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Shalom on this first day of Tabernacles.

Our study this morning will be from Psalm 119, the longest Psalm and the longest Chapter in The Bible.  But also one of the great writings in The Bible.

And our teaching will come from assorted passages in the Psalm.

The underlying theme of Psalm 119 is written in the first verse that reads, BLESSED ARE THE UNDEFILED IN THE WAY WHO WALK IN THE LAW OF THE LORD.

And that is the title of our message this morning.


So with that said, let’s read Psalm 119.1-8 and continue from there.

PSALM 119.1-3  The word Blessed comes from the Hebrew word AH’SHER meaning Blessed and Happy.

Blessed and Happy are the undefiled in the way.  Those who do not sin by keeping GOD’S Laws that are written in The Law of Moses.  Those who walk in The Law of The LORD.

Blessed and Happy are they who keep GOD’S Testimonies, GOD’S Decrees, His Word, His Laws, His Commandments, and His Instructions.  And seek The LORD with their whole heart.

Blessed and Happy are they.


PSALM 119.9-11  How shall a young man cleanse his way?  That is to say, how shall a young man purify his way?

By taking heed and honoring The LORD according to His Word.    The Law of Moses is The Word of GOD.  Isaiah 40.8, 1 Peter 1.25

With my whole heart have I sought You.

With my whole heart do I Follow You O LORD, and Worship You.

O let me not wander from your Commandments.

Let me not wander from Your Laws.

Your Word have I hid in my heart.  Therefore I do not sin against You O LORD.

PSALM 119.16  I will delight myself in Your Statutes.  I will not forget Your Word.

PSALM 119.18  Open my eyes O LORD that I may behold the wonderful things from Your Law.

GOD’S Greatness.  His Goodness.  GOD’S Perfection and Truth.  Without sin.  Just and Righteous.  His Judgments.  All His Ways, all His Decisions are according to His Laws that He gave to Moses for Israel and all mankind.

And His perfect Atonement in Himself, in the Person of The Jewish Messiah Yeshua.

And His Holy Spirit Whom He gives to those who obey Him.  Acts 5.32

Blessed are the undefiled in the way who walk in The Law of The LORD.

PSALM 119.21  You have rebuked the proud that are cursed.  Who transgress Your Commandments that are written in The Law of Moses.

How serious a statement is that?  Those who deceitfully teach that GOD’S Law of Moses is no longer valid.  And those who follow that false teaching.

GOD calls those people proud and cursed.

PSALM 119.24  Your Word, Your Laws and Your Instructions are my delight.

They are my Counselors.

PSALM 119.25  My soul cleaves to the dust.  Quicken me according to Your Word.

The best way to restore your life when the going gets tough is reading The Word of GOD.  The Word of GOD is a miracle worker.  Nothing is impossible for The LORD YOUR GOD to heal and cure.


PSALM 119.28  GOD’S Word strengthens you in every way.

PSALM 119.29-30  When you walk according to GOD’S Law, you distance yourself from lying because you have chosen GOD’S Truths.  And the teachings of His Law are before you.  When you don’t know GOD’S Instruction or a certain Law, you have The Bible to search it out.

For GOD’S Word and His Truth are everlasting.


The LORD YOUR GOD will teach you when you seek Him with all your heart.  He will teach you from His Word, from His Law, from His Prophets, from His Writings, and from The Mouth of your Messiah Yeshua.

Keep GOD’S Word and His Law to the end.

Yet we have no end for our life is eternal.

And GOD will give you understanding when you keep His Law, and observe to do it with your whole heart.

He will cause you to go in the path of Righteousness according to His Commandments.  For in GOD’S Word is your delight.

So incline your ear to GOD’S Teachings and avoid covetousness.  Turn away from vanity.  Things that are useless, evil and destructive, false, and vain.  And make yourself alive in GOD’S Way.  And allow GOD to establish His Word in your heart.  How?  By doing every Word that GOD speaks.

And fear The LORD.  That is the beginning of knowledge, wisdom and understanding.  And the path Away from sin.

PSALM 119.44-48  So shall I keep Your Law continually and forever.

There is no better counsel than that for a Blessed and Happy life.  Then you will walk at liberty from sin and death when you seek GOD’S Laws and His Teachings with all your heart.

And you will speak of GOD’S Word and His Laws before kings and not be ashamed, but happy.

And you will delight in GOD’S Commandments which you love.  You will even lift up your hands to GOD’S Commandments, and meditate on His Statutes.

PSALM 119.49, 50, 53  GOD’S Word is His Promise.

GOD’S Word is your Hope, and your Comfort in affliction.

GOD’S Word restores your life.

But horror, even indignation that is offensive and insulting take hold on us because the wicked who are the ungodly are wrong.  They forsake GOD’S Law.

PSALM 119.59, 63  I thought on my ways, but I turned my feet to GOD’S Ways.  And now I am a companion of all them that fear The LORD and obey Him.

PSALM 119.65, 67, 72  You have dealt well with your servant, O LORD according to Your Word and according to Your Promises.

A servant obeys his Master.

Before I was afflicted, that is to say, before I was humble and obedient to You, O LORD, I went astray.  But now I have kept Your Word.

The Law of Your Mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver.

PSALM 119.77  Let Your tender mercies come to me that I may live.  For Your Law is my delight.

GOD’S tender mercies and His Law walk hand in hand.

PSALM 119.81  My soul longs for Your Salvation, Your Yeshua.  But I hope in Your Word.

Do you know that Messiah Yeshua is The Word, and Your Salvation?  Isaiah 9.5, Christian Bible Isaiah 9.6

PSALM 119.89-93, 96  Forever O LORD, Your Word is settled in Heaven.  Forever O LORD, Your Word is fixed and established in Heaven.

GOD’S Word never changes.  Nor will GOD’S Word ever end.

GOD’S Word extends everywhere.

How foolish are those who believe that Jesus ended The Law.

The jesus that causes people to reject The Law is another jesus.  Not the Jesus of the Bible.   2 Corinthians 11.4

Messiah Yeshua gave The Law to Moses Face to face in The Tabernacle, in the Holy Of Holies.  Exodus 25.21-22

Forever O LORD, Your Word is settled in Heaven.

Everything in Heaven and earth are under GOD’S authority and continue according to His Laws.

And unless GOD’S Laws had been my delights, I would have perished in my afflictions, in my depression, my misery, and in my troubles.

But I will never forget your Teachings and Your Laws, O LORD, for with them I have Life.

PSALM 119.105, 112  Your Word,  Your Promises, and Your Laws,  are a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

They are The Way of Life.  Pleasing to GOD in His sight.

And I am resolved to follow them forever.

PSALM 119.114, 118, 120  You are my hiding place, O LORD MY GOD, My Shield and My Protection.

I hope in Your Word.  My trust is in You O LORD GOD.

You reject them that stray from Your Laws, for those who reject Your Laws are false and deceitful.

Tough words to those who teach that GOD’S Laws have been abolished.

GOD rejects those who reject His Law.

Why would anybody believe that GOD’S Laws are no longer valid?

That is a lie from satan that began in the Garden of Eden.

If they trembled with the Fear of GOD, and were Afraid of GOD’S Judgments, they would walk in GOD’S Ways, and keep His Commandments and His Laws that GOD commands them to do for their good.

But now they are cursed.  See Verse 21.

PSALM 119.130, 136  The entrance of GOD’S Word into our heart gives light.

GOD’S Word gives understanding, wisdom and life.  His Word teaches obedience to The GOD of Creation for our good.

And the writer is sad because so many reject GOD’S Law of Moses. They unfortunately are taught by man’s teachings to spurn GOD’S Laws that are written in The Law of Moses.  How sad is that?

PSALM 119.137, 138, 142  But GOD is Righteous.

He lives His Life according to His Laws.  His Laws that He gave to Moses.

Everything about GOD is Righteous and Right.  His Laws and Instructions are Righteous and Faithful.  They are reliable and can be trusted.

GOD’S Righteousness is an Everlasting Righteousness.


PSALM 119.151, 152  GOD is near us, even in us.

All GOD’S Commandments are Truth.  There is no lie in them.

If Truth is eliminated, what remains?

But GOD’S Laws are forever.

PSALM 119.155  How often is this passage taught?

Salvation is far from the wicked for they do not seek Your Laws.

PSALM 119.163, 165  I hate and abhor lying, but I love Your Law.

Verse 165 is a promise you must remember forever.  Great peace have they which love Your Law and nothing shall offend them.  Nothing will cause you to fall.

PSALM 119.172, 174  I will always speak of Your Word O LORD, for all Your Commandments are Righteous.






Shalom,  Ira Weinstein, Congregational Leader


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Shalom.  Our teaching this morning from The Law of Moses will come from GOD’S  Word in Leviticus 23.33-44.  And the Title of our message is,  ALL THE FESTIVALS OF THE LORD POINT TO MESSIAH YESHUA.

And with that said, let’s read Leviticus 23.33-44.

Let’s start first with GOD’S purpose for His Festivals and His Laws for Sukkot the Hebrew for Tabernacles.

In Leviticus 23.2, The LORD said to Moses, speak to The Children Of Israel and say to them concerning The Feasts of The LORD which you shall proclaim to be Holy Convocations, even these are MY Feasts.

And The LORD proceeds to instruct Moses of His Feasts, which are:

The Saturday Sabbath.  Passover.  Fifty days from Passover is Shavuot which in Hebrew is Weeks, and also called Pentecost.  Then A Memorial of Blowing of Shofars that Judaism calls Rosh Ha Shannah, The New Year.  Ten days later is Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement.  And five days after Yom Kippur is Sukkot, The Feast Of Tabernacles.

And Moses declared to The Children Of Israel The Feasts of The LORD.

All The Festivals of The LORD are Celebrations.  Celebrations to The LORD.  They are also Appointed Times set by The LORD.  No sadness or sorrow is to be displayed during any of GOD’S Festivals according to His instructions.

The Hebrew for Feasts of The LORD is MO’AH’DAY YEHOVAH meaning Appointed Times and Celebrations of The LORD.

The point is all GOD’S Festivals should be celebrated.

We celebrate the Saturday Sabbath of rest, the seventh day of the week because GOD blessed the seventh day and sanctified it.  He made the seventh day Holy because The LORD rested from all His work which He created and made.  GENESIS 2.1-3, EXODUS 31.12-17

(Exodus 31.13 and 17)  The sign between GOD and The Children Of Israel is GOD’S relationship with the Jewish People.

Passover is a celebration to The LORD because on the first day of the first Passover The LORD delivered The Children Of Israel from 400 years of Egyptian slavery.

During their unfortunate time in Egypt, GOD made Israel a great nation.  And led them to The Promised Land, The Land of Israel.  GENISIS 12.1-3, EXODUS 12.

Shavuot, The Feast of Weeks, also called Pentecost is a celebration to The LORD because it celebrates the conclusion of the grain harvest that The LORD gave His people.  LEVITICUS 23.17-20

The Memorial of Blowing of Shofars that Judaism calls Rosh Ha Shannah, The New Year is a  celebration to remember the great works that The LORD GOD has done for His Jewish People.

And prophetic in the days of Moses, but fulfilled in our time, The LORD GOD has given us Atonement by His death and shed blood Leviticus 17.11 in the Person of Messiah Yeshua.  A time to remember.  A time of great celebration.

Through Messiah’s atonement, GOD keeps us sealed in His Book of Life that leads to eternal life in Heaven.


Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement is a Festival of The LORD, and a celebration, not only to remind GOD’S People of the importance of Atonement, but a celebration for those who have Atonement in The Jewish Messiah Yeshua, Ha Shem that forgives all our sins and GOD remembers them no more.  Jeremiah 31.31-34.

And that Atonement leads to eternal life in Heaven because our name remains written in GOD’S Book of Life.

And Sukkot, The Feast of Tabernacles is a great celebration because of the Exodus, The GOD Of Israel delivering His people from Egyptian slavery.  And GOD made The Children Of Israel to dwell in sukkahs, or booths when He brought some three million Jewish People and a mixed multitude out from the land of Egypt.  LEVITICUS 23.43.

Let’s look at GOD’s Laws and instructions for The Feast of Tabernacles.

LEVITICUS 23.33-34  The Feast of Tabernacles comes five days after Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement.  And Tabernacles is a seven day Feast to The LORD.

The eighth day, according to some, is a separate Festival.

LEVITICUS 23.35  The first day of Tabernacles is a Holy Convocation.   A time set apart for The LORD Your GOD, and a gathering of The People for a Service dedicated to The LORD to worship Him, and rest in The LORD.

A Holy Convocation is also a rehearsal because all GOD’S Festivals will be celebrated forever.  Here on earth.  In the Millennial Kingdom in Israel for 1,000 years.  And in Heaven throughout eternity where the fullness of everlasting joy will be realized.  And, yes, no work is to be done on the first day of Tabernacles.

LEVITICUS 23.36  During the seven days of Tabernacles, GOD commanded His People during Tabernacle and Temple times to offer an offering made by fire to The LORD.  Those offerings of animal sacrifices were primarily for the atonement of The People.  And atonement was made daily by sacrificing certain animals.  Messiah’s Atonement is for all time.

The eighth day that GOD added is also a Holy Convocation, and an offering by fire was made to The LORD.  Certainly for atonement.  The eighth day is also a solemn assembly and no work is to be done on the eighth day of Tabernacles.

So I looked up these words “solemn assembly” to see why the eighth day of Tabernacles is solemn.

Solemn assembly in Hebrew is AH’STEH’RET.  And sometimes AH’STEH’RET is used for a solemn assembly, and other times just for an assembly.

HEBREW BIBLE JEREMIAH 9.1,  CHRISTIAN BIBLE JEREMIAH 9.2  This is an assembly of adulterous and treacherous men.

JOEL 1.14-15  Perhaps The Day of The LORD is a solemn assembly because it is near and as destruction.  However not solemn if you are looking for The Day of The LORD, and The LORD’S return.

So if in fact The LORD intended to have a solemn assembly on the eighth day of Tabernacles, the word solemn also means Majestic, Imposing, Awe-Inspiring, Splendid, Magnificent, and Grand, because everything about GOD and all His Festivals are Majestic, Imposing, Awe-Inspiring, Splendid, Magnificent and Grand.

Thus the Rabbis call the eighth day of Tabernacles Shemini Atseret meaning the eighth day of the assembly.

LEVITICUS 23.37  All The Festivals of The LORD are Holy Convocations.  An offering made by fire to The LORD was for various purposes.  A grain offering was for a sweet savor to the LORD.  A sacrifice was for atonement.  Drink offerings were for a sweet savor to The LORD.  Everything, as GOD commanded, on its day.

The LORD made atonement for The People daily with animal sacrifices.  However it is important to know and understand that atonement then through animal sacrifices and atonement today in Messiah Yeshua must be followed with obedience to GOD.  Obedience to His Laws that are written in The Law of Moses. That is Biblical Teaching.

That never changes, for GOD’S Word is settled in Heaven Forever.  PSALM 119.89

LEVITICUS 23.38  Thus The Festivals of The LORD were to be observed in addition to the Sabbaths of The LORD.  And in addition to their gifts, that is their animal sacrifices, and in addition to their vows, their promises to GOD, and in addition to their freewill offerings, that is their voluntary offerings.

And the Festivals Of The LORD are to be observed today and always.

LEVITICUS 23.39  Also, The LORD said, the fifteenth day of the seventh month Tishrei, the first day of Tabernacles, when you have gathered in the fruits of the Land, the land’s produce, you shall keep the Feast of The LORD seven days.  The first day is a Sabbath, and the eighth day is a Sabbath.

LEVITICUS 23.40  On the first day, GOD commanded The People to take fruits of goodly trees.  That is beautiful trees.  And branches of palm trees, and branches of thick trees, and willows of the brook.  More than likely to use those branches for making their sukkahs, their booths to live in.

And GOD said, you shall rejoice before The LORD YOUR GOD seven days.

LEVITICUS 23.41  And GOD commands us to keep The Feast of Tabernacles unto The LORD for seven days in the year.  It is a statute forever wherever you live throughout your generations.  That is forever.  And we are to celebrate Tabernacles in the seventh Hebrew month of Tishrei.

LEVITICUS 23.42  All who are Israelites born in Israel are commanded by GOD to live in sukkahs, or booths during the seven days of Tabernacles.

LEVITICUS 23.43  So that the generations of Jewish People will know that The LORD Our GOD made The Children of Israel dwell in booths when He brought us out of the land of Egypt.  I AM The LORD, saith The LORD GOD.

LEVITICUS 23.44  And Moses taught the Children of Israel The Festivals of The LORD.

A couple thoughts here.

First.  These are not Jewish holidays, although it is mostly the Jewish People  who observe them.  But being The Festivals of The LORD, all mankind should observe them.

Second.  For the non-Jewish people who desire to join themselves to The LORD, you must observe these Festivals of The LORD.  And keep all GOD’S Sabbaths, and take hold of GOD’S Covenant which is His Word, and His Law of Moses and do them.

Then GOD will accept your sacrifice of The Messiah Yeshua for your Atonement.

Salvation is of the Jews saith The Messiah Yeshua.

It’s explained here.  ISAIAH 56.6-7, PSALM 105.8-10, JOHN 4.22


Here’s what I believe to be the eternal fulfillment of The Festivals of The LORD that are complete with The Messiah Yeshua as The Torah is complete with The Messiah Yeshua.


The weekly seventh day Sabbath of rest on Saturday will be complete with Messiah Yeshua in the one thousand year Messianic Kingdom in Israel when we are with Ha Shem Messiah Yeshua sitting on His Throne in Jerusalem, King of Israel and King over all the earth.

A traditional saying in the Talmud, that I believe is correct, is that the world will last 6,000 years and then the end will come.

The Bible says that one day with The LORD is as a thousand years.

The seven day week ends on GOD’S Sabbath of rest.  According to tradition, the world will come to an end after  6,000 years.  And GOD’S seventh day Sabbath of rest for 1,000 years will begin in The Messianic Kingdom in Israel.

And the Messianic Kingdom will be like the Garden of Eden.

PSALM 90.4, 2 PETER 3.8, ISAIAH 51.3, ZECHARIAH 14.9

Passover was fulfilled in Messiah when Messiah Yeshua laid His life down voluntarily on the first day of Passover some 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem to be our Atonement.

And in fulfillment of the Priest waving the grain offering during the Passover on the day after the Saturday Sabbath, Messiah was raised from the dead on Sunday.  EXODUS 12.3-6, LEVITICUS 23.11, MARK 16.9

On Shavuot or Pentecost, ten days after Messiah rose into Heaven, some 3,000 Jewish People from Israel and around the world came to faith in their Messiah Yeshua, the beginning of Jewish People coming to faith in their Messiah, Ha Shem.  ACTS 2.37-42

The Memorial of the Blowing of Shofars that Judaism calls Rosh Ha Shannah has many fulfillments in Messiah.

Messiah will return on a future Rosh Ha Shannah during the blowing of shofars.

The resurrection will take place along with those who are alive in Messiah to meet The LORD in the air and return with Him to The Messianic Kingdom in Israel.  And with Messiah, we will establish The Kingdom for 1,000 years.

Messiah Yeshua Ha Shem will be King of Israel and King over all the earth on that day.

And He will gather the Jewish People from throughout our history and bring them into The Messianic Kingdom in Israel.

And Messiah will destroy the world because its inhabitants have transgressed GOD’S Law Of Moses, changed His Ordinances, and broken His Everlasting Covenant, His Word, and His Law of Moses.

And Messiah Yeshua will destroy all those who hate His Jewish People.

And Messiah will remove all sin from The Kingdom, and there will be no more curse, for The Kingdom of GOD will be like the Garden Of Eden.


Yom Kippur will be The Day of Atonement ten days after Messiah returns when The Jewish People who rejected their Messiah Yeshua will look upon Him whom we had pierced, and mourn for Him as one mourns for his only son.  And Ha Shem Yeshua will forgive their sins and give them the gift of eternal Atonement.  ZECHARIAH 12.10, ZECHARIAH 13.1 and 6

Sukkot, or Tabernacles is complete with The LORD, Messiah Yeshua when we dwell with Him in The Messianic Kingdom in Israel whose borders will be from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates River having everlasting joy and peace.

And when the 1,000 years are ended, the eighth day of Sukkot is complete with Messiah when we dwell with The LORD OUR GOD forever in Heaven where there will be no tears, no death, no sorrow, no crying, nor pain, but eternal joy, and eternal peace, and eternal righteousness forever and ever.

Shalom.  Ira Weinstein, Congregational Leader


Beth Elohenu Messianic Congregation

P.O. Box 335761

N. Las Vegas, NV. 89033

Shalom on this Yom Kippur Day, The Day of Atonement.

Our Day of Atonement is every day because we do the Will of GOD.

We have faith in The Messiah Yeshua for Atonement.  All our sins are forgiven through Messiah’s shed blood.  For The Bible Says, “For it is the blood that makes Atonement for the soul”  Leviticus 17.11.  And it is Messiah Yeshua’s blood that makes Atonement for our soul.

And doing the Will of The Father which is in Heaven is to follow our Gift of Atonement with repentance.

Repentance is turning from all our sins that we have committed by breaking The Law of Moses and turning to GOD and keeping all His Statutes that are written in His Law of Moses doing that which is Lawful and Right.  Ezekiel 18.21

And by so doing, our name remains written in GOD’S Book of Life, Exodus 32.33 and our future is eternal life in Heaven with The LORD OUR GOD, Yeshua The Messiah Who loves you with an everlasting love.  Who will make your way prosperous, and you will have good success on this earth.  Joshua 1.8

Our Message today is from Psalm 34, a Psalm of David, and uplifting for the heart.

And The Title of our Message is “I WILL BLESS THE LORD AT ALL TIMES.”

And with that said, let’s read Psalm 34.

PSALM 34.1(2) The parentheses have the verse in The Hebrew Bible.

Blessing The LORD at all times, in good times and in bad times and praising Him continually is the key to conquering despair, and anger, fear and depression, and stress.  Because The LORD Your GOD is your refuge, your shelter and protection throughout your life.

PSALM 34.2(3) Boasting in The LORD is understanding and knowing The LORD,  That He is GOD Who exercises lovingkindness.  And those who are humble and submissive to The LORD their GOD will be glad from your words.  JEREMIAH 9.24

PSALM 34.3(4)  Declare the greatness of The LORD YOUR GOD, and let us exalt His Name together.  Give to The LORD the glory due to His Name.  Worship Him in the beauty of Holiness.  For The LORD has done wonderful things for you.  His counsels are faithfulness and truth.  PSALM 29.2, ISAIAH 25.1

PSALM 34.4(5)  I sought The LORD, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

David was a man who loved The LORD GOD.  And he had troubles and fears as we all do.  David had troubles from all sides, and GOD always delivered him.  And GOD will always deliver you from your fears, and from your troubles as He delivered David.

Seek The LORD and He will hear you and deliver you from all your fears.

David’s counsel is true and good.

PSALM 34.5(6)  They looked to The LORD their GOD for help, and were lightened.  Lightened is a word meaning cheerful and radiant.  And their faces were not ashamed.  Meaning their faces were not downcast.  They were bright and happy, and smiling because they sought The LORD and were confident that He would answer.

PSALM 34.6(7)  In His humility David looked upon himself as poor and undeserving, as we should.  And The LORD saved him out of all his troubles.  And The LORD will save you out of all your troubles as well.  Always remember that.  Always.  That The LORD will save you out of all your troubles.

PSALM 34.7(8)  This is an important teaching.  The Angel of The LORD encamps around those who Fear him.  And The LORD delivers him and He delivers her.

What does it mean to Fear The LORD?

Fearing The LORD means exactly what the word Fear means.  To be Reverent and Deeply Respectful of The LORD.  And to Fear The LORD YOUR GOD, and yes, be Afraid of Him.

Fearing The LORD YOUR GOD causes you to obey Him and keep His Commandments and His Laws.  That prevents you from sinning against The LORD by doing all The Words of His Law of Moses.


The Fear of The LORD is the beginning of Wisdom that will cause you to find the Knowledge of GOD.

The Fear of The LORD is to hate evil, pride and arrogance, and the evil way.

The Fear of The LORD increases life.

And the Fear of The LORD is strong confidence.

The Fear of The LORD is a fountain of life.

And by Humility and the Fear of The LORD are riches, honor, and life.

Fear The LORD YOUR GOD all the day long, and your hope will never be cut off.

But the Fear of man brings a snare.

But those who put their trust in The LORD are always safe.

The Angel of The LORD encamps around them that Fear Him, and delivers them.

PROVERBS 2.1-7, PROVERBS 8.13, PROVERBS 10.277, PROVERBS 14.26-27, PROVERBS 22.4, PROVERBS 23.17-18, PROVERBS 29.25

PSALM 34.8(9)  Taste and see that The LORD is good.  Blessed is the man and the woman who trusts in Him.

Remember, Yeshua The Messiah said, faith, which is also trust are increased by GOD when you obey The LORD YOUR GOD.  When you obey His Laws that are written in His Law of Moses, GOD will increase your faith and trust.  It is your reasonable service.  Luke 17.5-10

PSALM 34.9-10(10-11)  You will lack nothing when you Fear GOD and do what He says.  And you will not lack any good thing when you seek The LORD YOUR GOD.

PSALM 34.11-14(12-15)  David was a man after GOD’S own heart,  the former King of Israel whose Son from his lineage is Messiah Yeshua.

And David, who is the future prince in the Millennial Kingdom, teaches us the Fear of The LORD.

Keep your tongue from evil, and your lips from speaking deceit.  Depart from evil and do good.  Seek peace and pursue it.  That is also the fear of The LORD to those who desire life and many days that they may see good.

1 SAMUEL 13.13-14, MATTHEW 22.42, EZEKIEL 34.24

PSALM 34.15(16)  The Eyes of The LORD are upon the Righteous, and His ears are open to their cry.

Remember, when the word RIGHTEOUS is written in The Bible,   RIGHTEOUS means LAWFUL.  Those who live by GOD’S Laws, Teachings, and Instructions that are written in The Law of Moses.

GOD’S eyes are upon the Righteous,  and His ears are open to their cry.

PSALM 34.16(17)  The Biblical Hebrew most often used for evil is the Hebrew word ra which has many meanings such as bad, evil, wicked, etc.  All because the person who is evil is wrong, disobedient to GOD, not observing His Torah, His Law of Moses.  And GOD’S Face is against them that do evil to cut off the remembrance of them from the earth.  But.

PSALM 34.17(18)  The Righteous cry, and The LORD hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles.

It’s quite simple.  In GOD’S eyes, those who are evil are disobedient to GOD.  They disobey GOD’S Laws that are written in The Law of Moses.  While those who are Righteous obey them.  And GOD delivers the Righteous out of all their troubles.  All of them.

It has been said, we should be weaned from the teachings of men, and receive the teachings of GOD.

Meaning most men, and women teach that The Law of Moses is no longer valid.  That is wrong and dishonest.  While others teach that Yeshua The Messiah is not The Messiah.  That is wide of the mark, outrageous and wrong.  While others teach that Yeshua The Messiah is not The Father.  And that is sin.

We should be weaned from the teachings of men, and receive the teachings of GOD in The Bible.

PSALM 34.18(19)  The depressed and the despondent, those who have a broken heart, and a contrite and crushed spirit who call on The LORD are assured that The LORD is near to them, and saves them.  Believe it.  I have experienced it.

PSALM 34.19(20)  This is one of the great Scriptures in The Bible for the Righteous.  And I have experienced that as well.  And no doubt you have also.

Many are the afflictions of the Righteous, but The LORD delivers him and her out of them all.

And again it has been said.  No one becomes truly righteous without his or her share of mishaps.  But The LORD delivers the Righteous out of them all.

PSALM 34.20(21)  I believe that David knew he was prophesying about the future Jewish Messiah Yeshua Who gave His Life for our Atonement some 1,000 years AFTER David wrote these words and the words of Psalm 22 that begins with, “My GOD, My GOD.  Why have You forsaken Me?”

GOD cannot die.  A man can.

And none of Messiah’s bones were broken.  JOHN 19.34-36

GOD also makes good The Word of His servant, and performs the counsel of His messenger.  ISAIAH 44.24-26

PSALM 34.21(22)  Evil shall slay the wicked, and they that hate the righteous shall be desolate.  Meaning, evil will kill the wicked.  The wicked are the ungodly.  Those who disobey GOD.  And they that hate the righteous will be found guilty, punished, and shall perish.

PSALM 34.22(23)  The LORD redeems the soul of His servants.  That is to say, The LORD delivers and rescues the life of His servants.  Those who serve Him.  And none of them that trust in Him will perish.

Yeshua The Messiah said, “My sheep hear My Voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.  And I give unto them eternal life and they shall never perish.  Neither shall any man pluck them out of My Father’s Hand.”  JOHN 10.27-30

David conquered despair, anger, fear and depression and stress by writing this Psalm to show us that our life also should be focused on The LORD and fully dedicated to Him for our comfort and peace.

And Paul wrote, Oh the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of GOD.  How unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out.


Shalom.  Ira Weinstein, Congregational Leader


Beth Elohenu Messianic Congregation

P.O. Box 335761

N. Las Vegas, NV. 89033

Shalom.  Our teaching this morning will continue from The Law of Moses, and GOD’S Laws concerning His Festivals.  And this morning’s teaching will be about Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement.


And with that said, let’s read Leviticus 23.26-32.

LEVITICUS 23.26  Just a quick reminder.  The LORD Who spoke to Moses is Ha Shem, Yeshua The Messiah.


LEVITICUS 23.26-27  The tenth day of this seventh Hebrew month is the month Tishrei.  Ten days after Rosh Ha Shannah is Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement.

Yom Kippur, written in The Torah, is YOM HA KIPPURIM, The Day of Atonements. Plural.

I believe that GOD uses the Hebrew word KIPPURIM, Atonements, plural, because prior to The destruction of the Temple in 70 C.E.,  atonement was made daily for the People by sacrificing a certain number of animals.  Every day an animal was sacrificed for atonement.  Thus the word atonements because atonement was made daily and often for the People.  NUMBERS 28.1-4, LEVITICUS 1.4

There is a similarity in the Hebrew words KIPPURIM meaning atonements, plural, and the Hebrew word ELOHIM meaning GODs, plural.

Judaism calls Yom Kippurim The Day of Atonements, Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement, singular.  The Day of Atonement is correct because today there is only One Atonement available to Judaism and all mankind.  That Atonement is The Jewish Messiah Yeshua, Ha Shem by His sacrificial death and shed blood.

That was Messiah’s anointing, and the Will of GOD 2,000 years ago.  That was Messiah’s special mission from GOD to give His Life for our Atonement.

ELOHIM, on the other hand, means GODs, plural.

However, when speaking of The GOD of Israel Who is ELOHIM, The ONE GOD OF CREATION, ELOHIM is GOD.  The ONE GOD Who appears or has appeared as HA SHEM, GOD, THE LORD, The Father, The Messiah Yeshua, The Son of GOD, The Angel of The LORD, The Angel of GOD, The Glory of GOD, Melchizedek, The Fire in the Bush that Moses saw, The Fire and The Cloud that led the Children Of Israel by day and night through the wilderness, and The Captain of The Host Of The LORD Whom Joshua fell on his face before Him and worshipped Him.

And ELOHIM, The GOD Of Israel, Yeshua The Messiah is invisible.  His Spirit That Fills Heaven And Earth, His Holy Spirit, The Wind, Breath, Life, and so much more.


Thus GOD, ELOHIM said, Let US make man in OUR Image after OUR Likeness.  GENESIS 1.26

ELOHIM, all His Appearances and all His Manifestations are all The ONE GOD ANDTHE SAME GOD Who is Ha Shem, The Messiah Yeshua.  And HE is our Atonement.


Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement is for everybody.  Jewish People and non-Jewish People.

The Day of Atonement is Not about fasting.  The Day of Atonement has nothing to do with fasting.  The Day of Atonement is about Atonement.

Some 700 years before Messiah Yeshua’s first coming, The LORD GOD gave the Prophet Jeremiah a Prophesy that GOD will make a New Covenant with the Jewish People, The House of Israel and The House of Judah.

And GOD will write His Law of Moses in our heart to obey Him.  And GOD will be our GOD, and we will be His People.

And GOD will make Atonement for us.  That is, GOD will forgive our iniquity and remember our sin no more.

The New Covenant for your Atonement is The Jewish Messiah Yeshua.

That is The Day of Atonement for all who receive Him.

The Day of Atonement, GOD’S appointed Festival on the tenth day of the Hebrew month Tishrei is an Important Reminder to His People and all people of the necessity for Atonement that keeps us written in GOD’S Book of Life to have eternal life.

Yeshua The Messiah is the perfect and complete and only Atonement available according to The TNAKH, The Torah, The Prophets and the Writings.  And fulfilled in The Jewish New Testament.  GENESIS 22.8, ISAIAH 52.13-15, ISAIAH 53.1-12, PSALM 22,  ETC.

And that Day Of Atonement is a day of celebration for all who receive Him.

But there are Biblical Conditions for Atonement.  And those Conditions are faith in Messiah Yeshua that must be followed with a true walk with GOD by obeying His Law of Moses that is written in your heart.

Or as Paul writes, Unless you have believed in vain.

And Peter writes, The dog has turned to his own vomit, and the hog that was washed to his rolling in the mud.

That’s how Paul and Peter describe a person returning to sin, breaking GOD’S Law Of Moses, after he or she receives The Messiah Yeshua.

And to receive The Holy Spirit requires faith in Messiah Yeshua and obedience to Torah, The Law of Moses.

JEREMIAH 31.31-34, HEBREWS 8. 8-12, HEBREWS 10.16-17, EXODUS 32.33, 1 CORINTHIANS 15.2, ACTS 5.32, JOHN 14.15-26, 2 PETER 2.22

Here is a Mishnaic statement in the Talmud.  “The Day of Atonement is one of the happiest days in Israel when maidens danced in the vineyards.”

But this statement is puzzling to the Rabbis because they have made The Day of Atonement a serious and solemn day with fasting, and no celebration.

My view is that the Rabbis who wrote that The Day of Atonement is one of the happiest days in Israel is because they knew well their Messiah Yeshua.  That He is our Atonement that leads to eternal life and joy and celebration.  Not fasting, solemnity and sorrow.

After receiving Atonement through faith in Messiah Yeshua, Paul writes, let everyone who names The Name of Messiah depart from iniquity.  Iniquity is sin.  And sin is transgressing The Law of Moses.  2 TIMOTHY 2.19, 1 JOHN 3.4

To depart from iniquity, Go and sin no more, requires obedience to Torah, GOD’S Laws, Teachings and Instructions that are written in the first five Books of The Bible.  That is the foundation of The Bible.  And should be the foundation of your life.

The Hebrew word most frequently used for sin is KHET that translated means miss the mark.

To miss the mark is missing the correct teachings of The Word of GOD.  That is sin.  Sin is corrected and forgiven when we have faith in Messiah Yeshua and turn to GOD and follow the correct teaching of GOD by obedience to His Torah, The Law of Moses.

Sin is also missing the mark when Messiah Yeshua is rejected.

Rejecting Messiah Yeshua is sin.

Messiah Yeshua is prophesied hundreds of times throughout TNAKH, The Old Testament Scriptures.  And when the Hebrew word ELOHIM is included, Messiah is prophesied thousands of times in TNAKH.

Messiah Yeshua IS NOT another GOD.

Messiah Yeshua IS GOD.  He is The Father. He is Ha Shem, ELOHIM.  And rejecting Messiah Yeshua is rejecting GOD.  And that is sin.  Missing the mark.  Lacking the correct teachings of GOD.

Some 37 years after Messiah gave His Life for the Atonement of His Jewish People and all mankind, the Romans came and destroyed The Temple and The Holy City Jerusalem, and killed a huge number of Jewish People.  The time was 70 C.E.  And GOD exiled the majority of His People from their God-given homeland, The Land Of Israel for some 2,000 years.

Why?  Why did GOD exile His People and bring on such devastation to His Chosen People whom He has chosen to be His Witnesses?

Why?  Because the majority of the Jewish People rejected their GOD and their Messiah Yeshua.  And that is sin.  Messiah Yeshua is GOD.  HE IS HA SHEM, ELOHIM.

And He knows all things.  The things that are not yet done.

And Messiah wept knowing what His Jewish People faced for rejecting Him.  The Roman armies, and destruction and death.  The destruction of The Temple and Jerusalem.  70 C.E.

LUKE 19.28-44

Yeshua knowing the end from the beginning, the things that are not yet done, Isaiah 46.10, Prophesied the death and destruction that would be inflicted upon His Jewish People because we rejected our Messiah, The Holy One Of Israel.

And now, Messiah said, The things that belong to your peace are hid from your eyes.  Because you did not know the time of your Messiah’s coming.

But the time is coming when Messiah will return from Heaven to His Jewish People, and sit on His Throne in Jerusalem, the City of our GOD in the Messianic Kingdom that will be like the Garden of Eden without sin.  And He will reign in Israel over all the earth.

And He will cause the ingathering of His Jewish People into His Messianic Kingdom in Israel.

And His People who rejected Him will look upon Messiah Whom we unknowingly had killed for our Atonement.  And the People will mourn for Him, and receive Him.

And The LORD will forgive them, and remember their sin no more.

And I believe that Day will be on a future Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, ten days after Messiah Yeshua returns on a Rosh Ha Shannah Day to establish His Messianic Kingdom in Israel from the river of Egypt, to the Euphrates river.

And that Day of Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement will be an overwhelming celebration of dancing and joy.   ZECHARIAH 12.1-14, ZECHARIAH 13.1

(ZECHARIAH 13.1)  The opened fountain that will purge away their sin is Messiah Yeshua.

LEVITICUS 23.27  The Hebrew word for Afflict, as in, You shall Afflict your souls, does not mean to fast.

The Hebrew word for Afflict is AH’NAH that means to humble yourself, be submissive and humbly obedient.  Humbly obedient to GOD.

Fasting has nothing to do with Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement.

And GOD said, You shall offer an offering made by fire to The LORD.  To offer an offering made by fire to The LORD is to offer a sacrifice for whatever purpose.  And since the special Festival is The Day of Atonement, the sacrifice was certainly for the atonement of the People.

Our Sacrifice for Atonement is Messiah Yeshua.  Isaiah 53.10, LEVITICUS 17.8-9

Leviticus 23.28  No work is to be done on The Day of Atonement.  It is a Day dedicated to GOD because it is He Who gave His Life as a human being in the person of Messiah Yeshua to be our Atonement.

Jewish People, and all people must concentrate their focus on the teachings of GOD in The Bible.  Much more so then on the teachings of man.

Jewish People in particular should read the Jewish New Testament that is written entirely by Jewish People about their Jewish Messiah Who makes Atonement for His Jewish People, and all peoples. For The Torah says, It is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.  And it is Messiah’s blood that makes atonement for our soul.   Leviticus 17.11.

Jewish People and all People should experience for themselves that Messiah Yeshua is your Atonement that leads you to do the Will of GOD by obeying His Laws that are written in Torah, The Law of Moses that is written in the first five books of the Bible.  And that is what leads you to eternal life in Heaven.

LEVITICUS 23.29  This Scripture is better read, For whatsoever soul it is that shall not submit himself and obey GOD in that same day, that person will be cut off from among his People.

LEVITICUS 23.30  All GOD’S Sabbaths are important.  No work should be done on the Sabbath.  That includes The Day of Atonement.  That comes with a warning.

LEVITICUS 23.31-32  You shall do no manner of work on The Day of Atonement.  It is a Statute forever wherever you live.  It is a Sabbath of rest, and you should submit yourself to The LORD, and obey Him.

In the ninth day of the month from evening to evening YOU SHALL CELEBRATE YOUR SABBATH.

Celebrate is a good word.  Celebrate in Hebrew is SHABBAT.  And we should celebrate the Sabbath of Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement because it is a time to rejoice in The LORD, Our Messiah, Who gave His Life for our Atonement.

And Messiah keeps our name written in GOD’S Book of Life. EXODUS 32.33.

And when we turn from all the sins we have committed, Ezekiel 18.21 and turn to GOD and live our life according to all HIS Statutes that are written in Torah, GOD’S Law of Moses, and they are not difficult, 1 John 5.3, we have eternal life in Heaven.  And a good life on earth.

That is the meaning of Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement.  A day of celebration and rejoicing because Ha Shem is your atonement.

Shalom.  Ira Weinstein, Congregational Leader


Beth Elohenu Messianic Congregation

P.O. Box 335761

N. Las Vegas, NV. 89033

L’Shanna Tovah.  Happy New Year on this Rosh Ha Shannah Day.

Our message for Rosh Ha Shannah will be from Psalm 91 that is written by an  unknown writer, and also one of the most beautiful Psalms in The Bible.


And with that said, let’s read Psalm 91.

PSALM 91.1  He or she that dwells in the secret place of The Most High shall abide under the shadow of The ALMIGHTY.

It is written in various Bibles, He that dwells in the secret place of The Most High, or he that dwells in the covert place, or the shelter of The Most High, or the refuge of The Most High shall abide under the shadow of The ALMIGHTY.

All are correct, but I have chosen the words, he that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide, or remain under the shadow of The Almighty.

Secret place in Hebrew is SAY’TAYR meaning Hiding Place, Protection, and Covering.

The Messiah Yeshua said, that the way is narrow that leads to life, and few there be that find it.

He also said that many are called, but few are chosen.

Messiah also said these words about the end times, that He will send His angels with a great sound of a shofar, and they will gather His elect from the four winds, from one end of Heaven to the other.

The elect are the few that GOD has chosen.

And GOD’S Elect dwell in the secret place of The Most High under the shadow of The ALMIGHTY.

The Elect  love GOD and obey His Commandments.  The elect hear The LORD THEIR GOD and strive to obey every Word He speaks.

They follow His Laws, Teachings, and Instructions that are written in His Law of Moses, and believe there is only ONE GOD and no others beside Him.

You are GOD’S Elect who dwell in the secret place of The Most High, and remain under the shadow of The ALMIGHTY having GOD’S protection and covering always.  MATTHEW 7.14, MATTHEW 22.14, MATTHEW 24.31, JOHN 14.15, MARK 12.29

PSALM 91.2  I will say to The LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress, my GOD  in Him will I trust.

The word trust in Hebrew is BAH’TAKH meaning to hide for protection, to be sure and confident, and to fear nothing, except to fear The LORD.  And trust also means faith.

So how do we trust in The LORD?  How do we trust in the LORD in tough times?  How do we have faith in The LORD OUR GOD in the face of danger, and when we are going through difficult times?

Messiah’s Disciples said to Him, LORD, increase our faith.  The same as asking The LORD, increase our trust in You LORD GOD.  And Messiah told them how.  LUKE 17.5-10

Messiah’s answer, to increase your faith, to increase your trust in The LORD YOUR GOD IS ACCOMPLISHED WHEN YOU OBEY GOD.


When you obey GOD, The LORD will increase your faith.  When you obey every Word of GOD, and that includes His Law of Moses that is written in the first five Books of The Bible, GOD will increase your trust in Him.

As Messiah said, when you have done all those things which you are commanded, you should say, we are ordinary servants.  We have only done our duty.

So, in your prayers to The LORD you might say to Him, LORD, You are my refuge and my fortress, my GOD.  In You will I trust.

The word refuge means shelter.

PSALM 91.3  Surely He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.

A snare is not only a trap to catch hunted animals for food, but a snare is also a trap to fool you, and to entice you by trickery into believing the lies that are taught by so many Bible teachers.

And GOD will also deliver you from the noisome pestilence, from all plagues, and from all wickedness.

And The LORD will deliver you from those who try to ruin you with false Biblical doctrine.

Perhaps these false teachers do not understand the lies they are teaching because GOD has blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart, and do not understand with their heart.  But GOD will protect you from them.  JOHN 12.40

How do we know what false doctrine is?

When the doctrine does not agree with The Law of Moses.  When the doctrine does not agree with the teachings in Tnakh, The Old Testament Scriptures.  That teaching is false.  ISAIAH 40.8, 1 PETER 1.23-25

PSALM 91.4  The key here is that GOD’S Truth is your shield and your buckler.  The LORD YOUR GOD is your protection that surrounds you.

GOD’S truth is written in The TNAKH, The Torah, The Prophets, and the Writings, The Old Testament Scriptures.  And the same truth is written in the New Testament unless a translator has twisted the truth.

When a false teacher is teaching lies such as The Law of Moses is no longer valid, or Yeshua is not the Father, that false teacher is throwing you under the bus to destroy you for his or her conceived truth.

PSALM 91.5-6  When you live by The Word Of GOD, you don’t have to be afraid of anyone or anything except to fear The LORD.  PROVERBS 1.7, PROVERBS 9.10, PROVERBS 14.27, PROVERBS 15.33, PROVERBS 19.23, PROVERBS 22.4, PROVERBS 23.17, PROVERBS 29.25, ECCLESIASTES 12.13

PSALM 91.7-8  The blessings are to those who Fear GOD and keep His Commandments.  They are extraordinary blessings.

And No evil will come near you.  Believe it.

PSALM 91.9-10  The LORD is your protection and shield.  Your refuge and your fortress.  In GOD do we trust.

He delivers us from the tricks of deception.

And because we live by His Truth, GOD is our shield and buckler, our shield of protection.

The LORD counsels us not to be afraid of the terror by night, nor the arrow or any weapon that flies by the day.  Nor the pestilence that walks in darkness.  Nor for the destruction that wastes at noon day.

 A thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, but the terror will not come near you.  Only with your eyes will you see the reward of the wicked.  Because you have made The LORD which is my refuge, my shelter, my hope, and my trust, even The Most High Whom you have made your home and your dwelling place.

Therefore, no evil will befall you.  Neither will any plague come near your dwelling.

I think on the words that Abigail said to David before he married her.  She said, the soul of my lord David shall be bound in the bundle of life with The LORD YOUR GOD.  1 SAMUEL 25.29

That should be our walk with The LORD OUR GOD, bound in the bundle of life with The LORD GOD.

PSALM 91.11  GOD will give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways.  Because you dwell in the secret place of The Most High, under the shadow of The ALMIGHTY.  HEBREWS 1.14, REVELATION 5.11, JOSHUA 1.5-9

PSALM 91.12-14  GOD and His angels will ALWAYS protect you from every danger.  You will be victorious, and unharmed because you have set your love upon The LORD YOUR GOD.

Therefore, The LORD YOUR GOD will always deliver you.  And GOD has set you on high because you know His Name.

GOD has many names, but Yeshua The Messiah, Ha Shem, GOD ALMIGHTY not only means Salvation, Yeshua also means deliverance, victory, prosperity, health, help, and free, free from sin and death.  And Yeshua means to be rescued, and Savior, and safe.

And you know His Name.  Yeshua Ha Mashiakh, Yeshua The Messiah.

PSALM 91.15  You shall call upon The LORD, and He will answer you.

Maybe not with a voice, but The LORD YOUR GOD will respond with POWER and ACTION.

For GOD hears your prayers, and He is with you in troubles.  And He is with you always.  He will honor You.  That is to say, You are glorious in His sight, and great in His Presence.  And He loves You with an everlasting love.  And He respects You.

And Messiah became a human being for you, to give His Life for You to have Atonement, to walk in His Ways, and to have Eternal Life with Him in Heaven forever.

That is how much He loves you.

PSALM 91.16  And with long life, the Hebrew for long is O’REKH meaning forever.  And with long life will The LORD YOUR GOD satisfy you, and show you His Salvation, His Yeshua.

The Bible says, For since the beginning of the world, men have not heard or perceived by the ear, neither has the eye seen O LORD beside You, what GOD has prepared for those who wait and long for The LORD.  ISAIAH 64.4

The mighty blessings of The LORD GOD are for those who dwell in the secret place of The Most High and abide under the shadow of The ALMIGHTY.

Shalom.  Ira Weinstein,  Congregational Leader


Beth Elohenu Messianic Congregation

P.O. Box 335761

N. Las Vegas, NV. 89033

Shalom.  We are continuing our studies in The Law of Moses, and GOD’S Laws for His Festivals that are written in Leviticus 23.

Today our study is about Rosh Ha Shannah, and GOD’S Laws pertaining to this special day called Rosh Ha Shannah, and the traditions of Judaism that are applied to Rosh Ha Shannah.


And with that said, let’s read Leviticus 23.22-25.

LEVITICUS 23.22  This is a straight-forward statement from The LORD.  When you cut down your harvest in your land, you shall not harvest all the way to the corners of your field.  Neither shall you gather any of the grain or the like after you have harvested your field.  You shall leave them for the poor and the stranger.  I AM The LORD Your GOD.

LEVITICUS 23.23-24  Although Judaism calls this Festival of The LORD Rosh Ha Shannah meaning the beginning of the year, or New Year, it is not the beginning of the year.

Rosh Ha Shannah comes on the first day of the seventh Hebrew month Tishrei.

As written in The Torah, GOD calls this Festival, in various Jewish translations, A Remembrance With Shofar Blasts, or A Holy Convocation Announced With Blasts Of The Shofar, or A Memorial Of Blowing Horns.  But never Rosh Ha Shannah The New Year.

So why the difference?  Why does Judaism call this day Rosh Ha Shannah, The New Year when GOD calls His special day, A Memorial Of Blowing Shofars?  Because the beginning of the year is the Passover month Nisan.  EXODUS 12.1-2, NUMBERS 33.3

I always think of the words that GOD commanded His People.  Whatsoever I command, obey to do it.  You shall not add to it, nor take away from it.  DEUTERONOMY 12.32, HEBREW BIBLE DEUTERONOMY 13.1

Rosh Ha Shannah in Hebrew, meaning New Year, is the name that the Rabbis have given this day as written in the Talmud, the Oral Law.

The Name that The LORD GOD has eternally given His Festival is A Memorial Of Blowing Of Shofars, and not Rosh Ha Shannah.

And from what I gather from various Jewish history books, in the distant past, Judaism had several dates in the calendar marking the beginning of important seasons of the year.

For example, the Hebrew month Shevat that falls around January or February was considered the new year of the trees.

The first day of the Hebrew month Tishrei which is tomorrow at sundown to sundown Monday is the Jewish New Year for the People, and the beginning of the economic year.

The first day of Tishrei, Rosh Ha Shannah starts the count to The Sabbatical Year Shemittah for the land to rest.

Shemittah in Hebrew means, let fall, let rest.  Every seventh year is a Sabbatical Year, a Shemittah.  Meaning the land must keep a Sabbath, or rest every seventh year to The LORD.

The first day of Tishrei, Rosh Ha Shanah also starts the count to Yovel which in Hebrew is the Jubilee, the year of release, at the end of seven Sabbatical years.  Once every fifty years.

But the Jubilee, according to Torah begins on Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement, and not Rosh Ha Shannah.  LEVITICUS 25.2, 8-13

Also business dealings began on Rosh Ha Shannah.  All business dealings were counted from the first day of the Hebrew month Tishrei on Rosh Ha Shannah.

Jewish tradition says that Rosh Ha Shannah is the day on which Adam was created out of clay.  It is also the birthday of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob according to Jewish tradition.  And it was the day Joseph was released from prison in Egypt.  It was also the day of Rosh Ha Shannah that Moses appeared before Pharaoh demanding that he let The Children Of Israel Go.  All Jewish tradition.

The whole spirit of Rosh Ha Shannah and the entire ten days of repentance through Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement is one of seriousness, and solemnity, regret for sinning.  Expressing sorrow for the sins we have committed against GOD.


Rosh Ha Shannah in Jewish thought does not commemorate any historical event in Jewish history, but rather the Creation of the world.  And on this day, Jewish tradition continues, GOD judges mankind for the forthcoming year.  A judgment that is finally sealed on Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement.

One writer, with his thoughts on Rosh Ha Shannah and GOD’S  judgment, recently wrote that GOD will judge President Obama, and John Kerry, and all who created the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, and all who voted to support it.  Because they are solely responsible for placing the United States, Israel, and all the world in grave danger.

Rosh Ha Shannah worship stresses that Jewish People yearn for the establishment of The Millennium, the 1,000 year Messianic Kingdom in Israel of GOD’S Righteousness and Peace.  And we know this will happen when The LORD GOD, Ha Shem Yeshua The Messiah returns from Heaven to establish His 1,000 year Millennium in Israel to the Euphrates River, to the river of Egypt.  Zechariah 14.

The sound of the shofar, according to tradition, is to stir up those who have drowsed in their duties and have forgotten that man is a tiny being in the eyes of GOD Who keeps constant watch over the world.

It is also Jewish belief that has been handed down from generation to generation that there is a Book of Life in Heaven in which every act, word and thought of every human being is written down during the twelve months of the year.  And in Rosh Ha Shannah, tradition has it that the Book of Life is opened, and the good and evil deeds of each of us are carefully examined.  And that record is the basis upon which fate is decided for every person.  And everyone’s fate for the coming year is written in GOD’S  Book of Life.

But let’s see what GOD commands on this special day that He calls A Memorial Of Blowing Of Shofars.

LEVITICUS 23.23-25  This special day of The LORD is a Sabbath.  A Sabbath of rest.  No work of any kind is to be done it .  And this special day of The LORD is A Memorial Of Blowing Of Shofars.  It is A Holy Convocation.  A day reserved for The LORD.  A day for His People to gather together for a Service dedicated to Him.

And during Tabernacle and Temple times, sacrificial offerings were made to The LORD especially for atonement for the People for the forgiveness of their sins.

Today, the animal sacrifice is a reminder from The Lord that every human being requires atonement for their sins lest he or she is blotted out of GOD’S Book Of Life.  EXODUS 32.33

LEVITICUS 23.24  GOD calls this day NOT Rosh Ha Shannah, but A Memorial Of Blowing Of Shofars.

Let’s take a close look at these words.

A Memorial in Hebrew is ZEEKH’RONE meaning Remembrance, even a Celebration.

The Hebrew for Blowing Of Shofars is TEH’ROO’AH meaning a Joyful Noise, Rejoicing and Shouting.  It does not sound like a time for self examination, divine judgment or solemnity.  It sounds like a time of joy and celebration.

The other day, I read a Jewish commentary that the Rabbis, and of course the majority of Jewish People view the TNAKH, The Old Testament Scriptures as complete in itself.  And not a part of a larger Bible.  Or a prelude that precedes and prepares for The New Testament.  Judaism sees the TNAKH which is The Torah, The Prophets, and The Writings as the complete Bible.

I disagree.  The TNAKH, The Old Testament Scriptures IS NOT COMPLETE without The New Testament.

Why?  Because The TNAKH, The Old Testament Scriptures ARE the prelude and preparation for The New Testament, better said, The New Covenant.



The TNAKH, The Old Testament Scriptures is the Foundation of the Bible and must be followed precisely.

Most Jewish People do not know that The New Testament is written entirely by Jewish People.  Not Christians.  The New Testament is 100% Jewish.  And it is fully part of The Torah, Hebrews 8.6, and fully part of TNAKH, The Old Testament Scriptures.

The New Testament is about The Jewish Messiah Yeshua Who is HA SHEM, GOD ALMIGHTY.  He is the same LORD GOD Who appeared to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and others.

He is the same LORD GOD Who gave The Law to Moses in The Tabernacle, in the Holy Of Holies, above the Ark of The Covenant, between the cherubim.  Exodus 25.21-22


Yeshua The Messiah is The New Covenant prophesied by the Prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 31.31-34 Who forgives our sins and remembers them no more.

When Jewish People reject their Messiah Yeshua, in truth,  anyone  who rejects Messiah Yeshua is rejecting the only means of Atonement available.  And without Atonement for our sins, GOD blots that person out of His Book Of Life.  EXODUS 32.33.

Rosh Ha Shannah focuses on penitence over a ten day period through Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement.  Penitence is sorrow for wrong doing, for sinning against The LORD, and pleading for Atonement.


So the Rabbis have invented various ways for atonement that have nothing to do with The Word of GOD in Torah or anywhere in the Bible.

GOD SAID, “For it is the blood that makes atonement for the soul.”  LEVITICUS 17.11.

And without the animal sacrifices, It is the blood of The Jewish Messiah Yeshua that makes Atonement for the soul.  ISAIAH 53.10

That was Messiah’s anointing and mission 2,000 years ago, to shed His Blood, giving His Life for our atonement.

Yes, Christianity has many offensive and false doctrines that are slanderous, insulting, and abusive to Jewish People.  The Christian doctrine of replacement theology that the church has replaced the Jewish People as GOD’s Chosen People.  That is bogus.

Church doctrine states that The Law of Moses has been abolished.  False.

Churc doctrine that The New Testament has replaced the ancient covenant between GOD and His Jewish people.  Blasphemous.

The Christian atrocities in the past to Jewish People, and so much more.

All an act of satan to prevent Jewish People from coming to their own Messiah Yeshua for Atonement.  GENESIS 3.15

But through Messiah Yeshua, Ha Shem, having our sins forgiven and living according to Torah, we remain written in GOD’S Book of Life, having Eternal Life.

And though The New Testament was written entirely by Jewish People who loved their own People, The New Testament Scriptures were “translated, even interpreted” from the original Hebrew into Greek by Christians.  And certain Scriptures are anti-Semitic.

And certain Scriptures are intentionally wrong, especially regarding The Law of Moses, to mislead Christians and Jewish Believers in Messiah about The Law.


Thus the Memorial Of Blowing Of Shofars on the Jewish Day Of Rosh Ha Shannah is a Memorial to Remember and Celebrate With Great Joy.

And that Memorial for Remembrance and Celebration is for Our Atonement in Messiah Yeshua.  Our Atonement that gives us the gift of eternal life in The Millennium, and in Heaven forever.  And say Amen.

The future Messianic Prophesies regarding The Jewish Messiah Yeshua in Rosh Ha Shannah, or as GOD calls this Day, A Memorial Of Blowing Shofars are as follows;

Messiah Yeshua Will Return From Heaven on a future Rosh Ha Shannah when the Synagogues throughout the world are blasting their shofars.  And Messiah will come again to Israel to establish His 1,000 year Messianic Kingdom in The Holy Land.  MATTHEW 24.27-31, ISAIAH 27.13, ZECHARIAH 14.1-5

The Resurrection Of The Just,  And The Just And Righteous Who Are Alive at Messiah’s coming on that future Rosh Ha Shannah Day will be raised up by The LORD THEIR GOD to meet The LORD in the air with His mighty angels.  And will continue on to Israel with the LORD to establish The Messianic Kingdom.  1 THESSALONIANS 4.13-18, 1 CORINTHIANS 15.51-58, DANIEL 12.1-2, 2 KINGS 2.1, 11

GOD The Messiah Yeshua, Ha Shem, will destroy the world in that Day, and kill ALL the enemies of the Jewish People.  JOEL 2.1-3, ISAIAH 24.5-6, ZEPHANIAH 1.14-18

And The LORD GOD will End the final 3 1/2  years of tribulation that will follow the 3 1/2 years of peace.  MATTHEW 24.29-31, DANIEL 9.27

And The Messiah Will Bring About The Ingathering Of His Jewish People Into The Millennium of Peace and Joy in Israel.  ZEPHANIAH 3.14-20, ZECHARIAH 13.8-9, DEUTERONOMY 30.1-5, PSALM 14.7

And Messiah will remove all sin and the curse from Israel in that Day.  ZECHARIAH 3.9, ZECHARIAH 14.9-11

And GOD The Messiah Yeshua, Ha Shem will establish His Messianic Kingdom in that Day in Israel from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates River where peace will have no end.  And Messiah will sit upon the throne of David, and upon His Kingdom, to establish it, and to uphold it through justice and through righteousness forever and ever.  The zeal of The LORD of Hosts does perform this.  HEBREW BIBLE ISAIAH 9.5-6, CHRISTIAN BIBLE ISAIAH 9.6-7, ZECHARIAH 14, ISAIAH 35.10

And after the 1,000 years comes eternity in Heaven in The Holy City New Jerusalem.

All huge and enormous reasons to shout and celebrate for joy.

Shalom.  Ira Weinstein, Congregational Leader


Beth Elohenu Messianic Congregation

P.O. Box 335761

N. Las Vegas, NV. 89033

Shalom.  Our teaching this morning about The Festivals Of The Lord that are written in The Law Of Moses will continue from Leviticus 23.15-21.  And the title of our message is, PROPHESIES OF MESSIAH YESHUA IN SHAVU’OT, ALSO KNOWN AS PENTECOST.

And with that said, let’s read Leviticus 23.15-21.

LEVITICUS 23.15  The interpretation of GOD’S Words, “You shall count from the morrow, or the next day after the Sabbath” was a subject of controversy between the Pharisees and the Sadducees.  The Pharisees maintained that the word Sabbath, as in “You shall count from the morrow after the Sabbath,” referred to the first day of Passover.  The first day of Passover is a Sabbath.  Thus the Pharisees understood GOD saying, You shall count from the day after the first day of Passover, seven Sabbaths shall be complete.

While the Sadducees, as well as the Samaritans and the Karaites maintained that the morrow after the Sabbath was the first Sunday after the first day of Passover.  They understood The LORD to say, You shall count from the first Sunday after the first day of Passover, seven Sabbaths shall be complete.

But the Pharisees won out.  Their interpretation was accepted to be the standard for Judaism that the count of fifty days to Shavu’ot or Pentecost would start the day after the first day of Passover.  The fiftieth day is Pentecost.

I believe as the Sadducees, the Samaritans, and the Karaites that the count to Pentecost starts the day after the Saturday Sabbath on Sunday.  I maintain that belief because Messiah Yeshua was resurrected the day after the Saturday Sabbath on Sunday.  However I will comply with the decision of the Rabbis that the count to Shavu’ot starts the day after the first day of Passover.

The Festival of Shavu’ot is also known as The Feast of Weeks.  Weeks in Hebrew is Shavu’ot.  Shavu’ot is also known as Yom Ha Biqqurim, Day of the Firstfruits.  Shavu’ot is also called Pentecost, meaning fiftieth.  Also Zeman Mattan Torataynu, meaning season of the giving of our Torah.  The Torah was not given on Shavu’ot.

The sheaf offering, or the omer, that’s what sheaf is in Hebrew, a bundle of newly harvested barley grain that the Priest waved up and down before The LORD on the day after the Sabbath.

So tradition is that these seven weeks are marked by the counting of the omer to Pentecost.

LEVITICUS 23.16  The morrow, or the next day AFTER the seventh Sabbath, you shall number fifty days.  The fiftieth day is the Day of Shavu’ot.

LEVITICUS 23.16-17  The new grain offering to The LORD that the two leavened wave loaves of bread represented were waved up and down by the Priest.  The two wave loaves are the firstfruits unto The LORD.  Two wave loaves were baked in every Jewish home for Shavu’ot.

And we will address the firstfruits in more detail in a moment.

LEVITICUS 23.18-19  Again, though The LORD forbids animal sacrifices for atonement because there is no Temple in Jerusalem,  the necessity for atonement by the shed blood is required by The LORD GOD.  And our Atonement is in The Messiah Yeshua’s sacrificial death, and His shed blood.  Leviticus 17.8-9,11, Isaiah 53.10.

LEVITICUS 23.20  The Priest waved all the offerings up and down to The LORD with the bread of the firstfruits for a wave offering.  They were Holy to The LORD for the Priest.

This is quite a picture of prophesy.

The Priest waving the offerings up and down with the bread of the firstfruits before The LORD is a prophetic picture of the then future resurrection and the future return of The LORD HA SHEM, Yeshua The Messiah Who is The First of the Firstfruits of the harvest. The firstfruits of the harvest is the Family Of GOD.

Also it is a prophetic picture of the resurrection of the Just, and the Just who are alive at Messiah’s return.  Those who walk with GOD, having atonement in Messiah Yeshua and are obedient to Torah, The Law of Moses, They are the Chosen who will meet The LORD in the air and continue with The LORD to The Messianic Kingdom of GOD in the original GOD given borders of Israel that will be like the Garden of Eden.

That will be the beginning of one thousand years of peace, joy, melody, thanksgiving, and righteousness, and no more wars.

And the Priest is prophetic of The Messiah Yeshua.

Firstfruits in Hebrew is BE’KOO’REEM, meaning, the first crops of the harvest.

And we who believe in Messiah and walk with Him living our lives according to Torah, The Law of Moses, are the firstfruits of the harvest, who shine forth as the sun in The Kingdom of our Father in Heaven.  MATTHEW 13.40-43.

1 CORINTHIANS 15.20  Messiah is the firstfruits of the family of GOD.

JAMES 1.18  Of GOD’S own will, we are born of GOD with The Word of Truth.  The Word of Truth is to Obey The Word of GOD that includes His Law of Moses.  The Word of Truth is to believe in ONE GOD and reject the trinity of three different gods.  For we are a kind of firstfruits, James or Jacob writes, of all that GOD has created.

ZECHARIAH 6.12-13  The Branch is prophetic for Ha Shem Messiah Yeshua.  At Messiah’s return to establish The Messianic Kingdom in Israel, and build The Temple, Messiah will be King of Israel, and King over all the earth, and Priest.  Zechariah 14.9

GENESIS 14.18  Melchizedek, Who is Ha Shem, Messiah Yeshua, is both The Most High GOD and The Priest Of The Most High GOD. HEBREWS 7.1-3

ISAIAH 55.9  Reads, For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My Ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.  DEUTERONOMY 6.4, MARK 12.29

GENESIS 5.24  As Adam and Eve taught us how to sin by listening to satan and disobeying GOD’S Commandment, Genesis 3.4-6, Enoch teaches us how to be raised to Heaven to eternal Life by walking with GOD, obeying Him, living by The Word of GOD, obeying all His Commandments and Laws.

The firstfruits of GOD are the Messiah Yeshua and the family of GOD who will spend eternity with The LORD OUR GOD in Heaven forever.

LEVITICUS 23.21  Shavu’ot or Pentecost is a Holy Convocation.  Meaning Shavu’ot is a gathering of the People for a Shabbat Service dedicated to The LORD, to rest in The LORD, and concentrate on The LORD.  It is a Sabbath of rest.  No work of any kind is to be done in that day.  It is a Statute forever wherever you live throughout your generations.  And since Israel and the Jewish People, not all Jewish People, but a remnant shall remain before The LORD forever Isaiah 66.22, the Festivals of The LORD including Shavu’ot will be celebrated forever, even in Heaven.

The New Testament portion of The Bible shows us that many Jewish People followed The Messiah Yeshua calling Him LORD.  AND THERE IS ONLY ONE LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY.  And those Jewish People knew well that there is ONLY ONE LORD calling Messiah Yeshua LORD.  Seeing all the incredible miracles He did that no man can do but GOD.  They recognized that Yeshua The Messiah is HA SHEM, GOD ALMIGHTY, The Promised Messiah to the Jewish People.  And many recognized the time of His coming according to prophesy in Daniel 9.20-27.

Years later, false Christian doctrine came in like a cataclysmic flood, changing The Word of GOD, eliminating The Law of Moses, and introducing the trinity of three different gods.  Fooling the masses of many Jewish followers of Messiah Yeshua, and fooling almost the entire Christian world making Jesus another god, even a false god and not The Jesus of The Bible.

The church fathers gave Yeshua The Messiah a Christian name and title, Jesus Christ that the whole world recognizes.  But unfortunately, much of Judaism identifies That Name Jesus Christ as a Christian killer of Jews who led Christians to kill millions upon millions of Jews in the Nazi Holocaust, the Inquisitions in Portugal and Spain, The Crusades over hundreds of years, and the many pograms in Europe.

But because of the love and great mercy of GOD, many Jewish People overcome the atrocities of Christians in the past and come to love their Jewish Messiah Yeshua.  But unfortunately, many of those Jewish Believers in Messiah Yeshua turn to either a Christian or Jewish Messianic Congregation, or a church that proceeds to rob them of the very Truths they learned in Judaism as a child that THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD, AND NO OTHERS.  AND THAT THE TORAH, THE LAW OF MOSES REMAINS FOREVER.

Their minds being filled with church lies.  And the same lies are told  in many Messianic Congregations that are light-years from The Truth.

Therefore much of Judaism believe, and vigorously teach that Jesus Christ cannot be The Promised Jewish Messiah because of the Christian atrocities to the Jewish People, and because Jesus did not deliver Israel from foreign bondage, restore Israel to the glories of a former golden age, and inaugurate the ingathering of the Jewish People into GOD’S Kingdom of righteousness and peace.

The Christian atrocities to the Jewish People had absolutely nothing to do with Jesus.  The Christians did it on their own because of their anti-Semitism.

And yes, The Messiah Yeshua will do all that the Rabbis say He did not do, And He Will Do Much More At His Future Return.

Messiah in Hebrew is MAHSHEEAKH meaning anointed.  A consecrated person who is set apart and dedicated to GOD with a special mission from GOD.  Certain kings, prophets, and priests were called mahsheeakh, or anointed, but for different purposes for GOD.  Cyrus the great, the Persian king was anointed by GOD to free the Jewish People from Babylonian captivity to return to Israel and rebuild the Temple.  Isaiah 45.1

Messiah Yeshua, Who is HA SHEM, GOD ALMIGHTY, was anointed by Himself, GOD ALMIGHTY, Isaiah 55.9, to be our Atonement through His death and shed blood on a Roman cross in Jerusalem.


Messiah’s Atonement is not only for Jewish People, but for all people.  That is the love of GOD.  And that was His anointing at His first coming, 2,000 years ago to give His Life for our atonement.

But over the ages, certain Christians have called us Christ killers.  I was about five years old when I heard a voice behind a screen door call me a Christ killer.

But without Christ’s death, or should I say, without Messiah Yeshua’s death, there is no Atonement.  There is no atonement for Jewish People, or Christians, or anybody else.

 And everyone must know and understand that Atonement is accomplished by what GOD teaches in The Bible.  Believing in Messiah Yeshua for Atonement of our sins, and turning from all our sins of breaking GOD’S Law of Moses, 1 John 3.4, and keeping all GOD’S Statutes that are written in The Law of Moses in the first five Books of The Bible.  Doing that which is Lawful and Right.  Ezekiel 18.20-24.

Messiah Yeshua’s other anointing as MAHSHEEAKH will take place at His future Return from Heaven to save Israel and His Jewish People from sure death by the armies of the world that will attack Jerusalem in the future because of their lust to destroy Israel and the Jewish People.  But on the contrary, Messiah Yeshua, The Jewish Messiah will destroy all the enemies of the Jews in a moment.  All of them.  Zechariah 14.

So yes, Messiah Yeshua WILL deliver Israel and the Jewish People from all hatred and wars.  And He will transcend Israel into magnificence into the likeness of the Garden of Eden in her GOD given borders to the Euphrates River, and to the river of Egypt.

And yes, Messiah Yeshua WILL inaugurate the ingathering of His Jewish People, and bring them into the Messianic Kingdom of GOD in Israel.  A Kingdom of joy, and gladness, and righteousness and peace, and thanksgiving and praise, and the voice of melody.  And there will be no more wars.  ISAIAH 51.3, ISAIAH 9.6, CHRISTIAN BIBLE ISAIAH 9.7, GENESIS 15.18-21

And many of those Jewish People who do not know Messiah will look upon Him Whom we pierced, and they will mourn for Him as one mourns for His only son.  And one will say to Him, what are those wounds in Your Hands?  Then He will answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of My friends, those whom I love.

And Zion will be comforted forever.  Zechariah 12.10, Zechariah 13.6.

Yeshua The Messiah is Jewish.  He is not a Christian.  Never was, never will be.

He is our GOD, and our Messiah, and our Atonement for the forgiveness of all our sins for all who join themselves to The LORD to serve Him in Righteousness.

 And when we obey GOD, He gives us His Holy Spirit, even The Spirit of Truth Who will live in you and me forever, throughout eternity in peace, and in joy, and in righteousness.   ACTS 5.32, JOHN 14.15-17, ISAIAH 56.6-7

Yeshua The Messiah should be believed for Who He is, GOD ALMIGHTY, HA SHEM Who loves you with an everlasting love.  Who gave His Life for you as a human being to atone for your sins, to follow GOD’S Teachings, Laws and Instructions and live.  He gives you His Holy Spirit to obey Him rather than follow false Bible teachers.  And Messiah Yeshua is The One Who loves you and gives you eternal Life in Heaven, forever and ever.

So what’s there not to love?

Shalom.  Ira Weinstein, Congregational Leader