  Every tongue that condemns Israel and the Jewish people will be defeated. See Nazi Germany.

GOD is The GOD of Israel, The Mighty GOD of Jacob Who gave all the Land of Israel to the Jewish People for an everlasting possession,  Genesis 17.7-8.  And Gaza is part of Israel as is the West Bank.  And so far over 3,000 Hamas rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel to kill Jews.  But GOD will reward those Palestinians with death, destruction, and pain, and eventually annihilate them because they hate GOD and His Jewish People whom GOD chose to be His servant and His witnesses to the world.  And GOD will repay them that hate Him to their face to destroy them.  He will not be slack to those that hate Him.  He will repay him to his face.  Deuteronomy 7.6-8, Isaiah 43.10, DEUTERONOMY 7.10

This war against Israel and the Jewish people is nothing new.  It has been going on since the children of Israel left Egypt by the mighty Hand of GOD 3,400 years ago after 400 years of Egyptian slavery.  But this current war that the Palestinian Hamas chose is a tragedy for both peoples, the Jewish people and the Palestinian people.  But the Palestinians picked the wrong foe because they live by a satanic lie that Israel belongs to them.  And much of the world has bought into that satanic lie.  It’s called Anti-Semitism.  Palestine is a name the Romans gave Israel in 135 C.E.  Israel is the name of the Jewish Homeland that GOD gave to us, the Jewish people 4,000 years ago, Genesis 17.7-8.  And as long as the earth remains, the Jewish Homeland of Israel will remain, Genesis 17.7-8.  And the Jewish people will remain forever as the new Heavens and the new earth will remain before The LORD forever.  ISAIAH 66.22.

And much of the world has Jewish blood on their hands.  And much of the world worship a Jewish Jesus Christ.  And express their gratitude to the Jewish People and GOD Who gave them The Bible from Genesis through Revelation.  Who gave them GOD’s Words and His Laws to live by.  And GOD gave them The Jewish Jesus Christ Whom they worship.   And the majority of the world express their gratitude to the Jewish People and GOD by eliminating every  Law of GOD.

Not to forget the crusades, the inquisition and the holocaust.  And before those horrific events, the pograms against the Jews throughout Europe and Russia from the years 1012 through 1891, to the Anti-Semitic rioting in Europe today that rivals the Anti-Semitism in Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  But to the credit of many Christians and other Gentiles who support Israel, and stand by the Jewish people, GOD will bless you for blessing His Jewish people.  GENESIS 12.3, MATTHEW 25.31-46.

Perhaps, just perhaps from this war with the Palestinian Hamas and other jihadists that hate Israel, the Jewish People and GOD, perhaps the seven year peace treaty prophesied by the Prophet Daniel will come.  That seven year peace treaty will bring 3 1/2 years of peace to Israel, and perhaps all the world.  But the peace treaty will be broken after 3 1/2 years of peace, and then, unprecedented tribulation will fall upon Israel and all the world for 3 1/2 years.  GOD will gather all the Nations against Jerusalem to battle.  And Israel will suffer much.  But at that very moment of despair, The LORD GOD will return. The Messiah Yeshua, The Holy One of Israel will return and destroy Israel’s enemies in a moment.  Israel’s enemies are GOD’s enemies.  And Messiah will reign in Jerusalem for 1,000 years.  And after the 1,000 years are complete, eternity in Heaven for the family of GOD will replace the earth that will vanish out of sight.  Perhaps, just perhaps this could be the result of this war with Hamas.  DANIEL 9.24-27,  ZECHARIAH 14, REVELATION 20.11, LUKE 8.21

Back to Leviticus, LEVITICUS 1.1-5 focusing on Verses 2-5.

This offering spoken of here is a burnt sacrifice offered by a person of their own voluntary will to receive atonement.  Atonement in Hebrew is KAH’FAYR meaning to forgive their sins, and make reconciliation with GOD.

GOD specifically teaches us in Torah that atonement can only be made by a sacrifice and shed blood.  That  Law will never change.  LEVITICUS 17.11

But without a Temple there can be no animal sacrifice for atonement.  You all know this.  We’ve discussed this Law numerous times.  But let’s review it again.  LEVITICUS 17.8-9

The Temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 C.E., 37 years After Messiah was killed in 33 C.E.  The animal sacrifices ceased.  Messiah, as prophesied in TNAKH is our Atonement that GOD has given us.  He replaces the animal sacrifices for atonement according to Scripture.  And like the voluntary offering of Leviticus 1.3, Yeshua The Messiah offered His own Life Voluntarily to be our Atonement, to forgive us all our sins.  How great is that love?  PSALM 22.1, 14-15, ISAIAH 53.10,  JOHN 10.17-18, JOHN 15.13

Since there is Only One GOD, not two or three gods, The Father is GOD, and The Son is GOD.  Both The Father and Messiah are One and the Same.  Both are Elohim, The GOD of Creation.  And out of His great love for His Creation, The GOD of Creation made Himself a human being to give His Life Voluntarily for you and me to make Atonement for us, to forgive every one of our sins.  And please note, this is of critical importance. Then GOD commands us to repent and turn to GOD and Obey Him.  His Statutes, His Laws, and His Commandments.  That is, Obey His Law of Moses.  That is crucial. EZEKIEL 18.20-24, EZEKIEL 36.25-28, 1 JOHN 3.4

Judaism is wrong in their doctrine for atonement.  The Torah teaches that it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul, Leviticus 17.11.  And it is the blood of Yeshua The Messiah prophesied in Tnakh, and fulfilled in The New Covenant that makes atonement for the Jewish People and all People.  JEREMIAH 31.31-34

Judaism teaches that atonement can be accomplished in a number of ways.  Through the payment of compensation for a wrong committed, through suffering, or through the performance of certain rituals.  And accompanied with repentance, and the rectification to make right one’s way of life.  This doctrine is wrong.  GOD’s Word according to Torah that stands forever is that it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.  Leviticus 17.11.  And it is Yeshua’s blood that makes Atonement for our soul today.

Most Jewish people do not want to think Jesus.  We Jewish people have been brought up to despise the Name Jesus.  It’s prophetic in Isaiah 53.  I too despised Jesus until I read the Truth in The Bible.  This Jesus Whom most Jewish people despise is not only The GOD of Israel, but of His own Voluntary Will, He offered Himself to a horrific sacrificial death to be our Atonement.  How incredible is that love for a people who despise Him?  There is no other atonement.  The One Who loves you is IT.

Jesus.  Look, Jesus is a Greek name, and Christ is a Greek title meaning, ,,, I don’t know what they mean.  He was born Yeshua.  His Title is Messiah.  Yeshua in Hebrew means Deliverance and Salvation, Victory and Health.  Deliverance from our sins, and Salvation that leads to Eternal Life in Heaven.  Messiah means The Anointed One Who delivers us from our sins, and gives us Salvation that leads to Eternal Life in Heaven.  Yeshua is Jewish, born from a Jewish woman.  On that alone the Rabbis should accept Him.  Yeshua is The Promised Jewish Messiah.  He is also GOD, The GOD of Creation.  He is GOD Almighty, The GOD of all the families of Israel.  JEREMIAH 31.1

So you might say, show me Jesus in The TNAKH, The Old Testament.  Okay.  Wherever you read about GOD in The TNAKH, that is Yeshua The Messiah.  Wherever you read about The LORD, or The LORD appeared, or I saw The LORD, Isaiah 6.1, or thus saith The LORD, or The LORD said to My LORD, Psalm 110.1, or In the beginning GOD created the heavens, and the earth, or The Spirit of GOD, or The Holy Spirit, or GOD divided the Light from the darkness, or GOD saw, or GOD blessed, or GOD made.  Or you read, The LORD your GOD, or My GOD, or The Mighty GOD, The Everlasting Father, Isaiah 9.6(5), or The LORD GOD of Hosts, or GOD is My Salvation, Isaiah 12.2, or GOD overthrew, or The Name of The LORD GOD of Israel, or you shall fear The GOD of Israel, or The LORD is The GOD of Judgment, or the excellency of our GOD, or The Living GOD, or The GOD of David, or The Word of our GOD shall stand forever, or GOD The LORD The Creator, etc., you are reading about YESHUA THE MESSIAH WHO IS THE LORD GOD, THE PROMISED MESSIAH TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE

Shalom,  Ira Weinstein